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Know everything about AvaTrade Trading Platform here. AvaTrade is an online forex and CFD broker that offers extensive trading services through its trading platform.

The platform offers a broad variety of tradable instruments. This includes stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Due to its investment in extensive regulation and safety, it is safe to use. Trusted by many traders, AvaTrade has over 200000 clients across 120 countries.

The platform has many features that lead to an efficient trading experience. It has a well-trusted delivery mechanism.

Thus, even beginner traders can learn and grow on this platform.

About AvaTrade Trading Platform

AvaTrade trading platform has a strong commitment to delivering investment empowerment to people. It aims at building a safe trading environment.

AVATrade Trading Platform

The platform believes in offering the best personalized trading services. And it maintains high integrity as well. It offers many tradable instruments.

It includes cryptocurrency, stocks, forex, and many varieties of trading features. Some of them include automated trying, manual trading across various device types.

Having registered many jurisdictions across the globe has given it a strong sense of reliability. But, it does not accept traders living in the US and is also privately owned.

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    AvaTrade Online Trading Platform – Top Features

    AvaTrade has two proprietary platforms. They are AvaTrade WebTrader and AvaOptions.

    The AvaTrade WebTrader has won the award for number 1 innovation. With over 90 indicators, charting becomes easy.

    The AvaTrade web trading platform has seen an improvement in terms of its depth

    Variety of account options

    If one is not comfortable in opening a new account on the very first go, they can set up a demo account. It will take a minute or so to set up the account.

    Setting up the virtual account allows a free trial for twenty-one days. One has to upgrade to a new account once twenty-one days are over.

    Professional accounts can be set up on mobile devices. But the trader needs to match certain criteria for the same.

    Plethora of Derivatives

    The trading platform offers more than 250 currency pairs and many derivatives. The banking features available are convenient and easy to use.

    Social insights and multiple account handling

    The feature of reading on a desktop device, web browser, or even mobile platform is available. It allows you to control many accounts and lets you access demo facilities.

    Owing to its updated features, one takes social insights from AvaTrade Group.

    Customer access

    AvaTrade enables the users to have access to third-party platforms for copy and social trading. It offers all features to meet the needs of those who need these features.

    The partnership with Trading Central helps the users get trading signals and analyst recommendations.

    Research Amenities

    The economic calendar comprises the core of the research materials. A short video helps the clients stay updated with all the market events and other activities.

    How to Set up AvaTrade Trading Terminal?

    To set up the account one can simply use the web platform to trade directly from the browser.

    The AvaTrade MetaTrader 4 platform is available on both Android and IOS devices. The website has a web feature as well.

    After putting in the login credentials, one can easily start trading.

    • The users can open up a Demo account of AvaTrade by depositing 100$ using debit/credit cards.
    • The standard retail account safeguards trader investment against market fluctuations. Once the broker has evaluated your knowledge of trading, you can open a retail account.
    • Some people might not be ready for a real account in the beginning. Thus, the demo account is a good option for twenty-one days before starting live trading.
    • For setting up a professional account, certain criteria should. One can set up the account only if AvaTrade has approved it. One should not be a small-scale investor who trades occasionally. A portfolio of $500000 or more is important to have advanced trading options. But, this option is available to certain countries only.
    • Customers who have faith in Islam can also set up an interest-free Islamic account. They are not subject to any interest or swap charges

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    How to own AvaTrade Trading Platform?

    Creating and owning an account includes some basic simple steps:

    • Sign up on the account using all the basic personal data. Otherwise, you can also connect your social media accounts for the same.
    • The platform would ask certain questions to know about your understanding of trading.
    • For identity verification, you need identity proof. With this, you are ready with your account.

    Advantages of AvaTrade MetaTrader 4

    AvaTrade facilitates a full digitized account opening process. The withdrawals and deposits come free of charge.

    The user-friendly tools of education act as an added advantage.

    Easy and fast account opening

    AvaTrade has the option to open an account on the trading platform. One can simply open the website.

    The user just needs to input the necessary information as asked. It includes basic information about the trader along with their proofs.

    Demo Account

    One can either start trading using a demo account or have a professional account. But, before giving access to a professional account, there is a step involved.

    The platform evaluates your knowledge of trading.

    User-friendly education tools

    The trader has access to educational tools that give a good insight to beginners. One can have access to video learning and e-books.

    These can help to get better information about trading and its added features.

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    AvaTrade Trading Platform – Conclusion

    AvaTrade would be fair to say that this platform is safe and trusted. It sees regulations by tier 1 jurisdictions.

    It has Various financial instruments. All of it is under the domain of the online brokerage firm.

    Stocks, bonds, etc are a few of them. Though the areas are more as compared to their counterparts, the brokerage fee is lower in all the areas.

    The process of opening an account is simple. It offers education and a few minutes to get started with. But the verification part takes a little more time.

    Customer support is available in many languages. The social information feature is impressive and it is a great platform to use in general.

    AvaTrade Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here are some of the major FAQs on the AvaTrade Trading Platform –

    What is the AvaTrade platform called?

    The AvaTrade trading platform has different platforms for its traders. One of them is the MetaTrader 4 which offers a seamless experience in terms of trading.

    MetaTrader 5 is equally good. AvaTrade also offers the proprietary AvaTrade Go platform.

    The platform has great features designed to provide users with many trading options.

    Does AvaTrade provide web trading?

    Web Trading option for AvaTrade is available. The trader can simply log in to his account using the browser and continue with this trading.

    There is no need to download any extra software. The platform is easy and handy. The web trading features lead to efficiency in trading.

    It also enhances the ease of handling trading options.

    Is AvaTrade free to use?

    The deposit and withdrawal feature on AvaTrade is amazing and very convenient. They are also free of charge.

    The user-friendly education tools that come up with AvaTrade are great for quality learning.

    To start trading one needs to deposit a certain sum of money. The value of it is $100.

    How to download the AvaTrade Trading Terminal?

    One can download the AvaTrade MetaTrader4 terminal easily from the browser. One can simply search for the same on their search engines.

    Otherwise, by using one of the hyperlinks, one can download the trading terminal. The process of downloading is easy and doesn’t have any hassles in operation.

    One can simply do the download from a web browser.

    What features does the AvaTrade Online Trading platform have?

    AvaTrade gives quality education tools to imbibe information about trading. It gives good withdrawal and deposit options that are free to use.

    The registration process is simple and doesn’t involve much time. The MT4 and MT5 platforms are easy to use.

    It has price alerts and real-time market quotes. There is Social trend monitoring. The leverage on various instruments is 30:1

    Can I trade in shares using the AvaTrade trading platform?

    AvaTrade trading platform allows the trading of stocks as CFDs. The trading process is not at all difficult.

    But one has to adhere to certain conditions. Once they are adhered to, the traders can start trading in stocks. Or the financial instruments they wish to trade in.

    Is AvaTrade Trading terminal good?

    The AvaTrading terminal is good and easy to use. It is suitable for both advanced traders and beginners.

    Since AvaTrade has the aim of providing a seamless experience of trading across a variety of devices, it has automated trading features.

    Can the trading platform be used without EKYC?

    One can use AvaTrade without an EKYC. Hence it is advantageous in terms of avoiding the hassles of EKYC.

    EKYC sometimes includes sending a lot of information. This information needs to be verified before starting the trading.

    It is a good feature and leads to a quicker account setting process.

    Does AvaTrade Web Trading Platform provide tips?

    The AvaTrade Trading Platform provides useful tips.

    It has a strong customer support network as well. This makes it easier for traders to connect with the support in case of any issues.

    The platform keeps you updated with the reports. Because they have a quality research channel that keeps on evaluating market reports.

    How to buy currency using the AvaTrade Trading Platform?

    On opening the trading platform, you will get the option of cryptocurrency. You can procure the same.

    In the search section, you can get multiple options and you can select any cryptocurrency from the same.

    The cryptocurrency can be traded as per the market situation. Buying and selling options are also provided.

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