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Check out all details about Prime XBT Trading Platform here.

Prime XBT is a popular online Bitcoin exchange platform that offers all its users to trade in cryptocurrencies and CFDs on its trading platform.

The company has quickly become one of the biggest players in the margin trading industry taking on heavyweight trading companies like BitMex.

The exchange system has been developed keeping in mind the common problems of other trading platforms that include unexpected downtime, problems trading on the market that are failing, limited order types, low liquidity, limited order types, bad user experience, high trading fees, and the long and slow KYC approval process.

In this article, we would be discussing the features and benefits of the Prime XBT Trading Terminal.

About Prime XBT Trading Platform

This Crypto currency exchange company is registered in Seychelles.

Prime XBT Trading Platform

Their parent company is Prime XBT trading services and the company was established in the market in 2019.

The company also has offices in St Vincent and the Grenadines and has now shifted to Switzerland.

The main selling point behind the company is that they allow leverage trading on various assets.

The company allows all its traders to trade in a total of 6 cryptocurrency pairs with a maximum average of 100x.

The company also allows trading in several products or commodity assets with leverage charges up to 1000x.

Prime XBT makes proper use of the liquidity fund provided by the market makers and larger exchanges in the industry.

The company aggregates or pools from over 12 different exchanges and regions.

Even though the company has recently established its place in the trading market, it has traders from over 150 countries.

The Prime XBT web Trading platform is a powerful application that is loaded with exclusive trader tools that have been developed keeping in mind the necessities of both beginners and expert level traders.

The company also promises industry-level security to protect all the investor funds and their trading activities from cyber attacks.

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    Prime XBT Trading Terminal – Top Features

    Here’s a little discussion about the top features provided by the Prime XBT Trading Terminal. Go through them before using the trading platform.

    Exchange Security

    The funds that are held at Prime XBT are stored in cold storage.

    This simply means that the funds are kept in an offline environment away from any kind of online activity and the threats of potential hackers.

    Only a limited amount of points are stored in the hot wallet to serve all the transactions. To move any amount from cold storage to hot wallet, multiple signature access is required.

    This simply means that for any kind of transaction In any of the wallets, authorization has to be obtained from several people who hold the keys.

    The company uses Cloudflare’s technology to protect all DDOS attacks.

    Communication security

    Prime XBT trading platform uses SSL inscription. This simply means that all the communication and all your exchange details are encrypted.

    It will also identify if you land or enter any phishing website.

    The company uses the ‘B-crypt’ algorithm when it comes to storing all your passwords.

    User security

    Even if a hacker gets hold of your password, he won’t be able to enter because the company protects all your accounts with two-factor authentication.

    This means that you will have to allow access from your google authenticator app.


    You can customize the trading platform according to your needs. Everything on the platform can be moved here and there according to your necessity.

    You can also design your workspaces which you can access at the top of the platform.

    A special widget feature has also been developed. This helps you insert a customized panel into any of your workspaces.

    This widget could contain messages, trade, order phone, messages, trade history, trading news!.

    There is also a customization option that allows the users to use the Prime XBT trading platform to alter the appearances of the charts. You can customize the chart using colors, grids, and spacing.

    Turbo Platform

    This feature allows the traders to take a position on an asset over a longer period for a definite profit.

    These are called digital instruments where if your predicted price is correct at the end of the expiry date, you will be getting the fixed payout along with the profit.

    Another aspect of the platform is the social aspect. Using this feature, the traders are allowed to check what other traders are doing and can also compete with them on the leaderboard.

    Covesting Module

    Prime XBT Trading Platform has recently added a Covesting module. This feature allows all the users to automatically copy and execute the trading styles of other professional traders.

    When you use the covesting tab, a list of cryptocurrency traders would be displayed. Here you can also see the returns received in the last 24 hours.

    How to Set up Prime XBT Web Trading Platform?

    The process of setting up the Prime XBT online trading platform is pretty simple. So, in the following steps, we have discussed the steps on how we can set up the trading platform.

    1. While getting started with the process you first need to open an account and a demo account with the trading company.
    2. You will receive the login credentials from the company which you need to login into the trading platform. Also, you have to select the trading platform you want to trade in.
    3. In the next step, you have to download the terminal from the website or any third-party websites.
    4. After downloading, run the installation wizard and install it.
    5. After successful installation, run the application. You will see the login page where you have to log in with the credentials provided by the company after registration.
    6. Now you have successfully logged in, you can place the active orders and check all the order and trade-related activities.

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    How to Use Prime XBT Online Trading Platform?

    1. Firstly, you need to visit the official website of the trading company. Here, you will have to click on the open new account button.
    2. An application form will open where you have to fill in with simple details as asked and submit.
    3. After submission, your account would be directly open as the company does not require any KYC and AML checks on its traders.
    4. After all the steps have been completed, the company will verify and open your trading account and will provide the login credentials in your email address.
    5. With these login credentials, you can log in to Prime XBT Trading Terminal and then start trading.

    Advantages of Prime XBT MetaTrader 5

    Some of the advantages offered by the trading platform are:

    1. All the accounts are 100% anonymous, no KYC or any other verification process or personal details are required at the time of your registration.
    2. The company promises competitive trading conditions and service fees.
    3. The company has ultra-fast trading conditions because of the advanced technology and top tire liquidity resources.
    4. The leverage fee charged on crypto-assets is up to 1:100. This place is pretty competitive.
    5. A modern but simple platform is suitable both for professionals and new traders.

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    Prime XBT Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Prime XBT is a well-known blockchain-based exchange trading company that operates from the Republic of Seychelles.

    The trading company is controlled and monitored by advanced technology and they focus on customer satisfaction.

    The company has also added many security measures to protect its Funds and user data.

    Prime XBT Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Prime XBT Trading Platform:

    What is the Prime XBT Trading Platform called?

    The company’s trading platform is called Prime XBT Trading Platform.

    The company allows all types of trading platforms and has many features that help both beginner-level traders and expert-level traders.

    Does Prime XBT provide Web Trading?

    The company provides a web trading experience for all the users registered with them who want to start trading via web browsers or mobile web browsers.

    The process of trading via the training terminal is simple and no other software has to be downloaded to access it via a web browser.

    Is Prime XBT Online Trading Platform Free to use?

    Prime XBT Trading Terminal is free to download and free to use.

    It can be downloaded from the official website of the company and the registration process is also free.

    How to download Prime XBT Trading Terminal?

    The trading platform can be directly downloaded from the official website of the company. You can also download it by searching it on Google.

    The users can also download the application from third-party websites.

    What features does the Prime Xbt Online Trading Platform have?

    Some of the exclusive features are:

    Demo account to practice trading as long as you want.

    Covesting Feature that allows all the users to copy and execute the trading mechanism of all the other traders. This helps the traders understand Trading and gain better profit.

    Can I trade in Shares via the Prime XBT MetaTrader 5?

    If you are a trader who has registered themselves with Prime XBT you are allowed to trade in the share market.

    You will need to get in touch with the executive at the company and pay an amount to avail of share market benefits.

    Is Prime XBT Trading Terminal good?

    The trading terminal has exclusive features and security features that make it one of the best and the most preferred trading platforms in the trading market.

    Can the Prime XBT Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    The company does not ask about the user’s personal information or does not believe in any long KYC process.

    This makes all the accounts anonymous and thus secure.

    Does Prime XBT MT5 provide Tips?

    An additional feature that is available in the trading platform is expert opinion.

    Here trading experts would be assisting with the trading process so that the users can gain maximum profit.

    Educational videos and chat sessions are also provided so that the traders learn everything about trading.

    How to Buy Currencies via Prime XBT Web Trading Platform?

    After successful registration, you will receive the login details in your email.

    After logging in into the Prime XBT web trading terminal you will now be able to select the currency pairs, get your investment plan, strategize all your investment plans and then start trading.

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