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Losing capital is the primary fear to every trader before tapping into a trading platform. Modern traders are more concerned about their investment.

But rather than stepping back, most of them – mainly the smartest ones – prefer taking a free trial to make a wise choice.

Beyond question, they choose a demo account as it is a trusted source to know more about a broker’s service in one go.

For the last few days, if you want to use Admiral Markets for trading but don’t know where to start, this article has all the answers for you.

Before dipping toes in a real account, using the Admiral Markets demo account is undoubtedly the good-to-go move.

How a demo account works and what benefits the broker offers you through its demo account are detailed in this article.

About Admiral Markets Demo Account

Admiral Markets’ demo account is beneficial and reliable, just like its real account.

Admiral Markets Demo Account

With a well-built image in the industry, Admiral Markets is leading in the forex trading sector.

Globally, traders use admiral markets to get most of their investment.

But it’s worth noting that many of them end with zero, which is the most horrifying reality of the trading sector.

So you don’t make such a silly mistake and earn more than what you expect from admiral markets, the broker offers you a demo account for free.

Practice your skills, and trade your favorite asset without putting even a single penny at risk.

What does Admiral Markets virtual trading platform bring to you? In this article, we cover more about the topic in brief.

Admiral Markets have done a great job in the financial sector. But how you can get started with the broker free of cost in a risk-free style, and what comes in, next we share a summary on it.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

    Admiral Markets Demo Account Features

    Before entering the demo account, let’s cast light upon a brief overview of features that the Admiral Market demo account has to offer.

    These features include

    Learn on Any Device

    You can use the Admiral Market demo account on almost any device.

    Whether you are an android, apple, desktop, or Mac user, the demo account runs smoothly on every device you use.

    Live Market Experience

    The demo account offers you a live market experience, so you know everything about what’s going on in the real world on your trial screen.

    It helps you take a strategic step and raises your familiarity in the financial market.

    Real-time news

    The broker even provides a real-time news feature in this demo account.

    Though you don’t get this feature in other broker’s demo accounts, admiral markets do.

    Free Market Analysis

    Use indicators and tools free of cost, devoid of any need for sign-up. Admiral Markets demo account allows you to run a thorough market analysis for free on its virtual platform.

    A quick-start guide

    For beginners or freshers in the trading sector, it often becomes tricky to grasp trading basics. Mainly, how to use a trading platform turns out to be a bit tricky to get over.

    But thanks to the beginners’ guide that gives a quick tour of using Admiral Markets virtual trading platform from scratch.

    Use for 30 days

    Unfortunately, the broker offers you only 30-day access to its demo account.

    After that, you can either start with a real account or quit using the admiral market if your experience wasn’t that good.

    Admiral Markets Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$ 10000

    Every broker charges a specific commission from its users against their trading services.

    Beyond surprise, it is an undying fact, as admiral markets also charge fees on its real account.

    But a demo account also includes a subscription or paid plan that has been a debatable subject. So let’s unwrap.

    Luckily, Admiral Markets doesn’t charge any fee from its users interested in using the Admiral Markets demo account.

    You can access and use this demo account for free. But it’s worth pointing out that you make nothing from the demo account since you pay nothing on sign-up.

    You only learn and pile up knowledge on how to trade at admiral markets.

    Hence, it won’t be wrong to call it the most helpful virtual trial that Admiral Markets offers its users.

    Within 30 days, the demo account maximizes your understanding of the market’s pattern and price movements.

    How to open Admiral Markets Demo Account?

    Mobile users can access the Admiral Markets demo account using a few simple steps. To simply put, these are the few basic steps that you can follow to get started-

    • First, download the Admiral Markets trading app from the Google play store or AppStore. Similarly, begin with a simple sign-up process.
    • Launch the admiral Market official app on your smartphone >> click on the start trading button>> click on the forex demo account.
    • Now you are at Admiral Markets virtual trading account sign-up page. Here, the broker asks you to submit log-in details, including email id, password, and phone number.
    • Once you submit the details, click on the log-in button.
    • After logging in to your demo account, the broker first takes you through a quick guide that you can skip.
    • Once the quick guide ends, you are ready to execute your first virtual trade.

    Mostly, traders tap on the skip button without knowing the vital information that a quick-guide has.

    But it later put them into a confusing situation. So make sure you don’t make such a silly mistake.

    The quick guide lasts for only 1 minute or less, giving a brief insight into the demo account features.

    Advantages of Admiral Markets Virtual Trading Platform

    Admiral Markets virtual trading account compiles a great list of benefits that is worth pointing out. These benefits include-

    • Live market experience
    • Access to every indicator and tool for practicing
    • A quick guide sort out confusions on later steps
    • Trade on any device, e.g., mobile or tab or computer
    • Get real-time news to keep pace with real market
    • Great customer services
    • Demo account by a well-regulated broker
    • $10000 virtual currency provided

    Admiral Markets Demo Account – Conclusion

    It won’t be wrong to call the Admiral Markets’ demo account one of the most incredible things for traders in the final wrap-up.

    Not beginners alone, but even expert traders love practicing their trading moves on a demo account.

    The broker offers a quick get-started guide, including real-time market news in its demo account. Though not every broker provides such helpful features, the admiral market does.

    But unlike other trading platforms, you don’t get every asset for practicing. The broker only offers a forex demo account which isn’t expected.

    Most notably, you can use the demo account for only 30 days. Once your trial period ends, you lose access to the demo account.

    So make sure you cover everything you wish to learn in the demo account before the trial period ends.

    Admiral Markets Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Admiral Markets Virtual Trading account:

    Does Admiral Markets Provide Demo A/C?

    Yes, admiral markets provide a demo account to their users free of cost.

    Users can access a demo account through a simple sign-up process. Both desktop and mobile users can follow similar steps to gain account access.

    Tap on the forex demo account, enter log-in details, and here you go.

    How to Set-Up Admiral Markets Demo account?

    Even a child can set up an admiral market demo account.

    If you are a mobile user, download the admiral markets mobile app from the app store.

    Launch the app and find the Forex demo account feature by tapping on the start trading button. Similarly, desktop users visit Admiral Markets’ official website and follow similar steps.

    Once you are at the Forex demo account page, the broker wants you to give them sign-up details. Do the same and get the demo account ready to access on your screen.

    Is Admiral Markets Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes, Admiral markets’ virtual trading platform is free.

    Your Gmail id, password, and phone number provide quick access to the demo account.

    Meanwhile, the broker doesn’t ask you for any fee or additional details to submit.

    What are the Fees of Admiral Markets Demo account?

    There’s no need to submit even a single penny or banking details.

    If you want to access the Admiral markets demo account, the broker offers it free of cost.

    You don’t join any paid plan, nor do you pay any subscription amount.

    All that you give is log-in details, including a phone number for access.

    Is AMC Levied on Admiral Markets Virtual Trading Platform?

    No, the Admiral market doesn’t charge AMC from its users.

    Since the demo account is free and no transaction is involved in the virtual trading account, no fee is levied.

    But it’s worth noting that the broker provides you access to its demo account for only 30 days.

    Once this period ends, you no longer have any access to the demo account.

    Is Admiral Markets demo account best?

    Admiral markets demo accounts, unlike other demo accounts, comes with extra features.

    Such as, you can access real-time market analysis, quick guide, and market news. But it is only offered for 30 days; after that, no virtual training is provided.

    Hence, even though admiral markets have good features, if your learning is likely to go for a long time, the demo account might not work well for you.

    What Documents are required for Admiral Markets Demo account?

    There’s no need to bring any details or documents in access. Only your email id and password are needed to gain access to the admiral markets demo account.

    The broker may ask you to submit a phone number, which is only requested for authentication and further advertisement reasons.

    Is Pan Required for opening an Admiral Markets account?

    No, the admiral market demo account can be accessed for free.

    Since the demo account doesn’t ask you for a minimum deposit amount to submit, neither does it ask you for any additional charge; no transaction is involved.

    Thus, it eliminates the need for a pan card.

    Does Admiral Markets Charge Demo Account Opening fees?

    No, the Admiral market doesn’t charge an account opening fee if you sign in for a demo account.

    Only your log-in details are asked on the sign-up page. Submit them and get access.

    How much virtual money do you get in Admiral Markets Demo account?

    Admiral markets demo account offers $10000 virtual currency, which is also refillable.

    Meanwhile, your virtual training will refill the deposit amount if you ever get short of funds and want to get started from scratch.

    But never forget that you can’t use this amount in real life as virtual currency has no link with any transaction on admiral markets’ trading platform.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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