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Check out everything about InstaForex App here. The variety of mobile applications that InstaForex has to offer to its clients are like none other.

In total, InstaForex has 14 applications to offer to its clients with their MobileTrader being one of the best in the business.

The MobileTrader of InstaForex is the phone version of the MetaTrader4 platform. With the help of an InstaForex Mobile Trader, you will be able to execute, monitor, and analyze at the same time.

The presence of several apps makes it easier to execute all types of functions easily. Let us take a detailed look at the InstaForex Mobile Trading app.

About InstaForex App

The InstaForex Mobile Trading App is available on the App and Play Store under the name “InstaForex”.

InstaForex AppIt is a completely free application and has its company logo as the icon of the application.

The application is seamless in usage as the platform in use is the Forex favorite MetaTrader4.

While there is only one mobile trading app, InstaForex has several other applications for different purposes.

For example, the account verification of your InstaForex account will occur through their app “InstaVerify”.

While all of their applications are found on the Play Store, a few of them have not yet made their way to the App Store.

There are certain bonuses on the InstaForex platform that users can take advantage of too. With the InstaForex applications, trading has become easy on the go for all traders.

There are multiple features that make InstaForex a trader’s favorite in all terms.

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    InstaForex Mobile App – Top Features

    Features act as the most essential aspect in a Forex Trading account.

    In the last few years, the markets have grown exponentially and so has its customer base.

    This sudden increase in the demand for easy trading has introduced the concept of Mobile Trading into the world.

    One of these mobile apps is InstaForex who has a plethora of features to offer to its clients. They are as below:

    • 24/7 access to the latest instrument news, company news, and analytics.
    • A sell-to-buy ratio for each instrument that the platform has to offer.
    • Can create a demo account completely free of cost.
    • The trading platform reflects MetaTrader4, one of the best in the business.
    • A total of nine time frames for charts.
    • Multiple order types like pending orders.
    • Users can check their entire trading history.
    • There are pre-mentioned quotes of what the price of every instrument is going to be like.
    • Offers a complete low traffic consumption.
    • A user-friendly interface that helps beginners learn how to trade from scratch.
    • No extra unwanted features.
    • The only mobile application that is directed solely towards trading.
    • Availability of all MetaTrader4 features.

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    How to Set up InstaForex Trading App?

    The easiest way to set up the InstaForex mobile trading app would be to go to the Play Store or App Store of your phone.

    Since the InstaForex mobile application is called the “MobileTrader”, you must search for this on your search bar. The logo of the same is the InstaForex logo.

    You must then download the application on your phone.

    As it is completely free of cost, all individuals can get the experience of InstaForex trading without any additional cost.

    This is a plus point for all InstaForex mobile applications as they are completely free to download.

    Once you have downloaded the application, the next step is to log in to your account.

    If you are not already an InstaForex account holder, you can create your account with them in a few minutes.

    If you do not wish to do so directly, trying out their demo account first would be a good option.

    With their demo account, you will be able to explore the interface without bearing any additional cost.

    As soon as all the formalities are complete, you will have direct access to all the MetaTrader4 features of the application.

    How to Own InstaForex Mobile Trading App?

    If you wish to own your personal InstaForex Mobile Trading App, you need to first download the application for your phone.

    The InstaForex mobile application is available on the Play and App Store for free.

    Once you download the “MobileTrader” for your phone, you need to create your account with InstaForex.

    In order to do so, you need to Sign Up or Register with them.

    These options will be available on the homepage of the mobile application itself.

    Once you enter all the necessary information like your Name, Number, Country, Email, etc, you will be able to create your account with them.

    A live account will require KYC norms that need to be fulfilled as well.

    A demo account holder on the other hand will not need to upload any documents on the application for creating their account.

    Once you complete the necessary steps, your InstaForex account will be created.

    You may then deposit funds into the account and start trading in the wide range of instruments that they provide.

    Advantages of InstaForex Mobile App

    The advantages of InstaForex’s Mobile Applications are not just restricted to one app but 14 different apps.

    They have made trading for all exceptionally simple by creating a different application for all major activities.

    However, the application that stands out among all 14 is the MobileTrader app of InstaForex.

    Let us have a look at the various advantages it has to offer to its clients:

    • Offers multiple order options.
    • Risk management techniques are available.
    • Several time frame options for charts.
    • Easy access to demo accounts.
    • A replica of the MetaTrader4.
    • Option to analyze company news, market sentiments, etc.
    • The Sell-to-buy ratio is available for all instruments on the platform.
    • Easy to find quotes for all trading instruments.
    • Option to view trading history at any point of usage.
    • Very easy and friendly interface.
    • No major hassles or complicated methods of executing transactions.

    InstaForex App – Conclusion

    In culmination, the InstaForex Trading App is a great mobile application for beginners and advanced traders.

    It offers a wide variety of asset classes for investment along with an easy and interactive interface.

    The application offers just the right features that are required for an individual to trade.

    Since there are separate applications for other services, the mobile trading application offers a fair amount of trading tools.

    As long as you have a stable internet connection, you will not face any issues while trading on the InstaForex MobileTrader.

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    FAQs on InstaForex Mobile App

    Here is the list of the FAQs related to the InstaForex Mobile App:

    What is the InstaForex mobile app called?

    The InstaForex mobile application is called “MobileTrader”.

    The application is available on the Play Store for Android devices and App Store for all iOS devices.

    It does not require any additional investment as it is completely free of cost.

    Does InstaForex provide an iOS App?

    Yes. InstaForex does provide an iOS application to its clients.

    The application is available on the App Store and is free to use.

    The iOS version of the application also offers all the trading tools just like the Android version.

    Is InstaForex App Free to use?

    Yes. The InstaForex application is free to use.

    Whether we talk about the Android version or the iOS version of the application, you do not have to pay a single penny for using the app.

    You can download it at any point in time and start trading as long as you have funds in your account.

    How to download the InstaForex App?

    Here is a simple guide on how you can download the InstaForex application on your phone.

    • If you have an Android device head to the Play Store and App Store for Apple devices.
    • Search for “MobileTrader” on the search bar.
    • Find the application with a red background and InstaForex’s logo on it.
    • Choose to “Download/Install” the application and you are set.

    What features does InstaForex App have?

    The InstaForex mobile app has features like multiple time frames, orders, and executions.

    You even have access to a heap of company news that can be used to analyze and execute transactions.

    Since the MobileTrader makes use of the MetaTrader4 platform, all those features can be used.

    Can I trade in Shares via InstaForex App?

    Yes. InstaForex does allow its customers to trade in shares.

    There are multiple stocks that traders can choose from and then invest in.

    InstaForex even offers an option of leverage for traders who wish to explore that feature.

    Is InstaForex Android App good?

    Yes. The InstaForex MobileTrader is a seamless platform for trading anywhere at any time. It offers a bunch of tools and features that individuals can use.

    In fact, InstaForex does not have only one android application, but it has 14 different ones.

    All these 14 applications are available to use for Android users.

    Does InstaForex App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes. When you create a live account with InstaForex you have to upload certain documents on the platform.

    This is known as EKYC.

    Once you complete these formalities on the application, your account will be ready to use for trading purposes.

    Does InstaForex App provide Tips?

    The news section of the InstaForex mobile app is always updated with a bunch of company and analytical news.

    Apart from this, InstaForex has also created two special applications known as “Forex Signals” and “Forex Strategies” that offer a variety of strategies that could help you make decisions while trading.

    How to Buy Currencies via InstaForex App?

    To buy currencies on the InstaForex application, you must first ensure that you are logged into your account.

    The next step is to ensure if you have sufficient funds in your account.

    You must then search for the currency that you wish to trade in and then click on it.

    Once done, you will have an option of whether you wish to “Buy” or “Sell”.

    If you want more information on how to use the platform, you can download their application “Forex Course” which is focused on teaching you how to explore the MobileTrader.

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