FBS Demo account is provided to the investors for starters, to make them familiar with forex trading in general.

Beginners basically choose this account so they can take a check of their trading skills without actually incurring losses.

Trading in the forex market and knowing everything associated with it is pretty difficult.

A demo account gets you to hold off the facets of forex trading, the FBS Virtual Trading Platform, and investing with the broker.

About FBS Demo Account

You can put the use of your trading skills to the best of efficiency, or you can figure out where you lack.

FBS Demo AccountA demo account provides you the entire experience of forex trading and can be regarded as the training part.

Speaking of the charges associated with the demo account, it is basically free. If you wish to have a demo account with the company, you can avail of it absolutely for free.

This is however subject to major change on the basis of the type of account you choose. A demo account is, however, the best option to attempt risk-free trading.

The types of accounts offered are Standard account, Cent Account, Micro Account, Zero Spread account, or ECN Account.

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    FBS Demo Account Features

    If you explore your demo account, there are no limited set of activities you can undertake. In fact, there are a bunch of items you can do in accordance with the demo account.

    Take notes of the vast number of features that come along with a demo account, in the following pointers.

    • The broker provides you a replica of the FBS Virtual trading account. This means you can monitor the forex market, transact in the market, and also monitor the progress of your order.
    • The account lets you invest in the forex market without any minimum balance, which is a must for a trading account.
    • You get access to a lot of investment options via this account, and you can place orders in multiple instruments.
    • You also get access to all the types of online trading platforms and you can use all the options from the platforms.
    • The account is highly reliable and gives you all the options so you can learn from them massively.

    FBS Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$ 5000

    This section is to give you an insight into all the charges about an FBS account in general. However, there is no charge attached to a demo account whatsoever.

    If you opt for a demo account, there is no charge you need to pay, rather enjoy the FBS virtual trading experience free.

    Generally, when you invest with a broker and get a live account, you have to pay a certain set of charges.

    These charges include a commission for the first thing, then, there is a minimum account balance.

    This balance is the amount you must initially deposit into the account and also maintain. Then, there are spreads, swap charges, and also fund transfer charges.

    There is a certain medium of funding, which when selected to transfer funds, the broker would take a fee.

    How to open FBS Demo Account?

    Well, you can opt for a demo account now and rather instantly, right from this page. The following steps are basically the process you need to follow up on. So, let us get started.

    • Start with clicking on the “Open Demo Account” button you see on the page. The location of the button is somewhere at the end of the page for your concern.
    • Furthermore, when you click on the button, you will see a pop-up form appear.
    • You have to quickly fill in the form and then submit it accordingly.
    • When your contact details reach the broker, they will get back to you accordingly.
    • Now, for the next step, you have to provide details of your identity and residence.
    • Use the documents as mentioned by the broker, which deems as a valid option.
    • When you send in your proof of residence and identity, they will cross-check and verify your account and take it to live.
    • When your account gets validated and goes live, they will send you the login details.
    • You can then use them all to log into the trading platforms and begin trading at your convenience.

    Advantages of FBS Virtual Trading Platform

    We wish to streamline the major advantages of the trading platforms for instance. This will disclose all the possibilities or activities facilitated in the account.

    • You can keep everything in check regarding the live trading account via the demo account. Get all the features of a live trading account.
    • You get to learn a great deal about the forex market before you can place trades, panicking about incurring losses.
    • Also, put your trading strategies to work via the Demo account. You can check if the trading strategy you adopted would work or go down the hill, or if there is room for modification.
    • You get access to the FBS Virtual trading platforms, all of them, so you can try them out and place not-so-real trades.
    • Tools such as indicators and charts are as well part of the demo account. So, you can also try out market analysis in advance, before you actually go live.
    • The most important one is that, you do not need to incur any losses, i.e. there is no chance of you losing money.

    FBS Demo Account – Conclusion

    We hope you now have an idea about the FBS Demo account; you can take a step ahead and start with the process of investing.

    Avail for the account instantly and then, you can get the best of forex market services with the broker.

    Get started with the account creating process instantly and you can make the best of the returns. FBS Demo account is your go-to place, and we have mentioned all the reasons why.

    FBS Demo Account – FAQs

    Check out various FAQs on FBS Demo Account –

    Does FBS provide Demo a/c?

    Yes, FBS forex broker does provide a demo account for the ease of trading to its beginner traders. Even the experts can avail for the account and see how their strategies would turn out.

    Basically, a demo account is everything about the live account, provided without a charge.

    How to Set up FBS demo Account?

    We not only provide you with the details of a demo account but also provide for the registration process.

    Click in the “Open Demo Account” button from this page and you will be able to fill in the pop-up form which applies.

    The next process is KYC following which you can get access to an activated account.

    Is FBS Virtual Trading Account Free?

    Yes, the demo account comes free of cost, and no charge is associated with it, whatsoever.

    You can choose to have a fully-fledged trading experience and learn a lot about the same at absolutely no price at all. This is the perfect option for beginners.

    What are the fees of the FBS Demo Account?

    Basically, there is no fee associated with a demo account and every aspect of it is free. You can use the account just like a live account, with no charge at all.

    Considering the live trading account, the basic charges are commission, spread, minimum balance transfer fee, and more.

    Is AMC levied on the FBS Virtual Trading Platform?

    No, there is no AMC associated with the virtual trading platform or account of FBS. You can get access to all kinds of features and services at no charge at all. AMC is often not a charge associated with either the demo account or the live trading account and platform.

    Is FBS Virtual Account best?

    Yes, you get the entire experience of the forex market and the forex trading account in consideration with the demo account.

    There are a lot of features for you to explore and also take notes of. All of this is provided free of charge and is the choice of millions of users.

    What Documents are required for FBS Demo Account?

    If there are some specific set of documents, the broker would specify at the time of account creation. Contrarily, the basic documents which you would need are identity proof and residence proof. You need to keep government-oriented documents in hand.

    Is PAN required for Opening an FBS Trading Game?

    Yes, you need to provide your PAN since the broker will ask for proof of residence and identity.

    So, when you go through the KYC process, you have to ensure to keep your PAN card handy, so you can seamlessly and quickly open an account.

    Does FBS Charge a Demo Account opening Fee?

    No, there is no account opening fee associated with the demo account whatsoever. So basically, you do not need to pay any charge to get a demo account.

    You must check the charge list for the live trading account though, which is subject to a bunch of charges.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in FBS Demo Account?

    The forex broker provides you the option to actually trade using the amount of money you have in the real account.

    You can use the amount of money in a demo account, in proportion with the real account.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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