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Find out details like ThinkMarkets Trading Platform here.

ThinkMarkets is one of the prominent trading platforms for Forex and CFDs traders. It offers MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

MT5 is the upgraded version of the MT4 trading platform that allows you to use the most advanced trading tools and exercise innovative trading features to execute your trade and boost your revenues.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the MT5 trading platform, its features, how to set it up and own it, its various advantages, and more to give you a complete understanding of why you must opt for this ThinkMarkets trading terminal.

About ThinkMarkets Trading Platform

ThinkMarkets MetaTrader 5 offers a wide range of resourceful and flexible features to its traders. It is the updated version of MT4 and is the latest trading platform in the world.

ThinkMarkets Terminal Platform

ThinkMarkets MetaTrader 5 comes with many advantages such as Expert Advisors software, one-click trading, 21-time frames, 6 types of pending orders, hedging and netting options, depth of market, chart view functions, and more.

ThinkMarkets Trading platform also offers multiple ways of placing a trade-in MT5.

It is a versatile platform that offers its users a range of options to choose from and use for preeminent trading practices.

Users can access the MT5 platform from various devices and can download it for free. They can use this trading platform from anywhere and enjoy trading with its hub of analytical tools.

Users can decide the device of their choice and their preferred trading tools and features to implement their trade orders online.

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    ThinkMarkets Trading Terminal – Top Features

    Check out various features of ThinkMarkets Trading Terminal here –

    Access to charting and technical analysis

    ThinkMarkets Web Trading Platform offers the traders to examine the market and the shares they are interested in, closely from any place.

    The ThinkMarkets trading platform gives backing and access to many charting and tools. It allows you to create your specialized setup of Forex trading.

    You can use multiple monitors and set the main platform on one device to control your account and examine the charts on the other screen to observe the market situation.

    Hedging and Netting Options

    It is another significant feature that the MT5 trading platform offers.

    Users who have created the account can check and identify if their account is netting or hedging by looking at the “Journal” tab positioned at the “Trade” window.

    Multi-thread Strategy Tester

    This feature of the multi-thread strategy tester allows you to check the functioning of Expert Advisors or Robots and their strategies depending upon the previous history within the MT5 trading platform.

    It is the best tool to check the effectiveness of the previous price quotes and to ascertain the best input variables.

    Depth of Market

    The trader can zoom in on the tick chart price levels and graphs with the Depth of the market window and enables you to place instant orders from within the same window.

    Highly customizable

    MT5 Trading platform also makes its account highly customizable for the users by letting them choose their desirable trading tools.

    Market Watch

    The market watch window indicates the price data of the financial instruments including tick chart, quotes, and price statistics.

    It also offers facts of One-click trading options and contract specifications. MT5 platform also Built-in Economic Calendar and makes Partial order filling possible.

    How to Set up ThinkMarkets Web Trading Platform?

    Check out set-up process of ThinkMarkets Web Trading Platform here –

    • ThinkMarkets has made available download of MetaTrader5 trading platform at various devices including desktop and tablet, mobile phones with Android devices, iOS devices, and iPads. You can also access MetaTrader 5 trading platform via a web browser without having to download any software.
    • For mobile phones, you will see the option of download for Android, iOS, and iPad, for desktop, you will see the option of download for windows, and for Web, you will see the option of “access here’.
    • You can choose your preferred option to move on to the next step. To download the MT5 app, click on download, and you will get a pop-up of the app. Click on the install button to download the MetaTrader 5 — Forex & Stock trading app on your device.
    • Now, you will get two options: “create MetaTrader5 account” or “Try our demo account”. When you click on the create account option, a pop-up form will appear.
    • Fill the form and submit it to proceed to “complete your application step”. Fill in the details required and submit it.
    • Now to verify your identity, the broker may ask you to submit a scanned copy of some of your important documents such as bank statements and identity proofs.
    • Once the broker will approve your application and verify your documents, the account will be activated within 1 to 2 working days.

    The broker will send the login credentials to your email after the activation of your account.

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    How to Use ThinkMarkets Online Trading Platform?

    Let us discuss the entire process of owning the MetaTrader5 ThinkMarkets trading platform.

    It will help you understand all the steps from opening the account to begin trading; employing the advanced features accessible with this platform.

    First of all, open the ThinkMarkets website and browse the Sign in for MetaTrader5 option.

    To sign in to the account, use the login credentials sent by the broker on your email after your account activation.

    You can also try the demo account first to understand the various trading tools and features offered and can try them for free.

    The ThinkMarkets platform provides virtual money worth $25, 000 to exercise trading practice without the risk of any monetary loss.

    After getting familiar with the account, you can switch to the professional MT5 account, and deposit the required funds.

    Now, strategize your investment, establish trading strategies, and then you can use the buy or sell option to place your trade orders.

    Advantages of ThinkMarkets MetaTrader 5

    ThinkMarkets Web Trading Platform offers many benefits to its trader’s such as-

    • It is an easy-to-use and accessible interface that provides you enhanced trading experience with automated trading strategy solutions.
    • MT5 trading platform is an easy-to-use platform that offers an accessible interface and allows the implementation of automated trading strategies.
    • ThinkMarkets Trading Terminal offers complete insurance for your funds. It protects your funds with a $1,000,000 Insurance policy without charging any additional cost.
    • It allows the traders to place a new trade and manage open positions
    • MT5 offers additional timeframes that allow for more in-depth market analysis
    • ThinkMarkets online Trading platform with ThinkZero account offers you a tight spread as low as 0 pips. It may vary depending upon the account you hold and the size of the trade.
    • It provides Virtual Private Server to achieve total control over the server environment you are trading in. VPS hosting enhances Stability, speed, remote access, and flexibility.
    • MetaTrader 5 offers six types of pending orders.

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    ThinkMarkets Trading Platform – Conclusion

    In this section, we have discussed every aspect of the ThinkMarkets MT5 trading platform in detail.

    ThinkMarkets MT5 trading platform offers various automated trading options to strategize your trading and let you experience advanced trading practices with effective tools.

    There are various advantages of using ThinkMarkets MT5 trading terminal including 21 timeframes, 6 pending order types, hedging and netting options, and multi-thread strategy tester for EAs.

    MT5 trading terminal is also obtainable for web traders and can be accessed via any other browser.

    Use all the information given about MT5 and enjoy advanced trading with ThinkMarkets MT5.

    ThinkMarkets Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the ThinkMarkets trading platform:

    What are the various trading platforms ThinkMarkets offer?

    The ThinkMarkets offers various trading platforms including Thinktrader, and ThinkMarkets MetaTrader 5. It also offers MetaTrader 4.

    Traders can choose the most preferred platform as per their suitability to continue trading in the Forex market.

    Does ThinkMarkets MT5 provide direct access to the web?

    Yes, the traders can directly access the MT5 trading platform via a web browser. There is no need to download the app or software for web trading.

    You just have to open the MT5 web page and log in to the page using the login credentials. A dashboard will appear after logging in, now you can place your trade orders actively.

    What is the process to download ThinkMarkets MT5?

    Open the web page, and you will see the download options for ThinkMarkets MT5 with various devices such as Download MT5 for Android devices, Download MT5 for iOS devices, Download MT5 for desktop, and access MT5 via a web browser.

    You can choose out of the various options as per your preference and download it for free.

    What features does ThinkMarkets MetaTrader 5 offer?

    The three important features ThinkMarkets MetaTrader 5 offers are –

    1. Access to charting and technical analysis
    2. Easy-to-use, accessible interface
    3. Place a new trade and manage open positions

    Does the ThinkMarkets Trading Terminal offer an account without KYC verification?

    No, verification is the significant step in the process of setting up and opening the ThinkMarkets MetaTrader 5 trading account.

    The broker may also submit scanned copies of important documents such as residential proof, identity proof, bank statements, etc.

    KYC verification is crucial to ensure the safety of your account and transactions.

     Is ThinkMarkets MT5 trading platform free to use?

    You can download the app or software for any of the devices for free.

    To use the MT5 trading platforms, the trader has to deposit the minimum opening balance to access the account and execute trading.

    However, there are no setup or subscription fees involved.

     How to Buy Currencies via ThinkMarkets MT5?

    To buy the Currencies via ThinkMarkets MT5-

    1. Login to your ThinkMarkets MT5 account.
    2. Now right-click the Market Watch window and select “Symbols”.
    3. Now make your investment decision and select the “Crypto” from the list in the “Symbols” window.
    4. Click on each symbol that appears and click on “Show” to add them to your Market Watch Window.

    Does ThinkMarkets provide custom indicators to be used in MT4/MT5?

    Yes, with the ThinkMarkets trading platform you can use any custom indicators that are MQL-compatible.

    However, it may happen that the third-party indicator is not compatible with our MT4/MT5 platform. The reason behind this is the coding issues on the side of the indicator creator.

    ThinkMarkets does not hamper the use of any custom indicator but it also does not provide any approval or support to the third-party indicators.

     Is ThinkMarkets MT5 Trading Terminal good and safe to use?

    Yes, MetaTrader 5 is the most advanced and latest trading terminal available in the trading market.

    ThinkMarkets MT5 platform offers you automated trading and lets you access various automated trading strategies to enhance your trading practices and boost your revenue.

    Before opting for the MT5 trading terminal, study all the details. You can also use a demo account first for a better understanding of the professional MT5 trading account.

    The account is verified and approved and ensures complete safety.

    Get Free Access to Platform – Open a Forex Account Now!

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