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Fusion Markets is a US-based company incorporated in 2001. Check out Fusion Markets Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here.

Regulated by ASIC, the company has been one of the best Forex Brokers in the world today. As of today, the company is publicly traded, and they intend to keep it that way.

They are innovative and believe in educating the clients to make successful trades more often than not.

Today, we will talk about one of their prime initiatives to make their clients learn trading in a safe environment. Yes, we will discuss the Fusion Markets Demo account today.

There is tons of information that we would like to share. We would like to talk about the features and benefits of the Demo account along with how to open an account, which is free. So, buckle up!

Fusion Markets Demo Account

The reason the company introduced a Demo account is to serve 2 primary objectives.

Fusion Markets Demo AccountFirst, it is to educate the traders to make sensible trades without taking the risk of losing money.

Second, to make them feel comfortable using the trading platform.

For Fusion Markets’ case, it is MT4. So, what we can see is the company meets the two objectives with relative ease. Additionally, the Demo account is absolutely free to use.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    Fusion Markets Demo Account Features

    The Demo account that Fusion Markets is providing has all the pre-installed features that you can get on a Live account. The company is offering MT4 as the Demo account.

    So, as a trader, you will get all the features and functions of the platform that you will typically get if you use a Live account.

    The best part is the account is free to access, and there is no maintenance cost either.

    Now, let us check some of the features and functions that you will get with the Demo account:

    • One of the robust features of the Demo account is Automated Trading. With the MT4 trading platform, the platform can perform automatic trades for you.
    • The Fusion Markets Demo account is fully equipped with flexible trading options. There are various kinds of orders that you can place depending upon your trading preferences.
    • The Expert Advisor support service is active here as well. So, you can perform prompt trading with precise recommendations.
    • There are over 50+ indicators and chart options available. So, you can do technical analysis of your favorite assets with ease.
    • The User Interface is very well thought-out. All the options and features are exactly there where they should have been. So, you can navigate quickly.
    • You can place orders as low as 0.02 seconds. It is ideal for scalpers.
    • The support services are proactive. They respond quickly and are efficient enough for most problem escalations.
    • There are dedicated email alerts that you can set as per your preferences. It will keep you up-to-date.
    • You can use the API Trading feature if you like.
    • The VPS services are available to use as well.
    • One of the interesting features that need a special shoutout is the Trading from Charts.

    Fusion Markets Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual MoneyNA

    The Demo account is not meant to stay forever.

    The one that Fusion Markets is offering also expires in 30 days.

    As mentioned before, the trader doesn’t need to pay any fee for opening the Demo account.

    Also, there are no fees that the company is charging as AMC. So, in a nutshell, the Demo account is free to use for almost a month.

    How to open Fusion Markets Demo Account?

    Let us now check out the steps to open up a Demo account:

    • First, you need to follow this link – https://fusionmarkets.com/en. It is the official website of Fusion Markets. Once you are on the site, you need to scroll down the page and you will see an option “TRY A FREE DEMO.” Click on that.
    • Then you need to fill up a simple credential form, and press “SIGN UP.”
    • Wait for the Fusion Markets agents to call you and ask for the KYC documents. You need to upload digital copies of your income proof, ID & address proofs.
    • Once your KYC is done, you need to download MT4, which is your trading platform.
    • Then, you can log in and can start practising trading on your new Demo account.

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    Advantages of Fusion Markets Virtual Trading Platform

    Demo accounts can be a useful tool to learn to trade as safely as possible. As there is no financial risk involvement, you can utilize it to get as hardcore as you can.

    You can truly elevate your trading skill before you even begin to trade.

    Also, many old-school traders can jump into modern-day trading by becoming comfortable in using the MT4 trading platform.

    Lastly, you can use the account for free for one month. Now, let us explore the advantages of owning a Demo account:

    • There are 5 different classes of assets that you can learn to trade from in the Demo account – Forex, Energy, Precious Metals, Equity Indices, and Share CFDs. Also, there are rumours that Fusion Markets will introduce Commodities too.
    • The account opening process is jet-speed. eKYC feature is also there to verify your identity, address, and income in minutes. Of course, the account is free to open with no AMC fee.
    • You can access your Demo account from a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or even from a tablet. So, the mobility factor is there even you are using a Demo account.
    • The Fusion Markets Demo account is perfect if you are a new trader. They are offering Expert Advisor service to you so that you can become a decent trader in no time.
    • You can practise Trailing orders. So, when the time comes, you can control losses using stop-loss, or can gain more profits.
    • If you are convinced that you can begin trading while you are using the Demo account, you can do it anytime. All the personalized settings will then transfer to your Live account.

    Fusion Markets Demo Account – Conclusion

    Fusion Markets has been around in this business for over 2 decades. They are thorough in every operation. That is why the Demo account is so crucial.

    It helps new traders be comfortable in trading, and it lets the old-school traders be familiar with the trading platform.

    The account is filled with features that you can use to learn all the intricacies of online trading with ease.

    The best part is you will get all the tutorial services without spending any money. So, the Fusion Markets Demo account is truly remarkable.

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    Fusion Markets Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Fusion Markets Virtual Trading Platform:

    Does Fusion Markets provide Demo a/c?

    Yes, Fusion Markets is happy to serve new and old traders with a thorough-functioned Demo account.

    It is free to use for a month with all the features and functions installed like any Live account.

    How to Set up a Fusion Markets Demo Account?

    You need to go to the official site of Fusion Markets and find the option to open a Demo account for free. Once you fill up the registration form, the company representatives will ask you to complete your KYC.

    Once you submit all the documents, they will verify your account.

    Then, once your account is ready to use, you need to download the trading platform. Then, you can just log in and use the account.

    Is Fusion Markets Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    For the Demo account, Fusion Markets is offering a tier-one trading platform – MetaTrader version 4 (MT4).

    As of now, there are no fees in particular to open the Virtual Trading Platform of Fusion Markets. Neither there is any maintenance or AMC fee involved. It is free to use.

    What are the Fees of Fusion Markets Demo Account?

    The Demo account offered by Fusion Markets is practically the same trading platform, except you can’t trade assets in reality.

    For that, the company is not charging anything to either open the account or to maintain it. You can enjoy this service for free.

    Is AMC levied on Fusion Markets Virtual Trading Platform?

    The Demo account stays alive for a month.

    So, there are no AMC fees involved here. So, you can sharpen your trading skills at no additional fee.

    Is Fusion Markets Demo Account best?

    To say it is the best is not ideal. However, the company does its best to deliver a neat and clean Demo account service.

    All the features from the Live accounts are there on this account.

    Hence, you can learn to trade efficiently. It acts exactly the same as the Live account does, and you can use this service for free. So, it is competent, if not the best.

    What Documents are required for Fusion Markets Demo Account?

    Opening a Demo account requires all those documents that you need to open a Live account. So, basically, you need to complete the KYC verification.

    For this, the company agents need your PAN card and Aadhaar card details.

    With these, they will verify your tax status, identity, and address.

    Alongside that, you need to prove your income status typically by submitting recent bank statements.

    Is PAN required for Opening Fusion Markets Demo Account?

    Yes, of course. The PAN card verifies all the taxes that you have paid over the years and therefore, is a mandatory document that you must submit.

    Does Fusion Markets Charge Demo Account Opening Fee?

    No. The Fusion Markets Demo account is 100% free, and there is no specific account opening fee that you need to pay to use it.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in Fusion Markets Demo Account?

    As of now, there is no virtual money information available that we can share. So, you should talk with the support team to get more information.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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