Groww Trading Platform – Review, Top Features, Set up process, Benefits and more

We present to you in this article, the entire review of Groww Trading Platform. The Groww Online Trading platform is the web based trading platform, which lets you invest and trade feasibly.

This Grow investment platform is one of the fastest growing platforms and has ample of perks to offer.

Check out the entire article to learn the benefits tagged with the platform, features it possess, the process to install it and also how to own the platform.

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Groww Web Platform Review & Ratings

Groww Trading Platform Ratings
Overall Ratings6.4/10
Star Ratings★★★

About Groww Trading Platform

Grow Online Platform is a presentation from Groww, the new addition to the list of discount brokers. This firm was incorporated in the year 2016 and has been going strong since then.

They have manage to acquire proportionate amount of highest with such a fewer years of experience under its hood.

The products and services they provide, speak volume about the quality services and feasibility they provide.

Just in the similar manner of Grow Mobile App, Groww Trading platforms is well equipped with all the necessities, without having to download an additional software for the same.

This is a web based platform, which means you can access it from literally any browser. It is as simple as it sounds, and you can carry an end to end investment procedure via a browser.

You can open your favourite browser, such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and any other browser that you use and simply log into it.

Furthermore, we have incorporated all the features the platform provides in the following sections.

You can also check the end of the article, where we have discussed the ways in which you can get a demat account and also the steps to set up the platforms for the first time.

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    Top Features of Groww Trading Platform

    We wish to now explain the much needed aspects of the article and also the Trading Platform – features. The next sub sections that you will read contain all the elements that make up the platforms.

    You will learn all the major aspects of the platforms which will let you invest in the easiest possible manner.

    Post the article, you will have a sound knowledge of what features you will find in the app, and be able to instantly get to the investment process. Here is what you will encounter.

    Simple to understand Dashboard

    The dashboard will appear on the screen of your device, soon after you log into it. So, the first thing you need to do is log into the platforms using the log in and password.

    This will open up the website’s dashboard to you, with the display of all the options you will find.

    You can see the quick view of the investments you made, active orders, the trending stocks, news flash and other similar items.

    Buy and Sell Section

    This section is provided for active trading purpose, where you can buy or sell your securities.

    So, you can select on the stock scrip of the company you wish to buy, following which you must select on option of buy.

    When you reach the buy or sell section, you need to feed in the data of the order you wish to place.

    For example, you need to provide if you want to make an intraday trade or an equity delivery trade. You also need to enter the details of number of shares you wish to buy, the tick price and any other details.

    Real time market analytics data

    This feature is the most import one, as the price levels of the investment options matter the most.

    The platform aligns the investment options with their live prices so the investor can make the right call of investment.

    Hefty data about the options is as well provided, which lets an investor work on the research process.

    Customized watch lists

    This option lets you create multiple charts, comprising of the stocks you like. You can monitor all these stocks close enough, and invest according to their live prices.

    Monitoring is made easier and simpler with the customized watch lists that the company provides through their Groww web based platform.

    Charting tools

    This section actually provides you with the data of the stocks. While charting, you can see various options like the trending stocks, highs and lows and then choose to add the stock to the watchlist.

    You can see how the companies are performing, as in the financial statements and the historical reports of the companies are provided.

    You can also place multiple reminders and receive alerts in your phone number via sms or through your email id. This was you can easily keep track of all the activities happening in your account.

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    How to set up Groww Web Trading?

    This process is extremely smooth and also simple if you are in a fix and are new to the digital world.

    The process can be simpler if you are well aware of the smartphones and how apps are used. The motto of the company is to make trading and stock market investment as easy as shopping.

    • First likely step you must take is to visit their official website.
    • When you see the log in page or the button for instance, click on it and it will take you to the page, where you need to enter the log in details. If you have demat and trading account already, you are good to go, however if you are no client of Groww, you will be put to hold here. The website trading is only pen for the clients exclusively. Refer to the next section if you wish to learn the steps to open an account.
    • If you have the log in and password, you can enter them both in the respective fields and log into the platform.
    • For the first time loggers, the platform will prompt you to change the password. Do the needful and them you may proceed to explore the platform. Creating watchlist and placing order is as easy as you might expect it to be.

    How to own Groww Online Trading Platform?

    If you are well aware of the digital world, and smartphones, that must do that job of creating an account easy for you.

    Even if it is not, we have the perfect guide for you to consider and quickly begin with your stock market investment journey. Keep up with the process.

    • To start with the account creating process, click on the button of “Open Demat Account”. You will find this button at the bottom of the page and is easily locatable.
    • When you see the pop up, you must begin with filling it out. If you are done with form filling, you can further click on the submit button.
    • When you submit, a representative will shortly contact you and explain the steps.
    • You have to provide for the necessary documents that they ask for, which is essential for the KYC process. KYC process is made mandatory by the authorities and hence, the investors are urged to prove their identity.
    • Everything can be done entirely online. So, when you go through KYC successfully, you will get your account activated in few hours.
    • When your account is activated, you will receive an email containing your log in credentials.

    This will allow the investors to actually invest in multiple kind of security assets and start making worthy returns from the same.

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    Advantages of Groww Trading Platform

    Advantages are many, and while there are tons of them, we have mentioned the most required and benefits ones on the pointers given below.

    Make sure you check them all out, so you can avail the best of benefits. This will make you aware of your entitlements and you can exactly seek for it, when you begin using the platform.

    • First and the most attractive options is web based trading. This platform can be accessed via web, i.e. a browser and as a result of which you are not required to download any kind of applications or software, which would take massive amount of storage in your device.
    • Just with the facilitation of internet and a browser, you can go on with the investment process pretty easy.
    • The platform’s dashboard is pretty easy to understand and locate the options you need. The UI is pretty user friend, hence making it easy to use.
    • Mutual funds education is as well provided via this medium.
    • Investment in multiple Mutual funds, and all the stocks listed in BSE and NSE is possible through this platform.
    • You can discover readymade mutual funds collection, as presented by the experts.
    • Research facilitation is provided for the investors to build up investment strategies before investing in stocks.
    • Latest news and insights from the finance industry is provided in the platforms.
    • It is easy to create a watchlist comprises of your favourite stock and monitor them live.

    Conclusion of Groww Trading Platform

    Since we have minutely been through all the necessities of the Groww Trading Platform, we can however make a conclusion.

    There is absolutely no doubt that the platform is extremely efficient and hence, it will take your investment journey to a new height, without placing any kind of efforts.

    The platform is meant to give you an effortless journey, where performing any of the investment related activities is simplified to a great extent.

    Everything is just a few clicks away and extremely easy to locate. Order placement can be done in few clicks, which saves a lot of your time, which adding to the profit of your investment.

    With most of the factors being in favour of using the Groww Trading Platform, you can definitely consider it as your investment gateway.

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