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MetaTrader5 is one of the latest trading platforms that come with the most advanced trading tools and features worldwide in the trading industry.

It is the upgraded version of MT4 and hence is the most efficient and matchless trading platform that offers the best trading opportunities to the traders and ensures maximum profits.

If you are interested in using the Just2Trade trading platforms MT5 account, and looking for detailed information about the Just2Trade MT5 Global account, then you have landed on the right page.

Here we will discuss everything about the MT5 global account including its various aspects and benefits that you can employ in your trading practices.

About Just2Trade Trading Platform

MT5 is the most improved version of the MT4 trading platform.

Just2Trade Forex Broker

It comes with many advantages and offers the best of the Meta Traders products and latest advancements.

MT5 Global is the MT5 trading platform of Just2Trade trading terminal that allows the traders access to automated trading tools while trading for various products.

It is a platform suitable for both beginners and veteran traders as it comes with various features and trading tools along with a demo account.

With MT5 Global, the trader can trade in a single-window more major stocks, futures exchanges, and the forex market making transactions with currency, stocks, futures, and CFDs.

To access an MT5 account, open a brokerage account or Live account, make the minimum payments, and start trading.

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    Just2Trade Trading Terminal – Top Features

    MT5 Global is the trading platform of Just2Trade that offers the most exclusive and user-friendly features.

    It gives the traders the most advanced trading experience and helps them boost their revenues. Some of the prominent features are-

    21 Timeframes and Advanced set of analytical tools

    The MT5 platform offers professional technical analysis of the minute price fluctuations with the availability of 21-time frames.

    It also offers exclusive analytical tools including indicators and graphic objects to offer advanced trading practices to traders.

    Market Depth: 

    This feature allows the user to zoom in on the graphs and tick chart price levels with the depth of the market tool. It will facilitate the user to place instant order from inside the same window.

    User-friendly Trading System

    It is a user-friendly platform that provides access to various automated trading tools and analytical tools for trading in the financial market.

    Additional types of pending orders- the MT5 Trading platform supports various types of pending orders.

    Since it is the advanced version of MT4, it supports two additional types of pending orders.


    MT5 provides MQL5- a new generation of programming language for trade advisors and indicators.

     Virtual Private Server (VPS) for Forex

    Just2Trade online trading platform MT5 provides the VPS feature that helps traders automate their strategies with Expert Advisors software on a virtual private server (VPS).

    VPS allows Expert Advisor Software to deliver automated trading strategies within the MT5 platform.

    The traders can customize EAs as per their need and experience elasticity, market insight, and control.


    Copy trading is a significant feature that helps the trader follow best trading practices. With copy trading, the trader can entirely depend on the signal behavior for executing the trade.

    It allows the trader to see other traders’ trading practices and copy their trading techniques to gain more profits.

    Hedge and Netting

    This is one of the prominent features of MT5 that allows the users to check if their account is netting or hedging by looking at the “Journal” option given in the “Trade” window.

    How to Set up Just2Trade Web Trading Platform?

    Just2Trade MT5 Global platform is accessible on all devices such as Android, iOS devices, and windows.

    • It is also available on the web as a live trading account and can be used without downloading the software. The set process includes the following steps-
    • Browse the Just2Trade website and visit the account opening web page. You can download both MT5 and demo accounts on the Just2Trade trading platform.
    • Choose the preferred platform to download the app or software.
    • Click on the download button and get it downloaded for free. Once the app or software is downloaded, choose the option “open account”. When you click on the option, a pop-up form will appear.
    • Fill the form with all the details asked and choose the preferred account type and agree to the terms and conditions to submit the form.
    • The next step is to fill out the form “personal information”. Fill it up in detail and submit.
    • Provide your economic profile in the third step. In this section, the broker may ask you to submit scanned copies of your important documents, such as identity proof and bank statements.
    • Now you can customize your account with the step “Account Setting”
    • In the end, agree to the “Agreement and confirmation” option.
    • The broker will verify your documents and account to approve them. The account will be activated in 2 to 3 working days and you will receive login credentials and a confirmation letter in your email.

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    How to Own Just2Trade Online Trading Platform?

    The owning process of the Just2Trade MT5 trading platform is very easy and simple like any other account. The step included in the process are-

    Open the app or software and sign in to the account.

    Fill in the log-in credentials to enter into your account. You can also log in to the demo account with the same login credentials.

    Just2Trade offers a demo account for the new traders or the professionals who are using the just2trade platform for the first time.

    With a demo account, you can take a thorough tour of the account, and check its various trading tools and functions.

    You can also trade with the virtual money offered in the account.

    After the complete know-how of the account, you can switch to the professional MT5 Global account to execute your trade.

    Advantages of Just2Trade MetaTrader 5

    Just2Trade trading platform comes with various advantages, such as –

    • It provides the most powerful analytical tools to the traders to calculate and predict the market situation and let you employ the best trading practices.
    • MT5 trading platform comes with Android and iOS mobile versions. It is also accessible on Windows and web browsers.
    • MT5 offers automated trading tools for the best trading experience.
    • It provides high speed and reliability of order execution.
    • MT5 Global allows trading in different products such as stocks, currency, and futures
    • Web-version and applications for all current OSs.
    • It also offers 2 trading position accounting systems – hedge and netting
    • There are over 80 instruments/indicators for analytics in the MT5 platform
    • It comes with the built-in algorithmic trading system, along with fine-tuning
    • Copy trading is a significant feature accessible with the MT5 trading platform. It helps the traders imitate the experts and implement trading practices accordingly.
    • The traders get VPS, a virtual private server for forex
    • It shows automatic alerts for important market events to ensure you never miss out on profitable prospects.

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    Just2Trade Trading Platform – Conclusion

    In this article, we have discussed everything about the MT5 Global account of the Just2trade web trading platform.

    Now you have all the information about the MT5 trading platform’s features, benefits, set up process, own process, and more.

    You have a lot of products to trade in with the most advanced trading –platform.

    Examine the various platforms and tools it offers and tailors your MT5 global account as per your requirements and expertise and implement best trading practices to achieve desired goals.

    Just2Trade Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Just2Trade trading platform:

    What is the Just2Trade MT5 Trading Platform called?

    The Just2Trade MT5 trading platform is referred to as MT5 Global or Meta Trader 5 Global.

    It also offers MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

    The trader can use either of the platforms as per their suitability and open the respective associated accounts to start trading in the forex market.

    Does Just2Trade MT5 provide Web Trading?

    Yes, Just2Trade MT5 provides Web Trading for its users.

    The traders can opt for web trading by opening a live trading account. Just 2 Trade trading terminals are accessible on all devices including Android, iOS devices, and windows, the traders can download the app or the software from their respective devices for free and the traders can also access the trading platform on the web without having to download the app or software.

    They can simply log in to the live trading account and begin trading.

    Is the Just2Trade Metatrader 5 Global platform free to use?

    No, Just2Trade MetaTrader 5 Global platform is not free to use.

    The traders are required to deposit a minimum opening balance of $100 to access the MetaTrader 5 Global trading account.

    There are some other charges also involved including spread charges, commission charges, inactivity fee, leverage, etc. though, the demo account offered by Just 2 Trade is free to use. It does not involve any charges to operate and trade.

    How to download Just2Trade Trading Terminal?

    Browse the web page of Just2Trade, you will get four options to download the Just2Trade Trading Terminal from four different platforms such as download for Android, download for iOS, download for windows, or access with the web.

    You can choose your preferred device and click on the download button. Once the download is completed, run the file and finish the setup process to access the trading account.

    What features does Just2Trade MetaTrader 5 have?

    Just2Trade MetaTrader 5 offers various features such as-

    • The market depth that allows the traders to choose the preferred platform version customized for their needs
    • It offers a user-friendly and simple to access trading system
    • It also offers 21 timeframes and an advanced set of tools such as indicators and graphic objects
    • MT 5 comes with high-quality programming language MQL5 for trade advisors and indicators
    • It supports additional types of pending orders

    What do all products Just2trade trading Platforms offer to trade?

    Just2trade trading Platform offers to trade a wide range of products including Stock with over 30,000 instruments, futures with over 5,000 instruments, Forex, Euro bonds, and options with over 90, 000 instruments.

    Is Just2trade MT5 Trading Terminal safe and good?

    Just2trade is a legitimate and regulated broker that offers trading services in the United States along with many European countries.

    Since it is regulated, it ensures the safety and security of your trading account, funds, and transactions. MT5 Trading Terminal offers exclusive features and various automated trading tools to allow the traders to tailor their accounts as per their needs and execute a trade to achieve maximum gain.

    Can Just2trade Metatrader 5 Global account be used without EKYC?

    No, at the Just2Trade trading platform, KYC is an important part of the registration process.

    While opening the account, KYC is important to verify your authentication and approve your application.

    The broker may also ask you to submit scanned copies of your important documents such as photographs, identity proof, bank statements, and residential proof at the time of the verification process.

    KYC is important to ensure the safety and security of your account, funds, and transactions.

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