Find out all details about FP Markets Trading Platform here.

FP Markets is a global forex trading company that also deals in indices, shares, and commodities. They offer more than 10,000+ assets in all major global markets.

Thus, it makes sense that the company likes to think about the future of online trading. So, they provide robust trading platforms that you can access for almost every device.

In this article, we will learn about the trading platforms that FP Market provides to its clients. Of course, you have to own an account with the company, which we will discuss later.

We will also talk about some of the significant reasons why FP Markets’ trading platforms are reliable to use, and of course, we will also mention some of the noteworthy features.

About FP Markets Trading Platform

Generally, most companies aim to deliver trading platforms accessible from almost every device.

FP Markets Trading PlatformFP Markets also knows the gravity of this and hence provided trading platforms for all devices.

For the desktop versions available in Windows and Mac, they are offering Metatrader as the trading platform.

Now, please note that you can get 2 versions of it – Metatrader 4 (MT4) and Metatrader 5 (MT5).

Moving on, there is a web browser version of the trading platform that FP Markets is providing, and there is also a mobile app version, which is called PF Markets Mobile Trading app.

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    FP Markets Trading Terminal – Top Features

    You can say that the primary version of the trading platform in the offering is Metatrader, whether it is version 4 or 5.

    So, we are mentioning some of the noteworthy features that the app is providing:

    • You can quickly customize the user interface. You can play with the colors for the technical indicators too.
    • The one-click trading feature is available on all platforms.
    • The Market Watch feature is highly customizable.
    • You can do secure trading with 128-bits encryption.
    • The Expert Advisors are top-shelf.
    • You can assess the platforms for your computer, mobile, and even from the tablet as well.

    Charts for Analysis

    Charts are an integral part of doing technical analysis for the traders.

    So, it is crucial to take a look at the chart features that FP Markets is offering:

    • You can prepare charts from 9 timeframes and 24 analytical objects.
    • There are 3 types of charts that you can prepare.
    • You can smartly modify chart layouts and indicators. You can even add and customize them as you wish.
    • Managing the trading signals is easy in the FP Markets’ trading platforms.
    • You can add personalized charting indicators as you like.


    The FP Markets’ trading platforms have tons of features in-built, as we have mentioned.

    However, placing an order on these platforms is also one of the key reasons which make traders love the trading platforms.

    Primarily, you can process three kinds of orders – market, pending, and stop-loss.

    Trailing orders can also be processed to maximize profits or minimize losses. On top of that, you can place orders on Instant mode, or Request mode.

    Sure, there is the Market mode where you can place an order and take lesser risks. All these features are available on all the platforms that FP Markets is offering.

    Reporting Tools

    The Reporting tools in a trading platform are pivotal as based on these tools, traders make their moves. So, here is what FP Markets is offering:

    • Let us start with the Multi-Account Manager (MAM) tool. This tool lets you sub-allocate trades in just the way you want. Contact support for more information on this tool.
    • Percentage Allocation Management Module Manager (PAMM) is a tool by which you can do forex trading in an expert mode.
    • You can use various forms of alerts available on all the trading platforms to keep you up-to-date with the market’s whereabouts.
    • Correlation Trader is next in this list where you can compare correlations between two symbols and trade rising differences.
    • Then there is the Correlation Matrix by which you can generate reports on lows and highs of any particular asset.

    How to Set up FP Markets Web Trading Platform?

    MT4 and MT5 are available both in Windows and Mac OS. So, you need to own one of either OS-based computer.

    The set-up procedure of the trading platforms is primarily to download and install MT4 or MT5. So, here are the steps to do that:

    • Visit the FP Markets official website.
    • On your visit, you will see a button “DOWNLOAD MT4” or “DOWNLOAD MT5” respectively. Click on your preferred version.
    • Now, please note that in order to use MT4 or MT5, you have got to own an account with FP Markets. We will discuss the steps for that later. Once the account is ready, you can download the version of the computer you own – either Windows or Mac.
    • Next, install the downloaded file, and log in from the giver credential. You can start trading then.

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    How to Use FP Markets Online Trading Platform?

    As committed, we will now discuss the steps to open an FP Markets account and use the trading platform:

    • Visit their FP Markets official website. Over there, you will get the option “START TRADING.” Click on that.
    • Then you will receive a form with multiple pages. You must enter all the details correctly to proceed.
    • At some point, the form would ask you to provide a username and a suitable password for the account.
    • The eKYC verification process will also take place simultaneously. You need to upload relevant documents to complete the process.
    • Then, download the set-up file as mentioned in the steps above. Login and start trading then.

    Advantages of FP Markets MetaTrader 5

    Now once all the other explanations are done, it is time to discuss the significant benefits of using the FP Markets trading platforms:

    • Most traders look for a company with the lowest of spreads and commissions. FP Markets charges spread as low as 0.0 pip.
    • There is a demo account in the offering with virtual money to spend.
    • No dealing desks and no requotes, and they assure you they will never charge any in the future.
    • There is multi-language support available.
    • You can trade from 5 different classes of assets – forex, shares, indices, commodities, and metals.

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    FP Markets Trading Platform – Conclusion

    The overall rating of the FP Markets trading platforms is 4.3 out of 5 with thousands of clients polling all around the world.

    They have most of the bases covered in all the services they are offering.

    So, yes, FP Markets deserves a shot!

    FP Markets Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the FP Trading platform:

    What is the FP Markets Trading Platform called?

    There are 3 kinds of trading platforms available for various devices you are using.

    First, there is a desktop application for Windows and Mac users called Metatrader.

    It comes in 2 versions – MT4 and MT5. There is a web browser version called Webtrader available to use online.

    Of course, there is the mobile app version as well.

    Does FP Markets Trading Platform provide Web Trading?

    Yes. There is a dedicated web browser version of the trading platform availed by the company.

    You can use any popular browser to assess the account.

    Is FP Markets MetaTrader 5 Free to use?

    All the trading platforms that FP Markets is offering are free to download and install.

    However, please note that there are spreads and commission fees that are applicable once you are trading assets.

    How to download FP Markets Trading Terminal?

    Downloading the trading platforms is pretty straightforward.

    Assuming you own a Windows or Mac computer, you need to go to the official site to download Metatrader version 4 or 5, depending on your preference.

    You can also download the mobile app available in Android and iOS directly from the official website or from the respective mobile stores.

    What features does FP Markets Online Trading Platform have?

    MT4 or MT5 is packed with incredible features that you can use anytime.

    There are loads of chart options that you can play with. You can even customize them at your convenience.

    Then there are the reporting tools to provide you with all the relevant and necessary information.

    Depositing and withdrawing funds is way simpler than most trading companies.

    Of course, you can check for any specific tool’s availability with the support team.

    Can I trade in Shares via FP Markets MT5?

    There are over 10,000 company stocks in the offering from FP Markets.

    The best part is you can trade from stock exchanges from all over the world.

    Is FP Markets Trading Terminal good?

    The trading platforms of the company pretty much cover all the aspects of online trading.

    The pricing structure is good, MT4 and MT5 as a trading platform offers so many dynamic features to choose from, and most importantly, the company has years of experience to guide in adverse situations.

    So, yes, the company is definitely good, to say the least.

    Can FP Markets Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    Nowadays, KYC is mandatory for doing online trading.

    Then again, the conventional KYC is a very lengthy process.

    That is why FP Markets offer eKYC. The company can quickly verify your authenticity in a matter of minutes instead of days.

    Does FP Markets Trading Platform Trading Platform provide Tips?

    The Expert Advisors (EAs) are pretty dynamic in the company. They offer proactive tips not to recover losses but to earn profits.

    How to Buy Currencies via FP Markets Trading Platform?

    Trading currencies is one of the primary services that FP Markets do deliver.

    After you choose from the list of pairs you wish to trade, you can place an order straight from the chart’s pages.

    There is fast execution feature so that you can trade faster if required.

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