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5Paisa Trade Station Web or 5Paisa Web Trading Platform is a kind of sensational trading platform in the market that has caught every investor’s eye on it.

5Paisa Trade Station Web is the web-trading version of this platform which can be accessed through any of the browsers supported by the platform and that is what we will discuss in the sections that you will read below.

This article is going to a comprehensive review of the 5Paisa Trade Station Web, its compatibility features, trading features and how you can set it up and own it and all other details about the platform.


5Paisa Trade Station Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

5Paisa Trade Station Web Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.4/10
Usability 7.3/10
Features 7.5/10
Speed 7.6/10
Performance 7.4/10
Overall Ratings 7.4/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About 5Paisa Trade Station Web or 5Paisa Web Trading Platform

5Paisa Trade Station Web is a lightweight, fully loaded trading and analytical features platform for browser-based traders.

It is one of the most valuable offerings from the 5Paisa firm but free of cost. There are ample numbers of stocks to trade, mutual funds to invest in and a lot of other assets to trade as well.

The firm offers the application for free without charging any amount for the same and you can use it on various browsers like Chrome from Google, Firefox, Safari, and others.

The 5Paisa Trade Station Web works really smoothly on any of these browsers with decent internet speed and the features which will discuss in the latter segment are pretty advanced in terms of technology. There are various resources available on the platform for your use as well.

The user experience of the platform has really been great because of its interface which is quite responsive and active or fast as you can say.

The design of the platform is quite intuitive making your trading life easier as the platform is able to reciprocate in many ways. It helps in navigation in the first place because of the intuitive nature of the 5Paisa Trade Station Web platform.

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    Top Features of 5Paisa Trade Station Web / 5Paisa Browser Trading Platform

    There are an abundance of features that this 5Paisa Trade Station Web has and the most important one is here –

    Global Indices

    The platform is having various global indices that you can look at and compare the prices, track the prices and trade accordingly. There are Indian Indices obviously like Nifty, and Sensex as well as there are Dow Jones, and S&P indices also.

    Watch lists

    There is a default watch list where you can see the offer rate, bid quantity, open and low and high price of the stocks with rate prevailing at the market. This watch list is customizable and you can add and remove the scrips whenever you want.

    Buying and Selling

    With the 5Paisa Trade Station Web platform, buying and selling are just a matter of a few clicks. There is a watch list as you read above on the dashboard, and from there you can just click on the stock you want to trade.

    Buy Order Provision

    You can place your trade order (Buying order) by checking the top 5 orders so that you can bid close to the same and win the bid as well in most cases.

    Kinds of orders

    There are multiple kinds of orders that you can place using this platform. The order types include the aftermarket order or AMO and also multiple orders and others apart from the regular buy and sell orders. There are without a doubt stop-loss orders as well.

    Analytical Tools

    The platform offers not only technical tools but also fundamental analysis tools and resources as well. There are historical data from the last twenty years for the fundamental analysis part and ample charts and indicators are available for your technical analysis.


    There are regular stock market products that you can trade with the 5Paisa Trade Station Web, also you can trade mutual funds, SIP investments, and others using this platform only.


    You can have access to the margin trading facility from this platform as well. There is a window where you can see how much margin you require to trade certain assets of a certain volume and against that what is the balance in your trading account.

    So, the 5Paisa Trade Station Web platform is loaded with a variety of features which makes it a super useful platform.

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    How to set up 5paisa Trade Station?

    To set up the 5Paisa Web Trading Platform you have to –

    1. Open the Demat account with 5Paisa. Once you have the login details, log on to the 5Paisa Trade Station Web on a suitable browser.
    2. Then go to the market watch list section, there you will find the drop-down arrow to add or remove the scrips. Since there is already a market watch list by default you need to alter it as per your preference.
    3. Then once the market watch list is set, you are good to go. Then you can click on any stock and place and buy or sell orders. You can use the other orders as well.
    4. Since there is no installation or downloads involved, you can directly log in and start trading on the platform.
    5. You can check the fundamental and technical analysis tools. You can select the charts you want to see.
    6. For selecting the advanced orders, you have to go to the advanced section, where you will find bracket orders, cover orders and others of some sort.

    How to own 5Paisa Trade Station?

    It is simple to own a 5Paisa Trade Station Web and the process starts with the opening of a 5Paisa Demat and trading account. For the same, you need to –

    1. Click on the open Demat Account button here and fill out the pop-up form that comes to your screen.
    2. Once you are done with the form filling, you have to upload some documents for verification purposes.
    3. The verification will be done by the firm and the executives will call you to guide you through the rest of the procedure.
    4. Once you have the account details after your account is activated, you can just go to the 5Paisa website, and click on the 5Paisa Trade Station Web.
    5. Then you can start trading using the platform.

    The documents which are required to be uploaded for the verification purpose are –

    • PAN Card
    • Voter ID
    • AADHAAR Card
    • Bank Details and
    • others

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    Advantages of 5Paisa Trade Station

    The advantages of using the 5Paisa Trade Station Web are –

    • On this platform – 5Paisa Trade Station Web, you can get trading calls and recommendations as 5Paisa, even being a discount broker provides these facilities.
    • The 5Paisa Trade Station Web gets frequent updates, and thus if there are any issues with the platform they get resolved pretty quickly. The platform has quick fixes for bugs and other issues.
    • The web trading platform of 5Paisa offers a seamless execution of orders with a decent internet connection. You can use the platform anywhere and get the same performance if the internet is having a decent bandwidth.
    • The speed and performance of the platform are superb and it has a high-speed executive of the trades.
    • There are various segments which can be traded using this platform apart from the basic equities and the derivatives. There are mutual funds and SIP investment options too.
    • However, there are new updated features available on 5Paisa Web Trading EXE. Now you can even discover bracket and cover orders along with order slicing features and advanced charts.

    Conclusion of 5paisa Trade Station

    5Paisa Trade Station Web is a high-performance browser-based trading platform that offers various kinds of orders as we saw above and it has plenty of features for the traders.

    The platform is perfect for new traders and intermediate investors. The performance of the platform is really good as per the user’s experience and ratings.

    The platform requires no downloads and also comes free of cost which is another added advantage.

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