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The financial landscape is always changing, providing exciting chances for investors to investigate and capitalize on emerging trends.

The air is thick with excitement and interest as the curtain rises on the imminent Aeroflex Industries IPO. Aeroflex Industries Limited, a renowned participant in the production of metallic flexible flow solution products, has reached a key milestone with this Initial Public Offering, a foray into the realm of public markets.

The IPO provides a dynamic range of offers and a solid base of financial development, allowing potential investors to conduct a thorough study.

In this review, we will analyze the critical elements underlying the Aeroflex Industries IPO, unravelling its complexities and shedding light on its market prospects.

Face Value Rs 2
Price Band Rs 102 to Rs 108
Listing At BSE, NSE
Min. Order Quantity 130 Shares
Listing Date 1 September 2023
Offer for Sale Rs 189.00 Crore
Fresh Issue Rs 162.00 Crore
IPO Size Rs 351.00 Crore
Tick Size 1


Aeroflex Industries IPO Overview

Aeroflex Industries IPOThe upcoming Aeroflex Industries IPO is a Book Built Issue with an offering size of Rs 351.00 crore. The IPO price range has been set at Rs 102 to Rs 108 per share, and once launched, it will be listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

The IPO is scheduled to take place from August 22, 2023, to August 24, 2023. However, the specific listing date has not been provided in the available information.

Aeroflex Industries holds a face value of Rs 2 per share, and the lot size for the IPO is set at 130 shares. The total issue size comprises 32,500,000 shares, which will aggregate up to Rs 351.00 crore.

Within this total, the company plans to issue 15,000,000 fresh shares, aiming to raise Rs 162.00 crore in funds. Additionally, there will be an offer for sale of 17,500,000 shares valued at Rs 2 each, totaling up to Rs 189.00 crore.

This IPO represents a Book Built Issue, indicating that the IPO price will be determined based on investor demand and bids received. The shares will be listed on both major Indian stock exchanges, BSE and NSE.

The shareholding structure before the IPO stands at 114,320,370 shares. After the issue, the post-issue shareholding will amount to 129,320,370 shares.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Important Dates

Events Date
IPO Opening Date 22 August 2023
IPO Closing Date 24 August 2023
Basis of Allotment Finalization 29 August 2023
Refunds Initiation 30 August 2023
Credit of Shares to Demat Account 31 August 2023
Share Listing Date 1 September 2023

The Aeroflex Industries IPO will take place across a series of key events. Investors can subscribe to the IPO beginning August 22, 2023, and ending August 24, 2023.

The allotment of shares will be established by August 29, with refund processes beginning on August 30. Shares will be credited to demat accounts by August 31, allowing for electronic trading. Aeroflex Industries shares are expected to be listed on stock markets on September 1, 2023.

Investors who use UPI must confirm mandate authorization by 5 p.m. on August 24, 2023. These Aeroflex Industries IPO dates give a clear timeline for the various stages of the Aeroflex Industries IPO, allowing interested investors to plan their participation and remain up to speed on crucial milestones.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Price, Size, Share Offerings

Face Value Rs 2
Price Band Rs 102 to Rs 108
Offer for Sale Rs 189.00 Crore
Fresh Issue Rs 162.00 Crore
IPO Size Rs 351.00 Crore

With a face value of Rs 2 per share, the Aeroflex Industries IPO price is set between Rs 102 and Rs 108 per share. The total Aeroflex Industries IPO size encompasses 32,500,000 shares, aggregating up to Rs 351.00 crore.

This includes a fresh issue of 15,000,000 shares, aiming at Rs 162.00 crore, and an offer for sale of 17,500,000 shares valued at Rs 189.00 crore.

The issue type is a Book Built Issue IPO, destined to be listed on both BSE and NSE. Before the IPO, the pre-issue shareholding stands at 114,320,370, increasing to 129,320,370 post-issue.

More on Share Offerings

In terms of share reservation, Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) can access up to 50.00% of the net offer, while Non-Institutional Investors (NIIs) are offered at least 15.00% of the total shares.

Retail investors are entitled to a minimum of 35.00% of the IPO, and the lot size for this offering is set at 130 shares, requiring a minimum investment of Rs 14,040.

For retail investors, the application lots range from 1 to 14, corresponding to shares between 130 and 1820, with an associated amount between Rs 14,040 and Rs 196,560.

Super High Net Worth Individuals (S-HNIs) can apply for 15 to 71 lots, translating to shares ranging from 1,950 to 9,230, with an investment spanning Rs 210,600 to Rs 996,840. Big High Net Worth Individuals (B-HNIs) can apply for a minimum of 72 lots, involving 9,360 shares and an investment of Rs 1,010,880.

This IPO showcases diverse investment opportunities, and prospective investors should utilize the lot size calculator to tailor their applications accordingly.

As this information is based on current data, staying attuned to official sources and financial updates is prudent for any modifications or additional details.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Grey Market Premium

Date GMP (Rs.) Kostak Rate (Rs.) Subject to Sauda (Rs.)
Not Disclosed

The Aeroflex Industries IPO GMP is currently at Rs 108, reflecting a significant increase of 62.96% from the IPO price range of Rs 102 to Rs 108 per share.

This premium signifies the difference between the expected IPO price and the price at which shares are being traded in the unofficial, or “grey,” market. The GMP suggests a favourable market sentiment and strong investor interest, as it stands at Rs 68 above the upper end of the IPO price range.

With a rating of 5/5, the IPO has garnered positive attention, and its total issue size amounts to Rs 351.00 crore. Please note that grey market premiums can be volatile and may change rapidly, so investors are advised to stay updated with accurate and timely information from reliable sources.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Subscription Status

Day / Date QIB NII RII Other Total Subscription
1st Day – 22nd Aug 1.17x 14.17x 6.81x 2.95x 6.77x
2nd Day – 23rd Aug 8.05x 46.50x 17.86x 8.19x 21.08x
3rd Day – 24th Aug 194.73x 126.13x 34.41x 28.52x 97.11x
Shares Offered or Net Issue 6,276,490 4,932,353 11,508,824 500,000 32,817,647

There is currently no information available on the Aeroflex Industries IPO Subscription status. The subscription status indicates the demand for the issued shares and gives insight into the extent of investor interest and involvement in the IPO.

Typically, this information contains the number of times the IPO subscribe, with oversubscription indicating substantial demand.

Prospective investors should remain up to speed with credible financial sources for the most recent subscription status updates as they become available. This information is essential for understanding market mood and making sound investing decisions.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Allotment Status

As of the present moment, the Aeroflex Industries IPO Allotment status is not yet available. Typically, the process of allotment takes around 6 working days from the date of the IPO’s closing, which, in this case, is August 24, 2023. Investors advises to stay up to date and check back for the latest information on the allotment status of the Aeroflex Industries Limited IPO.

The outlined schedule for the Aeroflex Industries IPO is as follows: It is set to open on August 22, 2023, and close on August 24, 2023.

The basis of the allotment schedule for August 29, 2023, follows the initiation of refund procedures on August 30, 2023. The shares anticipate to credit to demat accounts on August 31, 2023, and the listing date is schedule for September 1, 2023.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Live Performance

Currently, there is no live news available regarding Aeroflex Industries IPO’s live performance, as the IPO itself has not yet gone live.

As a result, there is no real-time information to report on its performance in the market. Investors and stakeholders eagerly await the commencement of the IPO, which schedules to take place from August 22, 2023, to August 24, 2023.

Once the IPO goes live, financial analysts, investors, and the market will closely monitor and track the performance as a whole.

The IPO’s opening and closing prices, as well as any fluctuations in its value post-listing, will be of great interest to those assessing its market reception and investor demand.

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    Latest Aeroflex Industries IPO News

    According to the most recent information, there is no current Aeroflex Industries IPO news. The IPO will take place between August 22 and August 24, 2023. There are no current updates or news stories available while we await more developments.

    Interested investors and stakeholders should monitor trustworthy financial news sources and official announcements for any updates on the Aeroflex Industries IPO.

    These sources will give significant insights into the IPO’s development, market sentiment, and other key facts as news or updates become available. It advises to keep a close check on credible news channels to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on the latest events surrounding the Aeroflex Industries IPO.

    Aeroflex Industries – Company Review

    Established in 1993 as Suyog Intermediates Private Limited, Aeroflex Industries Limited is a key player in the manufacturing and supply of environmentally-friendly metallic flexible flow solution products.

    Their extensive product range encompasses diverse offerings such as braided hoses, solar hoses, vacuum hoses, and more, totalling over 1,700 Product SKUs as of March 2023. Situated in Taloja, Navi Mumbai, their expansive manufacturing facility spans 3,59,528 square feet and produces stainless steel-based solutions.

    The company caters to distributors, fabricators, OEMs, and Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) entities.

    Financially, Aeroflex reported total revenues of Rs. 2694.78 Lakhs in Fiscal 2023 and Rs. 2409.92 Million in Fiscal 2022. Specializing in robust stainless-steel hoses capable of withstanding extreme conditions, the company is prim to meet the rising demand for such products, projects to increase by 50-60% in the coming years.

    Aeroflex Industries Ltd boasts a global presence, exporting to over 80 countries. Supported by SAT Industries, it’s holding company listed on NSE and BSE, Aeroflex Industries IPO is managed by Pantomath Capital Advisors and registered by Link Intime India.

    With a focus on stainless steel flow solutions, Aeroflex Industries has positioned itself as an industry leader poised for continued growth.

    Products or Services

    Aeroflex Industries delivers a diverse array of products and services, including Corrugated Stainless Steel Hoses, Braided Hoses, Stainless Steel Hose Assemblies, Gas and Solar Hoses, Fitting End Connections, Interlock Hoses (A 1200), High-Pressure Hoses, and Composite Hoses.

    These solutions address various fluid transport and conveyance needs across industries. By offering flexibility, durability, and specialized designs, Aeroflex Industries ensures efficient performance and reliability for applications ranging from gas flow to solar heating systems and high-pressure scenarios.

    Their comprehensive product range highlights their commitment to innovative and reliable metallic flexible flow solutions that cater to the demands of modern industries.

    Promoters and Holding

    Sat Industries Limited stands as the sole promoter of Aeroflex Industries as per the Red Herring Prospectus. No individual natural persons are classified as promoters.

    The aggregate holdings of our Promoter amount to 96,681,833 Equity Shares, each with a face value of Rs 2, constituting 84.57% of the pre-offer issued, subscribed, and paid-up equity share capital of the Company.

    Is Aeroflex Industries Good for Investment?

    Aeroflex Industries, a leading player in flexible flow solutions, serves key sectors like Aerospace, Defence, Semiconductors, Robotics, Petrochemicals, and more.

    Their diverse product range includes Corrugated Stainless Steel Hoses, Hose Assemblies, Gas and Solar Hoses, Interlock Hoses, and Composite Hoses, meeting a spectrum of fluid transport needs.

    Impressively, the company has a global reach, supplying products to over 80 countries, contributing to 80.60% of FY23 revenues. With a diverse clientele of 723 customers, including 217 from 51 countries, their impact is evident on an international scale.

    The Stainless Steel flexible hose market is thriving due to urbanization and infrastructure growth. Projections show its value reaching $38 billion by 2027. Aeroflex Industries capitalizes on this trend, aligning growth with traditional sectors like Automotive and emerging industries like Renewables and Robotics.

    Their speciality lies in Stainless Steel Corrugation-based Flexible Flow Solutions, offering advantages over alternatives like rubber and polymer. This solution finds applications in Chemicals, Oil Refining, Steel, Utilities, and more.

    In conclusion, Aeroflex Industries emerges as an innovative, global force in flexible flow solutions, poised for continued growth across diverse industries, capitalizing on market trends, and leveraging its technical expertise to provide durable and versatile solutions.

    Aeroflex Industries Financial Statements

    Amount (in INR & Million)
    31-Mar-23 31-Mar-22 31-Mar-21
    Assets 2,139.77 1,834.38 1,616.43
    Revenue 2,694.78 2,409.92 1,448.35
    Expense 2,251.98 2,045.43 1,351.56
    Profit After Tax 301.52 275.06 60.11

    Aeroflex Industries Ltd’s financial trajectory over the last three completed fiscal years demonstrates notable growth and promising prospects. In FY23, the company’s net revenues surged to Rs 269.48 crore, marking an impressive 11.82% growth.

    This follows a substantial 66.38% sales growth in FY22, showcasing the remarkable momentum the company has achieved. Profit after Tax (PAT) for FY23 stood at Rs 30.15 crore, a substantial increase from Rs 6.01 crore in FY21. The PAT margins exhibited consistency, with FY23 registering 11.19%, and FY22 at 11.42%.

    Aeroflex Industries’ robust financial performance extends to key efficiency metrics. Return on Equity (ROE) for FY23 stood at an impressive 26.43%, indicating the company’s ability to generate substantial returns on shareholders’ investments. Return on Assets (ROA) also exhibited a positive trend, reaching 14.09% in FY23.

    More on Financial Statements

    The asset turnover ratio, which measures the efficiency of asset utilization, maintained an encouraging average above 1.2X across the three years. It reflects the company’s adeptness in capital-intensive steel hose manufacturing.

    The company’s growth story is underpinned by its expanding global footprint and strategic focus. The financials underscore the potential within the steel hoses segment, both domestically and internationally.

    Although costs are front-load, the trajectory indicates that once defray, profits have the potential to escalate rapidly. Notably, Aeroflex Industries’ average diluted EPS for the last three years is Rs 2.21 per share. This with the upper band IPO price of Rs 108 implies an earnings multiple of around 45X.

    While pricing is a crucial consideration, the sustainability of Profit After Tax margins and business growth is pivotal. The company’s ability to scale while adhering to stringent quality standards will be a determining factor. Aeroflex Industries’ established global brand and its history of building traction bode well for its future.

    Earnings per Equity Share (in Million)
    31-Mar-23 Mar-22 31-Mar-21
    Basic & Diluted 2.64 2.41 0.53

    Aeroflex Industries IPO Review

    Aeroflex Industries is preparing to launch its Book Built IPO, to raise Rs 351.00 crore. The Aeroflex Industries IPO price is between Rs 102 and Rs 108 per share. It lists the BSE and NSE.

    This IPO, scheduled from August 22 to 24, 2023, offers 32,500,000 shares in both a fresh issue and an offer for sale. The key dates are August 22 to 24, allocation by August 29, and listing on September 1, 2023. The lot size is 130 shares, and the IPO offers chances to a variety of investment types.

    The financials emphasize consistent profit margins, rapid asset turnover, and a focus on worldwide expansion. The IPO of Aeroflex Industries depicts a strong development trajectory. It is potential for investors, particularly those with a higher risk appetite. It awaits market reception and investor demand once live, with a positive outlook for its niche industry.

    Aeroflex Industries IPO Details

    Here are a few more details you need to know before investing in Aeroflex Industries IPO –

    Aeroflex Industries IPO Issue Object

    So, Aeroflex Industries has proposed diverse objectives for making the IPO offer and some of the objectives are:

    • Full or part repayment and/or prepayment of certain outstanding secured borrowings (including foreclosure charges, if any) availed by our Company;
    • Funding working capital requirements of our Company; and
    • General corporate purposes and Unidentified Inorganic Acquisitions.

    Aeroflex Industries IPO – Basis of Offer Price

    The issue price is determined by the company in consultation with the Lead manager on the basis of the following qualitative and quantitative factors.

    Qualitative factors are:

    • Global flexible flow solutions provider operating in the addressable market, catering to diverse industry segments
    • Export-oriented business model;
    • The primary manufacturer of flexible flow solutions (Make in India with no listed peers with an advanced manufacturing facility and R&D infrastructure);
    • High entry and exit barriers;
    • The experienced and dedicated senior team across key functions.

    Quantitative factors are:

    Basic & Diluted EPS RONW (%) NAV (Rs.)
    31-Mar-23 2.64 26.43% 9.98
    31-Mar-22 2.41 31.90% 7.54
    Mar-21 0.53 10.24% 5.14

    Aeroflex Industries IPO Lead Managers

    Here is the list of Lead managers –


    Aeroflex Industries IPO Registrar to offer

    Check out the details of the registrar here –

    C-101, 247 Park, 1st Floor, L.B.S. Marg, Vikhroli West,
    Mumbai, 400 083, Maharashtra, India.
    Telephone: +91 22 4918 6200
    Email/ Investor grievance email:: aeroflexindustries.ipo@linkintime.co.in
    Website: www.linkintime.com
    Contact person: Shanti Gopalkrishnan
    SEBI Registration No: INR000004058

    Aeroflex Industries IPO – Other Details

    • Statutory Auditor – M/s. Shweta Jain & Co., Chartered Accountants
    • Legal Counsel to the Company – M/s Crawford Bayley & Co.
    • Bankers to the Company – Kotak Mahindra Limited, Kotak Mahindra Limited, Axis Bank Limited etc

    Aeroflex Industries IPO Verdict by Stock Brokers

    The upcoming Aeroflex Industries IPO, priced at Rs 102 to Rs 108 per share, presents potential for profit. Its FY23 net revenue growth of 11.82% and strong PAT of Rs 30.15 crore underscore its earning potential.

    The impressive grey market premium of Rs 108, up by 62.96%, reflects market optimism. Aeroflex’s global reach contributes 80.60% of FY23 revenues, indicating resilience in diverse markets.

    Specializing in Stainless Steel Corrugation-based Flexible Flow Solutions positions the company strategically. While competition exists, its unique focus and strong financials offer investors an alluring proposition. Careful evaluation and monitoring of market trends will determine its ultimate profitability.

    Aeroflex Industries IPO – Conclusion

    The Aeroflex Industries IPO, price at Rs 102 to Rs 108 per share. It shows promise with 11.82% FY23 revenue growth and Rs 30.15 crore PAT.

    A robust Rs 108 grey market premium, up 62.96%, indicates positive market sentiment. With 80.60% of FY23 revenues from a global reach, the company demonstrates resilience. Focusing on Stainless Steel Corrugation-based Flexible Flow Solutions provides a strategic edge.

    While competition exists, unique positioning and strong financials attract investors. Observing market trends is key to evaluating long-term profitability. Investors should gauge their risk appetite and consider growth potential in a specialized sector.

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      Aeroflex Industries IPO Review FAQs

      Check out the FAQs on Aeroflex Industries IPO –

      What is the Issue Size of Aeroflex Industries IPO?

      The Company is making an initial public offer of 32,500,000 equity shares. They vividly portray the aspects of the issue in this article. You can check the stats on the fresh issue, Offer for sale, and net issue.

      What is the Price band of Aeroflex Industries IPO?

      The price band for this particular IPO ranges between Rs.102 to Rs.108. As far as the face value of the share is of concern, it is Rs.2 per share.

      What is the Aeroflex Industries IPO Open Date?

      The opening and closing dates for this IPO have been updated. The IPO is set to open on 22 August 2023, while the closing date is set at 24 August 2023.

      What is the Aeroflex Industries IPO Allotment Date?

      They also have the news regarding the respective allotment dates of this IPO. The basis of Allotment finalization is on 29 August 2023, refund initiation is on 30 August 2023, credit of shares is on 31 August 2023, and share listing date is on 1 September 2023.

      What is the Aeroflex Industries IPO Listing Date?

      Shares of this company shall be listed in the exchanges on 1 September 2023. The date, when the listing would be done, is stagnant on 1 September 2023.

      Who is the Registrar of Aeroflex Industries IPO?

      One of the reputed registrars is managing the issue of this IPO, i.e. LINK INTIME INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. Their website will help you regarding the further information you are on the lookout for.

      Who is the Promoter of Aeroflex Industries IPO?

      Here are the promoters of this IPO – SAT INDUSTRIES LIMITED. You can refer to the RHP for further information on the promoter. You will find the link to RHP in the article.

      What is the GMP of Aeroflex Industries IPO?

      They have obtained the GMP of this IPO and it is Rs. NA. Further insights into the Kostak rate and subject to sauda or SS are as well included in this report.

      Is Aeroflex Industries IPO Good for Investment?

      They have further provided the financial status of the company in this article, from the past few years. You can refer to the same, and also check the line of operations they are into and then decide to invest in the IPO.

      What is the PAT of Aeroflex Industries Company?

      They have the information on company financials, and according to that, they have the figures from the last few years to provide. PAT for the financial year 2023 in Million is 301.52, 2022 is 275.06, 2021 is 60.11.

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