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If you want your phone to become your trading companion, download the Hantec Markets App.

Your everyday trading activities become easy because this app is a miniature version of the desktop platform.

Hantec Markets Mobile App offers you access to popular assets, markets, and extremely useful trading features.

You finish off trades on your fingertips and make money while you are on your way to the office.

But it is worth noting that it isn’t a money-making app but a trading solution that makes life easier for every trader. What benefits does this app bring to you? Let’s discuss it in this article.

About Hantec Markets App

With sophisticated trading features and comprehensive account management, Hantec Markets mobile trading app provides you everything you need to start trading at your fingertips.

Hantec Markets AppThe app provides you direct access to multi-market assets and trading tools that add more advantages to your decision of selecting mobile trading.

However, it is worth noting that the Hantec Markets trading app is integrated with the MT4 mobile trading platform.

The broker doesn’t provide its own app but offers an integrated solution with MT4 ensuring you make a sharp trade execution.

From any location in the world, you can access the mobile app and start trading. The app is available for both Apple and Android users.

Already, thousands of users worldwide are using and appreciating the rich experience of trading via the MT4 trading platform.

The positive response rate is also high,

It gives you an assurance that your investment will stay safe, no matter what crisis is about to strike.

Perhaps you might be wondering about starting trading at Hantec Markets, but before that, let us introduce you to the features and other aspects that make this app the best trading solution.

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    Hantec Markets Mobile App – Top Features

    Hantec Markets mobile app is a digital face of Hantec Markets.

    You neither search on the web to access market and trading features nor waste time in launching a trading platform on the desktop screen if you have this app installed on your smartphone.

    Access Multi-Market Assets

    There’s no need to download multiple apps for investment in a diverse market.

    Simply download the recommended Hantec Markets trading app and trade any asset in any market you wish to enter.

    For instance – you can invest in Currencies, Crypto assets, stocks, indices, and much more using this flexible solution.

    Tools for Technical Analysis

    MT4 trading app is loaded with tons of trading tools and indicators.

    This states that day traders can deploy their trusted trading strategies and bring a plan into execution.

    Simply tap into the tools and indicators list and select the desired item.

    Customizable Charts

    Customizable charts help you reach a clear and ideal trading decision.

    You can better pinpoint perfect entry and exit points and reserve profit.

    Hantec Markets app, therefore, provides you customizable charts with technical indicators.

    Risk-Management Tools

    Stop-loss and Take Profit both are available inside this app with some extra benefits.

    You can pre-adjust, profit and loss level, and leave the rest on automation.

    SL and TP values can go up and down automatically.

    All you need to do is, set a clear price and let the app handle everything for you.

    Free Financial news

    The app also offers you free financial news to keep you updated with the ongoing activities in the market that may impact your investments.


    No matter if you are using android, iPhone, or iPad, any user can download the MT4 app on their smartphone.

    The broker ensures no talent and skill feel disappointed in any way and tries to make its service available to every mobile user.

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    How to Set up Hantec Markets Trading App?

    Getting started with mobile trading is very easy. All you need to do is, download the app, run it into your smartphone and start trading.

    Hantec Markets app is a one-stop solution for all traders who want to trade stock, currencies, commodities, indices, and crypto-currency at zero inconveniences.

    Let’s have a look at the overall process on how to get started-

    1. First, you need to create an account at Hantec Markets. For this, you will be required to submit your email address, setting up a password, and meeting the EKYC criteria.
    2. After that, log-in details for MT4 trading platform access will be sent to your email address. Copy them since you will be using these details for the next step.
    3. Once you are an HM registered user, download trading app on your smartphone.

    (Note. Hantec markets currently don’t have their own app, so you are needed to download the MT4 trading app).

    Enter the log-in details that Hantec Markets previously sent you on your email address. Now you can start trading on mobile devices.

    Fund your account and explore what has been given on the Hantec Markets trading app. Next, we’ll learn how you can launch your first trading.

    How to Use Hantec Markets Mobile Trading App?

    As discussed above, you need first to become a registered user at the Hantec Markets.

    For that, you will be using your web browser to create an HM trading account.

    In addition, your log-in details on the desktop platform can be used on the mobile trading platform, which spices things up more.

    Once you have successfully created an account, you can download Hantec Markets MT4 integrated mobile solution on your device.

    If something stops you from getting started, feel free to take help from the demo account.

    However, the mobile app doesn’t offer a demo account facility, but if you prefer a trial version before a real one, you can access the demo account on HM web-based platform.

    Besides the Hantec Markets trading app, the demo account is a great way to first grasp the basics of trading and become a hero later in real-market situations.

    By then, you can enter the real trading account on mobile devices, fund it and take a strategic step for trade. Inside the Hantec Markets app, you can find tons of trading tools and charts for technical analysis.

    Use them all or any best one that you find ideal for a particular trade.

    You can also take help from educational resources offered by Hantec Markets to its clients.

    Advantages of Hantec Markets Mobile App

    Hantec Markets mobile app is designed for all professional, retail, and new traders.

    And the best thing is, Hantec Markets has been licensed and regulated by UK and Mauritius regulators.

    But apart from that, there are some significant advantages of using the app that you must note down.

    • This app is available for both Android and iPhone users
    • Offers access to educational content
    • Offers an Integrated solution via MT4 trading app
    • Interactive and user-friendly interface
    • Advanced features and customizable trading charts
    • Friendly customer service but available for only 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.

    Hantec Markets App – Conclusion

    Hantec Markets mobile trading app is undoubtedly a great source for all aspiring traders who want to enter the financial market using a mobile device.

    However, the app doesn’t provide its own trading app but an integrated trading solution. You access HM trading facilities via the MT4 trading platform.

    Moreover, educational sources and demo account facilities can also be accessed only on desktop and web-based trading platforms.

    If we talk about the overall trading experience, the app works great and is reliable because thousands of traders worldwide recommend and use the MT4 trading platform.

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    FAQs on Hantec Markets Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Hantec Markets mobile trading app:

    What Is Hantec Markets Mobile App Called?

    Hantec markets mobile trading app is an integrated facility provided via the MT4 trading app.

    Simply visit Hantec markets’ official website and choose MT4 mobile trading platform.

    From there, the website redirects you to the app store, where you can find the MT4 trading app. Hantec Market hasn’t yet officially launched its own trading app.

    Does Hantec Markets Provide An Ios App?

    Yes, the Hantec Markets MT4 trading platform can be accessed on iOS devices.

    Download the app from the Apple app store or get the link from official website.

    But before you get started, make sure you have created a trading account at the HM website to access trading facilities offered by the broker.

    Is Hantec Markets App Free To Use?

    Hantec Markets integrated solution – MT4 trading platform – is free.

    But if you want to reap Hantec Markets trading facilities, you will be required to spend a significant amount.

    However, for trading, submitting a considerable amount in the account is mandatory. Hence the trading isn’t free entirely.

    How To Download the Hantec Markets App?

    You can download the Hantec Markets app from the broker’s official website, where you get the link to the app.

    Besides, the app can be installed from the Google play store and Apple app store directly. But make sure you download the app for respective mobile devices only.

    What Features Does Hantec Markets App Have?

    Hantec Markets MT4 trading app comes with features in a wide range.

    From trading tools, charts to advanced trading features, you can find everything inside this app.

    Simply get the log-in details from Hantec Market and enter at the same time in the MT4 trading platform, and you are all set to start trading.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via Hantec Markets App?

    Yes, users can buy shares of some popular companies via Hantec Market.

    All you need to do is, install the MT 4 trading platform and use HM log-in details to access the trading account.

    Enter and go into the asset section and select stocks. Don’t forget to take help from technical tools and customizable market charts.

    Is Hantec Markets Android App Good?

    Yes, the Hantec Markets android app is a great mobile solution for both beginners and professional users.

    The broker provides an MT4 trading facility for sharp execution. In addition, beginners can also access demo accounts and educational resources by Hantec Markets.

    Does Hantec Markets App Have Ekyc Feature?

    No, Hantec Markets doesn’t have the EKYC feature because you trade at the MT4 trading platform using the log-in details offered by Hantec Markets.

    But to get these log-in details, you need to qualify for EKYC on the Hantec Markets web-based platform.

    Does Hantec Markets App Provide Tips?

    No, the Hantec Markets app doesn’t provide trading tips.

    But the same facilities are available on the web-based platform.

    You can find many great things at Hantec Markets online trading platform, from educational resources, demo accounts, and other great benefits.

    How To Buy Currencies Via Hantec Markets App?

    You can buy currencies via Hantec Markets in a few simple steps.

    But before we get started, make sure you have created a trading account on Hantec Market’s web-based platform.

    From there, the broker grants you log-in details to access MT4 trading facilities.

    Now that you have entered the log-in details, you can start trading.

    Go to the asset section and check the currency/forex option. Click on it and start trading.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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