Check out all details about Fusion Markets Trading Platform here.

Fusion Markets is an Australian forex trading company that also deals in CFDs and other financial products at a radically lower price.

Whether you have experience or you are a newbie, Fusion Markets offer friendly support to everyone.

The company is famous for its cutting-edge technologies, and we will discuss a part of it today – trading platforms.

All the trading platforms they provide will serve you the best to elevate your trading skills.

There are loads of features and functions that we will learn in this article; alongside that, we will talk about the benefits of using these trading platforms.

Of course, we will address how to set up the platforms too. So, strap in.

About Fusion Markets Trading Platform

To start with, all the Fusion Markets trading platforms are there to assist you using any device you own.

Fusion Markets Trading PlatformYou may access it on your Windows or Mac computers as a desktop application, or you can use any popular browser to log into your account.

Of course, there is this mobile version as well.

The desktop application that Fusion Markets is offering is MetaTrader. You can choose from version 4 or 5, which are popularly known as MT4 and MT5 respectively.

The difference between the 2 versions is not drastic; however, you should expect more features and functions on the higher version.

Now, there is a MetaTrader version for browsers as well called WebTrader 4. But there is no version 5 available if you are using WebTrader. Finally, there is a mobile app version available.

The company calls it the Fusion Markets Mobile Trading app.

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    Fusion Markets Trading Terminal – Top Features

    Now when the basic introduction is done, let us check the main features and functions that you will get from the Fusion Markets’ trading platforms:

    • Fusion Markets is famous for modern-day trading features. That is why they have deployed the Automatic Trading feature.
    • The platforms have flexible trading options that could elevate your trading experience to a whole new level.
    • There are loads of chart options that you can customize as you like. On top of that, there are over 50 indicators and scripts that you can use. It will help you with the perfect technical analysis you are looking for.
    • There is a built-in Virtual Private Server (VPS) that you can use.
    • All the trading platforms are user-friendly. So, you can navigate and figure out what you need in a matter of days.
    • The support team is robust and efficient in problem escalations.

    Charts for Analysis

    Technical analysis of any particular asset starts with charts.

    Through the charts, you can check various aspects of an asset’s movement.

    Based on these reports, traders plan their moves.

    Now, Fusion Markets, as mentioned a few times now, is a company that offers technical assistance to its clients.

    That is why they are offering around 50 charts and indicators that will help you to pull off every sort of data you need to progress.


    You can place various kinds of orders depending upon your preference and style of trading. You can place Market Orders to curtail the risk factor to a minimum.

    Of course, you can place a Pending order whenever you feel there can be an opportunity. You can also process Trailing orders.

    Through this kind of order, you can potentially increase your profit margin. Now, if things go south, you can reduce the loss incurred by adding a trailing stop-loss order.

    Overall, there are several parameters that you can choose to feel confident while you trade with Fusion Markets. There is an automated trading feature that you can seek for help too.

    Reporting Tools

    The Reporting tools generate various reports based on how you are doing and how you can do it in the future. So, here are some of the essential tools that you should know about:

    • The Analyst View is a tool that you can use to check on multiple views of your invested assets in real-time mode. This allows you to make instant decisions.
    • Technical Insight is another tool to improve your technical analysis. You can interact with Charts and can create customized alerts too.
    • Market Buzz is an interesting tool to get reports from thousands of certified outlets every day. We all know, “Knowledge is Power.” This is where you can implement this quote.

    How to Set up Fusion Markets Web Trading Platform?

    Fusion Markets offer MT4 and MT5 as their trading platforms to the clients. It is a desktop application available for both Windows and Mac users.

    So, here are the steps to download and install the preferred version:

    • You can download the set-up file of MT4 or MT5, whichever you like to use from their official Please note that MT4 doesn’t come as mobile apps, whereas MT5 does. You can download mobile apps for MT5 for both Android and iOS users.
    • Now, after you download MT4 or MT5 for either Windows or Mac versions, you need to install it in your respective system.
    • Please note that these trading platforms are proprietary software. So, you need to own an account with Fusion Markets to use it, something we will discuss next.

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    How to Use Fusion Markets Online Trading Platform?

    Please follow the steps to open up a trading account with Fusion Markets, which will allow you to use all the trading platforms. So, here they are:

    • Visit the official website of Fusion Markets. When you are here, find and click on the button “CREATE AN ACCOUNT.”
    • It will route you to a new page for registration. It is a simple form that will ask you for your email, and you also need to create a suitable password. Click on “SIGN UP”
    • You then need to complete the eKYC verification. It is a simple procedure. You need to upload digital copies of your address proof, identity proof, and income proof.
    • Once done, you can login and start trading. Of course, you need to follow the previous step to download and install the application first.

    Advantages of Fusion Markets MetaTrader 5

    Finally, let us check some of the significant advantages of using the Fusion Markets MetaTrader 5:

    • All the trading platforms are user-friendly. So, you can be an expert in online trading in a matter of days.
    • Apart from forex, you can trade assets in energy products, precious metals, equity indices, commodities, and share CFDs.
    • There are two kinds of accounts that you can open. Each has its own benefits to help the kind of trades you wish to make.
    • There is a Trading Calculator that you can use to quickly figure out how much you need to pay as spreads and commissions.
    • An Economic Calculator is available too.

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    Fusion Markets Trading Platform – Conclusion

    All the trading platforms that Fusion Markets is offering are useful and designed to serve every category of traders. You just need to figure out what you want.

    There are plenty of options and assistance there. These platforms should make you a better trader in no time. So, Fusion Markets trading platforms should get a shoutout!

    Fusion Markets Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Fusion market trading platform:

    What is Fusion Markets Trading Platform called?

    There are 2 desktop versions called MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

    These are available on Windows and Mac computers.

    There is a web browser version, which they call WebTrader. There is also a mobile app available on Android and iOS – Fusion Markets Mobile Trading App.

    Does Fusion Markets Trading Platform provide Web Trading?

    Yes, apart from the MetaTrader desktop application, Fusion Markets is also offering a trading platform that you can access for web browsers. They call it WebTrader.

    Is Fusion Markets MetaTrader 5 Free to use?

    You can download Fusion Markets MetarTrader 5 from their official website without paying a single penny.

    However, there are costs for spreads and commissions that you must pay to perform online trading.

    How to download Fusion Markets Trading Terminal?

    You can download the Windows or Mac versions of MT4 and MT5 from the official website of Fusion Markets.

    You need to check on the respective pages of MT4 or MT5 to download your preferred version.

    What features does Fusion Markets Online Trading Platform have?

    All the trading platforms have tons of robust features like VPS, Automated Trading, Economic Calculator, 50+ charts and indicators, and many more that you can look for.

    Can I trade in Shares via the Fusion Markets Trading Platform?

    There are roughly 50 share CFDs in the offering that you can trade from some of the most popular stock exchanges all around the globe.

    Is Fusion Markets Trading Terminal good?

    In one word, yes, Fusion Markets Trading Terminals are good.

    But we would like to add that the platforms are efficient.

    They are user-friendly, packed with practical features, and have a ton of customizable features.

    Can Fusion Markets MT5 be used without EKYC?

    No. In order to use any of the MT5 that Fusion Markets is offering, you have to complete the KYC verification.

    Now, the eKYC feature is available here.

    So, you can quickly verify yourself and start trading online.

    Does Fusion Markets Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Yes. There is an Expert Advisor support feature available in all the trading platforms that Fusion Markets is offering.

    How to Buy Currencies via Fusion Markets MetaTrader 5?

    After you set up the trading platform, prepare the watchlist of your favorite currency pairs.

    Once you do all the technical analysis and are happy with the price point, you can place an order choosing from your preferred order options.

    The same process goes, if you will sell your assets, select the quantity and place a selling order to progress.

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