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EasyMarkets is one of the most regulated brokers that not only has a strong market reputation but also has a fantastic track record.

The EasyMarkets trading account tends to value simplicity, honesty, and transparency. They also offer minimum deposits, multiple payment methods, competitive fees besides several accounts.

The trading account is quite popular because it provides various assets. Also, it serves its users with fantastic technology.

For example, the users can find several functions and tools which will help them upgrade their knowledge in no time.

The trading account has served millions of users to date.

EasyMarkets Trading Account and Benefits

The EasyMarkets trading account offers a plethora of options when it comes to facilitation, thanks to its multiple live trading accounts.

EasyMarkets Trading Account

Traders mainly choose this trading account as it not only provides a single account but various accounts.

Users can choose the account type as per their needs. All the accounts have different features, and users can choose whichever they like.

As almost all the accounts offer unique trading opportunities, people need to consider the expertise level.

The traders tend to choose this account as it is a reliable trading account offering multiple accounts.

Users can also use the free research tools besides the easy mobile trading app.

The best part is that there is commission applicable here, and the fixed spreads tend to be minimum.

Additionally, the customer support is also quite responsive, so the traders don’t need to stress at all.

Besides being a high-end trading platform, the EasyMarkets trading account offers several features.

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    EasyMarkets Trading Account Charges:

    Trading Account Charges
    Account TypeVIPPremiumStandard
    Initial Deposit70 USDIts 70 USD70 USD
    SpreadFrom 1.2 pipsFrom 1.5 pipsIts 2.0 pips
    Leverage1:4001:400Its 1:400

    There are multiple trading charges that the traders need to pay, and it all depends on the account type they choose. The initial deposit for all the accounts is 70$.

    Traders need to explore all these charges before making any investment decision. One thing common in all the accounts is that the traders need to pay a minimum deposit to start trading here.

    Even though the full warranty isn’t applicable, traders need to pay for other charges like spreads and commission.

    In the majority of the accounts available at the EasyMarkets trading account, the commission isn’t applicable.

    But traders must consider exploring all the accounts as commission tends to vary.  The traders also need to pay for some spread charges.

    The spreads tend to start at 2.0 pip but mainly differ from one account to another.

    For almost all the accounts, there is no swap fee, but still, traders need to check for it. Hence traders need to study further the trading instruments they can trade with.

    Users also need to consider some of the terms and conditions.

    Types of EasyMarkets Trading Account

    Types of Trading Account
    Trading Desk TypeN/A
    Min Deposit€ 100
    Maximum Leverage1;400
    Mini AccountN/A
    Premium AccountN/A
    Islamic AccountYes
    Segregated AccountN/A
    Managed AccountN/A
    Institutional AccountN/A
    Suitable for beginnersN/A
    Suitable for professionalsN/A
    Suitable for scalpingN/A
    Suitable for daily tradingN/A
    Suitable for Weekly tradingN/A
    Suitable for swing tradingN/A

    There is no maximum deposit amount available to trade at EasyMarkets trading account, but traders must explore the different versions.

    VIP Account

    To start trading here, the traders need to pay a minimum initial deposit of $70.

    The account is ideal for beginners also as there is no commission available.

    Ideally, the spreads tend to vary from one account to another.

    But they start from 1.2 pips. Besides that, traders can avail themselves of leverage of 1:1400.

    Premium Account

    Just like the VIP account, the traders need to pay $70 as a minimum deposit to start trading here.

    The account is ideal for both beginners and professionals as the spreads start from 1.5 pips.

    The traders don’t need to pay any commission charges. The traders can get a leverage of 1:1400.

    Standard Account

    Like all other accounts, even the standard account tends to have a minimum deposit of $70.

    The spreads here start from 1.7 pips.

    The best part here is that there are no commission charges applicable. Besides, traders can avail 1:1400.

    EasyMarkets Account Opening and Trading Process

    The online trading process is pretty easy, and it is also quite similar to the stock trading process where users can open an account.

    Here the users can use the trading platforms to complete the EasyMarkets trading account download process.

    Open EasyMarkets Trading Account

    • Firstly, the traders need to click on the demo account and learn the basics.
    • Then traders can quickly submit a trading form which they need to fill in no time and submit amid the deadline.
    • Besides that, the traders also need to start with their EKYC process, where they have to verify the identity online.
    • When the company completes the identity verification, they will open an account for traders and then send the login details.

    EasyMarkets Login Process

    • Traders can choose for web trading and use the web-based trading platform online by just logging in.
    • They can also use the mobile application if they want to trade while they are on the go.
    • All they need to do is visit their respective play stores and download the app.
    • Traders need to follow a common step no matter if they use the terminal or the app; that is, they have to use the credentials to log in.
    • Ideally, they have to use the demo account to learn about how the trading account works besides learning how to place orders.
    • Before trading, the traders need to check the currencies they can trade-in. While placing the order, they have to buy and sell.

    EasyMarkets Trading Account – Features

    Trading Features
    Educational ServicesNo
    Social Trading / Copy TradingNo
    Trading SignalsNo
    Email AlertsYes
    Guaranteed Stop LossYes
    Guaranteed Limit OrdersNo
    Guaranteed Fills / LiquidityNo
    OCO OrdersNo
    Trailing SP/TPYes
    Automated TradingNo
    API TradingNo
    VPS ServicesYes
    Trading From ChartYes
    Interest On MarginYes
    Offers HedgingYes
    Offers PromotionsYes
    One-Click TradingYes
    Expert AdvisorsYes
    Other Trading FeaturesNo

    The only reason why millions of traders globally rely on EasyMarkets is that it offers several features which help them trade easily.

    The EasyMarkets trading account is inclusive of one-click trading, offers hedging, interest on margin, VPS Services, Guaranteed Stop loss, email alerts, and automated trading.

    The easyMarket online trading allows traders to get expert advice besides automated trading. They can also avail one-click trading options.

    The online trading account allows traders to trade on the demo account so that they can get some confidence before trading here.

    Besides hedging, the traders can also get trading from the chart feature. The best part is that traders can also get email notifications which help them to make informed decisions.

    Traders can also avail various promotions, which makes trading for them.

    EasyMarkets Trading Account – Conclusion

    The trading account is ideal for both beginners and professionals.

    Before investing here, the professionals need to explore the various accounts available with easyMarket online trading.

    The different accounts tend to have additional charges, including fees, commission, spreads, etc.

    The traders shouldn’t ignore the demo account as it helps them learn about the trading account in a better way.

    Ideally, the web-based platform gives traders complete access to all the instruments available. Traders can cancel the deal within three or six hours for some nominal fees.

    EasyMarkets Online Trading – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs of EasyMarkets Online Trading –

    Do EasyMarkets provide Online Trading?

    Yes, through the live trading account, the platform offers online trading.

    The traders can opt for multiple trading accounts that the broker offers.

    The trading platform is for almost everyone, from beginners to professionals. Online trading makes trading relatively easy.

    Do EasyMarkets provide Demo account Trading?

    Yes, EasyMarkets tend to offer demo accounts for trading.

    The account helps traders to learn everything about the platform.

    The account is free and available for everyone.

    There is no commission applicable, but the traders have to pay the minimum deposit amount to start trading. A demo account makes things relatively easy.

    Do EasyMarkets provide Spot Metals Trading?

    Besides trading in currency pairs, the traders can easily change in spot metals.

    It is available for almost all accounts, but the price linked to spot metals tends to vary on the basis of the account one chooses.

    There are various metals available the traders can pick the metals as per their choice. The returns can also vary as per the market condition.

    What are spot metals Trading Charges at EasyMarkets?

    The charges for spot metals tend to vary from account to account.

    The traders need to explore all the accounts and choose one which aligns with their budget and needs.

    The trading charges can easily change with the changing markets, so traders need to be aware always.

    Do accessible markets provide Stock Trading?

    Yes, EasyMarkets offer stock trading to their clients.

    The users can get almost everything here as per their needs.

    All they need to do is follow some instructions available on the platform. Stock trading is also available on the app, so traders can trade while they are on the go.

    What is Spread at accessible markets?

    The spreads mainly vary from account to account.

    They start from 1.2 at the VIP account and go to 1.7 for a standard account.

    Traders can choose spreads as per their budget and account type.

    The traders need to check the accounts before making any trading decision.

    Is EasyMarkets safe for trading?

    Yes, the EasyMarkets trading account is relatively safe, and that is the only reason why several users across the globe depend on this account.

    The online trading account is quite prominent thanks to its proper integration and promptness.

    Do EasyMarkets provide Trading Tips?

    Yes, the trading account offers several trading tips to the traders.

    They can get tips both on the terminal and the app.

    The account also allows traders to perform some analysis on their investment options. Besides that, they can also get analysis from expert traders.

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