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Know everything about LQDFX Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here.

Jamarcus Williams established the LQDFX Online Trading Platform in 2015 with the headquarters in the Marshall Islands.

Trading assets include 71 currency pairs, metals, and commodities along with indices.

A technically advanced trading system, LQDFX offers automated trading and a variety of charts and indicators.

LQDFX offers several types of trading accounts. The free LQDFX Demo Account is meant for training and developing trading ideas and skills.

LQDFX may be an unregulated offshore broker but they won 2 awards and maintained a sustained reputation as a leading broker.

Become a trader with one of the 5 account types.

Get into partnership with the company for more profitable ventures. Learn initially from the demo account.

LQDFX Demo Account

LQDFX Demo Account helps brokers hone the art and science of investing in live markets and earning high incomes.

LQDFX Demo AccountLots of complexities and risk factors surround the online trading process.

Simply buying and selling will not suffice. You need to know when to buy and sell which asset and in what dimensions.

Just like in any activity, practice makes perfect. A week or two of the demo training will certainly not work.

Using virtual money for investments up to $5000, simulated trading in live market conditions does gradually teach valuable lessons.

If you are regularly making profits in the demo account, you will probably repeat the same in the real live account with real money, running the risk of losing investments.

Yet, winning with virtual money will not bring any profit since virtual money cannot be withdrawn.

Be convinced that no shortcut exists, both for beginners and expert traders.

A period of experimentation with the LQDFX Virtual Trading Platform will help get mentally prepared for real trading and gain confidence.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    LQDFX Demo Account Features

    Trading being so volatile and market conditions often so unpredictable, lots of financial losses are common. It is often observed that the entire investment is lost.

    Make a safe beginning to a trading career with the LQDFX Virtual Trading Platform that offers 100% safety from money risks.

    It may be hard to believe but the truth is that the demo account replicates completely the live market trading conditions.

    In other words, you get to rehearse the same steps you will take in the real account after learning from the demo account.

    Researching the market is the same as in the real account with expert advisers and customer support.

    That is why the demo account is very valuable and plays such an important role as a training ground for future traders.

    Get familiar with the live trading surrounding and learn to buy and sell.

    Develop a plan of action and build up a strategy, based on the various study materials offered by the leading company.

    Ultra-fast executions, one-click trading, advanced technical analysis, and negative balance protection are some important plus points in LQDFX.

    LQDFX Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$ 5000

    Get the very important LQDFX Virtual Trading facility at no extra cost.

    No fee is charged by the company. Rather, they give the trader $5000 in virtual currency to use for investments.

    Novice traders find the demo account very encouraging to learn in an environment free from the dangers of money loss. Further, there is no fee payment involved.

    While starting an account with the company, an initial minimum opening deposit has to be paid.

    The amount of the initial deposit depends upon the type of account you wish to open.

    A great advantage of the demo account is that the facility does not expire.

    Traders can practice indefinitely. It benefits the slow learners and those with personal problems. Go on practicing till you get the strategies right.

    Results are soon visible and you can measure your success virtually at first.

    Confidence does not happen overnight but after some weeks and months of virtual demo trading, you will gradually feel the difference.

    Familiarity and skills will come after some hard practice.

    How to open LQDFX Demo Account?

    A few formalities need to be completed before you can use the LQDFX Demo Account to learn trading for free with $5000 virtual money.

    According to the level and prowess, interests, and skills of the trader, a choice of 5 accounts are available. They are VIP, Micro, Gold, ECN, and Islamic accounts.

    Each of them has different initial opening deposits and differences in procedures and commissions.

    • Account opening commences with filling a form that requires personal particulars. The entries should be very carefully made, based on the documents that will be submitted for verification.
    • Since it is an international broker available in various countries, you have to choose the currency type, whether dollar or euro.
    • According to the type of account you are interested in, fill in the opening initial deposit amount.
    • After the form is submitted online and found in order, the company officials will contact the applicant.
    • Keep the government-issued legal documents ready for verification. Basically, 2 types of documents relating to identity and residence will be required.
    • The identity document could be a passport or driving license. It must show a clear image of the applicant along with the name.
    • The residence document might be a bank statement or credit card statement. Recent utility bills of water or electricity could also be submitted with a clear name and address.
    • After the completion of EKYC, log-in details will be dispatched, and starting the demo account will then be possible.

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    Advantages of LQDFX Virtual Trading Platform

    LQDFX Virtual Trading Platform enables traders to start the process confidently, especially for beginners.

    Expert traders too require a period of practice with the LQDFX Demo Account to get adjusted with the LQDFX system.

    Some practice trading will help understand the market complexities and the right procedures to follow.

    Novices will require quite a long period of practice in virtual trading with virtual investments before they are ready and confident to handle real live trades.

    It might take months to develop adequate levels of confidence for real trading.

    There is no mystery surrounding virtual trading.

    Everything is 100% the same as the real trading account.

    Researching and charts, indicators, and expert advisers are all just the same. You work on the same MT4 platform and use the same screens.

    Hard work on the demo account will ensure that you are fully prepared to take on the real trading world challenges.

    Avoid being in a hurry. Be patient and place small investments at least in the beginning. Don’t get carried away by big dreams.

    LQDFX Demo Account – Conclusion

    Among the super advantages of the global broker is the LQDFX Demo Account that helps to learn the trading techniques and procedures and develop winning strategies.

    Many trading companies offer such a free learning facility and credit virtual currency, in this case, $5000.

    The buy and sell trade is based on research that provides a thrilling live experience without the danger of money loss.

    Avoid wavering and make a firm decision to work with LQDFX, choosing from a number of similar broking companies.

    You will feel very much at home in this caring trading environment with high technical analysis facilities and powerful customer support.

    Take it easy in the beginning and have patience until the demo account teaches you the trading basics through practical experience.

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    LQDFX Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the LQDFX Demo Account:

    Does LQDFX provide Demo a/c?

    Yes. LQDFX Demo Account is basically free and you need not pay any charges to avail of the demo account.

    You are also given $5000 virtual currency that can be used as investments to buy trades. It is not possible to make a profit or withdraw virtual money.

    The demo account can be used for unlimited transactions in live market conditions.

    How to Set up LQDFX Demo Account?

    You are required to open an account with the company and undergo EKYC verification through identity and residence proof documents.

    Fill up a form with personal particulars.

    When the company responds, submit the verification documents. When verification is complete, the login details are sent to access the LQDFX account and demo account.

    Is LQDFX Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes. LQDFX Virtual Trading Platform imposes no charges or fees.

    It is free to use and is a training ground to learn the trading process and develop strategies.

    Sustained and patient demo account experience will be a good foundation to trade wisely under real live market conditions where money risk is present. The demo account has no money risk.

    What are the Fees of the LQDFX Demo Account?

    The demo account has no charges or fee requirements of any kind.

    Demo account helps traders to understand the LQDFX system and procedures and use live market analysis and indicators for successful trading.

    The demo account can be used continuously without restrictions or time limits until confidence develops in trading practices.

    Is AMC levied on the LQDFX Virtual Trading Platform?

    LQDFX Virtual Trading Platform does not charge any AMC or annual maintenance charges.

    Demo account charges no fee at all but grants automatically $5000 virtual currency for trading practice when you join.

    Demo accounts are a great benefit to learn the secrets of safe and successful trading. It gives you the most efficient practical understanding of trading practices.

    Is LQDFX Demo Account the best?

    The demo account should be treated as an important practical study of trading markets.

    Trading is risky because money might be lost and it happens often.

    The demo account allows you to trade with 100% safety without any money risk.

    When traders feel that they are ready with all the trading tools, they start live trading.

    What Documents are required for LQDFX Demo Account?

    Basically, 2 kinds of documents are required. They should be legal government documents that confirm the applicant’s identity and residence.

    The identity document must have a clear picture of the applicant along with the name. For residence proof, the bank statement or credit card statement should have the name and address clearly mentioned.

    Is PAN required for Opening an LQDFX Account?

    PAN may be submitted as identity proof but it is not a must.

    Any government-issued legal document with the applicant’s picture and name will be accepted like the passport.

    A driving license, Aadhaar, and Voter ID are also government-issued legal documents that contain the picture and name of the applicant.

    Does LQDFX Charge Demo Account Opening Fees?

    No. LQDFX does not charge any separate opening fee for the demo account.

    You have to go through the formalities of filling up a form with personal details and submit identity and residence proof for verification.

    After the submission and company verification, they will contact the applicant to confirm.

    When they send the login details, joining the demo account will be possible.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in an LQDFX Demo Account?

    $5000. When you join the demo account with LQDFX, the virtual money automatically credited to your account amounts to $5000.

    This virtual money is used for investments in purchases online but cannot be withdrawn since it is not real money.

    In every other sense, the demo account allows you to trade in real live market conditions so that the practice is very important.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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