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Check out all details about Bitmex Demo Account here.

Bitmex is also known as Bitcoin Mercantile exchange, and typically it is a trading platform that offers a margin trading experience to traders.

Not only professional traders but also beginners can try trading with the Bitmex Virtual Trading Platform.

Ideally, under this platform, the traders can buy and sell linked to cryptocurrencies besides margin trading.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, traders need to understand that these aren’t actual coins.

On this platform, the traders can supply contracts for a plethora of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the platform works well only for deposits and withdrawals.

Traders can choose this platform without any second thoughts even if they don’t have any experience in trading as a Bitmex demo account can help them a lot.

About Bitmex Demo Account

Ideally, the Bitmex Demo account is one of the most powerful features as it helps new traders, so get familiar with the exchange.

Bitmex Demo AccountThese accounts mainly rely on actual market data analysis so traders can see how their actions are likely to affect their ROI.

The best part about demo accounts is that there are no trading limits. Additionally, traders don’t have to pay any charges for trading on the Bitmex Demo account.

Therefore, traders can easily practice derivative trading until their confidence tends to reach the point where they are ready to trade in the real market.

The traders also need to note that the demo version is quite similar to the green version of the typical Bitmex logo.

It is mainly because people don’t use the wrong account accidentally.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    Bitmex Demo Account  Top Features

    Ideally, traders need to know the primary account and get the idea behind the availability.

    These features will allow traders to know what all activities they can do through the trading account.

    The trading account is likely to be quite similar to the real trading account.

    So almost all the trading features are also the same, but the only difference here is regarding the charges or fund types.

    • Demo account mainly has dummy money which allows traders in the forex market and learn how to trade actively.
    • The ideal expectancy options include order placement, market monitoring besides other posts in the Bitmex Demo account.
    • Market analysis tools, besides other elements, tend to be a part of this trading account, and it tends to make learning easy.
    • Both research analysis and tools are integrated into the Bitmex Demo account so traders can learn and implement.
    • Additionally, there is also some facilitation of various order placements and other options similar to it.
    • Indicators are likely to be one of the most significant parts of the demo account. Hence traders can learn a lot from a demo account before they move ahead with a real account.

    Bitmex Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money NA
    Charges Free

    Bitmex demo account is most likely to offer a full version of its platform through BitMEX Testnet.

    Above all, traders need to know that they need to know to have separate access to trade on a demo account.

    The account is likely to be similar to the sandbox version, and it enables traders to trade, and as such, traders don’t have any risk.

    Not only does it have a different logo, but it also features non-live features on the Bitmex platform.

    The beginners also need to try on the demo account as the platform is quite risky, so it’s better they don’t approach directly.

    The trading account charges mainly include account minimum account charges, swap fee, commission, account funding, etc.

    But trading charges aren’t applicable here as the demo account is free. Additionally, there is no virtual money available here.

    Therefore, traders can use almost all the features available here without ideally paying for them.

    How to open Bitmex Demo Account?

    The process to open a Bitmex virtual trading account is quite simple. All traders need to do is follow some steps.

    However, when it comes to spreading the demo account, the traders need to explore all the steps.

    • Firstly traders need to head to Bitmex’s official web portal and look for the option to open a demo account.
    • Traders need to click on the option to get the process to open the account. Then, after traders click on the opportunity, they need to fill the pop-up form which appears.
    • The users need to submit this form when it appears on their devices. The broker will connect with the traders in no time.
    • Traders also need to complete the KYC process, which is mandatory to avail of some demo account. The broker will also ask traders to give them proof of identity as they will verify their account.
    • Once the broker accepts the account opening process, they will give traders their login credentials.
    • Traders need to use these login credentials to access the Bitmex virtual trading account, and they can start trading.

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    Advantages of Bitmex Virtual Trading Platform

    Once traders can open an account here, they can start trading in no time. Besides the demo account, the traders need to have a trading account.

    It is vital to have a demo account on the Bitmex virtual trading platform. But there are a plethora of pros of starting with a demo account:

    • The new traders can get an idea about how they can start trading once they get the hang of trading where they can feel confident.
    • They can learn about several trading concepts under the forex market and trading.
    • Traders can learn about all the charts and indicators as they are a part of the demo account.
    • Additionally, traders don’t have any risk here as the demo account is risk–free. Besides, those traders aren’t using any real money.
    • Traders can get some real trading experience on the Bitmex virtual trading platform.
    • They can check if their strategies are efficient or not through the demo account.

    Bitmex Demo Account – Conclusion

    Once the traders learn about the bitmex demo account, they can start trading here with their real money.

    The trading platform is one of the most reliable and secured options for traders looking to sell crypto-related products.

    The network mainly aims to offer simple trading features, which are the only reason why traders rely on the broker.

    Additionally, it provides a plethora of perks to the market. Thanks to its global approach, traders can access the derivatives market whenever they want.

    Above all, the BitMEX trading platform is suitable for both professional and new traders.

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    Bitmex Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here are various FAQs on Bitmex Virtual Trading Platform

    Does Bitmex provide Demo a/c?

    Yes, Bitmex allows traders to open a demo account.

    The best part here is that traders don’t need to pay any charges. It also offers several features to the traders so they can get a unique live trading experience through this account.

    How to Set up a Bitmex Virtual Trading Account?

    One thing traders need to know is that it is pretty easy to open an account here.

    After the registration process is complete, the traders can start trading here as the broker will offer credentials.

    Hence traders can access various trading platforms so they can begin trading.

    Is Bitmex Demo Free?

    Yes, the Bitmex demo account is entirely free, as traders don’t need to pay any extra charges to start trading here.

    Additionally, traders don’t need to pay any minimum account opening fees or spread fees. Traders can change the dummy account to gain some confidence.

    What are the fees of the Bitmex Demo Account?

    The traders don’t need to pay any fees to trade with the demo account no matter what.

    They can get this account for free with the traders. Hence traders can get a complete trading experience with almost no trading charges.

    Is AMC levied on Bitmex Virtual Trading Platform?

    No Bitmex isn’t applicable on the Bitmex Virtual trading platform.

    Additionally, traders don’t need to pay any demo account fees, so there is no maintenance fee also. In short, traders can get all the experience for free.

    Is Bitmex’s Demo Account the best?

    Yes, the Bitmex demo account without any second thoughts is one of the best accounts.

    It is mainly because Bitmex is reputed, and it offers the best offerings across the industry. Hence traders can get started in no time.

    What Documents are required for Bitmex Virtual Trading?

    To start trading with the Bitmex virtual account, traders need to offer some documents which are mandatory for traders.

    Some of the vital records include ID proofs that confirm the trader’s residence besides identity. It is likely to give quick access to traders.

    Is PAN required for Opening a Bitmex Trading Game?

    Yes, PAN is one of the most vital documents that traders need to have while opening an account here.

    This document is likely to serve as ID proof, so traders need to offer the same as confirmation to verify themselves.

    Does Bitmex Charge Demo Account Opening Fees?

    No, Bitmex doesn’t charge any demo account opening fee as this account is entirely free.

    Therefore, the traders can get access to the store for no charges. In addition, the traders can learn all the aspects of the Forex market.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in Bitmex Trading Game?

    The number of virtual money traders gets at the Bitmex demo account is not available yet, but traders need to explore it before trading.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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