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DOMS, a prominent player in the Indian stationery sector, is gearing up for a Rs 1,200 crore Initial Public Offering (IPO). Backed by Italy’s F.I.L.A. Group and Indian promoters, the Raveshia and Rajani families, this IPO aims to fund a cutting-edge manufacturing facility.

Investments from FY23 to FY28 will expand production, introduce new products, and upgrade machinery. Beyond DOMS’ ambitions, this DOMS IPO reflects broader market trends.

As the company pursues diversification and growth, it offers investors and stakeholders a chance to be part of its transformative journey, with potential implications for the stationery industry in India and beyond.

While key dates and Grey Market Premium (GMP) data are pending, DOMS’ strong financials and industry positioning make it an IPO of interest.

Face Value Rs 10
Price Band Rs 750 to Rs 790
Listing At BSE, NSE
Min. Order Quantity 18 Shares
Listing Date December 20, 2023
Offer for Sale Rs 850.00 Crore
Fresh Issue Rs 350.00 Crore
IPO Size Rs 1,200.00 Crore
Tick Size 1


DOMS IPO Overview

DOMS IPODOMS, India’s second-largest pencil manufacturer, is gearing up for a Rs 1,200 crore Initial Public Offering (IPO) with Italy’s F.I.L.A. Group, the majority stakeholder, planning to offer Rs 800 crore worth of shares.

The DOMS IPO will also see participation from Indian promoters, the Raveshia and Rajani families. The IPO’s primary goal is to secure funding for a massive manufacturing facility, set to become one of Asia Pacific’s largest in the stationery industry.

An estimated Rs 800 crore will be invested from FY23 to FY28 for transitioning to owned facilities, increasing production capacity, launching new products, and upgrading machinery.

DOMS has enlisted the services of notable financial institutions as its IPO bankers, ensuring a smooth process. With a stronghold in the pencil market, contributing 31.66% to gross product sales in FY23, DOMS plans to diversify into writing instruments, watercolour pens, markers, and highlighters.

The company has already proven its mettle, emerging as India’s fastest-growing stationery and art material products provider from FY20 to FY22.

In summary, DOMS’ IPO marks a significant step towards expanding its product range and strengthening its position as a leading stationery manufacturer in India and the Asia Pacific.

DOMS IPO Important Dates

Events Date
IPO Opening Date December 13, 2023
IPO Closing Date December 15, 2023
Basis of Allotment Finalization December 18, 2023
Refunds Initiation December 19, 2023
Credit of Shares to Demat Account December 19, 2023
Share Listing Date December 20, 2023

The dates associated with the highly anticipated DOMS Initial Public Offering (IPO) are currently pending official release.

These DOMS IPO important dates, essential for investors and stakeholders, include the opening and closing dates for subscription to the IPO, the allotment date when share allocations are determined, the listing date when shares commence trading on the stock exchange, and the refund date in cases of oversubscription or refunds.

The precise schedule for these crucial events will be unveiled in due course through official announcements from DOMS and regulatory authorities, enabling investors to make well-informed decisions and engage effectively in this important financial endeavour.

DOMS IPO Price, Size, Share Offerings

Face Value Rs.10
Price Band Rs 750 to Rs 790
Offer for Sale Rs 850.00 Crore
Fresh Issue Rs 350.00 Crore
IPO Size Rs 1,200.00 Crore

DOMS, a famous Indian pencil maker, has taken an important step by filing draught papers with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for a 1,200 crore Initial Public Offering (IPO). The primary investor, Italy’s F.I.L.A. Group, intends to contribute 800 crore in shares to this IPO, with the Raveshia and Rajani families holding the remaining stock.

The primary goal of this DOMS IPO share offering is to raise sufficient funds to drive DOMS’ expansion.

The funding will be used largely to create one of the Asia Pacific region’s largest single-location stationery production factories. Between FY23 and FY28, this enormous project would necessitate an estimated 800 crore in capital investment.

Moreover, with the infusion of fresh capital, DOMS aims to diversify its product portfolio beyond its strong presence in the pencil market. In FY23, pencils accounted for a significant 31.66% of gross product sales, totalling Rs 389.99 crore.

The company’s expansion plans encompass a broader range of writing instruments, including watercolour pens, markers, and highlighters, demonstrating its dedication to innovation and adaptability in a dynamic market.

DOMS IPO Grey Market Premium

Date GMP (Rs.) Kostak Rate (Rs.) Subject to Sauda (Rs.)
 20 Dec 2023 Rs 490 NA Rs 7000
 19 Dec 2023 Rs 490 NA Rs 7000
 18 Dec 2023 Rs 530 NA Rs 7000
 17 Dec 2023 Rs 530 NA Rs 6500
 14 Dec 2023 Rs 490 NA Rs 6500
 13 Dec 2023 Rs 490 NA Rs 6500
 12 Dec 2023 Rs 450 NA Rs 6000
 11 Dec 2023 Rs 490 NA Rs 6500

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) is a crucial indicator of market sentiment and investor interest in an upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO).

It reflects the premium or discount at which shares of the IPO are being traded unofficially before their official listing. However, as of the current information available, now data is accessible regarding the DOMS IPO GMP.

The GMP typically fluctuates based on various factors, including investor perceptions, demand for shares, and overall market conditions. It provides valuable insights into how investors perceive the IPO’s potential and can sometimes serve as an early indicator of the IPO’s performance upon listing.

Investors and stakeholders interested in the DOMS IPO should keep a close watch on reliable financial news sources and market updates for any developments related to the Grey Market Premium.

As of now, with no available data, it is essential to await further information to gauge market sentiment and demand for shares in this highly anticipated offering.

DOMS IPO Subscription Status

Day / Date QIB NII RII Total Subscription
1st Day – 13th Dec 0.06x 8.44x 20.77x 6.20x
2nd Day – 14th Dec 1.24x 27.38x 44.71x 16.44x
3rd Day – 15th Dec 122.16x 70.06x 73.38x 99.34x
Shares Offered or Net Issue 4,537,975 2,268,987 1,512,658 15,126,581

As of the current information available, there is no data available regarding the subscription status of the DOMS IPO.

The DOMS IPO Subscription Status typically provides insights into the level of investor interest and the number of shares applied for during the IPO’s subscription period. It is an essential indicator of market sentiment and the demand for the company’s shares among investors.

Investors and stakeholders eagerly await updates on the subscription status, as it helps in gauging the IPO’s reception in the market. The subscription status is usually made available by the regulatory authorities or the company itself after the closure of the subscription period.

To stay informed about the DOMS IPO subscription status and related updates, investors should keep an eye on official announcements from the company and relevant regulatory agencies.

This information will be vital for those looking to track the progress of the IPO and assess its popularity among investors.

DOMS IPO Allotment Status

As investors and stakeholders eagerly await updates on DOMS’ Initial Public Offering (IPO) journey, it’s important to note that the DOMS IPO Allotment Status is currently unavailable.

The process of allotment, which determines the allocation of shares to investors, is a critical step in any IPO, and it typically follows the closure of the IPO subscription period.

At this juncture, there is no official data or information available regarding the allotment status for DOMS’ IPO. Investors and interested parties are advised to exercise patience and await official announcements from the company and regulatory authorities for updates on the allotment status.

As the IPO progresses and official updates become available, investors are encouraged to stay informed through authorized channels to access the allotment status and make informed decisions regarding their investments in DOMS’ IPO.

DOMS IPO Live Performance

As investors and market participants eagerly track the development of DOMS’ Initial Public Offering (IPO), it is crucial to note that no data on the DOMS IPO Live Performance is available at this time.

The IPO process is divided into various steps, beginning with the filing of draught papers and progressing through the opening of subscription, allotment, listing, and subsequent trading on the stock exchange.

The live performance of an IPO often includes many indicators, such as the subscription rate, oversubscription, share allotment to investors, and the stock’s performance on the day of listing and in following trading sessions.

These measures give useful information on investor sentiment and the market’s reaction to the company’s initial public offering. DOMS will make formal statements and provide updates to investors and stakeholders.

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    Latest DOMS IPO News

    As anticipation mounts regarding the DOMS Initial Public Offering (IPO), it’s important to note that, at present, there are no updates or news available regarding the IPO. Investors and stakeholders eagerly awaiting developments surrounding this significant financial event are advised to stay tuned to official announcements from DOMS and regulatory authorities.

    Typically, DOMS IPO News may encompass updates on important milestones such as the IPO date, pricing details, subscription figures, and any regulatory approvals. However, as of now, no new information has been released regarding the progress or specifics of the IPO.

    In the dynamic world of financial markets, it’s common for information to emerge and evolve rapidly. Therefore, interested parties are encouraged to monitor reliable news sources and official communications from DOMS to stay informed about any developments related to the IPO.

    DOMS – Company Review

    DOMS, founded in 1976, boasts a rich legacy spanning 47 years. As a privately owned corporate entity, DOMS has firmly established itself as India’s swiftest-growing manufacturer of stationery products. Its headquarters are nestled in Vapi, Gujarat, India, a strategic location that has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth.

    DOMS takes pride in adhering to its core belief: “Everything begins with a Pencil.” This ideology came to fruition when the company, initially known as Write Fine Products Pvt. Ltd., rolled out its very first pencil in 1976.

    From that humble beginning, DOMS has dedicated itself to providing the highest-quality stationery products, catering to future pioneers and young minds.

    Under the brand name DOMS, which stands for “Dynamic Organisation Manufacturing Stationery,” the company lives by the slogan “SHARP MINDS.” DOMS’ remarkable journey is guided by three key principles: Consistent Quality, Commitment, and an unwavering pursuit of Excellence.

    These principles have allowed the company to secure a sustainable market share and earn the prestigious title of the Second Largest Manufacturer of Pencils in India.

    A significant milestone in DOMS’ journey is its association with the world-renowned FILA S.P.A group of Italy. This partnership has elevated the company’s stature and extended its reach to international horizons, reshaping the global stationery industry.

    Products or Services

    The company’s diverse product range includes Wooden Graphite pencils, Wooden Colour pencils, Polymer Graphite pencils, Polymer Colour pencils, Sharpeners, PVC-free and phthalate-free Erasers, Mathematical and drawing instruments, Ballpoint pens, and an extensive selection of stationery art materials. DOMS continues to innovate and expand its offerings, ensuring that its products resonate with consumers across the globe.

    Promoters and Holding

    DOMS is backed by dedicated promoters, including corporate promoter F.I.L.A. – Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini S.p.A., known for its stationery products.

    The individual promoters, Santosh Rasiklal Raveshia, Sanjay Mansukhlal Rajani, Ketan Mansukhlal Rajani, and Chandni Vijay Somaiya, play vital roles in the company’s leadership. As of the Draft Red Herring Prospectus, these promoters collectively own approximately 89.26% of the pre-offer equity share capital.

    Detailed profiles of the promoters, including educational qualifications and professional experiences, can be found in the prospectus. The company also confirms that the promoters’ essential information. This will be submitted to the stock exchanges during the IPO filing process.

    Is DOMS Good for Investment?

    The company’s performance is intricately tied to the prevailing economic conditions, both at home and globally. The most immediate concern is inflation, which has posed challenges for India, along with other developed nations, due to a surge in global crude oil and commodity prices.

    On the brighter side, India’s per capita PFCE has been on an upward trajectory, indicating increasing consumption. This growth is correlated with rising per capita income, which has nearly doubled from 2010 to 2023.

    This economic expansion is also fueled by urbanization trends, with urban areas contributing significantly to India’s GDP. This urbanization is set to continue, with estimates. Suggesting 37% of India’s population will be living in urban centres by FY 2025.

    More about DOMS Investment

    Furthermore, the growth of India’s middle-class population. With annual earnings between USD 10,000 and USD 50,000, is a boon for the company. This segment’s demand for goods and services is expected to drive economic growth. Especially in sectors like construction, housing, financial services, and retail.

    Another noteworthy trend is the nuclearization of households, with average household sizes decreasing. This shift creates demand for housing units and discretionary spending.

    Moreover, the rise in the share of women in the workforce presents opportunities. That is for increased household income and economic growth, with potential positive effects on the consumption of goods and services.

    The company is positioned in a market with a substantial global stationery and art materials industry. That was valued at approximately USD 192 billion in CY 2022.

    The market is expected to grow to USD 220 billion by CY 2027. It is driven by factors like increased remote work and online schooling. It has boosted demand for stationery products. In the arts and crafts segment, scholastic arts, fine arts, and hobbies and crafts. Each has unique growth opportunities, catering to different consumer preferences and needs.

    Scholastic arts products are targeted at educational settings, while fine arts cater to professional artists and hobbyists. Hobbies and crafts products appeal to recreational activities and creative projects.

    Overall, the company operates in a market with potential for growth, driven by demographic shifts, economic trends, and changes in consumer behaviour.

    DOMS Financial Statements

    Amount (in INR & Million)
    30-Sep-23 31-Mar-23 Mar-22 31-Mar-21
    Assets 8,294.57 6,397.83 4,974.61 4,575.24
    Revenue 7,642.15 12,165.23 6,862.25 4,087.88
    Expense 6,649.84 10,777.61 6,622.01 4,163.66
    Profit After Tax 739.06 1,028.71 171.40 (60.26)

    DOMS Limited, previously known as DOMS Private Limited, is sharing its financial performance as of March 31, 2023. This information shows how the company’s money-related things like what it owns and owes have changed over time.

    The company’s right-of-use assets are mainly buildings they use. These assets have gone up from being worth 290.76 million on April 1, 2020, to 619.20 million on March 31, 2023. But, they also had to take into account that these buildings. They are getting older, so they reduced their value by 237.60 million. So, the final value of these assets is 381.60 million as of March 31, 2023.

    There’s something called “goodwill” that they had in their accounts. On April 1, 2020, it was worth 33.48 million. But now it’s worth 20.14 million because they realized it’s not as valuable as they thought.

    The report also talks about other things like money they have in the bank, stuff they own, and money they owe. This helps us understand how well the company is doing financially.

    Earnings per Equity Share (in Million)
    30-Sep-23 31-Mar-23 Mar-22 31-Mar-21
    Basic & Diluted 13.14 18.29 3.05 (1.07)

    DOMS IPO Review

    DOMS Limited, formerly known as DOMS Private Limited, is preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). As of March 31, 2023, the company holds significant right-of-use assets. It has notably appreciated buildings valued at 381.60 million, factoring in depreciation.

    However, its goodwill has decreased to 20.14 million from 33.48 million in 2020. While the IPO holds promise, investors must scrutinize the complete financial picture, including cash reserves and debt obligations.

    Understanding the decline in goodwill is essential for assessing the company’s market positioning and growth potential. DOMS IPO warrants a comprehensive financial evaluation.

    DOMS IPO Details

    Here are a few more details you need to know before investing in DOMS IPO –

    DOMS IPO Issue Object

    Thus, DOMS has proposed diverse objectives for making the IPO offer and some of the objectives are:

    • Proposing to part finance the cost of establishing a new manufacturing facility
    • General corporate purposes

    DOMS IPO – Basis of Offer Price

    The issue price is determined by the company in consultation with the Lead manager on the basis of the following qualitative and quantitative factors.

    Qualitative factors are:

    • Leadership position in the Indian ‘stationery and art material’ industry
    • Strong brand recall driven by high-quality, innovative and differentiated products
    • Robust manufacturing infrastructure, with a focus on backward integration to drive efficiencies
    • Robust multi-channel distribution network with a strong pan-India presence
    • Strategic partnership with FILA enabling access to global markets and product know-how
    • Experienced Promoters and management team

    Quantitative factors are:

    Basic & Diluted EPS RONW (%) NAV (Rs.)
    31-Mar-23 18.29 28.39% 59.99
    31-Mar-22 3.05 5.81%
    Mar-21 (1.07) (3.86)%

    DOMS IPO Lead Managers

    Here are the list of Lead managers –

    • JM Financial Limited
    • BNP Paribas
    • ICICI Securities Limited
    • IIFL Securities Limited

    DOMS IPO Registrar to offer

    Check out the details of the registrar here –

    Link Intime India Private Limited
    C-101, 1st Floor, 247 Park
    L.B.S. Marg, Vikhroli (West)
    Mumbai – 400 083, Maharashtra, India
    Telephone: +91 810 811 4949
    E-mail: domsind.ipo@linkintime.co.in
    Investor grievance E-mail: domsind.ipo@linkintime.co.in
    Website: www.linkintime.co.in
    Contact person: Shanti Gopalkrishnan
    SEBI registration number: INR000004058

    DOMS IPO – Other Details

    • Statutory Auditor – B S R & Co. LLP, Chartered Accountants
    • Legal Counsel to the Company – Khaitan & Co
    • Bankers to the Company – Axis Bank Limited and HDFC Bank Limited

    DOMS IPO Verdict by Stock Brokers

    Assessing the profitability of the DOMS IPO demands a cautious approach. While the company holds valuable right-of-use assets, particularly appreciated buildings, its diminishing goodwill raises concerns.

    The decreased goodwill might indicate challenges in market positioning or previous investments. Investors should closely analyze DOMS’ financial stability, considering cash reserves and debt obligations. The IPO’s success depends on various factors, including market conditions and the company’s ability to adapt and grow.

    To determine profitability, potential investors must thoroughly examine the DOMS IPO prospectus, conduct due diligence, and consult with financial experts.

    The verdict on whether the DOMS IPO will be profitable hinges on individual risk tolerance and understanding of the company’s financial health. Thus making it a decision that requires careful consideration and evaluation.

    DOMS IPO – Conclusion

    In conclusion, DOMS’ upcoming IPO signifies a significant step towards expanding its product range. And solidifying its position as a premier stationery manufacturer in India and the Asia Pacific.

    However, investors must exercise caution and thoroughly evaluate the IPO’s profitability potential. Thus, considering the company’s declining goodwill and the broader market conditions.

    To make an informed decision, prospective investors should carefully review the IPO prospectus, conduct due diligence, and seek guidance from financial experts.

    The ultimate verdict on the profitability of the DOMS IPO rests on a thorough assessment of its financial health and adaptability in a dynamic market environment.

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      DOMS IPO Review FAQs

      Check out the FAQs on DOMS IPO –

      What is the Issue Size of DOMS IPO?

      The Company is making an initial public offer of 15,189,873 equity shares. They vividly portray the aspects of the issue in this article. You can check the stats on the fresh issue, Offer for sale, and net issue.

      What is the Price band of DOMS IPO?

      The price band for this particular IPO ranges between Rs 750 to Rs 790. As far as the face value of the share is concerned, it is Rs.10 per share.

      What is the DOMS IPO Open Date?

      The opening and closing dates for this IPO have been updated. The IPO is set to open on December 13, 2023, while the closing date is set at December 15, 2023.

      What is the DOMS IPO Allotment Date?

      They also have the news regarding the respective allotment dates of this IPO. The basis of Allotment finalization is on December 18, 2023, refund initiation is on December 19, 2023, credit of shares is on December 19, 2023, and share listing date is on December 20, 2023.

      What is the DOMS IPO Listing Date?

      Shares of this company shall be listed in the exchanges on December 20, 2023. The date, when the listing would be done, is stagnant on December 20, 2023.

      Who is the Registrar of DOMS IPO?

      One of the reputed registrars is managing the issue of this IPO, i.e. Link Intime India Private Limited. Their website will help you regarding the further information you are on the lookout for.

      Who is the Promoter of DOMS IPO?

      Here are the promoters of this IPO -: SANTOSH RASIKLAL RAVESHIA, SANJAY MANSUKHLAL RAJANI, KETAN MANSUKHLAL RAJANI, CHANDNI VIJAY SOMAIYA, AND F.I.L.A. – FABBRICA ITALIANA LAPIS. You can refer to the RHP for further information on the promoter. You will find the link to RHP in the article.

      What is the GMP of DOMS IPO?

      They have obtained the GMP of this IPO and it is Rs. 490. Further insights into the Kostak rate and subject to sauda or SS are also included in this report.

      Is DOMS IPO Good for Investment?

      They have further provided the financial status of the company in this article, from the past few years. You can refer to the same, and also check the line of operations they are into and then decide to invest in the IPO.

      What is the PAT of DOMS Company?

      They have the information on company financials, and according to that, they have the figures from the last few years to provide. PAT for the financial year 2023 in Million is 1,028.71, 2022 is 171.40, and 2021 is (60.26). PAT from Sep 2023 is 739.06.

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