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Know everything about EasyMarkets Partner Program or Franchise Models here. EasyMarkets offers its partners at least 25% lead of the active client conversation rate.

Besides, traders can avail various engagement levels and earning programs to make the most of the EasyMarkets Affiliate Program experience.

The broker claims to offer an unparalleled trading experience to traders in the industry.

Best Partner Program Affiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPA Up to 40%
Second Level commission Up to 10%
Commission Withdrawal Weekly
Partner Code Activation 2-4 Days
Affiliate Cookie Tracking Up to 30 days

A trader can access exceptional Support like marketing elements, an affiliate manager, etc.

Above all, traders don’t need to stress at all as the broker is recognized. The potential partners can explore the options of starting a business at EasyMarkets.

But before digging deep or becoming an EasyMarkets partner, the traders need to explore all the features.

EasyMarkets Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEO Nikos Antoniades
Established Year 2001
Publicly Traded No
Total Employees 100+
Regulations CySec
Headquarter Cyprus

Nikos Antoniades established the platform in 2001.

EasyMarkets Partner or FranchiseTo quote simply under the EasyMarkets partner program, the traders need to recommend new clients to the broker to use their services.

When the trader’s clients do so, the partner will receive a return for referrals.

A plethora of affiliates tend to create content related to economic news or financial markets.

But anyone can become a partner if they know how to bring the interested people to EasyMarkets.

The benefits mainly depend on the level of engagement that the partners tend to choose.

If a partner is already into blogging, vlogging, or even active on social media, then the EasyMarkets partner program is a fantastic source of passive income for them.

It is mainly because they have a network that makes referrals easy for them.

The best part here is that EasyMarkets offers multiple payment plans, which can help traders to personalize their compensation for clients they refer.

It also includes spread sharing, which gives a part of shares of spreads when the trader’s referral is being debited. CPA rewards traders for every registered trading referral.

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    Types of EasyMarkets Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner Type Affiliate Program Introducer
    Revenue Sharing or CPA Up to 40% $200
    Cost Associated Minimal No
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTD $1000 $800 plus
    Code Activation Time 2-4 Days 2-4 Days

    The broker refers to the EasyMarkets partner program as a win-win deal for both partners and broker as it is a profitable idea.

    The broker offers two models so traders can explore both of them before choosing anyone.

    Above all, the traders need to be cautious about checking the terms and conditions as it will help them during the decision-making process.

    The EasyMarkets introducer broker model is ideal for beginners.

    Here the partners need to refer the model to their clients, and they can earn returns in no time. The program is not only attractive, but also partners can get regular payment.

    The strategy motivates the partners to trade as much as possible.

    Here the partners can earn $200 as commission per lot. But partners need to consider the terms and conditions attached to it before choosing it.

    The affiliate model is one of the best business models available for partners who wish to become business enthusiasts.

    The partners can make maximum returns on this model if they have a vital networking skill which makes referral easy.

    EasyMarkets Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate Program Up to 40%
    Introducer $200

    If traders are new to trading as partners, they must know that they have a lot of potentials to earn profits here.

    The broker is not only highly reliable but also has a plethora of offerings for partners, which helps them stand out in the industry.

    The broker has a plethora of programs so partners can earn a decent amount of money. Broker is well associated in the industry, and they advise several traders in the market.

    When traders choose the EasyMarkets franchise, they can use some excellence from a broker and make income in turn.

    All the models here tend to have a different commission, so traders need to choose any accordingly.

    Under the introducer model, traders can earn a commission of $200 per lot, while under the affiliate model, they can earn a commission of up to 40% per lot.

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    EasyMarkets Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate Program $1000
    Introducing Business Partner $800 plus

    A security deposit or partner cost is the amount of money that partners need to offer to the broker.

    The partners can start trading with the EasyMarkets franchisee by choosing any of the two models available.

    The security deposit is fixed, and it is also like the cost of establishing the business with the broker.

    Additionally, the broker has some rights to the partner’s revenue also. On the basis of the referral programs one chooses, they have to pay the royalty.

    For instance, traders need to pay $800 plus as a security deposit under the introducer business model.

    On the flip side, for the affiliate program, traders need to pay $1000 as a security deposit.

    EasyMarkets Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit scheme Yes
    Real-Time Commission calculation Yes
    Second Level Commission Up to 10%
    Personal Account Managers Provided
    Multiple Payment Systems Available
    Sub-Affiliate system NA

    There are plenty of offers available to the partners, which make the broker all the more attractive.

    These offers are all-inclusive, and partners can learn about them when they become a partner here.

    Some of the offers available to traders include a zero deposit scheme, real-time commission calculation, and multiple payment systems.

    Even though there is no sub-affiliate system available here, traders can always get help from the personal manager.

    Additionally, EasyMarkets also offers a 2nd level commission around 10% over and above.

    EasyMarkets Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age 18+ Years
    Business Experience Minimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification  No basic qualification/degree
    Desired Profile Business in Similar Field

    To become an EasyMarkets sub-broker, traders need to align with some eligibility criteria.

    Even though there is not much to follow, traders need to follow some basics, which is mandatory for all.

    If one wants to become a partner, they need to ensure that they are at least 18 years old.

    Besides that, the traders need to have a minimum experience of at least one to three years.

    The traders can quickly learn about trading tips if they have experience in a similar field.

    Additionally, there is no definite requirement for qualifications.

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    How to Become an EasyMarkets Business Partner?

    The process to become an EasyMarkets sub-broker is quite simple. All traders need to do is follow some simple steps.

    • Firstly traders need to head to the official web portal and click on the option to become a partner.
    • When they visit the website, they will see a popup form, and they need to fill and submit it.
    • To complete the verification process, the traders need to fix some meetings with the broker’s representative. They need to ensure that they have all the relevant documents, including ID proof, residency proof, Education, and Experience proof.
    • To become a partner with the EasyMarkets affiliate program, the traders need to have a business idea that they can pitch. In addition, they need to tell the broker why they wish to become a partner.
    • After finalizing all aspects, the traders can get a hand on their contract and get partnership details.

    Documents required to Start EasyMarkets Franchise

    To become a partner at the EasyMarkets affiliate program, the traders need to submit the following documents:

    • Experience certificates
    • Photographs
    • Documents of partnership
    • Ownership of business proof
    • PAN Card
    • Government ID and Residence proof
    • Education certificates or degree

    Support Provided by EasyMarkets Partner Program

    Back Office Support Available
    Trading Support Yes
    Dealing Support Yes
    Marketing Support No
    Multilingual Promotional Materials Yes
    Training Support No
    Commission Tracker Provided

    The traders can avail themselves of plenty of all Support from the broker.

    Some of the Support available to traders including backend support, dealing, and Marketing Support.

    The traders can also avail themselves of training support which helps them trade easily. A commission tracker is also available, which makes it feasible for traders to track their commissions.

    Benefits of EasyMarkets Sub Broker Program

    The EasyMarkets partner program offers a plethora of perks to traders.

    In addition, the broker also provides partner programs and rebate schemes.

    • Traders can avail attractive commission.
    • A lot of Support is available.
    • The payments are pretty regular, so traders don’t need to stress at all.
    • There is no risk for traders.
    • Partners also have complete control over the profits they make through their client’s trading.

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    EasyMarkets Partner Program – Conclusion

    Once traders get accustomed to the models available, they can make a trading decision.

    The EasyMarkets affiliates tend to make the most comfortable terms and conditions for the business around.

    The EasyMarkets empower partners to do way better because they have the most accessible online model and statistics structure.

    Hence traders can make a lot of money. Being two models available, it is advisable to explore both before making any vital decision.

    The program is fantastic for both beginners and professionals.

    The multilingual team support available here helps traders to make referrals easily. Above all, traders can make good secondary income through public commissions.

    EasyMarkets Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the EasyMarkets partner program:

    Does EasyMarkets have an Introducer Model?

    Yes, the broker offers an introducer model for business enthusiasts.

    The partners can choose this model and bring in clients through their personal network.

    In addition, they can get rewards as per their trading volume.

    Does EasyMarkets have multiple Franchise models?

    Yes, EasyMarkets tends to offer a plethora of franchise models, and it goes beyond the introducer model. The models provide excellent rebates to the traders.

    The partners can choose the models after they do thorough research.

    What is the EasyMarkets Sub Broker Commission?

    The commission is fixed for both models.

    If traders choose the introducer broker model, they can get a commission of  $200 per lot.

    The traders can earn up to 44% commission per lot under the affiliates program on the flip side.

    The CPA applicable is minimal, which traders need to check while becoming a partner.

    Does EasyMarkets have Referral Program?

    Yes, the broker offers a referral program, and if traders want to earn returns from it, they need to make as many referrals as possible.

    With each successful referral trade, the traders can fetch some returns.

    How much is EasyMarkets Franchise Cost?

    There is an investment amount fixed with all the models which traders need to pay if they want to trade here.

    The traders can choose the model which suits them the most as per their needs and objectives.

    The cost plays a crucial role when it comes to getting a partnership contract.

    What is the EasyMarkets Referral Model Revenue Model?

    Suppose traders consider the IB model they can earn at least $100 commission as per lot. On the flip side, under the affiliate model, they can get up to 40% per commission from profit.

    The CPA is also minimal, so traders don’t need to burn a hole in their pocket.

    Is the EasyMarkets Partner Program Free?

    Yes, the program is available for free, but traders need to pay some money which is mandatory to become a partner.

    The cost varies from model to model, so traders can explore models and then choose one.

    Does EasyMarkets provide Training Assistance?

    Training assistance is also a part of the program.

    The Support helps traders to learn about trading, which makes trading easy for them.

    Besides, traders can also avail themselves of marketing and zero commission support.

    How to own an EasyMarkets Franchise?

    It is pretty easy to own the EasyMarkets franchise.

    All traders need to do is head to the broker’s official platform and click on the option to become a partner.

    Once they choose this option, they need to fill and submit the form along with mandatory documents.

    Additionally, traders need also to tell the broker why they want to become a partner.

    When it comes to becoming a partner here, the traders need to meet the eligible age and experience criteria.

    The process to become a partner is the same for both models.

    Does EasyMarkets Affiliate Program provide Support?

    Yes, the EasyMarkets franchise offers a lot of Support to traders irrespective of the model they choose.

    Some of the Support include back office, training, dealing, besides others.

    The traders can also track their commission with the commission tracker available.

    Additionally, marketing support is also available to traders.

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