Find out all details about Dukascopy Demo Account here.

Trading can be challenging for new traders if they don’t have any prior knowledge, skill, or experience with trading.

But traders don’t need to stress as with the Dukascopy Virtual Trading Platform; they can get a comprehensive and risk-free trading experience.

A demo account is also known as a practice account as it allows traders to explore the broker’s platform freely.

They don’t have to risk any money or incur losses as they can trade with virtual money.

To put it simply, traders can practice here with virtual money. Beginner traders can use these demo accounts to get familiar with a live trading account.

It is mainly because traders can polish their trading skills with the Dukascopy demo account.

The traders can not only participate actively, but they can also build their own strategies.

Dukascopy Demo Account

The Dukascopy demo account is not only valid for new traders but also available for professional traders so they can explore the platform.

Dukascopy Demo AccountThe main aim of the account is to train the new traders. Dukascopy demo account is an ideal account for traders who wish to learn about trades without incurring any losses or risks.

Additionally, the traders can avail themselves of a 100% risk-free environment. The traders make the most of their trading skills while practicing on this account.

The demo account is ideally free when it comes to charges, so traders don’t need to panic.

But when it comes to living trading, traders need to explore the account types and choose one as per their budget.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

    Dukascopy Demo Account Features

    The Dukascopy demo account is quite similar to a live performance as it allows traders to experience live trading.

    The only difference here is that traders can avail a risk-free environment.

    When using this account, traders have access to almost all the financial instruments besides the live quotes.

    The traders can easily access the demo account by downloading the trading platform, which is a part of Blueberry Market’s offering.

    The demo account is a part of JForex or MetaTrader 4.

    Through this platform, the traders can have easy access, and they can test their trading strategies by using technical indicators.

    • Traders can easily monitor their progress.
    • There is no minimum balance requirement.
    • Traders can try their hand on several investment options.
    • The Dukascopy demo account is quite reliable.
    • A great learning option for traders.

    Dukascopy Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual MoneyNA

    The Dukascopy demo account is available for JForex 3 and the MT4 platforms, and the registration is mainly open on the website.

    The traders can quickly test the platforms and strategies on the S&P Nasdaq listings.

    There are no charges applicable to traders if they want to trade with the Dukascopy demo account, but the charges applicable for live trading.

    The traders just need to enjoy the trading experience available here without paying anything.

    But when traders start trading in reality, they have to pay all charges, including spreads, minimum deposit, and others.

    They also need to pay some commission. Above all, the traders need to follow some funding medium, and for the same, they have to pay fees.

    The swap charges are also applicable. Hence when it comes to trading, the traders need to explore all accounts before making any investment decision.

    The only setback here is that the demo account is available only for 14 days. So traders need to practice trading and learn about it in the given timeframe.

    How to open Dukascopy Demo Account?

    If traders wish to open a Dukascopy demo account to start Deriv virtual trading, they need to follow some basic steps.

    They need to learn about the broker’s platform before moving ahead.

    • Firstly traders need to visit the broker’s website and navigate there to click on the open demo account option.
    • The trader is likely to see a new page that consists of an online Here the traders need to fill in some basic details. Once they fill in the details, they can activate their demo account. When opening a demo account, the traders need to know this account is active only for 14 days.
    • The traders need to enter their first name and surname besides email id, cell phone number, language preference, etc. The application process is similar to the live trading account or MT4 account.
    • The traders can click on get the demo account once they have filled in all the mandatory details.
    • Additionally, the broker will send the login credentials over their email. Along with the credentials, the traders will also get a link to start trading here.
    • Once the traders get the link, they need to download the platform. Once the traders start trading, they can explore all the trading offers available here.

    Advantages of Dukascopy Virtual Trading Platform

    Traders can access the Dukascopy virtual trading platform when they open a demo account here.

    Besides the demo account, the traders also need to have a trading account as the demo account is only valid for 14 days.

    The trading account is relatively easy to possess. Additionally, a trading account is a pathway for traders to buy or sell orders amid the forex market.

    Above all, a demo account allows traders to learn about the forex market in detail. Some of the perks of the Dukascopy demo account:

    • The demo account sign-up is entirely digital.
    • The traders can access a quick and stress-free process.
    • The demo account is quite similar to the live trading account.
    • The traders can also access all the features available on the platform.
    • Above all, traders get some virtual money here, which makes trading easy for them.
    • The best part about a demo account is that traders don’t need to invest any real money. There is no risk at all.
    • The traders can also get access to all the indicators or charts, which allows them to monitor the market.
    • They can also implement their own strategies and check if they are working well or no.

    Dukascopy Demo Account – Conclusion

    Before traders start trading with real money, they need to practice trading on the demo account.

    The risk-free trading environment allows traders to gain some confidence which makes trading easy for them.

    The traders can instantly avail of this demo account and start trading on the Dukascopy virtual trading platform.

    They can get the best of the available forex services.

    Additionally, the traders can make the most returns once they learn to trade.

    The traders can open a demo account on various accounts like Forex ECN account, Forex MT4 Account, and Islamic Account.

    Once traders learn from a demo account, they can start trading on the live performance.

    To get on the live trading account, the traders need to know about the terms and conditions.

    Dukascopy Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Dukascopy Virtual Trading account:

    Does Dukascopy provide Demo a/c?

    Yes, Dukascopy offers a demo account with specific account types of account traders hold.

    The accounts available include Forex ECN account, Forex MT4 Account, and Islamic Account.

    Hence traders need to explore all account types before choosing one.

    How to Set up a Dukasopy demo Account?

    Ideally, opening a Dukascopy demo account is relatively seamless.

    People can start with it in no time by just heading to the official site. Once traders open the account, they can see a form that they need to submit.

    After submitting the form, traders need to complete EKYC, and on verification, people can receive their accounts.

    Is Dukascopy Virtual Trading Account Free?

    While opening an account, there are no accounting opening charges for the demo account.

    But for actual trading, account traders need to align with all the rules regarding trading.

    What are the fees of the Dukascopy Demo Account?

    As such, traders don’t need to pay any fees if they are trading on the demo account.

    On the flip side, if traders choose a live trading account, they need to pay a minimum deposit account besides spreads and other charges.

    The prices depend on the account type that traders choose.

    Is AMC levied on Dukascopy Virtual Trading Platform?

    It is a demo account and free, so there is no AMC applicable with the Virtual trading platform.

    Besides, traders can explore all the trading options without paying any charges. But traders need to pay AMC charges if they choose a real trading account.

    Is Dukascopy Virtual Account the best?

    Yes, this goes without saying that Dukascopy is one of the best demo accounts.

    It is only because the traders can explore a plethora of features that too for free of cost.

    Besides that, there are several perks available which is the only reason why millions of traders choose this platform.

    What Documents are required for Dukascopy Demo Account?

    The traders need to upload some specific documents for verification purposes.

    They need to provide government ID proofs to prove their identity besides residential warranty.

    Traders also need to give their bank statements.

    Is PAN required for Opening Dukascopy Virtual Account?

    Yes, PAN is mandatory for traders to open their virtual accounts as it proves their identity and gives residential proof.

    The specific document requirements vary from account to account.

    Does Dukascopy Charge Demo Account Opening Fee?

    No, traders don’t need to pay any account opening fee to open an account with Dukascopy.

    The traders can access all the charts and indicators without paying any charges.

    They can check the fees and other charges if they wish to avail a live account.

    The charges vary from time to time.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in Dukascopy Demo Account?

    The traders can make enough money under the Demo account, which allows them to learn to trade.

    Once they get Forex experience, they can start trading with real money. They can try strategies with virtual money.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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