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Deals where returns are high and expenses incurred are low, is preferable by investors. India Advantage has in store a vast array of investment options, to help the investors make the make out of their investments.

One such service includes the India Advantage Demat Account, which hosts every other investment instrument. Initiative taken by the group is admirable and the present price competition which prevails in the industry is taken over by it.

This means, all the services are provided to the customers, for absolutely low prices and low brokerage amounts. Also, the ideas of investments are greatly reinforced with the India Advantage Trading Account, where active traders can make huge returns.

India Advantage Securities offers

India Advantage Demat Account

How do you justify your perception about a great demat account? We believe everybody has their own distinctive set of perceptions, but we have a set of advantage that we like about India Advantage Demat Account.

We decided to further mention the advantages.

  • Obligation of payment lies everywhere, but the company makes sure the terms and obligations are stated prior the opening of account. This means the company has complete transparency maintained with its clients, with no hidden charges whatsoever.
  • The process to open the demat account is minimal and without the use of paper and pen, however the company also opens account in physical form for people who are not well familiar with the technology.
  • One demat account is enough for all your diverse investments. You do not need to open one account for each of the type of investment you perform. Also you can access and modify all your investments in one place, the trading account.
  • You can invest in equities, currencies as well as derivatives.
  • Mutual funds as well are accessible through this account.

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    How to Open an India Advantage Demat Account?

    With the wide investment option available in the market, investors would like to go for the ones, which as minimal set of formalities.

    We know the obvious, and so in order to Open India Advantage Demat Account an investor would be required to go through minimal steps, entirely digitally.

    1. Locate a green button when has “Open a Demat Account” written over it, click on it and fill up the pop up form with your details.
    2. Based on the details, the customer care executive will follow up with you via a phone call and share a registration link with you.
    3. Fill in the form with details such as your Aadhaar card, PAN card, and of course you date of birth.
    4. For the next steps you need to keep your bank details handy, and the form will ask you to enter in the Account Number and the IFSC code. Security will not be a concern as your details are safe with them.
    5. Signing will be the next step where you need to use your Aadhaar card, if not you may do it in person.
    6. Now, you need to scan your documents, Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport size photo and a cancelled cheque, following which you need to upload the copy into the site.
    7. When done, you will receive another call from the executive who will take the process further, and ask for remaining formalities.
    8. This shall be it, once documents are verified, you account will be activated in a date and the login in details will be sent to you via email.

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    India Advantage Demat Account Charges

    India Advantage Demat Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.249
    Demat AMC Rs.399 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.10,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    Do note that you are obligated to pay a certain set of payments to the company. For this company they are in the form of India Advantage Demat Account Charges.

    The above mentioned table can be referred for a quick analysis, though we have put up a detailed explanation as well.

    Going through the first mention, the company has both CDSL and NSDL as its depository participants. As for the India Advantage Account Opening Charges, the users have to pay an amount of Rs.249, which lies in the average rate category.

    Although, being a one-time payment, a compromise can be made with this amount, if you have think it is much, yet have developed a good vibe for the company.

    India Advantage AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Unlike the other sites which surface online, a demat account and a trading account require to be maintaines. Every single transaction needs to be monitored, with regards to its monetary nature.

    But it is the rate of maintenance which differs and the above table features India Advantage AMC. Pondering over the demact AMC, the company is likely to cut off an amount of Rs.399 from your invested amount.

    The cost incurred in on a once per year basis, therefore it would hardly be of concern for a lot on invest. on the contrary, the trading account charges of the company are nil, thereby indicating the customer oriented nature.

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    India Advantage Trading Account

    Unstoppable and unhampered set of services often draw in a lot of customer. They have plans and strategies moulded in a way which will be loved by the existing and new investors.

    Encouraging is on their part, where they provide ample services and features via the India Advantage Trading Account. We sure would love to mention a bunch of details.

    • Online trading is highly in demand and being an investor with the company, you will be able to access online trading from the comfort of your home, or literally every other place where internet connection can reach.
    • Interface and tools provided by the companies at its trading platforms is commendable, apart from the basic buy, sell and cancel orders. There also exist other tools which support your trading activity.
    • It is important to know of the standing you presently hold, and the monetary benefits or losses you make, therefore the company has it sorted as well by means of reports of information.
    • Investing in mutual funds is seamless as well with this trading account, as it does not solely works in favour of trading but lets the holder invest in mutual funds through it.

    India Advantage Demat Account Conclusion

    Financial products and services are provided by a lot of company and priority is given to companies which excel in the arena.

    India Advantage is one such stock broking house which has been keeping up quality ties with its clients, serving them to the best of their needs.

    Investors happen to choose an account to invest based on certain criteria’s. We must say that, based on the India Advantage Demat Account criteria of margin requirement, the newbie investors will find it moderately difficult to add on the benchmark capital.

    Open India Advantage Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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