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Libertex Group comprises Indication Investments Ltd and Libertex Trading Platform is their trading application. Operating from Limassol, Cyprus, Libertex has been in business since 1997.

A forex and CFD broker with fixed commissions, Libertex has attracted 2.2 million clients across 11 countries.

With a minimum deposit of 100 euro and a minimum trade of 20 euro, Libertex Web Trading Platform instruments include a long list.

Trade-in Forex and Cryptocurrencies, Metals and Indices. Trade-in Stocks, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, and ETFs too.

Regulated by CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), there remains no doubt of the Libertex Trading Terminal’s legitimacy and the safety of trader funds.

Working on the exceptional MetaTrader 4 software, they offer STP, ECN, and DMA accounts. Along with a browser-based trading platform, 2 mobile apps cater to Android and iOS systems.

About Libertex Trading Platform

As a leading global online broker with 23 years of meritorious records, LIBERTEX Trading Platform has also gathered 30 awards.

Libertex Trading Platform

Choose from over 200 assets across many different industries.

The trading platform works fine on any web browser. Placing trades could not be easier in the simple interface.

Get competitive with fast execution times and fixed commissions with no spreads.

Along with MT4, Libertex has created its own interface that traders could customize according to needs. Traders thus have a choice between MT4 and the Libertex platform.

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    Libertex Trading Terminal – Top Features

    According to the country of residence, the Libertex Web Trading Platform works across many assets and markets.

    Traders have access to many choices like between 50+ currency pairs, 100 stocks, and over 50 cryptocurrencies.

    Other choices refer to 5 metals, 18 indices, 6 agricultural assets, 5 oil/gas instruments, and 10 ETFs.

    Only commissions are charged and no spreads.

    Commissions differ according to the asset and market. Some leading currency pairs like EUR/USD charge a commission of 0.008%.

    Regarding cryptocurrency pairs, commissions could vary between 0.47% and 2.5%. On stocks, commissions usually fall between 0.1% and 0.2%.

    Liberal fees make the Libertex Trading Terminal very attractive.

    Traders pay no joining fee or monthly payments. Fees are not charged for payments and withdrawals.

    According to the trade, leverage rates differ, the minimum being 1:30.

    The minimum works as an industry-standard among European brokers with regard to the majority of currency pairs. Better leverage could be available.

    Apple App Store and Google Play Store facilitate mobile app downloads for iOS and Android systems respectively.

    Supremely designed apps regularly updated work well on all operating systems.

    The apps may be downloaded from the Libertex website too.

    Some features of the exceptional user-friendly mobile apps are easy to order placement, pre-order, and a stop loss feature. Traders access live quotes and profit-taking.

    Trading signals along with technical analysis software throw light on real market conditions and provide safe and wise trading opportunities.

    Types of accounts

    Commencing with a demo account helps to learn the trading strategies, especially for beginners.

    When it comes to the live trading account, several choices according to the level of trading experience are available.

    Leverages of 1:600 and status according to the deposit are some features.

    Gold status requires a deposit of 250 euro with a 3% commission discount.

    GoldPlus requires a 1000-euro deposit with a 4% discount.

    Platinum status calls for a 1500-euro deposit with a 20% discount and priority withdrawals.

    VIP status will require a 5000-euro deposit and a 30% commission. Also included are priority withdrawals and premium customer support.

    How to Set up Libertex Web Trading Platform?

    First comes the decision to trade from the Libertex Trading Platform that is one of the leading global brokers.

    Desktop Computers with a large screen are very convenient to study charts in detail but mobile apps have the trading on the go advantage.

    Having decided, invest in the appropriate equipment according to the available budget.

    An office corner with a desktop would facilitate website trading or MetaTrader 4. Mobile trading requires a smartphone.

    Even without software downloads, trading works from the browser in the Libertex Trading Terminal company website.

    Visit either of the app stores, Google Play Store, or Apple App Store for free downloads of the android or iOS versions of the mobile app respectively.

    The best and safest process is to commence with the demo account to learn the trading basics.

    Especially beginners who need such an experience with no financial risks.

    Regarding the software and the trading platform, there is no need to worry.

    They are among the best and the online services are exceptional.

    Regarding financial risks, it does not exist.

    Libertex is regulated and completely authentic. If the mind is full of money worries, it will not be possible to concentrate on research and trading.

    Adjustment to the system will take a while. Do not hurry.

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    How to Own Libertex Online Trading Platform?

    After the decisions are made, the budget is obtained, the equipment is ready and the downloads are done, it is time to open an account.

    The first stage of signing up is simple with the email address and the password.

    Get familiar with the 4 kinds of live trading accounts after learning from the demo account. Study the deposit amounts carefully and the advantages offered.

    The Gold status requires a deposit of 250 euro with a 3% commission discount.

    The GoldPlus account requires a 1000-euro deposit with a 4% discount.

    A Platinum status calls for a 1500-euro deposit with a 20% discount and priority withdrawals.

    The VIP status will require a minimum 5000-euro deposit and a 30% commission. Also included are priority withdrawals and premium customer support.

    Proceed confidently with the Libertex Trading Platform after the firm decision.

    Make sure that all the entries like name, age, date of birth, and address can be verified by government documents.

    Traders need to upload 2 kinds of documents that verify identity and country of residence address.

    An identification document is usually a passport or driving license that shows the picture of the applicant along with the signature.

    Utility bills like water or electricity within 3 months old or a bank statement that contains the name and address would be accepted for residence proof.

    After verifications, the deposit is needed to commence trading.

    Advantages of Libertex MetaTrader 4

    The fully regulated online broker Libertex Web Trading Platform maintains excellent software performance supported by live market updates.

    Switching between the demo account and the real-live account is easy. Withdrawals are fast with exceptional customer service.

    A variety of charts along with timeframes and indicators enable a deep technical understanding of the market and trading conditions.

    Traders globally benefit from the 16 languages that exhibit information.  Traders choose from 9 timeframes that range between one minute and one month.

    Available indicators number 43 and include 22 trend indicators along with 8 volatility indicators and 13 oscillators.

    Traders can customize a list of favorites to include frequently traded assets. Survey price changes on trades conveniently.

    Information about order history, wallet balance, and pending orders are available in the same place.

    Get to know asset live quotes with Order Management.

    The Live Trades section informs about trades the others are busy with, useful to understand trends. Copy trading is possible.

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    Libertex Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Libertex Trading Platform has achieved much by way of winning client trust and numerous awards during over 23 years of service to the global trading community.

    An array of striking features supported by powerful customer service sets them apart from numerous other online brokers.

    In addition to the MetaTrader 4 trading software, Libertex has designed its own user-friendly interface.

    Without support from technical analyses, trading signals, and recommendations, traders cannot succeed.

    Libertex provides ample indicators and the experts there possess a thorough understanding of assets, trading procedures, markets, and risk factors.

    They encourage and support traders to do their best with wise trading, commencing with the risk-free demo account.

    Shifting from the demo account to live trading has an easy procedure.

    Mobile trading apps present fast funding and successful trading during travel is ensured when no chances are missed out.

    Libertex Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Libertex trading platform:

    What is Libertex Trading Platform called?

    MetaTrader 4 software is the leading Libertex Online Trading Platform vehicle for operational trading but Libertex also runs its own trading program that may be customized according to preferences.

    In addition are the 2 Libertex mobile apps for both android and iOS systems that need to be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store respectively.

    Does Libertex provide Web Trading?

    Libertex Trading Platform facilitates online web trading that runs via the internet.

    Along with MetaTrader 4 and the Libertex platform are the 2 mobile apps, all of them working on the web.

    The convenient means of communication globally connects markets with the latest updates.

    Exchange of trading signals and indicators supply the ideas for placing trades with the best chances of success.

    Is Libertex Trading Platform Free to use?

    Charges are low and attractive with Libertex trading.

    Signing up for an account, making a profile, and using the demo account for training are all free.

    Monthly fees are not charged. Commissions are low and spreads are not charged.

    A live account for trading requires the minimum deposit according to the type of account.

    How to download Libertex Trading Terminal?

    According to preferences, MetaTrader 4 or the LIbertex trading platform may be downloaded from the online company website.

    Downloads are not charged.

    If the mobile app is required, it will be available for free download at either of 2 stores.

    They are Google Play Store for the android version and Apple App Store for the iOS version.

    What features does Libertex Online Trading Platform have?

    An able and expert broker equipped with the latest technological expertise, Libertex brings the best chances to traders globally in numerous countries.

    They have constructed a user-friendly customizable interface of their own in addition to MetaTrader 4 and 2 mobile apps offered for trading.

    No downloads are required for those who want to trade directly from the browser.

    Can I trade in Shares via the Libertex MT4?

    Among more than 200 assets that Libertex Online Trading Platform allows trading in, the buying and selling of shares and currencies are among the most important.

    Since financial loss is always a danger in any kind of trading, research and customer support would be needed to avoid losses by careless trading.

    Researched and deliberate trading brings profits.

    Is Libertex Trading Terminal good?

    LIBERTEX Trading Platform has earned a global reputation as an outstanding broker that charges low commissions and provides the best research facilities for wise trading.

    Technologically, the system is superb and well maintained according to the latest global standards.

    Traders have no reason to complain regarding the trading procedures, account opening, or deposits and withdrawals.

    Can Libertex MetaTrader 4 be used without EKYC?

    Live trading must be preceded by verification of uploaded documents and the payment of the minimum deposit according to the nature of the account.

    EKYC ensures security because many crimes take place online. Trading involves money that could be at risk.

    Along with cybersecurity, the documents help prove the identity and country of residence.

    Does Libertex Trading Platform provide Tips?

    A range of charts and timeframes, indicators, and trading signals provides ample materials to study and gain an understanding of assets and market conditions.

    Customer support helps to clear doubts too.

    Traders get confidence as a result of the wide variety of support and can trade wisely without excessive fear of financial loss though risks are present.

    How to Buy Currencies via Libertex Web Trading Platform?

    Forex or the trade-in pairs of currencies is a leading activity at Libertex Online Trading Platform.

    Currency pairs are traded and the rise and fall in the value of the currency against each other will help to understand the market.

    The British pound and American dollar is a leading currency pair and attracts a lot of trading.

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