Basan Equity Broking is a colossal name in the stock trading industry. They offer essential stock trading products and services for over a decade.

With 152 positive reviews, they provide compelling user experience to their respective trading associates. They never fail to amaze their trading associates with prompt stock trading services.

They do offer quality services by 203 branches across India backed by a dedicated support team. However, they let down the traders by lack of promotional offers, and they often criticized for poor trading platform experience.

Having said so, they are a team of experienced stock traders who are extremely helpful in teaching new traders. That is what has been the mantra of success for more than a decade long crusade.

Basan Equity Broking offers

Basan Equity Customer Ratings & Review

Products & Services3.4/5
Brokerage Charges & Fees3.3/5
Stock Research & Advisory2.6/5
Trading Platforms2.4/5
Overall Ratings2.7/5
Star Ratings★★★☆☆
Total Client Reviews152


About Basan Equity

Company TypePrivate
Broker TypeFull Service Broker
HeadquartersHyderabad, A.P
FounderBasanth Agarwal
Established Year2007

Basan Equity

Basan Equity Broking founded in the year 2007 with the headquarter located in Hyderabad.

The honorary founder Mr. Basanth Agarwal is a man with a vision to deliver “genuine value for money” services with every deal.

Operating from 203 branches scattered all around the country, they believe in providing high-quality support to improve the overall user experience. The variety in their service line is worth mentioning as one can easily refer them a full-service broking company.

They have gained membership in BSE and NSE, and along with that, they have also managed to enlist their name in NCDEX and MCX, the two driving Commodity Exchanges.

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    Basan Equity Brokerage Charges

    Equity Delivery Trading0.30%
    Equity Intraday Trading0.03%
    Commodity Options TradingNA
    Equity Futures Trading0.03%
    Equity Options Trading Rs.30 per Lot
    Currency Futures Trading0.03%
    Currency Options TradingRs.30 per Lot
    Minimum BrokeragePercentage of Transaction
    Demat AMC ChargesRs.299 per Annum
    Trading AMC ChargesFree
    Margin MoneyMinimum Rs.5,000
    Brokerage CalculatorBasan Equity Broking Brokerage Calculator

    When it comes to the brokerage fees, Basan Equity Broking charge standard rates. For Equity Delivery Trading they charge 0.30%. Some can argue, it is on the higher side if we compare with rival companies.

    In the case of Equity Intraday Trading, they charge 0.03% which is very competitive. They charge the same 0.03% also for Equity Futures Trading and Currency Futures Trading.

    Now here is a bummer; they charge ₹30 per lot for both Equity Options Trading and Currency Options Trading, which according to experts are considerably high when compared to the rival stock trading companies.

    Meanwhile, the minimum Margin Money value is ₹5,000.

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    Basan Equity Other Charges

    Transaction Charges0.00320%
    STT0.0126% of Total Turnover
    SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
    Stamp DutyDepends on State (very minimal)
    GST18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

    The additional fees which every stock trading company charge is something every trader have to bear. There is no exception for Basan Equity Broking as they charge 0.00320% for Transaction Charges.

    Next in line is the STT fee of 0.0126% calculated on Total Turnover. The SEBI Turnover Charges estimated again on Total Turnover is 0.0002%.

    The Stamp Duty fee calculation is hard to predict as it varies from state to state. Finally, the GST of 18% calculated on the summation of the brokerage fee and the transaction fees.

    We still believe that the traders should not feel disappointed as these fees will not hugely alter the profit margin while trading.


    Basan Equity Demat Account Opening Fees

    Depository SourceCDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening ChargesRs.100
    Demat AMC ChargesRs.299 per Annum
    Trading AMC ChargesFree
    Margin MoneyMinimum Rs.5,000
    Offline to OnlineYes

    To open an account with Basan Equity Broking, they charge ₹100. The good thing is the Demat account, and Trading account is complementary with this account.

    However, there is an AMC fee for the Demat account which is ₹299 per annum. In the case of Trading account, the AMC is free of cost.

    Basan Equity Offers

    Free Demat AccountNo
    Free Trading AccountYes
    Discount on BrokerageYes
    Trading Happy HoursNo
    Flexible Brokerage PlansNo
    1 Month Brokerage FreeNo
    Holiday OffersNo
    Referral OffersNo
    Zero Brokerage for Loss Making TradesNo

    When it comes to providing lucrative offers, Basan Equity Broking disappoints their respective trading associates immensely.

    Yes, they offer free Trading account opening along with its AMC, but nothing else apart from that. They do provide occasional discounts on brokerage fee but no Happy Trading Hours, no Holiday Offers or Referral programs.

    The traders don’t expect 1-month free brokerage, but they don’t even have flexible plans for brokerages.

    After this, of course, the traders don’t expect compensations or rebates if suffering losses while trading. Overall, this section is undoubtedly a weak link for them.

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    How to Open a Demat Account with Basan Equity?

    Basan Equity Broking provides seamless account opening. The account includes the Demat and Trading accounts. Here are the steps to follow:

    • The traders can see a green button “OPEN DEMAT ACCOUNT.” The interested traders must fill out the form with relevant information.
    • One of the representatives of Basan Equity Broking will call to the given contact number and ask a few questions.
    • Then they will initiate the KYC verification process and ask the trader to submit their respective documents.
    • Simultaneously, the traders must pay ₹100 as registration fees whose link will be sent by the representative.
    • Once, the payment is confirmed, and the KYC verification completes, the representative will provide you the login credential for Demat and Trading accounts.

    Why Open Basan Equity Trading Account?

    Opening an account with Basan Equity Broking have some essential benefits.

    Here is a list of such benefits:

    • They offer just ₹100 to open an account with them. The Account includes the Demat and Trading accounts.
    • They provide compelling services backed by their amazing support team. That is why they have managed the perfect score in complaint department which is Zero!

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      Basan Equity Products & Services

      Find various products & services provided by the stock broker –

      Products Offered by Basan Equity

      Equity TradingYes
      Commodity TradingYes
      Currency TradingYes
      Mutual FundsNo

      The company offers wide range of products to its clients –

      • Equity Trading
      • Commodity
      • Currency
      • Derivates
      • Forex
      • Insurance

      Basan Equity Service Offerings

      Demat ServicesYes
      Trading ServicesYes
      3 in 1 AccountNo
      Intraday ServicesYes
      IPO ServicesYes
      Stock RecommendationsYes
      Robo AdvisoryNo
      Trading InstitutionNo
      Trading ExposureUpto 5X

      Basan Equity Broking is a versatile company that deals with not only stock trading services but also deals with Commodities, Loans, and Insurance related services as well.

      Apart from that they also deal with Derivatives, Currencies, IPO, and Mutual Funds. However, no Banking or SIP activities yet.

      Of course, they deal with every Demat and Trading account activity. Apart from that, Basan Equity Broking deal with Intraday and PMS Services.

      Not to mention the IPO services. An intriguing fact is that Basan Equity Broking is not a Trading Institution; in spite of that, they managed to provide a maximum of 5x Trading Exposer.

      While they also offer stock recommendations, they still haven’t incorporated a 3-in-1 account.


      Basan Equity Research, Advisory and Stock Tips

      Fundamental ReportsNo
      Research ReportsNo
      Company ReportsNo
      Annual ReportsNo
      Company Stock ReviewNo
      Free Stock TipsYes
      IPO ReportsYes
      Top PicksYes
      Daily Market ReviewYes
      Monthly ReportsYes
      Weekly ReportsYes
      Offline AdvisoryYes
      Relationship ManagerYes

      Here is a list of services Basan Equity Broking provides eventually:

      • The Company suggest free Stock Tips.
      • They suggest Top Picks.
      • Research team offer Offline Advisory services.
      • They provide dedicated Relationship Managers.
      • Basan Equity provide IPO reports.
      • They provide Daily, Weekly & Monthly Review reports.

      Basan Equity Exposure or Leverage

      Equity DeliveryUpto 2X
      Equity IntradayUpto 5X
      Equity FuturesUpto 2X
      Equity OptionsUpto 5X
      Currency FuturesUpto 2X
      Currency OptionsUpto 3X
      CommoditiesUpto 2X
      Margin CalculatorBasan Equity Broking Margin Calculator

      Here is a list of Exposure or Leverage ratio that Basan Equity Broking offers:

      • For Equity Delivery – Up to 2X
      • Equity Intraday – Up to 5X
      • For Equity Futures – Up to 2X
      • Equity Options – Up to 5X
      • Currency Futures – Up to 2X
      • Currency Options – Up to 3X
      • Commodities – Up to 2x

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      Basan Equity Trading Platforms

      Desktop Platform – WindowsYes
      Desktop Platform – MacYes
      Desktop Browser PlatformNo
      Mobile Site PlatformYes
      Android App PlatformYes
      iOS App PlatformYes
      Windows App PlatformNo
      Other Mobile OS PlatformNo
      Real time UpdatesYes
      Portfolio DetailsYes
      Online MF BuyNo
      News FlashYes
      Research ReportsNo
      Easy InstallationNo
      Global IndicesYes
      Stock TipsYes
      Personalized AdvisoryNo
      Interactive ChartsNo
      Live MarketsYes
      SMS AlertsNo
      Email AlertsYes
      Multi Account ManagementNo

      The trading platforms they provide are not over the top. Here is what they deliver:

      Basan Equity Broking Trading Terminal

      Basan Equity Broking Trading Terminal is primarily a Desktop application that is for both Windows and Mac users. The platform is don’t have the Easy Installation option which is a bummer because this option makes the installation hassle-free and something which almost every rival company provide.

      Another shocking aspect is the lack of Online MF Buy option, which every second stock trading company offers. It has some essential options like News Flash reports, Real-time Updates, and Portfolio Details reports, but it hardly compensates the critical features that the platform lacks.

      Basan Equity Broking Web Trading Platform

      The broking house currently don’t provide any web trading platform to its clients.

      Basan Equity Broking Mobile App

      It’s a relief to the traders as Basan Equity Broking offers a trading platform in the form of a Mobile App. The app is available in both the Android and iOS operating system. This App is available on their website to download and also in the respective app stores.

      It has pretty much the same features; it also lacks the same features which are essentials. There is email alert but no SMS notifications. Overall, there is a disappointment in what they are offering.

      Basan Equity Customer Care

      Dedicated DealerNo
      Offline TradingYes
      Online TradingYes
      24*7 SupportNo
      Support Number
      Email SupportYes
      Chat SupportNo
      Toll Free NumberNo

      They provide stunning support through their experienced Customer support team. They have 7 branches all around the country providing support services to both offline and online users.

      However, they are yet to facilitate live chat support or toll-free numbers, but the email response time is fast enough to resolve any issue.

      Basan Equity Complaints and Feedback

      Find the list of complaint against Basan Equity

      Lodged in BSE0
      Resolved in BSE0
      Lodged in NSE0
      Resolved in NSE0

      Basan Equity Broking has a very experienced and efficient panel expert. That is why no complaints have issued against them.

      It is quite an achievement as they are in operations for around 12 years now.

      Basan Equity Disadvantages

      Being a 12-year-old company, they have some obvious problems which they should fix immediately:

      • Minimal offers to traders if compared to other stock trading companies.
      • The pricing structure is inconsistent and sometimes irrational.
      • They provide backdated trading platforms with very minimal assistance.

      Basan Equity Conclusion

      When do we decide to choose for the perfect stock trading company, what exactly we should look? Basan Equity Broking is extremely dedicated to provide the best value for money deals to their respective trading associates.

      They charge acceptable fees for their services too. However, if we discuss the problems, they are quite visible.

      No promotional offers to keep the traders interested along with the backdated trading platforms make things worse for the traders.

      So, to answer the question, we should choose a company that has the flexibility to manage the complexities of the stock trading industry.

      Basan Equity Broking qualifies to that but only by a margin. They must improve their weaknesses to sustain in this industry.

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