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Find out all details of Libertex Demo Account here.

Michael Geiger set up the Libertex Trading Platform in 1997 and the company quickly rose to a leading position globally.

Join Libertex to access a range of great trading opportunities with unlimited earning potential. A word of caution is required since trading carries the financial risks of losing money.

Libertex Virtual Trading Account has been set up as a training ground both for beginners and advanced traders.

Beginners learn the essentials of trading and advanced traders get a refresher course.

If trading is a kind of sport, start with Libertex Virtual Trading that allows you to practice all the steps in the live trading account.

Libertex Demo Account

Libertex Demo AccountWhile a live trading account carries sometimes serious risks of losing the entire investment if trading misses the targets, the Libertex Virtual Trading Platform is risk-free.

The online world is virtual since it is not real but shows a copy of reality.

Libertex Demo Account similarly is not the same as live trading.

In what way is it not the same? No money risk is involved. You have virtual money and the amount given is $10000.

The virtual money can be used for trading but it cannot be withdrawn since it is not real money.

All the trading steps in the live account can be carried out like the buying and selling of assets but only as imitations.

It is an invaluable experience of learning and practicing trading strategies.

The demo account serves as a practice to make you mentally prepared for the live trading.  Get to know the trading format and the steps involved in trading.

The research materials and the live markets, the charts, and indicators are all available just like in live trading.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    Libertex Demo Account Features

    The money might be virtual in the demo account but the trades and assets are real.

    The buy and sell procedure that exists in authentic trading is copied in the demo account to get the real experience of live trading minus the money risk.

    Trading is a thrilling activity and partly it is because of the possibility of winning just like in sports. A well-researched trading plan may not face losses but the danger always remains.

    Whether trading is a professional occupation or a hobby, you need to start with the demo account to get the feel and experience of live trading.

    Opening a trading account or partnership with Libertex requires some business experience and preferably in trading.

    Such a person is familiar with the basics of business like buying and selling that apply to trading also.

    Further, abundant research and training materials exist in Libertex to understand the trading secrets further.

    Many of the trading steps are self-explanatory as suggested on the screen.

    Libertex Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money $ 10000
    Charges Free

    Specifically, the Libertex Demo Account does not have any fees associated with it.

    It is free to join. It serves the purpose of an important and necessary training ground for would-be traders.

    Also, it is important that traders commence with the demo account to understand the trading procedures without any financial risks.

    The demo account works on exactly the same system as the live trading account and reflects real trading markets and assets.

    The demo account also gives traders $10000 of virtual money that is credited in the trader’s account automatically.

    The trader is free to use the money for virtual traders as if operating in live trading situations.

    Choose the assets and engage in the buy and sell procedures as if it is real live trading.

    How to open Libertex Demo Account?

    In order to open a Libertex Demo Account, it is necessary to first register an account with the company.

    The process is simply online and requires the filling up of a form and submission of verification documents. Click on the button ‘Start an account.’

    • Make sure that all the personal details are entered exactly as they appear on legal government-issued documents. Spellings and dates must tally in all particulars.
    • After filling up the personal details carefully, according to legal government documents, submit the form online. That is the first step in completing the formalities of registration.
    • Meanwhile, get the legal documents ready, mainly in support of identity and residence.
    • The identity document is usually the passport or driving license, showing a clear image and name of the applicant. Other government-issued legal documents are also valid.
    • The residence proof could be a credit card or bank statement that shows the name and address clearly. Additional documents like recent utility bills of water or electricity are also acceptable. They must contain the name and address of the applicant.
    • After verification is completed, the company will send you the login credentials that will help to access your account.
    • Now you are ready to launch the demo account by clicking on the button.

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    Advantages of Libertex Virtual Trading Platform

    Libertex Virtual Trading Platform gives you a dynamic and vigorous start to the complex trading world. Most of the doubts and worries associated with the risky trading world would be overcome with this practice of virtual training.

    Trading in currencies or cryptocurrencies, indices, oil and gas, metals, shares, and agriculture would all be possible in live terms but without the fear of losing money.

    Traders get a chance to become familiar with the Libertex trading platform and the steps involved in buying and selling, researching markets, and reading charts and indicators.

    We learn from mistakes and here is the chance to learn from the mistakes you might make without the risk of money loss.

    The live trading experience is exactly the same as the steps involved in the live buying and selling steps.

    When you start live trading, the only difference will be the use of real money and not virtual money like in the demo account.

    Coping with the danger of losing money in the live account is rehearsed with the demo account

    Libertex Demo Account – Conclusion

    Consider the Libertex Demo Account absolutely important and don’t attempt live trading without such a sustained learning practice first.

    Using the demo account carries no fees or other charges. There is no time limit. Practice as much as you wish. Use the $10000 virtual money according to need on buying the assets according to the prevailing market conditions.

    Practice the buy and sell activities in preparation for the real risky live trading adventures later on. Wait till you get confident with the demo account before commencing the live trading activities with real money.

    Avoid the rush and have patience.

    Traders in a hurry lose money. Trading should be slow and patient, researched and deliberate to avoid losses. The demo account shows the way.

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    Libertex Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Libertex Virtual Trading account:

    Does Libertex provide Demo a/c?

    Yes. Libertex Virtual Trading account helps traders to practice their skills. It is a very convenient risk-free method of learning trading strategies.

    Not only is the demo account free of any charges but it also provides $10000 of virtual money.

    Get started with the demo account and learn the entire buy and sell strategies according to the current market conditions.

    How to Set up a Libertex Demo Account?

    Traders need to start an account with Libertex with personal details and supporting verification documents of identity and address.

    After filling up the form with valid personal particulars, submit the document copies online.

    After the verification is complete, the company sends the login details for your account. Now you can opt for the demo account.

    Is Libertex Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes. Libertex Virtual Trading encourages traders by not charging any fees and provides $10000 virtual money.

    There are no other costs associated with the demo account that is completely free.

    While starting a Libertex trading account, traders need to pay the minimum deposit of $10. That minimum deposit has to be paid to start the trading account.

    What are the Fees of a Libertex Demo Account?

    Libertex Virtual Trading Platform does not require any fee payments. Traders automatically receive $10000 virtual money for the purpose of simulated trading.

    There are no time restrictions either.

    You can continue training and learning the strategies in the live demo account that is an exact replica of real trading practices indefinitely without any risk of money loss.

    Is AMC levied on LIBERTEX Virtual Trading Platform?

    Libertex Virtual Trading Platform does not charge annual maintenance fees.

    The demo account charges no fee of any kind.

    The only requirement is the trading account’s initial minimum deposit of $10 which is a reasonable amount.

    Once this amount is deposited, traders can join the demo account for practice trading without any further fees or AMCs.

    Is the Libertex Demo Account best?

    Libertex Demo Account offers many significant benefits. While the service is free and provides virtual money of $10000, it is the perfect trading ground to study real-life trading conditions and markets.

    After some experience of the demo account with no fear of money loss, confidence develops to face the live account with money risks.

    What Documents are required for Libertex Demo Account?

    The demo account does not require any separate documents but starting an account with Libertex will require supporting documents.

    Mainly 2 types of documents are required i.e Identity Proof & Address Proof. They must be government-issued legal documents.

    The identity document must contain a clear picture of the applicant. The residence document must have a name and address.

    Is PAN required for Opening a Libertex Account?

    PAN is not compulsory for opening a Libertex account.

    Several documents like a passport and driving license can support identity. PAN Card Copy can be submitted for identity proof since it contains an image of the applicant along with the name.

    PAN is also a government-issued legal document and is important for financial matters.

    Does Libertex Charge Demo Account Opening Fee?

    Libertex does not charge a Demo Account opening Fee.

    Demo Account is absolutely free of cost, there are no AMC or other charges involved.

    You can avail of the demo account services completely without any payment.

    In order to start a Libertex trading account, you have to deposit the minimum balance of $10. No fees is charges for this demo account.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in a Libertex Demo Account?

    User will get $10000 Virtual Money in his/her account after opening Demo account.

    Account holder will get real trading experience with this demo account & then afterwords he/she can open trading account.

    Since it is virtual money for simulated trading, money risk does not exist. It is a valuable trading practice session without any time limits.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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