Setting up trading terminals is quite crucial for traders since everything is done online. The reliable trading platform is the need of the hour, and FBS MetaTrader 5 or MT5 is the offering of the broker.

This trading platform FBS MT5 is the trading terminal that can be used to trade via desktop.

Experts basically prefer trading via trading terminals, which gives them access to the entire set of tools and features.

About FBS MetaTrader 5

FBS MetaTrader 5 or MT5 offers versatility at its best and is the upgraded version of Met Trader 4.

FBS MetaTrader 5This gives the users a lot of options they can choose from, and use them all for the best of trading practice.

Users can avail themselves of a hub of analytical tools, and choose the one they need as per their interest or choice.

There is a possibility of trading in stocks as well, alongside the options of the forex market.

The software also has the option of commodity trading, while currencies remain the most transacted and prime instruments.

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    FBS Trading Platform – Top Features

    Meta Trader is indeed the best choice available in the market. We have put together all features which make FBS MetaTrader 5 or MT5 suitable for the title of the best choice.

    Charts for Analysis

    You can monitor the market and your favorite shares seamlessly now, from the comfort of your home.

    You can create a professional setup of forex trading as the FBS Trading Platform endorses multiple charting and tools.

    This makes monitoring easy and seamless. The platform provides the set of easily monitoring the instruments of the forex market, including shares.

    This is further facilitated with the easiest setup of order placement.

    Orders i.e. Buy or Sell

    This FBS Web Trading Platform provides 6 different kinds of pending orders.

    You can choose to monitor the currencies you like from 21 different timeframes and chose the kind of orders you wish to place.

    Check through all the kinds of orders and their significance, so you can make assured returns. The prime objective is to make the best of returns, of course.

    Reporting Tools and Market Analysis

    Inclusive of all the other offering of the trading software, one of the prime of offerings are technical analysis tools.

    FBS Online Trading Platform supports and boasts of 90 indicators and charting tools.

    These tools and indicators help cater to the research and analysis process, where you can feasibly determine which instruments would fetch the maximum profit.

    Make research and analysis a major part of your trading process.

    How to Set-up FBS Trading Terminal?

    Setting up the trading terminal is rather easy, and you can do it with a general set of instructions.

    But if you check out the following steps, you can feasibly set up your account in a stance. Let us mention the set of instructions for you.

    • A demo account is the first and the prime need attached with the setup process.
    • In order to get a demo account, check the next section. It is via the demo and the trading account that you get the FBS Trading Platform credentials.
    • Use the credentials to log into the terminal. You need to download the terminal from the official website of the broker.
    • While downloading the .exe file, select the download location on your device. When the download is done, location the software and open it.
    • You need to run the file in order to complete the setup.
    • When the setup is complete you will see the login screen. Use the credentials from before, and log into the FBS Online Trading Platform.
    • After logging in process, you can seamlessly track your favorite instruments and place active orders on them.

    How to Use the FBS MetaTrader 5?

    Let us get you accustomed to how to use the Meta Trader 5 or MT5 trading terminal, on the contrary to an FBS Web Trading Platform, which can be accessed through a browser.

    To begin the process of using the meta trader with the demo account. In order to get a demo account, you have to fill the pop-up form you see on the screen.

    In case you are confused about the form, click on the button “Open Demo Account” and fill the form which pops instantly.

    You must then submit the form and go through the KYC process which requires you to verify your identity and residence.

    You need to provide government-oriented documents which prove your identity.

    So when you are done with the account creation process as well as the download, you can proceed further.

    We suggest you explore the account and the platform to the fullest and get accustomed to each and every aspect of it.

    When you are done with taking a tour of the FBS Trading Platform, you must then strategize your investment. Develop strategies and then place the trading order accordingly.

    Advantages of FBS MT 5

    Dealing via FBS MetaTrader 5, you would be subject to a hub of perks in multiple aspects.

    In a way, you shall enjoy the best of the services or activities being associated with the FBS trading terminal. Read the advantage you will get if you choose this FBS trading terminal.

    • One of the attractive features is 6 types of pending orders and 21 timeframes for charts.
    • You get the facility of hedging positions in the FBS trading platform as well.
    • The FBS Trading Platform renders VPS Support service
    • You also get access to the economic calendar with the FBS Meta Trader 5 or MT5
    • You can place trades via one click, which makes placing trades and orders convenient.
    • The platform is highly trusted by millions of traders and investors, making it highly reliable
    • It is frequently updated at multiple intervals to ensure the addition of new features at regular intervals

    FBS MetaTrader 5 – Conclusion

    We would now say that you are well familiar with the FBS Trading Platform, which offers a bundle of options.

    The features are best in the market and industry and are an assurance that you would get a great experience.

    The advantages of using the trading terminal are numerous and there are many reasons you can choose FBS. The platform is also available for web traders and can be used via any other browser.

    Trading feasibility and experience are highly connected with the trading platform, and as a client of FBS, you have access to the best of the platform.

    Make the most out of the software the broker provides and you can indeed get the best returns.

    FBS Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here are the list of FAQs related to FBS Trading Platform –

    What is the FBS Trading Platform called?

    The FBS trading platform is denoted by the name FBS Meta Trader 5 or MT5. There is also another software name Meta trader 4 available for the traders.

    Traders are free to choose from either of the software, as per the functionality, and then use them to trade in the forex market.

    Does FBS MT5 provide Web Trading?

    Yes, there is a feasibility for traders to trade via their browser, rather than downloading any software in specific.

    The first thing to do is, open the web page, following which you need to log in to the page.

    You can see the dashboard upon successful login, following which you can seamlessly place active trades.

    Is FBS Meta Trader 5 Free to use?

    Yes, the trading platform is definitely free to use, and you can avail of all of its services without any charge whatsoever.

    The download process is simple and has been drafted in this article, and it is not subject to a charge of any kind.

    How to download FBS Trading Terminal?

    You need to download the .exe file, which is readily available on the official website of the broker.

    You must click on the download button, upon which the download process will start. Upon successful download, you must run the file and complete the setup.

    What features does FBS MetaTrader 5 have?

    Features the software provides are in abundance, and absolutely in line with the need of the masses.

    Traders can place active orders of many types, view charts from 21-time frames, analyze and study the market and investment options, place orders in one click, and more.

    Can I trade in Shares via FBS Trading Platform?

    Yes, the broker provides the facilitation of trading in shares via the meta trader software.

    You have the feasibility of using the platform to trade in shares just like any other financial instrument out there. In this manner, the platform contributes to the trading experience in vast measures.

    Is FBS MT5 Trading Terminal good?

    Yes, Meta Trader 5 or MT5 is indeed one of the best trading terminals available in the market presently.

    So in case you are keen on the trading platform, you must study all the details before you get associated with it. The demo account is the way to go indeed.

    Can FBS Meta Trader 5 be used without EKYC?

    You cannot obtain a demo and the trading account without KYC, and hence there is no possibility of the same.

    In a manner or two, you need to comply with the KYC process to start the trading process. The KYC process basically ensures your account and the transactions are safe and secure.

    Does FBS Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Yes, trading tips are part of the account and platform in great measure. You can indeed make the most of what the expert analysts have to offer.

    The tips can result as a great help, but you should definitely not stick with them, rather choose to make your own decision with the tips helps.

    How to Buy Currencies via FBS Web Trading Platform?

    Buying the currencies or any other instrument contains a similar process whatsoever. Basically, you need to start with monitoring the instrument and check out the right investing price.

    When the instrument reaches the right price, you can place the buy order instantly by entering the order details and clicking on the buy button.

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