Get to know everything about FXPro Trading Platform here. With over 15 years of experience, FXPro is one of the leading brands in financial assets trading.

Primarily a forex trading company, they also deal in futures, indices, shares, metals, energies, and cryptocurrencies.

One of the significant reasons for their success is that they care about online trading in the future.

That is why they focus so much on the trading platforms they are offering. Today, we will learn about the trading platforms they are offering.

We will explore the features and benefits in detail and let you know how to open up an account with FXPro and use their platforms. So, let us jump in.

About FXPro Trading Platform

Let us know the trading platforms that FXPro is offering.

FXPro Trading PlatformThe company is providing 2 trading platforms – cTrader and MetaTrader.

While MetaTrader is a standard application available widely in the market, cTrader is a proprietary application that serves most clients. Let us know about them in brief.

MetaTrader is a 3rd party application that is famous for online trading. It comes in 2 versions – MT4 and MT5.

Please note that you can use MetaTrader as a desktop application available for both Windows and Mac users.

On top of that, you can check out the browser version by logging in straight from a web portal.

Finally, there is an MT5 mobile app version that you can use, which will allow you to check your account on the move.

cTrader, on the other hand, is an in-house application from FXPro.

You can download the Trading Terminal from the website, which is available in Windows and Mac.

There is the mobile app version of cTrader, which is available on Android and iOS. Of course, you can also try cTrader using any popular web browser.

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    FXPro Trading Terminal – Top Features

    Let us discuss the top features of FXPro trading platforms:

    • You can trade from 6 different classes of assets from one application – forex, metals, indices, futures, shares, and energies.
    • The Economic & Earning Calendar tools are available.
    • You can do Technical Analysis using one of the robust tools available – Trading Central.
    • You can seek help from the Trading Calculator tool.
    • With the Daily Market Reviews tool, you can stay up-to-date with everything happening in the market.
    • Educational Resources tool is what you should be looking for to get all the information you need to educate yourself.
    • VPS is available in Pro accounts.

    Charts for Analysis

    In order to get consistent success in online trading, you have to do technical analysis.

    Charts play a crucial role in that. FXPro takes the chart features very seriously.

    That is why they are offering more than 50 technical indicators and charting tools.

    That will surely improve the way any new trader operates.

    The best part is you will get ample customizable options to set up your chart segment precisely the way you want. There are 6 types of charts in disposal with 15 timeframes to choose from.


    Both in cTrader and MetaTrader, the order placing options are well drafted.

    You can place Market Order to curtail the trading risk factors, or you can place Pending Orders as well.

    Of course, you can place a Trailing Order, which can either maximize your profit or process Stop-loss when needed.

    Fast Execution of orders is available in both the trading platforms you choose to work with.

    Reporting Tools

    There are loads of Reporting tools that FXPro offers.

    These tools fetch crucial data that eventually complete the technical analysis of any particular asset. So, we are mentioning a few of them below:

    • With the FXPro Market News tool, you can get all the latest updates of all the assets you like.
    • Trading Central is an excellent tool that helps you to complete your technical analysis via generating the Trading Signals.
    • FXPro VPS helps you connect with Expert Advisors all the time.
    • You can set a wide variety of alerts and notifications to get all the personalized details.
    • You can also check out and verify your calculations using the FXPro Calculator tool.

    How to Set up FXPro Web Trading Platform?

    Now, here are the steps to download and install your preferred application:

    • It starts with choosing the ideal trading platform suitable for you. Once you made up your mind, follow the link provided above.
    • Once you are on the correct page, you need to find the preferred version of the platform. For example, let us assume you wish to download cTrader for Windows. Then follow the respective link and download the setup file, which says “Download cTrader for Windows.”
    • There is something that you must understand. You need to open an account FXPro to use either of the trading platforms they are offering. Of course, we will discuss how to do that later.
    • After you download the setup file, install it in your respective system.
    • Log in using the credential at the time of opening an account. Then, upload the fund, and start trading

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    How to Use FXPro Online Trading Platform?

    It is time to discuss the steps to open up an FXPro account. Here are the steps below:

    • Go to the official website of FXPro, which is Once you are on the homepage, you should see “Start Trading Now.” We request you to click on that.
    • Then it should open up the registration page, where it selects the country you live in, using your IP Address. Fill it out with correct details, and click on “Register.”
    • Then comes the KYC verification. Luckily, FXPro offers eKYC, which can be done in minutes. All you need to do is to upload your address proof, ID proof, and income proof.
    • As soon as the eKYC is complete, you can download and install the preferred trading platform, as the steps discussed earlier.
    • Then log in, transfer funds, and begin trading.

    Advantages of FXPro MetaTrader 5

    Let us now discuss some of the advantages of using the FXPro MetaTrader 5:

    • Both MetaTrader and cTrader are user-friendly. As a trader, you can quickly find what you are looking for in seconds as the navigation is smooth.
    • One platform to trade 6 different classes of assets. You can trade forex, metals, indices, futures, shares, and energies from the most recognizable international markets.
    • There are loads of technical In fact, there is a dedicated tool called Trading Central just to perform the analysis the best way possible.
    • For a new trader, there are loads of educational materials that you can use to sharpen your trading skills.
    • You can seek help from Expert Advisors for tips and suggestions.

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    FXPro Trading Platform – Conclusion

    FXPro is a decent company with every bit in the correct order.

    The trading platforms elevate the overall trading experience to a whole new level.

    The company understands how modern-day trading works and therefore, they are happy to feed you all the information you need.

    That will make all the trades meaningful and hence, it makes perfect sense that you should try their service once.

    FXPro Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FXPro trading platforms:

    What is the FXPro Trading Platform called?

    FXPro provides 2 variants of trading platforms.

    First, cTrader, which is the in-house software of the company. It is available for Windows as well as Mac users, and if you want to use it on mobile, it is available both on Android and iOS.

    Second, FXPro is offering MetaTrader versions 4 and 5. You can get it on all the devices you own, and you can also access it using a web browser.

    Does FXPro Trading Platform provide Web Trading?

    Yes, you can access both cTrader and MetaTrader (both versions) using any popular web browser available today.

    Is FXPro MetaTrader 5 Free to use?

    Using both cTrader and MetaTrader is free of cost.

    But then again there are costs for spreads and commission that you must pay to the company to trade assets online.

    How to download FXPro Trading Terminal?

    Visit the official website of FXPro.

    From the Tools menu, select the trading platform that you wish to use – cTrader, MetaTrader 4, or MetaTrader, and click on that. You will find the version you want to use and download it.

    What features does the FXPro Online Trading Platform have?

    The likes of Educational Services, Trading Signals, Email Alerts, Guaranteed Fills / Liquidity, Trailing SP/TP, Automated Trading, API Trading, VPS Services, and Trading From Chart are some of the notable features that you will get with all the FXPro trading platforms.

    Can I trade in Shares via the FXPro Mt5?

    Yes, definitely. You can trade from over 150 global company shares.

    Placing an order is ultra-fast, and the latency is super-low as well. Now, you can talk to the support team to know whether you have a particular stock listed with the company or not.

    Is FXPro Trading Terminal good?

    All the pieces of being a decent trading terminal are there on all the platforms that FXPro is offering. Therefore, you should consider them good at a minimum.

    Can FXPro Trading Platform and Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    KYC is imperative and mandatory for online trading. What is interesting is that FXPro offers eKYC, which you can complete in minutes instead of days.

    Does FXPro Trading Platform Trading Platform provide Tips?

    There is a dedicated service called Expert Advisors (EAs) which can offer beneficial tips, which are practical and relevant.

    How to Buy Currencies via FXPro MetaTrader 5?

    Trading in currencies is easy and quick. Select the currency pair after doing the technical analysis.

    Then place an order after at your preferred mode.

    Selling the asset is easy too. While you are ready to sell your asset, you can place an order with the same option as you got while you were buying pairs.

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