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Present trading perks are huge in the market, and investors want to know the basic traits and benefits a particular stock broker offers. This article is oriented to serve the purpose of providing information on Groww Trading.

You will also learn about the company’s online presence and the facilities of Groww Online Trading.

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Make sure you read until the end of the article, which shows online trading features, the platforms available, products and services included, and other related charges.

Groww Trading and Benefits

Groww Trading signifies a lot of perks, which are focused on making the trading experience cost-effective and as easy as possible.

They aim to make trading and investing as easy as online shopping, and hence, it makes Groww worth among the Top 10 Trading Accounts in India.

Trading with Groww is an effortless process and it comes with unlimited possibilities. Some of them are listed below:

  • The charges associated with trading are cheap, as the company is a discounted broker. They have a lot to offer with just a flat rate of brokerage, which is a benefit for large-volume trades.
  • The fee is constant for all the asset classes, except delivery trading. Equity delivery is entirely free of brokerage.
  • The company’s trading platforms are advanced, and the app provides seamless trading on the go.
  • The company’s online presence is spectacular, and as a result, they are just a call or an email away.
  • The company, including mutual funds, provides all types of financial instruments.
  • This account is easy and compatible with beginners and experienced traders alike.
  • With this trading account, you also get access to free trading apps, find this out in the Groww Review section.

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    Groww Trading Charges

    Segments Other Charges
    SEBI Turnover Charges 0.00005% (₹5/Crore)
    STT Equity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
    Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
    *Equity Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
    Equity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell-side (Non-Agri)
    Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell-side
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell-side
    Stamp Duty (On buy side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.003%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.003%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%.Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.003% (MCX)
    GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)
    Margin Funding Charges 75% Margin
    Reactivation Charges Rs 20 per instruction
    Account Closure Charges Rs 25 per instruction
    Dematerialisation Charges Rs 150 per certificate + courier charges
    Pledge Creation Rs 20 + Rs 12 per request (CDSL Charges))
    Pledge Invocation Rs 20
    Margin Pledge/Unpledge/ Pledge closure Rs 20 + Rs 12 per request (CDSL Charges))
    Margin Repledge Rs 20

    Brokerage charges are the first thing you need to consider, and this sure seems fair enough.

    But, other sets of Groww Charges make their way into a transaction. Though a tiny amount, they sure do add to your expense list. Here are the mandatory charges:

    • The first charge is of transaction charge – 0.00325% of Total Turnover.
    • Then, there is the Securities transaction tax of 0.025% of the Total Turnover.
    • SEBI turnover charges comprise 0.00005%, levied on the turnover again.
    • Stamp duty, on the other hand, is levied depending upon the state from which the transaction is undertaken.
    • Lastly, a GST of 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges) is as well levied.

    To know more in detail, also check Groww Brokerage Charges.

    Similar Trading Accounts you may also Like

    Groww Delivery Trading

    Groww Delivery Charges
    Equity Delivery Rs.20 per order

    Beginning with Groww Delivery Trading, this is the mode widely opted investment class.

    Many stockbrokers charge an amount for this class; however, a lot of them waive it off to earn the confidence of their customers.

    Likewise, Groww Rs.20 per order off the brokerage charge for Equity Delivery.

    Groww Intraday Trading

    Groww Intraday Charges
    Equity Intraday Rs.20 per order

    Expert investors often undertake Groww Intraday Trading. Also, anyone can try their hands at this form of trading, which is supposedly undertaken within a time frame of a day.

    To make it more available and help people opt for this class easily, the company levies a flat rate of Rs.20 per order.

    Groww Option Trading

    Groww Option Charges
    Equity Options NA

    Now, Groww Option Trading is another popular form of trading opted for by investors. Many investors have made profitable investments in the past and continue to do so.

    However, anyone investing with the Equity Option is required to pay the same flat charge of NA per trade.

    Groww Futures Trading

    Groww Futures Charges
    Equity Futures NA

    The next investment option the investors have is Groww Futures Trading. This investment option is less likely prone to market risk and is considered safe enough from risk.

    Also, the brokerage amount is the same for this investment class. Investors need to pay around NA per trade for this segment.

    Groww Currency Trading

    Groww Currency Charges
    Currency Option NA
    Currency Futures NA

    This investment class is well-known and quite popular because it deals with forex. Furthermore, Groww Currency Trading has two segments, i.e., Currency Option and Currency Futures.

    Segmented investments are priced the same at NA per order, opening open investments.

    Groww Commodity Trading

    Groww Commodity Charges
    Commodity Trading NA

    Speaking of Groww Commodity Trading, the company does not provide this trading class.

    They are, however, on the verge of expansion and will present investment in commodities shortly for the convenience of the investors.

    Groww Online Trading Process

    Opening an account with the company is quite a feasible following, and you can instantly commence Groww Online Trading.

    Investment is at the most feasible mode now, along with the evolving technology. Follow up with the steps to learn how to invest in shares online.

    • The first step is to open an account. We constructed and opened a Demat account and the trading account using other articles quite feasibly.
    • If you go through the verification process successfully, you will receive your account.
    • You now need to check the apps and the software the company provides and choose to download the one you like. The next section explains the app and software available.
    • After the download process, you need to set up the app. Enter the login details sent to you via email, and then change the password the first time you log into it.
    • Now, you must create the market list once you see the dashboard and add the stock scrips you like.
    • Please search for the companies you wish to invest in, and click on the add scrip option to add them to market watch and monitor them online, on a real-time basis.
    • After you see the stocks reach a good price level, you can click on the buy option and place an order.
    • The amount will be deducted from your bank account when the order is executed, and the Demat account will be credited with the shares.

    Groww Online Trading Platforms

    It is now time we discuss the number of Groww Trading Platforms made available by the company. They presently have two platforms they offer to their investors.

    • Groww App is extremely on the top of the demand list as it lets investors place orders on the go. Their app’s user interface is love and friendship. It lets you invest in any investment vehicle seamlessly in just a few steps.
    • There is also an alternative Groww online platform for those who are not into mobile applications. Groww provides website trading, which lets you access your trading process from any device via a browser. It is extremely useful as it has ample options and investment choices you can go for easily, without downloading an app or software.

    Groww Trading – Conclusion

    Let us now draw final thoughts on Groww. Firstly, the most attractive is the perk offered by Groww Online Trading, which is simple and quite easy to use.

    Then, the brokerage rates are flat charges that encourage cost-effective investment, irrespective of the asset class.

    You can look forward to a great trading experience with Groww, as they are equipped with every other thing investors might need.

    Groww has grown successfully from the year it emerged and is a worthy enough source of investment.

    Groww Online Trading FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to Groww Trading:

    Does Groww provide Online Trading?

    They very much do. The company is present online and provides facilities for online trading for the smooth functioning of the trader-investor relationship. The current trading scenario is huge in the stock market, and Groww keeps up with it.

    What are the Charges in Groww?

    First and foremost is the transaction charge at a rate of 0.00325% of the total transaction. Then comes the Securities transaction tax of 0.025%, followed by the SEBI turnover charges of 0.00005%, stamp duty depending upon the state of residence and business, and ends with the GST charge of 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges).

    Does Groww provide Delivery Trading?

    They do. This is one such model that is opted for by everyone for ease of trading. Many stockbrokers charge plenty for this, but they lower their customer’s beliefs. Thankfully enough, Groww believes in strengthening the customer-trader relationship in all forms.

    Is delivery trading Free at Groww?

    It is. They don’t charge you anything for trading. The company has waved off the brokerage fee for delivery trading, making it more feasible for new customers to invest.

    Does Groww provide Option Trading?

    They do. Options Trading is a pretty popular form of trading that many investors swear by. They have made plenty of profits doing this in the past, so they believe in its continuity.

    What are Options Trading Charges at Groww?

    Whoever wants to invest in equity options trading would be required to pay a feeble sum of NA per trade. This company ensures a lot of profit, so this money is nothing compared to the money you’ll make shortly.

    Does Groww provide Futures Trading?

    They do provide Futures trading. However, this option for investment is less risky and is considered a total success as far as the market scene is concerned. You could go for it. Also, the brokerage amount is the same for this investment class. Investors need to pay around NA per trade for this segment.

    What is Futures brokerage at Groww?

    The futures brokerage charge is a meagre sum of NA. What’s important to note here is that this money is charged per trade for the segment. So every trade that you make, you pay for it, which is still considered justifiable.

    Is Groww safe for trading?

    Groww is pretty safe for trading, in general. The charges are utterly cheap, and they have a lot to offer on their plate. Their assets are vibrant, and their platform is solid to climb onto. There are subtle advances with hundreds of satiable leases the company provides, so investing in Groww is one of the best decisions you could take.

    Does Groww provide Trading Tips?

    The online presence of Groww is magnificent. They are only one email away from all your troubles and queries related to financial and economic aspects. The instruments and aids provided by this company are of a solid preference with mutual funds, making it all the more dependable. They also provide training to all the new customers, making them as polished as ever.

    Is the Groww app good for trading?

    Groww is one of the most recommended and well-structured trading platforms among its competitors. Groww offers coherent services to its customers and provides top-notch objective evaluation, which can reap worthy outcomes.

    Is trading free on Groww?

    Groww does not levy any charges on the opening of a Demat Account and Trading Account. Furthermore, Groww charges Rs. 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) for equity trades.

    Is the Groww app safe for stock trading?

    Investors do not have to worry while trading with Groww. It is a transparent investment platform offering various investment products under one roof, including shares, mutual funds, futures and options, fixed deposits, and US stocks.

    Can I start trading with 1000 rupees?

    There is no minimum requirement to start trading. A person can start with Rs.100 or any other sum they wish.

    Is Groww an Indian app?

    Groww is an Indian entity whose headquarters is based in Bangalore, India. The company is led under the guidance of Lalit Keshre the Co-founder and CEO of the company.

    What is the price limit in Groww?

    The price limit is the established amount within which the price of a security may fluctuate upward or downward in one trading day as from the previous day’s settlement price.

    Is Groww a Demat account or a trading account?

    Groww, via its trading platform, facilitates Trading Account and Demat Account openings for its customers. Groww acts as a depository participant and has a membership with CDSL, a central depository.

    What if I cancel SIP in Groww?

    SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) has risen as a preferred choice of many investors. The investor invests a regular sum of money in regular intervals and achieves decent to outstanding income.

    If you wish to cancel your SIP, you can cancel it via offline or online mode. Once you cancel your SIP, the sum will be credited to your account after settlement.

    Can I open only a trading account in Groww?

    Trading and Demat account are necessary to trade and hold securities in electronic form. Groww offers opening and maintenance of Demat and Trading Accounts. Also, it does not charge any sum for account opening or maintenance charges for the Demat account.

    Can I sell delivery shares on the same day in Groww?

    Delivery trades are usually undertaken to hold the securities overnight or more than that. But, investors can sell their securities whenever they want to.

    How do I withdraw money from Groww?

    1. Go to your Groww app—log in with your ID and password.
    2. Now, go to your profile by clicking on ‘You’ and clicking on ‘Groww Balance.’
    3. It will show the balances of your account and the withdrawable sum.
    4. Click on ’Withdraw’ and enter the amount you want to withdraw.

    What is intraday trading Groww?

    Intraday trading means the buying and selling of securities take place on the same day. Here, you do not hold the securities overnight. Also, in intraday, either you sell the security when you want during the day, or they are automatically sold by the end of the day.

    What is SL order in Groww?

    SL is called Stop Loss Order. An investor instructs to take a buy/sell position when it reaches a predetermined trigger price.

    What is the maximum amount in the Groww app?

    An investor can set up Autopay via Form on Groww. The industry standard-based limit for Autopay is Rs. 1 lakh. Autopay creation generally takes 2-3 days for approval.

    Which company owns Groww?

    Groww was set up in 2017 as an investing platform for catering to the investment requirements of retail investors. Groww is an Indian company founded by co-founders Lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Ishan Bansal, and Neeraj Singh.

    What is the order price?

    Order Price is the price that an investor is required to pay for purchasing and taking the position of security.

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