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Alpari Demo account is basically your gateway to learning about the forex market and trading in brief. There is no risk of losing funds whatsoever, which makes it a necessary account to consider.

A demo account is a pathway to learn how to trade, it is simple, and you can trade effectively ensuring no funds are lost.

Also, there are multiple advantages attached to this account, which we have streamlined in this article.

Alpari Demo Account

Demo account is generally a free account provided to the traders or at a certain fee with some brokers. Alpari provides the demo account free of charge.

Alpari Demo AccountIt is a virtual account providing simulated money, i.e. you can trade in an account with artificial money.

All the services, tools, and other things provided in the demo account are of a real account, but with no risk of losing money.

In other words, you can learn to trade in the forex market with the use of fake money. This account lets you experiment with your trading strategies, and have a peek into the likeliness of success.

The Alpari demo account is available for use via both the trading terminals, i.e. MT4 as well as MT5.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    Alpari Demo Account Features

    Features of the demo account are multiple and in line with the need of a trader.

    Using the features, tools, and other areas of the account, you can learn how to trade for real, without risking your money.

    Check out what all features are embedded into the free demo account that Alpari offer.

    • You will find all the basic aspects of trading, including options like monitoring the market, order placement, and more.
    • Secondly, market analysis tools and research products are all provided to the trader in this account. Traders can get themselves familiar with these tools and follow up accordingly.
    • The demo account comes with access to MT4 and MT5, the two trading terminals of the forex broker.
    • The account and its trading platforms are super reliable and user-friendly.
    • You can check out the multiple types of orders, timeframes, and more.
    • Most remarkable of features is the 20 new indicators and also the strategy tester.

    Alpari Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$ 5000

    To begin with, there is no charge associated with a demo account whatsoever. The further mentioned charges are in line with the trading account.

    Multiple charges in line with the account include the commission charges and spread charges.

    These charges are commonly taken for each and every trade order according to your order quantity and instrument.

    Furthermore, the company has other account opening charges and the minimum account maintenance amount depends upon the account you choose to open with them.

    Another charge you will have to pay to the company is for fund transfer medium. Some transfer mediums such as the bank wire are subject to a charge.

    However, all of the transfer mediums are super fast and reliable.

    How to open Alpari Demo Account?

    Opening an account with a stockbroker is pretty easy and seamless. You can get started from this page itself, as we have provided you with all the facilities starting right from here.

    Note down the points in consideration with the account opening procedure, which is entirely online.

    • You need to click on the green button featured on this page which features – “Open an Account”.
    • When you click on the button, you will see a pop-up form, which you need to fill in. Contrarily, you can also fill up the contact form provided amid the content of this article.
    • When you submit your contact details, the company will get back to you shortly and take the process further.
    • In this manner, you now need to comply with the KYC process which is also done virtually.
    • EKYC basically requires you to verify your identity details. So, you need to submit copies of your identity and residence with the company.
    • Finally, you will get a call from the company for further process and your account will be verified.
    • Upon verification, you will receive your account credentials and other information about the account.
    • Use can use them all and get started with your trading journey.

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    Advantages of Alpari Virtual Trading Platform

    Access to the Alpari Virtual Trading Platform is provided by the company when you open an account with them.

    A trading account is a must alongside a demo account. A trading account basically lets you actively place trade orders.

    Possessing a trading account is pretty essential, to begin with. A trading account is your pathway of trading or placing buy as well as sell orders in the forex market.

    Demo account however makes you accustomed to the way to trade in general.

    • You can make use of virtual money without investing in real money.
    • You get access to indicators and charts, so you can know how to monitor your favorite instruments.
    • The company gives access to the trading terminals MT4 and MT5.
    • There is no risk of losing money with this account whatsoever.
    • You can put your strategies to use in this account and see if they would work for live trading.

    Alpari Demo Account – Conclusion

    We have taken you through all the aspects of an Alpari demo account already. We have also included the charges associated with the account and how the demo account basically works.

    Keeping notes of all these aspects, you can opt for a demo account with Alpari. This broker is one of the best options in the market right now.

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    Alpari Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is a list of Top FAQs related to the Alpari Virtual Trading Account –

    Does Alpari provide Demo a/c?

    Yes, you will get a demo account with certain types of accounts you hold. Basically, there are standard, ECN, and pro accounts you can opt for, and also distinguished based on trading terminals use.

    So, among all these accounts, a demo account is available for Forex ECN account, MT4, and MT5 as well as Forex Standard Account MT4.

    How to Set up Alpari demo Account?

    Opening a demo account is just as seamless as it could get. You can get started right away, from this page itself. You need to check for the option of “Open an Account” on this page.

    When you click on it, you need to fill the form you see on the screen and submit it. Follow up with the next process of EKYC and upon verification, you will receive your account.

    Is Alpari Virtual Trading Account Free?

    While opening an account, there is no charge taken by the forex broker, however, there is a requirement of minimum balance you need to keep up with.

    You need to pay this fee at the beginning and maintain it all the while. Minimum deposit amount varies as per the account you hold, i.e. the standard or ECN accounts.

    What are the fees of the Alpari Demo Account?

    If you hold a demo or a trading account with the company there are certain charges you need to keep up with.

    First is the minimum deposit amount, then comes commission, Spread, Swap fee, and other pricing. They are all however subject to change based on the type of account you choose.

    Is AMC levied on the Alpari Virtual Trading Platform?

    There is a minimum account balance requirement with the demo or the trading account of Alpari.

    If you hold the account forex standard MT4, you have to hold the minimum balance of $/€/£ 100, ₦20 000. It is $/€/£ 5, ₦1 000 for a micro account.

    On the other hand, it is $/€/£ 500, ₦20 000 for forex ECN and $/€/£ 25 000 for forex pro.

    Is Alpari Trading Game best?

    There are multiple reasons why Alpari’s demo account is the best in the industry.

    They offer low commission, multiple types of accounts and charges you can choose from, and the best trading platforms.

    The company is reliable and offers a host of services and instruments to its customers.

    What Documents are required for Alpari Demo Account?

    You need to provide certain ID proofs for the purpose of verifying your account. You need to provide a government ID proof to prove your identity and also your proof of residence is required.

    Traders can also provide their credit card statements or bank statement.

    Is PAN required for Opening Alpari Virtual Account?

    Yes, PAN plays a pretty crucial role in determining your identity as well as your financial status.

    So, you could provide your PAN card at the time of opening an account, when the forex broker asks you to prove your identity.

    You could as well use your bank statements for the said purpose.

    Does Alpari Charge Demo Account opening Fee?

    Traders are not obligated to provide for any account opening fee at the time of opening an account.

    However, there is another obligation you must keep up with, i.e. the minimum account balance. As per the account you choose to open, the minimum account balance would range.

    How much Virtual Money you get in Alpari Demo Account?

    Demo account balance is as well determined as per the kind of account you opt for. Demo account is provided with Standard account as well as ECN account.

    So, it is when you choose from these two accounts that you will be able to use a demo account with a sufficient balance.

    The broker also rolls out competitions on a demo account and the winners are entitled to real money.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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