Know everything about EasyMarkets Trading Platform here.

Ideally, an accessible market is a platform that allows traders to trade several CFDs on commodities, forex, shares, indices besides cryptocurrency.

The EasyMarkets MetaTrader 4 is not only easy to use but also claims to offer a plethora of unique features. The platform is also ideal for beginners as it is easy to use.

The trading platform was launched in 2001, and one tier-1 jurisdiction and one tier-2 jurisdiction regulates it. The company is quite famous for its proprietary web-based platform.

It is mainly because it offers several features, including deal cancellation, Freeze Rate, etc. Above all, there are at least 200 tradable assets available on the EasyMarkets trading platform.

About EasyMarkets Trading Platform

CySEC and ASIC tend to regulate the EasyMarkets trading platform, proving that the trading platform is relatively safe when it comes to trading in CFD and forex.

EasyMarkets Trading Platform

Additionally, the firm tends to have a fantastic reputation among the new traders.

The EasyMarkets mainly offer two platform choices, including web-based (HTML5) and MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

The EasyMarkets trading platform has its own forum, which is relatively light and also features simplicity.

It is also spotless that allows traders to focus on trading. On the flip side, if traders want on the go trading platform, MetaTrader4 is their best bet. Users can quickly log in through the web portal and start trading in no time.

Traders don’t need to download an extra app or software to change here.

Additionally, EasyMarkets offers several competitive spreads besides pricing to the users.

One can also use hedging tactics to automate their trading.

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    EasyMarkets Trading Terminal – Top Features

    To determine the efficiency of the EasyMarkets trading platform, one needs to consider several features.

    They are pretty essential to measure the success of traders.

    Additionally, EasyMarkets is one of the leading CFD brokers across the globe.

    Withdrawal process

    The traders will consider the platform recognizable if they can withdraw the funds quickly and whenever they want.

    Above all, at EasyMarkets, the traders can get this privilege as traders can withdraw funds when they are funded in the accounts.

    All traders need to do is fill in the withdrawal form and submit it to the customer support forum with their identity documents.

    In less than 24 hours, the traders can get their money in the bank account.

    Customer support service

    It is pretty natural to encounter a plethora of issues during trading regularly.

    But having an active customer support service makes it relatively easier for traders to trade as their problems can be solved.

    The customer care support at the EasyMarkets trading platform is both friendly and supportive.

    As the experts are pretty trained and knowledgeable, they can quickly help traders to solve all their issues. One can also understand the financial markets.

    Freeze rate

    The trading platform has the freeze rate feature that allows one to freeze the live rates regularly to open or close the trades.

    Even if the market rate tends to change, the EasyMarkets trading platform will enable traders to implement the works.

    One can activate this feature by clicking on the freeze rate button before buying or selling.

    Deal cancellation

    The deal cancellation feature on the EasyMarkets trading terminal delivers a lot of benefits to the traders who tend to undo losing trades.

    The feature is quite helpful for new businesses. The traders can see the feature as a slider option on the platform. People also need to pay the upfront charges.

    How to Set-up EasyMarkets Web Trading Platform?

    Traders can easily set up EasyMarkets trading terminals by using the web platform to trade on browsers directly.

    The EasyMarkets Meta trader four platforms are available to android and IOS users. The web portal also has a web feature.

    After putting in the login details, traders can start trading in no time.

    • The traders can easily open the demo account of the EasyMarkets and learn the basics of the report.
    • Before even choosing the trading account, traders have to register with EasyMarkets and open an account with the trading platform.
    • Now traders have to select the specific platform and the EasyMarkets online trading terminal to get a trading experience.
    • They have to download the trading terminal that is available for professionals to trade in forex trading.
    • When traders are installing, ensure they are choosing their desired location they wish to save their software.
    • Once the installation process is over, traders need to launch and run their files.
    • The software will then open, and traders would be asked for their account details and other security measures.
    • The login credentials must be provided to traders when they register with the organization.
    • Traders can use the credentials and start trading regularly. But before they make it to first-order, ensure they explore all the things like the latest tools.

    How to Use EasyMarkets Online Trading Platform?

    To start trading on the EasyMarkets, the traders need to follow some steps.

    • Firstly, traders need to open an account with the EasyMarkets online trading terminal.
    • Once they choose an option to open the demo account, they are likely to get a pop form. They have to fill the form.
    • They need to complete the form and submit it, and they will get it on a different page. On that page, the traders need to upload the documents that are essential for the KYC purpose.
    • The traders will then get a call from the brokers to verify their account details. Once the application is approved, they can log in to the account.
    • Traders can log in to the trading terminal and start trading.

    Advantages of EasyMarkets MetaTrader 4

    Here are the various Benefits of EasyMarkets MetaTrader 4 –

    • The software is mainly built on perfect encryption, and it is the only reason why trading is secure and safe.
    • The creative system mainly allows automatic trading through professional advisors.
    • Traders can choose from the plethora of investment tools available.
    • The best part about trading here is that the research tools are free.
    • EasyMarkets web trading platform also has low fixed spreads.
    • The traders choose trading here as the customer support is quite responsive.

    EasyMarkets Trading Platform – Conclusion

    There is nothing surprising to know that easy markets Trader 5 is one of the most fantastic trading terminals that one can find in the market.

    The best part about the EasyMarkets web trading platform is that it has incredible features that make trading easy and fruitful.

    The traders can learn to trade over the demo account and gain confidence to change in the real market. They can download the software in no time.

    The well-regulated broker works perfectly with both professionals and beginners.

    By trading here, the traders can surely get peace of mind as the platform is relatively safe.

    EasyMarkets Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here are a few FAQs related to the EasyMarkets trading platform

    What is the EasyMarkets Trading Platform called?

    There are two different types of trading platforms available here, including Meta trader four and Meta trader 5.

    The meta trader 4 is quite fundamental and owned by the trading terminal.

    On the flip side, the meta trader 5 has all the latest tools besides a plethora of facilities.

    To trade here, the traders need to have some specific account.

    Does EasyMarkets MetaTrader 4 provide Web Trading?

    Yes, EasyMarkets offers web trading to its traders who want to trade on the web browser.

    The traders can trade on their favorite tools without any stress as they don’t have to download any other app or software to trade.

    Is EasyMarkets MT4 Free to use?

    Yes, trading on the EasyMarkets demo account is free.

    Through the demo account, the traders can learn the trading basics and gain confidence.

    If they want to start trading in reality, they have to provide some changes.

    The traders need to choose to account as per their platform type.

    How to download EasyMarkets Trading Terminal?

    The traders can easily download the EasyMarkets trading platform through their official web portal.

    On the flip side, they can also download the trading platform from Google. to get the software running; the traders need to follow some steps.

    What features does EasyMarkets MT5 have?

    Yes, the accessible markets app offers a plethora of features, and these features indeed make trading easy for traders.

    Firstly, the traders choose to trade here as the withdrawal process is relatively easy, and the customer service is also prompt.

    Besides that, the traders are also free to cancel their contracts if they wish to.

    Can I trade in Shares via the EasyMarkets Trading Platform?

    Yes, the traders can trade in shares through the accessible market, but they can only do so if they have some specific account.

    Before choosing the trading platform, the applicants need to select their trading account as per their needs and budget.

    Is EasyMarkets MetaTrader 5 good?

    Yes, the EasyMarkets trading app is quite good, and the traders trust it because they offer the best of the features and facilities.

    The app is quite rich and has all the latest tools that traders need.

    Can EasyMarkets Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    No, traders cannot trade on the EasyMarkets trading platform without the KYC process.

    The traders need to complete their verification during the account opening process.

    Does EasyMarkets Web Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Yes, the EasyMarkets trading platform offers trading tips to the traders.

    These trading tips allow traders to make better investment decisions that can earn profitable trades.

    How to Buy Currencies via EasyMarkets MT5?

    The traders need to keep on the currency pairs they wish to trade in and ensure they make proper investment decisions.

    Also, they must strategize their investment.

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