Enrich Broking Franchise / Authorized Person / Partner / Sub Broker Review

We will provide a thorough analysis regarding Enrich Broking franchise along with the Enrich Broking Partner Program, Remisier and other important details.

Started as a research house in 2008, Enrich Broking has now become one of the largest broking house in the country.

It has already crossed above 15,000 valuable customers in MCX and NSE and reached 4500 customers in 2017.

The company has recently entered into Partnership Program and to give its business developers and partners more benefits it doesn’t charges any kind of service deposit as well.


Enrich Broking Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Enrich Broking Franchise Ratings
Experience5.9 / 10
Market Share7.1 / 10
Products & Services8.1 / 10
Revenue Sharing Model8.3 / 10
Holistic Support8.0 / 10
Overall Ratings7.5 / 10
Star Ratings★★★★★

The given above data is a tabular representation of the overall customer ratings for Enrich Broking partners on the basis of various parameters.

As we can see Enrich Broking Partner program has a good rating of three out of five stars, which is quite good with its holistic support and good products and services along with its profitable revenue sharing model.

About Enrich Broking Franchise

Enrich Broking is a well-known Chennai based broking house, which deals mainly with stock broking and recently it has taken its step towards franchise business.

Let’s have a look at the company overview to have a better understanding.

OverviewEnrich Broking
Company TypePrivate
Broker typeFull Service broker
FounderMr. Ponmudi R
Established Year2015
SB Code Activation Time4 Days
Payout Time1st of every month

The above table has been provided for you to have a quick overview regarding Enrich Broking Company.

As you can see, it is a privately held company or organization which deals with mainly investments, broking business or brokerage industry.

This brokerage firm is headquartered in Chennai, India. Mr. Ponmudi R founded the firm in 2008 and finally the company got established in the year 2013.

The company was a research house in its initial days or we can say it started as a research house and slowly expanded and is still expanding its business.

They have just recently started with Franchise business. Now anyone can say, it is nothing new as many companies are there into franchise or partnership business but you must know one thing, there are lots of benefits which are being provided by the company but for that, one must become a partner first.

With the company’s ease of accessibility, you can also become a partner with Enrich Broking Franchise/ Partnership Plan.

To become the partner, it will normally take up to four days to activate your mandatory SB code.

The company has a very good reputation and it credits the payment amount on the 10th day of every month.

Start your Broking Business with Enrich Broking

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    1. Become Sub Broker

    Enrich Broking Franchise is divided into Four types:

    Business ModelsEnrich Broking
    Master FranchiseYes
    Sub BrokerYes
    Referral ProgramYes
    • Master Franchise
    • Sub Broker
    • Remisier
    • Referral Program

    Going forward we will be describing about these segments along with their benefits-

    Enrich Broking Master Franchise

    In Master Franchise, you will be the first contact person in your area or state where you will have the control of the franchising activities in your specified territory.

    As the company has recently entered into franchise business, anybody who wants to become a partner can easily participate but first, you need to open a demat account with Enrich Broking.

    Enrich Broking Master Franchise Benefits

    • The very first benefit is, you don’t need to submit anything as an initial deposit which is mandatory everywhere.
    • Easy processing
    • Simplified support

    Enrich Broking Sub Broker or Enrich Broking Authorized Person 

    In Enrich Broking Sub Brokership your role will be to act as an agent to the stockbroker and assist him/her in overall business of securities like buying, selling and dealing.

    Benefits of Enrich Broking Sub broker or Authorized Person

    • No security deposit charges
    • Easy to access

    Enrich Broking Remisier Program

    In Enrich Broking Remisier Program, you will get a commission for each and every single transaction handled by you.

    Benefits of Enrich Broking Master Franchise

    • A very good revenue sharing model
    • Revenue sharing up to 60%

    Enrich Broking Referral Program

    Enrich Broking Referal Program you just work as a referral source and can earn a good amount for each reference.

    Benefits of Enrich Broking Remisier

    • Various modes of access
    • 24*7 support to guide you

    Enrich Broking Partner Revenue Sharing Model & Commission

    Enrich Broking is one of the largest broking firm that provides cheapest rates along with different kinds of profitable business models.

    The description of Enrich Broking Revenue Sharing Model is given below-

    Master Franchise – However, Enrich Broking has recently entered into this domain, hence, revenue sharing is available but the are offering 80% sharing for master franchise as of now.

    Enrich Broking Sub Broker – Enrich Broking Sub Broking revenue sharing is Upto 70% as they have very recently started off into this business.

    Enrich Broking Remisier – The revenue sharing model associated with remisier business model is very profitable one, which comes up with a good revenue sharing ratio of 50%.

    Which means a remisier can get his/her commission from 30% to 60% of the revenue generated with Enrich Broking.

    Enrich Broking Referral Program – You can also easily refer anyone and earn money with Enrich Broking Refer and Earn Program along with its Franchise Refer and Earn Scheme and easily earn 20% of the revenue generated by anyone you have referred and partner with Enrich Broking.

    Revenue SharingEnrich Broking
    Master FranchiseUpto 80%
    Sub BrokerUpto 70%
    Referral Program20%

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    Start your Broking Business with Enrich Broking

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      1. Become Sub Broker

      Enrich Broking franchise cost or Security Deposit

       Enrich Broking Franchise Cost
      Master FranchiseZero
      Sub BrokerZero
      Referral ProgramZero

      The above table is the representation of the applicable charges related to Enrich Broking Franchise Business; however, we have further elaborated the table below-

      There is no security deposit for any of the business segments that Enrich Broking deals in as they have recently entered into these business programs.

      It is a good time for all those who are waiting to start their business into franchise, as Enrich Broking Partner Plan comes up with free security deposits as compared with other brokerage firms/houses.

      To know more you just have to fill up the form to be a sub broker and provide with all the required details, after that, one representative from Enrich Broking will call you regarding the next steps.

      Infrastructure Investment by Sub Brokers / Authorized Person

      Infrastructure RequirementEnrich Broking
      Office AreaYes
      Employee StrengthNot specified
      Research ServicesNot specified
      Internet ConnectionYes
      Trading TerminalsYes
      Telephone LinesYes

      A good and stable infrastructure is a basic need of any organization. To get partnership with Enrich Broking Master Franchise Program and Sub Brokership, you need to require an office space with good internet connection, telephone lines and trading terminals.

      As, generally these Franchise and sub broker business are the type of business which mandatorily requires the partners to have an office space whereas you can work from anywhere being in remesier and referral program.

      Hence, it depends upon you, what kind of partnership you are looking forward.

      However, the company also keep in check regarding the partner’s infrastructure.

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      Enrich Broking franchise offers

      There are lots of perks and benefits that comes along being with Enrich Broking Partnership Program.

      This Enrich Broking Partnership program has a lot to offer to its partners, as it believes in providing more and more benefits to its business developers.

      As you can see you will save ten thousand rupees if you come along in partnership with Enrich Broking, whereas you will be required to make a minimum deposit of 10k with other broking houses along with extra charges.

      These benefits include offers like zero deposit and thus, for those who are interested in partnership, Enrich Broking comes up with Flexible Revenue Sharing model.

      Also, to provide more and more welfare to its business partners, it provides the opportunity of flat revenue sharing.

      OffersEnrich Broking
      Zero DepositAvailable
      10k Initial DepositNA
      Flexible Revenue SharingAvailable
      Flat Revenue SharingAvailable
      Zero Revenue Sharing with PrepaidNA

      Enrich Broking franchise – Eligibility Criteria

      Enrich Broking is a very technology oriented broking firm which provides lots of benefits to its partners and clients with easy and hassle-free procedures. Given below is the description for the basic criteria to start with Enrich Broking Franchise-

      • To get registered with SEBI is the basic and mandatory rule to start with Enrich Broking Franchise.
      • The person must not be a minor, i.e. the candidate must be above 18 years of age with a bachelor’s degree and also if there is some experience, it will also be counted.
      • Certifications into financial markets or stock market etc. will also be preferable.
      • The candidate must have a clean track record for example no criminal background etc. to perform a mandatory detailed background check by Enrich Broking.

      How to become Enrich Broking Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      As we have already mentioned before many times, it is very easy to work with Enrich Broking and participate in its franchise or partnership program.

      It is a very easy process that usually takes 2-5 working days. Given below is the step by step procedure that you need to follow –

      • Fill up the form u see on screen, with all the basic details e.g. your name, contact number, Area, etc
      • After this basic step, one executive or representative from Enrich Broking will call you regarding details check and to have a basic understanding towards your interest into the business.
      • To take the decision forward, you will be further connected with the Enrich Broking business team and to fix your appointment for further discussions like what are your and the company’s expectations and interests.
      • All the mandatory details like the revenue ratio etc will be thoroughly discussed with every clarification.
      • After this meeting the candidate would be required to submit mandatory documents which are required by the company to proceed further.
      • After the execution of the agreement a sub broker ID would be generated within four days so that you can start working.

      Documents required to become Enrich Broking Authorized Person or Sub-Broker

      These are the basic documents that you are required to submit to become Enrich Broking Sub broker-

      • A xerox/ photocopy of your ID proof like Aadhaar Card or PAN Card
      • A copy of your address proof
      • Academic certificates like bachelor’s degree/provisional certificate/marksheet of sec/sr. sec etc.
      • The certificate of SEBI Registration
      • Proof of your investment
      • Age proof

      However, there is no security deposit required with Enrich Broking, hence, security deposit payment proof is not required as of now.

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      Enrich Broking Support

      SupportEnrich Broking
      Marketing SupportAvailable
      Back-Office SupportAvailable
      Trading SupportAvailable
      Advisory SupportAvailable
      Dealing TrainingAvailable
      Acquisition TrainingAvailable
      Product TrainingAvailable

      The best part of Enrich Broking Partner Program that makes it more accessible is its simplified and easy support on variety of segments.

      The company provides marketing and trading support to the franchise partners which help them to stay at top of the market.

      There is also backend support provided by the broking company to provide with administration and support personnel.

      Also, the company provides advisory to its clients to help them in taking various business decisions.

      Apart from that, the company also provides various trainings related to dealing, acquisition and also product training.

      Enrich Broking Brokerage Charges

      Brokerage Charges to Clients
      Equity DeliveryFree
      Equity IntradayRs.20 per Order
      Equity FuturesRs.20 per Order
      Equity OptionsRs.20 per Order
      Currency FuturesNA
      Currency OptionsNA
      CommodityRs.20 per Order

      Enrich Broking charges very minimum to its clients for every segments where equity delivery is absolutely free.

      These are brokerage charges at minimum flat rates of Rs.20 per order applicable on intraday, futures and options and also commodity. Partners can purchase single or multiple share at the same price of Rs.20.

      Enrich Broking Demat Account Charges

      Charges to Clients
      Demat AMCRs.500 per annum
      Trading AMCFree
      Account Opening ChargesRs.99
      Transaction Charges0.0026% per crore
      Margin MoneyZero

      As, already mentioned in the article opening an Enrich Demat account is the first and mandatory step to trade. Here are the minimum charges that apply with Demat account.

      Followed by minimum 0.0026% per crore as transaction charges, Enrich Broking also charges minimum Rs.500 annually regarding Demat account management for a year.

      There is no account management charge for trading account, it is totally free. Also, there is zero requirement for margin money however for account opening Enrich Broking takes a minimum charge of Rs.99.

      Why Partner with Enrich Broking?

      There are various reasons to work with Enrich Broking, some of them are described below-

      Immense technology

      Though Enrich Broking is not a very old organization, but it is the example of the technology-oriented world we are entering into.

      There are various modes to access the Enrich Platforms with wide range of accessibility options.

      High tech trading platforms

      When we talk about technology, Enrich Broking has a lot to offer. It has four different platforms to provide you with all the details you ever need at one place.

      Also, the company provides various tools to help the clients/partners to have a simplified market watch.

      Training Support

      The company provides high quality training to its clients and partners related to various fields like market analysis, trading platforms & dealing etc.

      The company also provides Knowledge Centre to ask any related questions and self clarification.

      Advisory Support

      Enrich Broking also provides advisory support to its clients and partners to help them take their business decisions.

      The company also provides quality research reports and provides Robo advisory services to help their partners or clients perform better.

      Enrich Broking Franchise – Conclusion

      With lots of free offers and varieties of schemes, anyone can earn a good income with Enrich Broking as it provides a lot of deals and offers along with profitable referral schemes and programs.

      For more benefit, you must join it soon as Enrich Broking has a lots of services and willing to partner with more business developers.

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      Start your Broking Business with Enrich Broking

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