Find out everything about Demo Account here. The is a perfect fit for individuals who are new to the trading business.

The news flow monitor and trading concepts videos make the learning curve simpler for traders. The only drawback of Virtual Trading Platform is that it expires after 30 days.

While we believe these 30 days are enough to get acquainted with the platform, other brokers in the industry offer demo accounts with no expiry.

However, the wide variety of tradable securities in surpasses most of the industry competition.

You must try out its demo account if you wish to get your hands on multiple features without paying a single penny. Demo Account takes care of trading and educating at the same time. Demo AccountA trader that signs up on has unlimited access to the educational offerings and asset classes that it has to offer. also provides several ways for you to contact customer service.

There are different options like emailing them, calling them, or messaging them on the live chat or their social media.

You can choose any depending upon the urgency of your query.

The ease of placing buying and selling orders with is a major plus point.

A trader can directly place trades through charts and even enable one-click trading for faster executions. Individuals can choose on which platform they wish to trade as well.

There is a browser-based experience, an app, and an option to download the advanced trading platform. is an all-in-one platform for trading if you wish to exploit each layer of the market.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades Demo Account Features’s demo accounts are packed with features.

    Everything that you can think of doing on a forex demo account can be accomplished through this broker. has been prepared with the intention of quick and reliable trade execution.

    Let us look at the various features that has to offer to its traders:

    • Over 80 currency pairs to trade from.
    • An introductory tour of the website to make the traders familiar with it.
    • Browser trading can be executed without downloading any additional software.
    • An extensive variety of educational resources.
    • Risk management notes are provided for new traders.
    • Ideas are given to traders on how they should enter and exit trades.
    • Traders can go through extensive notes on technical and fundamental research material.
    • Availability of third-party services such as TradingView that are free of cost as well.
    • Risk-free environment to conduct transactions without worrying about losing money.
    • Access to professional charts for analysis.
    • Four different order types so that live trading becomes simpler for traders.
    • The account can also be managed from mobile or desktop apps. Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$ 10000
    ChargesFree Demo Account holders do not have to worry about paying a single penny to the broker. provides all demo account services free of cost to familiarize the trading platform to their future traders.

    Individuals get access to $10,000 worth of virtual money that they can use to execute any trade on the platform.

    The wide variety of tradable assets make the free-of-cost demo account even more worthwhile.

    Along with a risk-free environment for trading, individuals get access to educational material.

    Thus, with, not only are you experimenting with trading, you are theoretically learning and then implementing. All of this, at no cost at all.

    How to open Demo Account?

    Opening a demo account requires the most minimal information.

    You do not even have to think about a username and password for yourself while creating a demo account.

    We break down the entire process of creating a demo account for you:

    • Open’s official website.
    • On the landing page itself, you will find the words “Test Drive with Demo”. They are right next to the words “Open an Account” on an orange box.
    • You will then be asked for simple details such as your country, name, number, and email. You do not have to create a username and password for yourself.
    • Ensure that your email is correctly put as you will receive your username and password on it.
    • Once you receive your username and password, you can log into your account through the main website itself.
    • You will find the “Login” tab right next to the “Open an account” orange rectangle.
    • Fill in your username and password and hit “Log in”.

    Your account dashboard will be displayed as soon as you log in.

    Do not skip the onboarding video as it will familiarize you with everything you need to know.

    Advantages of Virtual Trading Platform is one of the best brokers in the industry.

    Whether we talk about the numerous features that its accounts have or the variety in trading platforms, covers it all.

    The advanced trading platform caters to professional traders.

    On the other hand, the WebTrader and MetaTrader 4&5 let all types of traders exploit different features. The major advantages of these platforms are:

    • Access to a large variety of assets.
    • Automated trading tools are easily available.
    • Reliable customer support that you can turn to at any point of the day.
    • Multiple order types and execution methods prepare traders for live trading.
    • An exceptionally large number of educational materials for all traders to refer to.
    • A thorough onboarding video at the beginning is exhaustive as it covers all the features of the demo account.
    • Can follow the lead of established investors as well.
    • Easy to try out new strategies as it is a risk-free environment. Demo Account – Conclusion has managed to make its mark in the industry.

    When we compare the demo accounts of multiple companies, ranks number one in several aspects.

    With,’s demo account, even a new trader can precisely analyze charts with the help of their drawing tools and then make an informed trade.

    The fact that takes care of every aspect of trading is exactly how it maintains its number one position.

    For an individual who is new to trading, it would be best to get the first-hand experience from an established broker. plays this role perfectly as you can get your hands on the demo account without paying a single rupee. Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of Faqs related to Virtual Trading:

    Does Provide a Demo Account?

    Yes. provides a demo account to its customers for 30 days.

    The demo account is as good as a replica of the live account while being completely free of cost.’s demo account is also one of the best in the industry.

    How to set up’s Demo Account?

    To set up your demo account, head to their official website.

    Right on the landing page, there is a rectangle with the words “Test Drive with Demo” on it. Click on it and fill in the details correctly.

    Once you receive your username and password on your email, you can log in and start trading.

    Is Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes. The trading platforms along with the demo account are completely free for the registered traders of

    You can enjoy unlimited access to all the features just like a live account holder. All of this while being in a completely risk-free environment.

    What are the Fees of the Demo Account? does not charge the traders any fees.

    An individual who registers for the Demo Account does not have to pay any charge for the same.

    You can enjoy all the perks of the account without having to give your bank account another debit.

    Is AMC levied on Virtual Trading Platform?

    No. Account Maintenance Charges do not form a part of’s virtual trading platform.

    An individual can continue executing buy and sell trades without bearing any extra costs over the account. It is the ideal platform to learn strategies without worrying about losses.

    Is Demo Account the Best?

    Yes. has managed to maintain its position in the industry for several years.

    The variety of services that has to offer even with its demo account are fabulous.

    The fact that does not take the demo account for granted as it is free proves why it is the best in the industry.

    What Documents are required for a Demo Account?

    There are no documents that you need to create a demo account.

    You only need an accessible Email ID as will email your username and password to you at the time of creating an account.

    Is PAN required for Opening Demo Account?

    No. You do not need a PAN card for opening a Demo Account.

    There is no prerequisite for opening’s demo account except for an email ID. This is why you can create an account while sitting in any part of the world.

    Does Charge Demo Account Opening Fee?

    No. does not allow its customers to bear an Account Opening Fee expense.

    Traders can enjoy exploiting all the features of without having to pay any such fees.

    Throughout the 30 days tenure, traders do not have to pay a single penny for any action.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in a Demo Account?

    In a demo account, you get $10,000 as virtual money as soon as you create the account.

    While this money cannot be increased in any manner, you can always create a new demo account after your 30 days expiry.

    Remember to use a different email ID while doing so.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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