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In this Article, we will dig deep into Kotak Tradesmart Insights, a Market Alert tool provided by Kotak Securities.

The sole accountability of a potential trader is to catch up with the market sentiment. That means he needs to have his eyes fixed on the status of the stocks. Also, about how are the stocks affecting the market price and the ratings?

In that regard, the Kotak Securities Tradesmart Insights is a super-efficient platform offering a detailed insight about the market with live news feed and data. In addition to that, it is worth mentioning that it does arm you against all odds of the market price in advance.

The Kotak Securities Market alert tool can help get all the information piled in a single place only.

Kotak Securities Offers

About Kotak TradeSmart Insights

Traders need to have comprehensive knowledge regarding the stocks of the entire world. That means it is not only about India that what’s making the point.

This is because the Indian stock market predominantly highlights the two exchanges. However, considering the influence of globalization, the stock exchanges of the whole world does matter the same to a trader.

Therefore, it is obvious that the trader needs to have complete know-how about the markets of the whole world. In that respect, the Kotak Securities Market alert tool comes into the scenario.

It is an interactive platform offering live information on the market. The Kotak Securities Tradesmart Insights Market alert tool is designed to confirm the flow of the stock market. On top of that get alerts at an instant and record the performance of the brokerage at a glance.

Hence, the Kotak Securities Tradesmart Market alert tool makes you more prudent so that you can take wholesome decision when it comes to the stock.

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    Top Features of Kotak Securities Market Alert Tool

    For a while, traders have been in touch with the Kotak Securities Broking Mobile App so now it is time to explore the Kotak Securities Trades Smart insight tool so let’s go through the features at once.

    Information from multiple sources

    The Tradesmart is a super-efficient application that makes you draw the live news feed from multiple sources. To be precise it takes the feed from about 35,000 stocks all over the world other than the Indian Stock exchanges. Therefore, it is worth saying that it performs so superbly.

    Only relevant news

    Seeing too many news on the feeding portal might be a cause of bafflement. However, the TradesSmart application intelligently allows you to personalize the feed as per the requirement. That means it not only provides you with streaming news but segregates the news into positive and negative.

    Immediate alerts

    As a busy professional, it is not always feasible to set your eyes on the stock market. However, no need to worry at all because the professionally engineered Tradesmart application will enlighten you about the market status through instant alerts.

    Relate to market whereabouts and Price

    The stock market is never constant, that means at times of good you see the market blooms making you equally happy while at times of bad, it does make you feel sad.

    Therefore, to catch up with the exact sentiment traders can follow the specially crafted Sentiment HeatMap. It enlightens you on the transforming market and its sentiment.

    Also allows you to relate with the flow of the stock price. In fact, it is so easy like the Kotak Securities Tradesmart Terminal that you don’t have to headhunt much because a simple snapshot will do everything.

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    How to Set-up Kotak Securities Tradesmart Insight?

    1. In order to set up the service of Kotak securities Market Alert Tool you will have to log into the site KotakSecurities.com.
    2. Then go to section TradesSmart Products.
    3. Some plans will pop up, you just need to select the plan that you want to subscribe for, and then types the button submit.
    4. Lastly, a confirmation call will be given to you in order to verify the subscription.

    How to own Kotak Tradesmart Market Alert Tool?

    In order to start using an individual need to be on-site Kotak securities.com

    1. Then visit the Tradesmart Page. Once there be on the home page where you will come across the accounts. And the accounts are segregated into colors like green which means positive, red means negative and grey means neutral.
    2. Go to the top bar where you will see two options of getting feed one is latest and trending. Just select the one congenial to you.
    3. Then move to the Tradesmart search bar where you can search the trading company and brokers.
    4. In fact, users can even search with company name as well. Remember, as you search with a company name it also opens three more additional sub-tabs like all views, all news, and the broker reports.
    5. In that regard note that all views show the recommended reports and actions. And the brokerage also shows up the reports and also knows about the top pick brokers on the brokerage.
    6. You can even search for news agencies who are up with news on several stock agencies.

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    Advantages of Kotak Tradetsmart Insights

    The Tradesmart Insights comes with lots of advantages so here goes the following:

    • Get information from a single place: The Tradesmart Insights helps the trader to keep eyes on the stock market and get all the relatable information. But the best part is that it makes you understand the stock ratings as well. Thus get all the valid information at a single corner only.
    • Well prediction for stock price: As you know that the stock market is volatile therefore it is significant to comprehend the flow of the market. In that regard getting the sentiment of the market does matter a lot. Therefore catching up with this will help the trader to predict the market properly to enjoy the profit from the trade.
    • It is time-saving: Previously traders had to swap between the Tv channels and the websites in order to track the market. However, now the Tradesmart Insights comes as a one-stop news feed solution to the traders.
    • Smart and easy: It does feed with news at the right time so that you can trade at the earliest. In addition to that, it is super easy interface makes trader easily understand it.

    Kotak Securities Market Alert Tool – Conclusion

    In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that the Kotak Securities Tradesmart Market Alert Tool performs outstandingly like the Kotak Tradesmart Terminal.

    This is because it has made the system of tracking the market quite easily. In fact, it leverages the trader to be watchful to the rise and fall of the price.

    In fact, alike the Kotak trading app here also traders can learn all about the stock market from an individual screen only. It gives all real updates about the down and upgrades of the stock market.

    And you no longer have to depend on the guesswork because you come to see the ratings penned by legitimate agencies.

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