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Know everything about IronFX Trading Platform here.

Trading platforms have an ultimate role to play in trading. Whether it is about the speed of execution of the order to the safety of the transaction after it.

You need a reliable trading platform at every stage. So, here in this article, we will talk about the IronFX MT4 or MetaTrader 4 in detail.

We will take you through all of its features and benefits. We will also guide you about how to set up the trading platforms of Iron FX.

This article is going to enlighten you about all the aspects of the IronFX trading terminal and web trading platforms.

About IronFX Trading Platform

IronFx trading platform MT 4 is a platform that you can use on any device.

There is the trading terminal of MT 4 for both Windows and MAC.

IronFX Trading PlatformThen there is a Web-based trading platform of MT 4 and also mobile trading applications for iOS and Android.

MetaTrader 4 which is commonly known as MT 4 is one of the most advanced trading platforms at present.

It has a very user-friendly interface which helps the investors invest in assets easily and smoothly without much hassle.

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    IronFX Trading Terminal – Top Features

    The features of MT 4 vary according to the platform you are operating it. It differs a bit from one operating system to another.

    Let us discuss each of them individually –


    On Windows, MT 4 is a trading terminal and it has features like

    You get to trade all types of orders. There are multiple execution modes

    You can buy multiple assets with this platform.

    The trading terminal of Iron FX on Windows is one of the fastest and helps you in the exceptionally fast execution of orders.

    You can easily monitor the rates of all currencies, other assets on this platform.

    There is news about the different markets and economies always flashing on the screen

    Ample of reports and research papers related to stocks, currencies, economy, and others.

    With the MT4 Advanced terminal, you get technical charts and indicators in abundance. There are innumerable charts and indicators with advanced tools and techniques for analysis.

    There are also permitted automated strategies that you can access with this MT 4 Advanced terminal software on Windows OS.

    It also offers the Built-in ability to use Expert Advisors.


    On Mac OS, the Iron FX Trading terminal works amazingly and it has all the advanced features which include

    Order management

    Risk management

    Built-in strategies

    Advanced charts and indicators

    Analytical tools and resources.

    Android & iOS:

    If you are having an iOS or Android smartphone, then you can also use the MT 4 platform and trade anywhere and anytime. The features which are there include –

    You get full control over your trading account. Whether you are at the office or traveling, you can check your trading account all the time using this platform.

    It is easy to keep a check on your positions, holdings, orders and manage them easily

    On this platform, you get three types of charts which are bar charts, broken line charts, and Japanese candlestick charts.

    There are more than thirty technical indicators that you can avail as well with the platform.

    Apart from these, there are 24 analytical objects as well for better analysis.

    Web Trader:

    On MT4 Web-trading platform which is the IronFX web-trading platform, you can expect features like –

    Complete web-based platform, no downloads required.

    All functions are available in this mode as well so you don’t have to worry if you are using this for daily trading as well.

    It is in complete sync with the downloadable version of the MetaTrader 4.

    You do not need to register on MQL5 for using this version of the MT 4.

    There is no need for additional plug-ins and add-ons for making this platform faster.

    It is well encrypted with high-level security protocols.

    So, now as you know the features of all types of MT4, let us see how you can set it up for trading.

    How to Set up IronFX Web Trading Platform?

    The process of setting up the IronFX Trading Platforms are super easy –

    • Firstly, you need to register with IronFX.
    • Then complete your KYC.
    • Once you have the trading account, you can log in on the MT4 platforms.
    • However, before that, you need to download the platforms on specific devices.
    • You can download the IronFX Trading Terminal – MT 4 terminal from the IronFX website only.
    • For the mobile platforms, you can visit the respective app stores that are Google Play Store and App Store for the Android and iOS users respectively.
    • Once you have the applications and terminal installed, you can log in using your trading account’s id and password that you have received.
    • For setting up, you can add the assets which you are monitoring the most or you want to trade.
    • You can build your portfolio and monitor it too.
    • You can buy and sell directly by clicking on the particular instruments.

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    How to Own IronFX Online Trading Platform?

    The process to own IronFX trading platforms is by opening a trading account with the brokerage house.

    Once you have the trading account’s id and password, you can download or open the MT 4 platforms (any of them) and log in and use them.

    For opening an account you can click here and fill the pop-up form.

    Then you will have to submit the documents which are asked for.

    Then once the broker verifies the documents and application, you will get an approval or rejection mail.

    If your application is approved, you will receive the id and password of your trading account with IronFX.

    Advantages of IronFx MetaTrader 4

    The advantages of using the IronFX MetaTrader 4 are as follows –

    • MT 4 is available in all three modes – mobile, web, and terminal
    • This is one of the fastest trading platforms
    • It has an accurate amount of safety
    • Mt 4 is reliable whether it is about the speed of order execution or safety of transactions
    • You can easily customize MT 4 platforms

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    IronFX Trading Platform – Conclusion

    With IronFX trading platforms, you can trade anytime and from anywhere. It is a platform that is easy to use and at the same time highly advanced.

    So it is a mix of both. You can trade using any mode of the platform – MT 4. With these platforms, transactions are easy and safe too.

    IronFX Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the IronFX trading platform:

    What is the IronFX Trading Platform called?

    All the IronFX trading platforms are MT 4 platforms.

    You can use the IronFX online trading platform or the Iron FX Trading terminal or the mobile platforms which are different versions of MT 4.

    Does IronFX provide Web Trading?

    Yes, the IronFX web trading platform is there and it is a platform that is completely synced with the terminal software.

    So, you can do all the activities that you can perform on the MT 4 terminal.

    Is IronFx MetaTrader 4 Free to use?

    Yes, there are no charges for using the IronFX Trading Platforms.

    There are no hidden charges as well. You can download them and log in using the trading account id and password and use them.

    How to download IronFX Trading Terminal?

    To download the IronFX Trading terminal you need to –

    • Visit the IronFX site
    • Click on the trading platform tab
    • There you can see MT 4 – click on the same
    • Once the page opens, you can see multiple options MT 4 Terminal is one of them
    • Click on that
    • You will find the download MT 4 link there
    • Click on the same and you can download and install the software

    What features does the IronFX Online Trading Platform have?

    The features of the IronFX online trading platform are –

    • No download required
    • Lightweight and simple to operate
    • Completely synced with terminal
    • Charts and indicators
    • Live to a stream of prices and rates

    Can I trade in Shares via the IronFX MT4?

    Yes, you can trade shares of different companies using the IronFX trading platforms.

    There are multiple options and you can thus diversify your portfolio pretty well too.

    Is IronFX Trading Terminal good?

    IronFX trading terminal is not only good but it is one of the best terminal software for trading different assets.

    You can rely on this terminal for speed of execution and safety.

    Can IronFX Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    No, you need to complete your eKYC. Once you have the id and password then only you can use the trading platforms.

    Does IronFX MetaTrader 4 provide Tips?

    Yes, you can get multiple tips and suggestions from the experts on IronFX MetaTrader 4.

    With proper use of these tips, you can better your trading and increase your profits.

    How to Buy Currencies via IronFX Web Trading Platform?

    To buy currencies on the IronFX web trading platform you need to –

    • Open the Web Trader of MT 4
    • Click on the currency pair you want to trade
    • Enter the units of currency you want to buy
    • Click on buy
    • Your order will be executed in a few

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