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Know everything about Binary.com Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here.

A demo account is very similar to a live trading account as it clones the real market positions where you can invest the virtual money that was given to you on your live trading account.

People who tend to invest directly in the live trading world are prone to losses. People often don’t know about the demo accounts and aim for the live trading account and incur losses.

With that being said Binary.com Virtual Trading account helps traders to overcome this issue and help them to become pro in trading.

If you are looking for information about demo account then this is the right place. In the article, we have described about account in detail.

Moreover, you can find details on creating an account, features, advantages, and pricing. Read till the end to know more about everthing.

Binary.com Demo Account

Brokers often offer demo accounts as part of the trial package. Binary.com is one such broker that offers the same.

Binary.com Demo AccountThe main aim of the Binary.com demo account is to let users know about the features it is providing.

As a trader, you will get to experience the features of a live trading account in the demo account.

The process of registration and usage is the same as a live trading account such that, once you have registered for a demo account, you don’t have to register again when you are signing up for the Binary.com live trading account.

You can request support to convert your demo account into a live trading account. In the demo account, you can use all of the features such as indices, charts, and other tools that you can only find in the live trading terminal.

Additionally, you will be getting $40,000 worth of virtual money and which can only be best used through the demo account for evaluation purposes.

they also provides support for demo account. Let us take a look at the features in detail.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    Binary.com Demo Account Features

    The Binary.com demo account lets users use all the features of a live trading account without any conditions so that users can fully know about the tools and features that are being provided in the live trading account.

    Let us take a look at the features –

    All the features of a live trading account

    You will get all the features that are usually present in the live trading terminal of Binary.com along with the premium tools and live trading data

    Free of cost

    This demo account is free of cost which means you won’t be charged for opening or using the demo account

    Conversion into a live trading account

    You can convert your Binary.com virtual trading account into a live trading account once you are satisfied with your testing and analysis of the features.

    The maximum number of days you can use the demo account is 30 days post which you will have to register for a live trading account

    Virtual money worth $40,000

    Once you complete the registration and create a demo account, your demo account will be filled with $40,000 worth of virtual money.

    This virtual money can only be used through the demo account and is not eligible for withdrawals or usage outside the Bianry.com demo account

    Works on MT5 trading platform

    The live trading terminal is based out of MT5 trading platform which means the interface present in an MT5 live trading account is also present in the Binary.com demo account.

    This helps users to get acquainted with the platform as well.

    Binary.com Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money NA
    Charges Free

    Binary.com demo account does not incur any charges which are because of the fact that this feature comes under the trial.

    This means the broker allows users to use all the features via demo account so that the users can know more about the features and make them acquainted with the trading platform.

    This demo account does not have any Annual maintenance charges, neither do they have any kind of monthly subscription charges.

    However, as part of the demo account package, you will be receiving $40,000 worth of virtual money which you can utilize inside the demo account to test the features.

    How to open Binary.com Demo Account?

    Binary.com has kept its account opening process very simple.

    Moreover, you need to register only once, and then you can convert from the demo account to live trading account.

    Let us take a look at the Binary.com demo account opening process –

    • Go to official website and navigate to the tab which says “open a free demo account”
    • You will be taken to the registration page next where you have to provide information like email id, full name, phone number, address, and other important details
    • You have to select the checkboxes for terms and conditions along with the privacy policy check box
    • In the next step, you will be asked to submit necessary documents which will be used for verification purposes and KYC verification
    • Once the verification is done they will create a Demo account for you and then send the credentials of your demo account to the registered email id you have used during filling up the registration form.
    • You need to login into your demo account with credentials provided in the email and thus you need to keep the email safe for future usage

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    Advantages of Binary.com Virtual Trading Platform

    There are various advantages of the Binary.com virtual trading platform. Let us take a look at the advantages in detail –

    Easy and simple User interface

    The Meta Trader 5 platform has received a lot of praise from the users of the trading world and the reason being the simple and easy-to-use user interface.

    The binary.com demo account runs on Meta Trader 5 which also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to navigate for the new users.

    Designed for new users

    The demo account is specially designed to onboard new users who are less experienced in the world of trading.

    This helps novice users gain knowledge about the trading world as well as the trading terminal.

    Expert users can do research

    Expert users research and test their strategies in the Binary.com demo account and thus it is equally built for expert users.

    Veteran users use the demo account because they want to test a newly launch tool before they finally involve it in the real world trading

    Binary.com Demo Account – Conclusion

    At some point in time expert traders also needs research and analysis to succeed with their strategies.

    The trading world is very uncertain and thus you need to evolve to gain profits out of it. Alternatively, new users are recommended to use the demo account to get acquainted with the trading platform.

    Binary.com demo platform has more pros and fewer cons. It is built with keeping new users in mind and as a result, all the new users who use the demo account become expert traders in less amount of time.

    The binary.com virtual trading platform covers all the features of the live trading platform. You will feel as if you were using the live trading platform itself.

    This demo account is free of cost and also comes with $40,000 pre-installed for testing purposes.

    The main thing about the demo account is that you will be able to convert the demo account into a live trading account without any hassle.

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    Binary.com Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Check out various FAQs related to Binary.com Virtual Trading Platform –

    Does Binary.com provide Demo a/c?

    Yes, Binary.com provides the demo account feature which is free of cost. The main aim is to let users know about the features they are providing.

    As a trader, you will get to experience the features of a live trading account in the demo account.

    How to Set up Binary.com Demo Account?

    Binary.com has kept its account opening process very simple and you need to register only once after which they will set up the demo account for you.

    The credentials will be sent to your registered email

    Is Binary.com Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes, Binary.com is free of cost. This demo account does not charge any fee which is because of the fact that it comes under the trial package.

    What are the Fees of the Binary.com Demo Account?

    There are no fees which are associated here. They will not ask for any security deposits or fees to register and use a Binary.com demo account.

    Is AMC levied on Binary.com Virtual Trading Platform?

    No, they do not levy any AMC or annual maintenance charges to the users using the demo account.

    Moreover, the demo account expires after 30 days so there is no chance of AMC.

    Is Binary.com Demo Account best?

    Binary.com is one of the best demo accounts as compared to other top brokers out there.

    The reason for this being the flexibility of the account along with the usability which is very user eccentric.

    What Documents are required for Binary.com Demo Account?

    Usually, for demo account they don’t ask for any documents, however, to convert it into a live trading account or KYC verification, you need to submit, ID card, residence certificate, PAN card, address proof, and birth date proof.

    Is PAN required for Opening Binary.com Account?

    A PAN card is mandatory for opening an account as it is used for taxation purposes.

    Does Binary.com Charge a Demo Account opening Fee?

    No, they do not charge any demo account opening fee to its users

    How much Virtual Money do you get in Binary.com Demo Account?

    As a demo account user you will be entitled to $40,000 worth of virtual money preinstalled in your Binary.com virtual trading platform.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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