Groww App – Review, Top Features, Set-up Process, Benefits and more

The vision of producing the simplest app, led to the formation of Groww App. It is an extremely powerful app, with facilitates trading from anywhere and everywhere.

One can choose to continue trading even while they are on the go, travelling. This article features a detailed review of the Groww Mobile App, serving to the need of investors.

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Any kind of investors and traders will find the App extremely useful. It is especially for the active traders who have the idea of making a steal deal and need convenience to place an order instantly, being in any place.

Groww Mobile App Review & Ratings

Groww Mobile App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.8/10
Star Ratings★★★

About Groww Mobile App

Goal of introducing an easy, fast and convenient mutual funds and stock market investment is in process by Groww, Via its Groww Mobile Trading App.

The app is introduced by Groww, which is a new addition to the world of discount brokers, and is quickly taking up on the pace of making it high in the industry.

The company was introduced in the year 2016, and has quickly marked a special stature for itself in terms of feasible investment medium.

The app is available for usage, post registration, which is 100% paperless. The Groww app is the perfect hub for best mutual funds and stocks.

Few minutes is all you need to invest in mutual funds and company shares, it is that convenient and fast.

The App is the gateway to check share prices live, and carry on with the trading process, in order to make great returns, from the stock market.

The app is designed in a simpler manner, making everything easy for the investors in return. Options of investment are expanded here and put in simple manner, so investors can grasp the investment process easily.

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    Top Features of Groww App

    Facilitation of Groww Mobile Trading App is of investment is BSE and NSE listed stocks, and direct mutual funds.

    You can have a full fledged stock market investment experience via the app. Take notes of the most attractive features.


    The first view of the downloaded mobile app would be the log in page. We will get back to the log in and set up process of Groww App in the sections provided later on in this article.

    Moving ahead, when you log in to the app successfully, you will see the dashboard for the first thing.

    You can explore through all the options in the app, and you will also get a demo of the features provided in the app.

    The dashboard will show you a quick view of your investments and various other tools. You can see a sum total analysis of your investments and all the active trades. Tools in the dashboard make the experience even simpler.

    Market data provided in Real-Time basis

    You will be able to invest in stocks on the basis of real time monitoring. The price data provided in the app fluctuates on real time basis, making it easy for you to monitor the stocks and inculcate strategies.

    The real time data lets you research on the stock you are considering and also compare it with other potential investments.

    You can see the shares listed in BSE and also NSE. You can view according you choice and then create a marketwatch to personally monitor your favourite stocks.

    Fewer order placement steps

    Process to invest in Mutual funds is just a click away. The company even has readymade instant mutual fund plans, so the investors can quickly invest.

    On the contrary, buying or selling the shares is just one click away. This is how simplified the process of investment is with Groww App.

    Customized watch lists

    You are provided with the great feasibility of creating customized market watch lists. Here, you can search and add the stocks you are interested in.

    Following up with the real time performance of the shares by closely monitoring them; you can make a clear and profitable investment decision.

    You can also work on the stock analysis via the app, as it provides the company financials that include P&L, Balance Sheet, and other essential financial statements.

    Charting tools

    Charts you can see in the app are beautifully, yet simply designed. They also show the historical performance of the mutual funds or the stock, alongside the complete information you need to make an investment decision.

    You can also find a section of stock market news, which features latest finance news and insights.

    You will also get daily insights such as top gainers, top losers and top by market capitalization. Comparison medium is as well provided for peer comparison.

    Safety is the priority

    The app contains 128 bit SSL Encryption, which is a high level of encryption standard that goes along with each and every transaction.

    This ensures each and every transaction is safe and causes no hurdles in any term. This standard is similar to that of banking standards, hence is the security similar.

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    How to set up Groww Mobile App?

    It is extremely easy to set up the Groww app, especially if you have been quite accustomed by mobile phones and applications. If you still need help with setting up the app for the first time, here is what you need to look over at.

    • As per your mobile’s operating system, visit the app store of the respective OS. For instance, Android clients must check out their Google Playstore, and App store is provided to the owners of iOS.
    • When you open it, quickly locate the search option and type the keywords “Groww App” into the space provided.
    • You can now see the app in an instance, following which you must click on the option of Install.
    • Here is a reminder, the clients of Groww are only allowed to use the application and hence, you need to sign up to their demat account service to get the log in id and password.
    • If you have the log in id and password with you already, you are good to go. When you see the log in page in the app, you need to enter the credential and click on the log in button. The app will prompt you to change the password for added security, do the needful.
    • You will now see the dashboard of the app, which features all the options you need to trade. The app will even give you a quick tour of all the options.

    How To Own Groww Mobile Trading App?

    The app is quick and easy to use, but for the starters, you need to avail for a demat account with Groww. Groww demat account will take you through Groww log in process. The app is exclusively build only for the clients of the company, and vows to serve that particular lot.

    Opening a demat and the trading account is absolutely free for everyone, and hence, you can avail for their services without an expenditure.

    Also, they provide online KYC, which is done once, post which an account is created within a few minutes, ready to be used.

    You can refer to other charges and brokerage you are supposed to pay. We have articles dedicated to education people on the charges and processes, among many other things.

    You can refer to any of them, as per your need. When you open a Groww demat account and a Groww Trading account, which will let you own the Groww App.

    Follow the following step if you do not have an account already.

    • Kicking start the process, and click on the button “Open Demat Account”, which features at the end of the page.
    • When you see the quick pop up, fill it up and submit.
    • Your details will reach the company representatives, and they will guide you through creation of trading account.
    • Provide for the documents they ask, and find the KYC process, which is required for investor verification.
    • When the KYC process is done and your account is created, the company will send you the Groww Trading Apps log in details to your email address.
    • When you have the credentials, you can follow the steps provided above. You can download the app, log into it and get started with your trading journey with Groww.

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    Advantages of Groww App

    A bunch of advantages make up to the list of perks Groww offers. Simplicity is the essence of the app, which is build to make investment and trading as simple as shopping. Here are the points worth considering about the Groww mobile Apps.

    • Shares included from NSE and BSE, and fluctuate on real time bases.
    • The app is an app in one mutual fund all, where you can invest in small-cap, large-cap, mid-cap, multi-cap for the long term, and higher returns. Or invest in balanced funds, gold funds, sector funds, or international funds.
    • Mutual funds investment education is provided at Rs.500.
    • Easy tracking of invested instruments.
    • Readymade stock collection by experts in provided in the app for easy investment in mutual funds.
    • App is highly secure for trading; as it has 128 bit SSL Encryption.
    • Latest finance news and insights are provided in the app.
    • End to end stock analysis is possible in the app, with access to the company data.
    • Personalized watch list is provided for the convenience of easy monitoring of stocks.

    Groww Mobile App – Conclusion

    As the display of the app is portrayed, Groww has done a pretty impressive work at providing a full fledged investment app for their customers.

    Another consideration of the app is the rating it has managed to receive from the present customer base.

    The app has 4.4 star rating in the Google Playstore at present, which shows how well the app works for the investors.

    Taking all the features and advantages of the Groww app in concern, we can pretty much say the app is indeed a great source of investment one can offer.

    Groww App FAQs

    Ques – What is Groww mobile app called?

    Answer – The app’s name goes after the name of the company, i.e. Groww. This makes the app easily accessible and also ensures people can find it sooner. The app has a lot of perks to provide, and in the most seamless manner, eliminating the geographical shortcomings.

    Ques – Does Groww provide an iOS App?

    Answer – Yes, the company has a motive of providing the app for all of its clients and customers. As a result, it caters for the iOS users as well. The app is exclusively designed for the iOS users, which ensure a smooth user interface with assistance to all the products and services.

    Ques – Is Groww App Free to use?

    Answer – Yes, the Groww app is absolutely free to user. There is no charge related to the app usage, which is a perk, as it cuts down the expenses for the traders and investors. However, the other charges will still exist, such as the brokerage, AMC and other similar account and product related charges.

    Ques – How to download Groww App?

    Answer – It is just as easy as downloading a social media app. You need to visit your particular app store, i.e. play store for the Android users and Apple App store for the iOS users. Search for the app, i.e. Groww and when you see the app, click on the install button and wait for the system to complete the download.

    Ques – What features does Groww App have?

    Answer – A sneak peek into the app’s features list show that you can invest in equity, mutual fund, Sip and other instruments. The app provides you with market insights such as top gainer and losers etc, peer comparison, stock analysis, live price movements, and other related features.

    Ques – Can I trade in Shares via Groww App?

    Answer – Yes, you can place active buy as well as sell order in the equity category within the Groww App. You can choose to perform day trading, also known as intraday trading or on the contrary choose to invest in the domain Equity delivery as per your preference.

    Ques – Is Groww Android App good?

    Answer – Yes, the Groww app is widely accepted by investors and traders who want to invest in mutual funds, SIPs and also stocks. As a result, the app has garnered 4.5 star rating in the play store, with pool of positive reviews from the existing users.

    Ques – Does Groww App have EKYC Feature?

    Answer – Yes, the company provides the EKYC feature within the app for the new users. Anyone can seamlessly open a new demat account in a matter of minutes, via going through the EKYC process in the app. You simply need to keep the scanned copies of your documents ready.

    Ques – Does Groww App provide Tips?

    Answer – Yes, this stock broker provides a lot of assistance to the investors and traders. The broker provides ready made collection of mutual funds to its clients via the app, alongside the list of top mutual funds from different category. Also, you can perform stock analysis, peer comparison etc.

    Ques – How to Buy Shares via Groww App?

    Answer – Buying shares via the Groww app is facilitated via one sing click. You need to fetch the buy option from the order placement section and enter in the details of the order placement. Right when you click on the option of buy, your order will be registered.

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