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1993 was marked as the years when Intime Equities come into the market for the first time. Since then, they have been producing and offering all kind of financial products and services, like Intime Equities Demat Account and such.

Each of the product and service they offer is above par the average and this helped them gather a vast customer base.

Structuring and technology are the roots company decided to plant, which would transform the company to be the most respected and culturally strong financial services conglomerate.

Quality Intime Equities Trading Account and likewise services are being passed on the strategies, which would help the company prosper as one of the top 10 market players in financial services industry.

Intime Equities offers

Intime Equities Demat Account

Digital holding has become a criterion in investment, and the Intime Equities Demat Account will help you with it. If you want to make investments all by yourself and earn returns easily, you will need this account.

Here is what you can enjoy, just by owning a demat account on your behalf:

  • It is indeed one sole account which lets you deal in equities, and also in derivative and currencies.
  • Technology has been embedded so you will find a lot of options and tools to modify all of your transactions.
  • No charge deducted from your account will be hidden from you as the company endorses transparency.
  • The steps to create a demat account are just easy and can be done via internet without the need for a pen or paper, and minimal documentation.
  • Mutual funds are attractive, so can you invest in them through this account, with the help of auto investor.

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    How to Open an Intime Equities Demat Account?

    Account, we sure are positive this article will come handy for you. If you adhere by each and every step, including the requirement, you can seamlessly open an account without the need of any physical documentation.

    1. The page features a green button with a text of “Open a Demat Account” written over it. You need to press it and then fill in whatever is asked.
    2. Now, the information will reach an executive of the company and he will call you about it, and also share EKYC link.
    3. The process starts with you uploading the details of Aadhaar number, PAN number, and date of birth.
    4. When you click on submit, you will be taken to bank details page, where you need to fill in your Account number and IFSC code.
    5. If you are done, you will have to sign the form, either using the Aadhaar virtually or in person.
    6. When submitted, you will asked for documentation, scanned copies of Aadhaar card, PAN card, a passport size photo and cancelled cheque.
    7. This is taken further by the executive, who will again call you and complete the remaining formalities.
    8. Now all you have to do is, wait for a day for your activated demat account. When the process is done and verification is completed, you will receive you log in details via mail.

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    Intime Equities Demat Account Charges

    Intime Equities Demat Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.299
    Demat AMC Rs.250 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.15,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    You will be entitled to a demat account, yes, but for the services rendered, you will have to grant a fee to the company.

    It is when you opening a demant account with the company that you shall be required to pay Intime Equities Account Opening Charges of Rs.299. worry not, for the charge is one time and is minute, if compared with other higher end companies.

    The opening charge is not all you need to pay, and the table features other Intime Equities Demat Account Charges. Also, there is a condition you need to fulfil, to continue having an account with the Intime Equities.

    It is, you will have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs.15000 at all time in order to avoid any issues. The company partners with both the CDSL and NSDL depository participants for easy and safe clearance. It is also a yes, for the dematerialization of physical shares.

    Intime Equities AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Another set of payments are to be done, against demat and trading account owned, as a part of Intime Equities AMC.

    There goes an amount of Rs.250, to be paid for the maintenance of the demat account, and the payment is of once in a year nature. Such a tag is basically reasonable on the competition scale.

    Whereas, the company has taken down any such maintenance charge levied upon the trading account. A fine order it is, and is maintained by the company as of now, and investors are free to make up their mind in accordance to it.

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    Intime Equities Trading Account

    Meanwhile we speak of the demat account; it is be appropriate to also discuss the benefits a trader would get from Intime Equities Trading Account.

    So, here are the mentions of the benefits, based on which you can decide if you would like to maintain a trading account with the company.

    • You will be benefitted with not just trading option, but also through other investment opportunities, all together, where altering the options is as well feasible.
    • Also you will be able to invest in mutual funds, pooling your savings, through this trading account via auto investor
    • Technology at its best, place orders from anywhere with the compatible tools such as buy, sell and cancel share orders.
    • Free trading AMC is the great perk you will have.
    • Keep up with you holdings, standings and positions as well.

    Intime Equities Demat Account – Conclusion

    Intime Equities is a growing company and has been efficiently keeping up with the competition and the industry standards.

    We believe the detailed description of both the Intime Equities Demat Account and of trading account will help you have a clearer view of your decision if you want to stick up with this company or would like to try some other.

    The figures and digits are all mentioned above, and if you can keep up with all the figures, we believe it would be great for you to take a step ahead. You can create an account with the company, and avail everything it has in store for you to offer.

    Open Intime Equities Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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