Know all details about Go Markets Trading Platform. MetaTrader 5 is the most powerful trading platform for traders to access with both desktop and mobile phones.

It offers the traders the most efficient and distinctive trading prospects at all levels.

If you are looking to employ Go Markets MetaTrader 5 to implement your trading practices and need to know more about it, then you have landed on the right page.

We will discuss everything in detail about various aspects of MetaTrader 5 and explain how it makes your trading more beneficial.

Read on to know more.

About Go Markets Trading Platform

Go Markets offers the latest and the most powerful MetaTrader 5 trading platform to its users for both desktop and mobile devices.

Go Markets Forex BrokerGo Markets MetaTrader 5 can be accessed on Android devices, iOS devices, windows, and web browsers to experience high-quality trading opportunities at various trading levels.

The most significant feature that makes Go Markets Metatrader 5 trading platform superior to all other platforms is that the traders can use it as a multi-asset CFD trading platform unlike MT 4 which is primarily a Forex trading platform.

MT5 is the upgraded version of MT 4 that comes with a wide range of options.

Some of the automated trading tools that you can access on the Go Markets web trading platform are Auto chartist, Myfxbook, GO Markets Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for MT4 & MT5, MT4/MT5 Genesis, and Trading Central.

The traders can choose the most suitable ones as per their expertise for best trading practices.

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    Go Markets Trading Terminal – Top Features

    Below is the list of key features of the Go Markets trading platform:

    350+ Trading Instruments

    MT5 is the Go markets trading terminal that offers trading in over 350+ products including Forex, Shares, Indices, Metals, and Commodities provided as CFDs.

    Full EA Functionality

    MT5 GO Markets trading platform offers a significant trading feature that allows the traders to use mechanical trading systems i.eExpert Advisor software.

    This software allows complete automation of analytical and trading activities for proficient functioning in the trading market.

    Expert Advisors advise the traders when to make trades.

    The traders can also program Expert Advisor software to execute quick technical analysis of price data, control trading activities as per the signal received, and initiate and execute a trade using your trading criteria.

    One-Click Trading 

    While trading, speed of trade execution is very important in financial trading.

    The trader needs to enter the market timely to grab the profit opportunity and one-click trading is one such feature that makes the trading very quickly with just one click.

    MT5 is the Go Markets web trading platform that allows traders to carry out various trading operations manually with just one click and achieve desired results.

     All Order Types Supported

    The MT5 is the Go markets trading terminal that supports all types of orders specifications such as market orders, stop orders, stop loss, limit orders, take profit, Good till Cancel (‘GTC’) (= Expiry), slippage, Pending Order Modification / Cancellation and more.

    It is the upgraded version of the MT4 and resultantly, it supports two additional order types than MT4.

    Professional Technical Analysis

    The MT5 platform offers extraordinary analytical tools wherein the traders can open up to 100 charts of currency and stock quotes at a time.

    The traders can get a complete and specified analysis of the minute price fluctuations with the availability of 21 timeframes.

    Trading Signal and Copy Trading

    Go Markets web trading platform allows you to choose paid or free signals available on a live account with a suitable level of risk.

    With this feature, you can completely rely on the signal behavior for executing the trade.

    Copy trading is the function where you can copy the trading practices of other traders and act accordingly.

    How to Set-up Go Markets Web Trading Platform?

    check out set-up process of Go Markets Web Trading Platform here –

    • The MetaTrader 5 trading platform of Go Markets is accessible on various devices such as windows, Android, and iOS devices. With Go Markets, the MT5 trading platform is also available on the web for Live Trading Account.
    • You can also access the MT5 Demo account before switching to the professional MT5 account as it helps you to look around the account and use its various features and trading tools for free.
    • You can download the Demo account or professional account both on the Go Markets website for your preferred device.
    • Click on the download button.
    • After downloading, choose the option “create account”. When you click on the create account option, a pop-up form will appear.
    • Fill the “Account Registration” form to proceed on to the next step.
    • Proceed with the second step “tell me more about yourself”. You will get a form to fill in more details. Fill in the details required and submit it.
    • The third step is choosing the trading preferences. Make your choices and submit.
    • Now the fourth step is “Identity check”, the broker may ask you to submit a scanned copy of some of your important documents such as Residential proof, bank statements, and identity proofs.
    • Once the broker will approve your application and verify your documents, the account will be activated within 2 to 3 working days.
    • The broker will send the login credentials to your email after the activation of your account.
    • You now fund your account and start trading.

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    How to Own Go Markets Online Trading Platform?

    Here we will bring light to the process of owning the Go Markets Online trading platform.  Let’s discuss how to log in and start trading at the MT5 trading platform.

    The first step is to open the Go Markets website and surf the Sign in for MetaTrader5 option. Fill in the log-in credentials in the logging-in option, sent by the broker on your email.

    You can also login into the demo account to take a thorough tour of the account and its offerings.

    Both new traders and experts can opt for a demo account before switching to the professional MT5 trading platform and can use the virtual money provided by the broker.

    When using the professional MT5 account, the trader must deposit the minimum fund required to access the account.

    Now, traders can strategize the investment, establish the trading strategies and then finally, use the buy or sell option to place trade orders.

    Advantages of Go Markets MetaTrader 5

    The MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform comes with lots of benefits and allows its traders to enjoy best trading practices by using the most advanced automated trading tools.

    Go Markets trading platforms offer over 350 trading instruments comprising shares, indices, forex, metals and commodities, and CFDs.

    With this trading platform, you can choose your suitable trading tools out of the variety of options and trade 24 hours a day.

    GO Markets MT5 Trading Platform offers lots of advantages including 350+ trading instruments, one-click trading, complete EA functionality, over 80 technical analysis objects, all order types supported, market depth of latest price quotes, and hedging.

    MetaTrader 5 is a platform that allows trading in multi-assets.

    The traders can trade in Forex, Shares, and Futures as CFDs. It also offers tools like copy trading and trading signals with algorithmic trading applications.

    The MT5 platform is an advanced trading platform that gives traders a completely new trading experience with its impressive features.

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    Go Markets Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Now, as you have all the information about the Go Markets trading platform – MT5, its functions, trading tools, benefits, and more.

    You can now ascertain your drive of forex trading with Go Markets.

    Go Markets trading terminal has a lot of options to offer to both the new traders as well as the seasoned traders.

    Examine the various platforms from close and enter the forex market to gain profits.

    When you make your investment strategies well and plan your trading strategies, you can enhance your trading practices and make maximum profits with Go Markets MT 5 trading platform.

    Go Markets MetaTrader 5 – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Go Markets trading platform:

    What trading platforms do Go Markets offer to its traders?

    Go Markets offers both advanced trading platforms including MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader5 to its traders.

    The traders can choose their preferred option for trading as per their suitability and experience.

    Does Go Markets MT5 provide Web Trading?

    Yes, Go Markets MT5 trading platform offers web trading via their web browser.

    You can access the MT5 trading account by creating a live account and can access trade practices with active prices.

    Open the web page, create a live account and choose the MT5 trading platform.

    Now log in to the account using the credentials and enjoy seamless trade practices.

     What features does Go Markets MetaTrader 5 offer?

    GO Markets MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform offers the following features, such as

    • All Order Types Supported
    • Hedging Allowed
    • Over 80 Technical Analysis Objects
    • Full EA Functionality
    • One-Click Trading
    • Market Depth of Latest Price Quotes
    • 350+ Trading Instruments including Shares, Indices, Forex, Metals, and Commodities, provided as CFDs.

    What are MT4 and MT5?

    MT4 and MT5 are the trading platforms that offer easy-to-implement automated trades.

    MT4 and MT5 are among the most advanced trading platforms in the trading industry.

    MT5 is the last and most developed version of MT4. With these platforms, the trader can use numerous automated trading strategies such as API, Expert Advisors, Trading Signals, one-click trading, hedging, promotions, one cancels the other order (OCO), etc.

    What all products can we buy via Go Markets MT5?

    With Go Markets MT5, you can trade in over 350 products all from the same account.

    You can trade in Forex with 50+ currency pairs, CFD shares with over 200 ASX shares, and OVER 80 TOP US shares, Indices, a range of precious metals, and commodities.

    What is MT4/MT5 Genesis?

    MT4 & MT5 Genesis is a suite of trading tools that can help enhance your trades.

    It can be used for Forex, indices, and commodities.

    Transform your trading platform by easily adding on Expert Advisors.

    What is the Professional Technical Analysis feature of the Go Markets MT5 trading platform?

    Professional Technical Analysis feature offers extraordinary analytical tools wherein the traders can open up to 100 charts of currency and stock quotes at a time.

    The traders can get a complete and specified analysis of the minute price fluctuations with the availability of 21 timeframes.

    It also provides the choice to traders to buy or rent applications from over 2500 readymade algorithms applications in the market and choose between numerous free-of-charge indicators from the codebase.

    The trader can also create their indicator with the MQL5 programming language.

    Can the Go Markets MT5 trading platform be accessed without the KYC process?

    No, while registering for the trading account, KYC is the crucial step that needs to be done properly to get your application verified and approved for account opening.

    The broker may also ask the trader to submit scanned copies of the important documents such as residential proof, bank statements, identity proof, photographs, etc.

    KYC is an important aspect that helps in securing your account, funds, and transactions.

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