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IC Markets Trading Platform is one of the most advanced trading platforms you will get in this industry.

Trading platforms are mandatory for trading and investing purposes.

Thus this article is going to focus on the latest and most advanced trading platform that IC Markets offer to its clients.

We will discuss all the features, benefits, setup process, and all other details that you must be aware of while using a trading platform.

About IC Markets Trading Platform

IC Markets Trading Platform includes a trading terminal which is MetaTrader 5.

IC Markets Trading PlatformThis is popularly known as MT 4 and it is at present the most advanced trading platform across the globe.

It is an all-in-one platform and provides multiple asset trading facilities.

There is an abundance of technical analysis tools and other resources. This platform is one of its kind and we will discuss all the features below.

Apart from the trading terminal, there are Web Trader which is known as My Web Trader, and also mobile trading applications for both Android and iOS.

So, with IC Market, you can get all types of trading platforms.

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    IC Markets Trading Terminal – Top Features

    The features of MT 5 are as follows –

    With MT 5 you get one of the fastest order executions. Within a blink of an eye, your orders get executed. The execution speed matters a lot in trading and MT 5 provides one of the fastest execution paces.

    With MT 5 you can get raw pricing connectivity. This means the spreads on this platform are pretty tight and this helps the trader to get better bids. The profitability increases as the spreads are tight.

    There are multiple order options. You get no restriction on scalping or high-frequency trading.

    The stop loss can be priced at any level which is a rare feature. So, you can strategize your orders accordingly and smoothly for optimizing profits.

    There is also a hedging facility available. Moreover, since there is no First in first out thing you do not need to pay any margin as well on the trades you hedge.

    You can thus enjoy the margin netting facility. The lot sizes are flexible and there is only 0.01 lot size as the minimum lot size which is purchasable.

    Finally, the withdrawal option is also very easy. You can have multiple options for depositing as well as withdrawing funds from your trading account.

    Now let us discuss the features of IC Markets Web Trader

    • You can trade from any location using the IC Markets Web trading platform.
    • You can use the raw spread advantage
    • On My Web Trader also there is no restriction on the trading part
    • You can trade with full market depth and level II pricing
    • With just one click you can place orders and get them executed
    • There are multiple types of orders which you can place with the IC Markets Online Trading Platform
    • You get real-time reports of all your trades
    • The leverage you can expect is up to 500 times which is huge isn’t it?

    How to Set up IC Markets Web Trading Platform?

    To set up the IC Markets web trading Platform you need to –

    • First, open a trading account with IC Market
    • Get the id and password of the trading account
    • Download the MT 5 terminal or open the My Web Trader
    • Then log in using the password and id you got with your trading account approval mail
    • Once you are logged in, you can set up the platform according to your choice and preference
    • For setting up, you need to add the assets/ instruments you want to track and trade the most on the dashboard
    • Then you can set up alerts and notifications for multiple price movements, news updates
    • You can also customize the dashboard

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    How to Own IC Markets Online Trading Platform?

    For owing the IC Markets online trading Platform you need to –

    • Open account with IC Markets
    • For opening an account you need to click on the link for account opening here
    • Fill up the form
    • Once you submit the form
    • You need to submit or upload the documents you are asked for
    • They will verify and if the application is approved, you will be receiving the mail with the trading account password and login-id.
    • You can download the terminal MT 5 or other platforms and log in and start trading.

    Advantages of IC Markets MetaTrader 5

    Here are the various benefits of IC Markets MetaTrader 5 –

    • The first and foremost benefit of using MT 5 as a terminal or web trader or mobile application is that it is one of the most advanced trading systems at present. With loads of features that can enhance your trading experience as well. You can access market depth, multiple order formats, trading tools, and analytical resources and tools, and many others.
    • There are more than 100s charts on the MT 5 platform with different time frames.
    • More than 80 analytical objects are there for your access.
    • There are innumerable indicators and styles of indicators as well
    • There are tools and resources for fundamental analysis as well apart from the technical analysis tools
    • With MT 5 you get an Algo-trading feature and robotic trading facility. You just need to feed the strategy and the rest will be handled by the robot itself.
    • You can develop, test implement multiple strategies with the automated trading feature

    The security of the platforms are up to the mark at the same time

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    IC Markets Trading Platform – Conclusion

    The IC Markets trading Platform is an all-in-one platform. You can use any of the MT 5 platforms of IC Markets and do all trading activities.

    It is simple to use yet highly advanced. It is loaded with features and highly reliable for fund transfers and other transactions.

    So, overall MT 5 is all that you need for your trading at present.

    IC Markets Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the IC Markets trading platform:

    What is the IC Markets Trading Platform called?

    The IC Markets trading Platform is known as MT 5 in general. The IC Markets trading terminal is called MT 5 Terminal.

    The web trading Platform is known as My Web Trader.

    Do IC Markets provide Web Trading?

    Yes, there is an IC Markets web trading Platform.

    This is known as My Web Trader of IC Markets. This platform is one of the simplest to use the platform of IC Markets where no downloads are required.

    There are multiple features of this platform as well for a great trading experience.

    Is IC Markets MetaTrader 5 Free to use?

    Yes, IC Markets MetaTrader 5 are completely free for use. There are no charges for downloading them or using them at all.

    You can download them from the website of the brokerage house. The mobile application is available on the respective app stores.

    There are no hidden charges as well. All you need to pay is the account opening amount or the initial deposit when opening the trading account.

    Apart from that, there are no charges for using the platforms.

    How to download IC Markets Trading Terminal?

    The IC Markets trading terminal can be downloaded by –

    • Visiting the IC Markets’ website
    • There you will find the option trading platform
    • Click on the trading platforms option
    • Then you need to click on the MT 5 option
    • Now you can see the MT 5 terminal download option on that page, click on that
    • You will have to install the software on the desktop and you are done
    • You can then use the MT 5 terminal

    What features does IC Markets Online Trading Platform have?

    The IC Markets online trading Platform has features like –

    • Raw pricing where the spread is too tight
    • Hundreds of charts and indicators for technical analysis
    • Multiple types of orders facility
    • Full market depth and level II pricing
    • Real-time reports of your trades
    • Advanced charts as well
    • 500 times leverage

    Can I trade in Shares via the IC Markets MT5?

    Yes, IC Markets have multiple stocks which it offers to the clients for trading. They deal in shares, currencies, commodities, and many other asset classes.

    So, you can trade shares with the IC Markets trading Platform.

    Is IC Markets Trading Terminal good?

    Yes, the IC Markets trading terminal is not only good but it is at present the most advanced trading terminal.

    MT 5 is the all-in-one trading terminal that can help you in all your trading activities.

    Can IC Markets Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    For using the IC Markets web trading Platform for trading in real, you need to complete your eKYC.

    This is mandatory as the brokerage house cannot provide the access to the trading account otherwise.

    Does IC Markets Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Yes, you can expect to get multiple tips and strategies on different instruments, economies, currencies, stocks, and everything that you can trade.

    The analysts of IC Markets are dedicatedly putting their hours into researching the best opportunities for their clients.

    How to Buy Currencies via IC Markets MetaTrader 5?

    With the IC Markets online trading platform, you can buy currencies just by –

    • Opening the My web Trader
    • Then clicking on the currency you want to purchase
    • Click on the buy option
    • Enter the units and buy.

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