Find out all details about EasyMarkets Demo Account here.

Being a reputable trading platform, EasyMarkets always gives a lot of priority to customer satisfaction.

There are no second thoughts to this that the platform offers a plethora of trading account types.

Hence it makes it easy for traders to choose any account which aligns with their budget and needs.

Often new traders look forward to opening an EasyMarkets Virtual Trading before risking any real money on the real account.

Through the demo account, the traders can polish their skills by keeping them to test.

They can also try new strategies which work for them the best and learn the loopholes which need improvement.

Best of all, through the EasyMarkets demo account, traders can get the actual market feel without risking any funds.

EasyMarkets Demo Account

The traders can experience trade execution through the EasyMarkets Demo account.

EasyMarkets Demo AccountOnce the traders practice on the demo account, they must be ready for live trading.

But before jumping to the real account, they need to consider if they have any solid strategy or not.

The traders need to look for some timelines which they can look for.

Under the demo account, the traders can learn about several indicators and charts, which make live trading easy for them.

The main aim of the EasyMarkets demo account is to help traders establish a track of record using a specific strategy.

It is because consistency is likely to give them the confidence to stick to trading even when real money is on the line.

Above all, traders need to learn about well-defined risk plans before they start trading with real money.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

    EasyMarkets Demo Account Features

    The EasyMarkets demo account is likely to replicate the live account so the trader can get an idea about what they can expect while they trade with real money.

    There are a plethora of features available under the demo account, which allows traders to know about the activities they can do here.

    As the demo account is a replica of the real trading account, almost all the features here are similar to the typical account.

    The only exception here is that the Demo account is risk-free as the traders use virtual money to trade.

    Hence traders cannot withdraw any profits they make during the demo trade.

    • The demo account offers dummy money which allows traders to trade in the forex market and help them learn more about trading effectively.
    • Some of the general elements available here include market monitoring, order placement, and others.
    • Market analysis is also a part of this account which makes learning relatively easy for traders.
    • The research tools are also a part of the Demo account, which allows traders to learn about strategies.
    • Besides that, traders can also get the facilitation of several order placements.
    • Indicators tend to be a significant part of the demo account. Once traders learn about the hands, they can implement the same while they are trading on the actual market.

    EasyMarkets Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$ 10000

    Ideally, there are no charges to trade on the EasyMarkets virtual trading account.

    Traders can explore all the features besides enjoying the plethora of perks without any payments. But the jack here is that the Demo account is only available for two weeks for traders.

    Once the demo account expires, they can make the first deposit and start trading with a real account.

    If traders choose a real account, they need to pay some charges like spreads and fees to trade.

    After traders make the credit, the broker will give them unlimited access to trade.

    Additionally, once traders open a real account, they can get an unlimited demo account. As per the terms and conditions, traders can avail $10000 as virtual money to trade in the Forex market.

    The charges for the demo account are zero. Hence traders can use almost everything for free but only for two weeks.

    How to open an EasyMarkets Demo Account?

    It is pretty easy to open an EasyMarkets Demo account. All traders need to do is follow the step-by-step guide.

    The traders ideally need an email id and password to get started and complete the initial step.

    Due to regulatory requirements, the traders need to complete the verification process. Hence they need to have their ID ready.

    Above all, traders need to know that the KYC process is only essential if they wish to move ahead with a real trading account.

    • To register themselves, traders need to visit the broker’s official website. Traders can open a demo account, also known as a practice account, from beginning to end.
    • Traders need to click on the open demo account option and fill the form that pops up on their screen.
    • Once traders submit the form, the broker will connect with them instantly.
    • To avail of the demo account, traders need to complete the EKYC process. Here traders need to give identity and residence proof.
    • Once the broker identifies the traders, they will approve their account and release it to them.
    • Traders can use the credentials to access the EasyMarkets virtual trading account. Lastly, traders can start their trading journey on the platform.

    Advantages of EasyMarkets Virtual Trading Platform

    A demo account is known as a practice account as it allows traders to freely explore the offers available without any risk of losing money.

    It is mainly because virtual money is public here.

    The new traders can use a demo account on EasyMarkets Virtual Trading Platform to learn more about the market.

    They can get market-ready here, which means they can quickly start trading with real money once they understand the working of the forex market.

    The demo accounts are also available for professional traders as it allows them to explore more features.

    • The traders can trade with almost 200+ instruments in a risk-free environment. All the money here is virtual, so traders don’t need to stress.
    • Even though it is virtual, traders can quickly feel like they are trading on a real account. It is because it replicates the real version.
    • Traders learn how the fundamental markets work.
    • The traders don’t need to pay any charges.
    • They can check if their strategies are efficient or they need to change.

    EasyMarkets Demo Account – Conclusion

    If traders are disciplined enough, they can learn a lot through the EasyMarkets Virtual Trading Platform.

    Additionally, traders need to be comfortable working with the broker besides having a great understanding of how the forex market works.

    As traders have put their hard-earned funds in the market, they need to ensure that they trust the Forex broker. The traders can learn a lot about the forex trading platform.

    EasyMarkets Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is a list of Faqs related to the EasyMarkets demo account:

    Does EasyMarkets provide Demo a/c?

    Yes, EasyMarkets tends to offer a demo account for all the traders. But traders need to know that the demo account is only available for two weeks.

    If traders want an unlimited demo account, they need to open a live trading account. The traders can access all the features without paying any charges.

    How to Set up an EasyMarkets Demo Account?

    It is pretty simple to set up the EasyMarkets demo account.

    Traders need to visit the official web portal and provide some details to complete the registration.

    Once they complete the process, the traders can start trading.

    They need to fill and submit the form.

    Is EasyMarkets Virtual Trading Account Free?

    Yes, the virtual trading account is free, which means traders don’t need to pay anything to trade here.

    Traders can avail themselves of all features for free, but if they want to deal with real money, traders need to spend some charges.

    What are the fees of the EasyMarkets Demo Account?

    Ideally, traders don’t need to pay any fees if they want to trade on a demo account.

    The demo account is a replica of the demo account so that traders can explore the different accounts with no cost at all.

    When it comes to a real account, traders need to pay commission besides other charges.

    Is AMC levied on the EasyMarkets Virtual Trading Platform?

    No, the traders don’t need to pay AMC fees at the EasyMarkets platform if they are using a demo trading account.

    On the flip side, if traders start trading with real money, they need to pay AMC charges.

    Is EasyMarkets Virtual Account best?

    Yes, the EasyMarkets virtual account is nothing but the best.

    It is mainly because traders can get almost all the trading experience here, like the live account.

    There are a plethora of features that traders can explore here besides the perks available. Millions of users trust this platform because everything is available free of cost.

    What Documents are required for the EasyMarkets Demo Account?

    To start trading on the EasyMarkets demon account, the traders need to submit some documents to the broker.

    The documents need to be government-oriented. Additionally, all the documents need to prove the residence and identity of the traders.

    These documents make the KYC process quick and easy.

    Is PAN required for Opening an EasyMarkets Trading Game?

    Yes, PAN is vital for opening a demo account for EasyMarkets as the broker needs the trader’s proof of identity and residence.

    Hence PAN makes the accounting opening process seamless.

     Does EasyMarkets Charge a Demo Account Opening Fee?

    No, traders don’t need to pay any charges as accounting opening fees.

    Hence traders need to explore all the terms and conditions before opening an account.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in an EasyMarkets Demo Account?

    The traders can trade on a demo account through the virtual money available here.

    The traders can earn $10000 as virtual money. Traders can trade with this money and learn about the market’s indicators and charts.

    They can see if their trading strategies are working or not.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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