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Sharekhan has been a promising stock broking house, serving a huge customer base. Sharekhan Login is to provide the readers with the login process which is required to use all the platforms, which are actively used by Sharekhan.

This article is formed to help you with a lot of aspects which are some way or the other linked to logging in. Such as the process of Sharekhan App Login, websites login, Backoffice login, Customer login etc.

We have also included the information which you will need to log into all the mentioned platforms.

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About Sharekhan Login

Sharekhan was one of the first brokers to offer online trading in India. With 16 lakh customers, 153 branches and more than 2400 business partners spread across over 575 locations. Sharekhan is one of the largest brokers in India.

They have reached a benchmark of excellence, and are the proud owners of a number of awards. Sharekhan is used for multipurpose by the customers, some prefer trading with their website and app, some maintain a diversified portfolio of their investment, and now the company offers Mutual Funds investment with the app as well, all with just one Sharekhan Login.

The Sharekhan Backoffice Login provides support for reports, portfolio, profit and loss statements etc. One may also check the performance of the owned stocks online, via the mobile app or website.

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    Sharekhan App Login Process

    Let us start with the basics, you need to firstly get an online trading account i.e. a Demat account from the company.

    As far as the app’s functionality lies the company has been trying to keep up with the present demand in technology, lining up all the services it provides, embedded in the app.

    Its top 10 features are online trading, order book, view account holdings, online fund transfer, live streaming, live reports, live market info and market watch, live news, tick charts, manager account.

    The process of Sharekhan App Login is: –

    • Client id and password will be provided when you open an account with Sharekhan.
    • Use the link given in table below to download the Sharekhan app.
    • Run the app, followed by which you will be required to enter some detail, which you need to fill as directed.
    • Now, you need to create a password which you will need to remember in order to login every time.

    Now that you have logged in successfully, you will be able to study the entire app, create a watchlist, actively place orders and also check the performance.

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    Sharekhan Login Process – Sharekhan Trade Tiger Login or Sharekhan Website Login

    Here all you need is a browser and you are good to go. The Sharekhan Trade Tiger Login & Sharekhan Website Login is quite easy and it is seamless, of course a criteria stands to be a good working speed internet provider. If you have access to it, you will have a splendid experience. Let’s head straight to the steps.

    • A demat account is the primary requirement.
    • This will help you get a login id and password, using which you can start planning and investing
    • Click on the link https://newtrade.sharekhan.com/ to get access to the Sharekhan online services & this link to trade tiger access https://www.sharekhan.com/sharekhan-products/trade-tige/trade-tiger-download
    • Use the login id and password to enter into your account, followed by which you need to generate a password.

    Now, you will be able to use the dashboard of tools to buy and sell securities you want.

    Sharekhan Console Login Process – Sharekhan Backoffice Login

    The Sharekhan Backoffice Login is all set to provide you the information on the reports of every kind, which lets you pin down your progress and also to alter any kind of strategies which aren’t working.

    You will find all the information via a single login into the link me provided in the table below. You can view statements of profit and loss, performance and lot more.

    Also download the analysis report which have the option of download such as Tax information, Holdings, Positions etc.

    Here is how you can log into the platform and check the information

    • No statements and information will be provided without a demat account.
    • The obtained id and password from before will as well be used to get access to your account through https://newtrade.sharekhan.com/eodweb2017/.
    • Enter the log in id, password and necessary information, as asked.

    You may now easily download or simply check your progress and also understand your transactions.

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    Sharekhan Login Details

    Sharekhan Login Details
    Website LoginSharekhan Website Link
    App – AndroidSharekhan Google Play Store Link
    App – iOSSharekhan App Store Link
    Backoffice LoginSharekhan Back-office Link
    Trade Tiger LoginSharekhan Terminal Link

    The table has been clearly crafted to give you the information on various kinds of platforms you need to log in, in order to avail for the Sharekhan online facilities.

    Use the links to Sharekhan Login simultaneously and avail for all the services of the company, which would make your experience absolutely seamlessly.

    The best part is that, one login id and password would help you get access to all the platforms altogether, leaving you away from the hassle of remembering distinctive ids and passwords.

    In case you want the assistance of the company’s customer care, use the Sharekhan Customer Login in all the platforms.

    Sharekhan Login – Conclusion

    The objective of this article was to guide you smoothly through all the various Sharekhan Login Page. We tried to be as precise as we can, and to explain the process as clearly as we could.

    The Sharekhan Account Login is easy once you practically perform it yourself. If you have any other issues with the information provided, we suggest you leave a comment in the context. We would love to hear from you and also solve your queries.

    Open Demat Account with Sharekhan – Fill up the Form

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