Bearish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern – Stature, Reliability, Usage, Limitations & more

If you are willing to trade like a professional trader in the market, then this guide is indeed for you as we have covered everything with regards to Bearish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern.

Ideally, there are two bearish candlestick patterns under which one is high while the other one is most likely to be neglected. Above all, you have to focus on the context of the market.

About Bearish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern

Ideally, a bearish engulfing pattern is a part of a technical chart pattern that warns about the lower prices to come.

The pattern comprises of the up white or green candlestick which is followed by a large red candlestick. The larger candlestick is known to eclipse or engulf the small up candle.

The pattern is essential because it indicates that sellers have overtaken the buyers and are pushing the price aggressively down as compared to the buyers who were trying to make the up candle.

When the pattern appears at the end of the uptrend, a bearish engulfing pattern produces one of the most vital signals.

In simple terms, it means that sellers are most likely to overpower the buyers and will try and bring the price down. When two candles come together, they form the bearish engulfing pattern.

A significant change in the sentiment is indicated when the bullish engulfing pattern is formed. The gap is known to fill up quickly as the bearish engulfing pattern tends to be a reversal trend.

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    Formation of Bearish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern

    Typically, there are two participants in the market that is investors and traders.

    Investors tend to have a long term view and also hold the financial securities and assets they invest in while on the other hand, the traders tend to buy and sell within a short duration.

    When it comes to short term trading, it is vital to determine short term price movements. Short term price trends can be predicted by identifying patterns on the technical charts.

    Candlestick chart tends to be one of the most popular charts for trading. Traders take a clue from the charts formed for price movements and then accordingly act.

    Furthermore, the bearish engulfing pattern is a crucial pattern that is created during the uptrend, and it indicates a price reversal during the price movement.

    But before digging down and learning more about the bearish engulfing pattern, you need to know something about candlestick charts.

    Ideally, candlestick charts originate from Japan, and they evaluate the opening, closing, low and high price for a specific interval.

    The candlestick features a rectangle part which is termed as the real body, and it shows the difference between the opening and closing prices.

    On both, the ends of the candle, two lines protrude, and they are known as wicks or shadows, which also tell one about the highest and lowest price of the interval.

    It is termed as a down candle when the closing price is more than the opening price, and it is filled with red color; while on the other hand it is termed as an up candle when the opening is more than the closing price, and it is filled with green colour.

    Reliability of Bearish Engulfing Pattern

    Before you learn more about the reliability of the bearish engulfing pattern, you need to know that the patterns are not always reliable as they are proved in theory.

    When the opening of the engulfing candle is well above the previous candle’s closing, then a bearish engulfing candle is said to be more reliable—all it means that there is also a substantial gap present.

    In a choppy market, the bearish engulfing pattern is not at all reliable as it tends to form a plethora of engulfing patterns without enough clarity.

    What does Bearish Engulfing Candlestick Chart tell you?

    At the end of some upward price movement, a bearish engulfing pattern is mostly seen, and it is marked by the first candle in the upward trend momentum which is most likely overtaken or engulfed by the larger second candle which indicates a shift towards the lower price.

    The pattern is said to be highly reliable when the opening price of the engulfing pattern is way more than the closing price of the engulfing candle.

    Suppose the down candle is only little more considerable as compared to the up candle then it is said that the larger down candle depicts more strength.

    Typically traders tend to wait for the second candle to close before acting on the pattern. Once a bearish engulfing pattern appears then actions are most likely to include a long selling position.

    The stop loss can be placed above the high of the two bar pattern before entering a new short position.

    Trading Tips using Bearish Engulfing Candlestick Formation

    The bearish engulfing pattern is a future sell sign, and after the pattern is formed, the traders tend to take the short positions.

    The traders tend to take different positions in real-life situations. It is a signal of a stronger downward trend if the volume shoots up predominantly.

    At the end of the day upon which the bearish engulfing pattern is formed, the aggressive traders tend to sell.

    Some traders confirm the trend by waiting for a day after the bearish engulfing pattern is formed. It is essential when the bearish engulfing pattern is not that strong.

    Almost all the traders look for indicators besides the bearish engulfing trend, including price below the upward support line.

    When combined with other signals, the bearish engulfing pattern becomes more credible.

    Limitations of Bearish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern

    Engulfing patterns tend to be most useful when they follow a transparent uptrend price movement as the pattern shows the downside shift in momentum.

    The significance of the engulfing pattern is most likely to be diminished as it is more to be standard signal, provided, the price signal is choppy, and the overall price is rising.

    With engulfing patterns, establishing a potential reward can be challenging as candlesticks don’t offer any price target.

    Instead, traders tend to use other indicators or analysis for choosing a price target or evaluating when to get a profitable trade.

    Conclusion – Bearish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern

    The bearish engulfing is most likely to be a reversal pattern which indicates that sellers are in control.

    Furthermore, it is always advisable to use the bearish engulfing pattern in conjunction with some other indicators. While trading, you still need to use a stop loss and take a calculated risk.

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