Know everything about NordFX Trading Platform here. NordFX, a popular forex trading firm was established in 2008.

Its official website is controlled and monitored by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission under the parent company NFX Capital VU Inc.

The Trading company allows all its users the ability to trade on over 100 financial instruments that cover Forex, CFDs, commodities, indices, crypto, and other stocks.

It allows the users to trade using four different trading account types with a maximum leverage of up to 1: 1000.

NordFX Trading platform has been developed both for beginner-level traders and expert-level traders.

Thus the trading accounts that the company provides have been divided between beginner and expert traders.

About NordFX Trading Platform

NordFX Trading company uses MT4 and an improvised version of the MT5 trading system for desktop and mobile.

NordFX Trading Platform

This feeding system provides some additional features that include Copy Trading and PAMM services.

Some other research tools are also provided that include economic calendar Life, market analysis, various investment funds, and trading calculators.

The trading firm also provides a learning center that includes educational videos that cover everything including beginner and advanced level concepts, trading strategies, meta trader along with a 24-hour customer service that is available from Monday to Friday.

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    NordFX Trading Terminal – Top Features

    Whenever you choose the NordFX trading platform, you will get a lot of customized options and trading options to select from.

    The company promises reliable encryption thus making it a secure platform for all traders.

    We have mentioned some of the top features of NordFX Trading Terminal:

    Deposit and Withdrawal Options

    You can deposit using Visa or MasterCard – no commission to charge and instant transfer.

    Web Money- 0.8% but not more than 50$.

    Using Skrill- no commission and instant transfer.

    Neteller- no commission and instant transfer.

    NordFX MetaTrader 4

    Whole market execution and a variety of order types to select from.

    You get access to one-click trading options.

    Different bar charts are available that include bar, candles, line.

    The users get the ability to view different time frames.

    You get advanced trading indicators.

    The traders can trade using multiple asset classes.

    You get a full-on access to the MetaTrader marketplace for all kinds of strategies and custom programming indicators.

    You are also allowed to trade precious metals on NordFx’s online trading platform.

    The Trading company promises high-grade security during all the transactions.

    Using NordFX Web Trading Platform you can create your software products for all kinds of algorithmic trading and later test their performance using the strategy tester that is built into this platform.

    Asset Classes

    The trading company has made cryptocurrencies their target whenever a user is trading in tradable assets.

    Even with the simple account, the traders are allowed access to 15 currency pairs that include crypto.

    A total of 28 FX pairs, a total of 6 CFD-based indices, and precious metals are also available in the simple trading account.

    Copy Trading

    The traders who are registered to NordFX are allowed access to copy Trading services like becoming a signal provider or by registering or following another signal subscriber.

    PAMM Trading

    The traders using the NordFX web trading platform can register themselves to become PAMM managers or follow other managers. This feature allows the managers to manage another trader’s capital.

    Demo Account

    A Demo account is provided along with all the trading accounts.

    These demo accounts are funded with virtual currencies which cannot be used or traded in real life.

    The traders can practice as long as they want using these virtual currencies.

    NordFX Investment Funds

    This feature allows all the traders using the NordFX online trading platform to invest in all the shares of the top companies.

    Some of the funds include the Pro Industry Fund, Pro-Expert Fund, and Pro-Tech Fund with a nominal investment of $500, $3000, and $1,000 respectively.

    How to Set up NordFX Web Trading Platform?

    The process of starting trading with NordFX it’s pretty simple. The NordFX Trading platform is available both for desktop and mobile.

    1. Firstly, the traders need to register themselves with NordFX and open a trading account.
    2. Then you have to select this particular platform, NordFX Web Trading Platform to start trading.
    3. Now, from the official website of the company you have to download the trading terminal along with the other applications that are necessary for trading.
    4. Whenever the installation is complete, launch the app and install it.
    5. After successful installation, open the software. You will be asked to log in.
    6. Now, log in with the credentials provided at the time of registration with the company.
    7. Before you place the first order, explore NordFX Online Trading Platform and all its features including all the trading instruments and other items.

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    How to Use NordFX Online Trading Platform?

    1. Firstly you need to register with the company.
    2. Visit the official website of NordFX and click on open account. Fill up with all the necessary details and then click on submit.
    3. After submission, you will be redirected to the EKYC page where you have to upload a scanned copy of a government authorized identity card to verify yourself.
    4. After successful verification, the company would be sending you the login credentials via email or your mobile number. Now, download the NordFX Online Trading Platform, sign in, and start trading.

    Advantages of NordFX MetaTrader 4

    Some of the exclusive benefits of NordFX Trading Platform are:

    The spread fees are quite low and start from 0.1.

    The traders are allowed to invest and trade in cryptocurrency.

    You will gain a lot of profit with investment funds and stable global stocks.

    A Copy-trading feature is available.

    Various offers are available throughout the year. The analyst summarizes important critical events and decides on the offers.

    Whenever the user deposits money, they might receive a 10% cash bonus on the amount of deposit made.

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    NordFX Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Here we have discussed all the necessary features and details about the NordFX trading platform.

    Now as you are accustomed to the software, you can enjoy the trading experience using the NordFX Web Trading Platform.

    The best part with the NordFX trading platform is that they don’t charge any commission and maximum leverage is up to 1000:1.

    Also, users can trade using the MT 4 and MT 5 platforms using desktop and mobile.

    NordFX Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here are few FAQs related to the NordFX trading platform:

    What is NordFX Trading Platform called?

    The company has 2 types of trading platforms for all its users. The first one is called the MT4 Trading Platform and the next improvised one is called the MT 5 trading platform.

    Does NordFX provide Web Trading?

    The company provides a web-based trading platform for all its users who want to trade using web browsers. They can easily use web browsers to access the trading platforms without downloading any extra applications.

    Is NordFX Trading Platform Free to use?

    NordFX trading platform is free to use and free to download. You can easily download it from the official website without any additional charge.

    How to download NordFX Trading Terminal?

    You can simply download the NordFX trading platform from the official website of the company. Some third-party websites also have the download link. You can also download it by searching it on Google.

    What features does the NordFX Online Trading Platform have?

    Some of the exclusive features provided by the trading platform are:

    • MT4 and MT 5 trading platforms.
    • Demo account
    • Copy Trading
    • PAMM Trading
    • EKYC Features for verification.
    • Encryption of all the user data

    Can I trade in Shares via the NordFX MT4?

    You can easily trade in Shares using the NordFX Trading Platform. But you have to create a separate trading account to trade in shares.

    This trading account will allow you to buy or sell shares directly from the market.

    Is NordFX Trading Terminal good?

    The Trading platform is quite good and it uses top trading platforms like MT4 and MT5 for the benefit of all the users.

    The Trading platform has all kinds of exclusive features that are required to trade in Forex and other assets.

    Can NordFX Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    It is necessary to verify your identity using the EKYC process. After successful registration, you will have to submit a scanned copy of a government-authorized identity card to verify yourself.

    Does NordFX MetaTrader 4 provide Tips?

    The trading company provides all kinds of expert tips and opinions along with the trading platform. Special video lessons are also provided to help the traders get through the trading process.

    How to Buy Currencies via NordFX Web Trading Platform?

    It is very necessary to monitor all the currency pairs that you want to deal in. Remember to take proper decisions, make an investment strategy and then start investing.

    Get Free Access to Platform – Open a Forex Account Now!

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