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Find out all details about MiTrade App here. MiTrade’s decade of experience in the industry is witnessed in their mobile trading application.

The award-winning broker has an amazing platform that is curated specially for traders to attain the best trading experience.

The absence of commission on trades along with a seamless platform has made MiTrade one of the best broking applications in today’s generation.

In addition to this, MiTrade also offers a wide variety of tradable assets on its platform.

There are approximately 115 assets to choose from while a trader makes his investments.

Having this application on your phone can never go wrong as it offers several features without forcing you to register for an account.

About MiTrade App

The MiTrade Mobile Trading Application is a one-stop spot for traders of all kinds.

MiTrade AppThey offer a wide variety of products from all markets along with real-time quotes for each and every instrument.

The MiTrade Mobile App is called “MiTrade-Forex Online Trading” and is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

The most unique feature of MiTrade is that traders who do not register on the application can still avail access to a certain set of tools and services.

All market prices, trading strategies, news, and professional data can be accessed by individuals without registration.

This is an exceptional feature as individuals can only explore the platform without giving their personal details to it.

The MiTrade mobile trading application also offers a completely free-of-cost demo account to its clients with a virtual fund balance of $50,000.

The services of MiTrade are not just restricted to trading but extend to support as well.

The application offers a 24/5 live chat service too.

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    MiTrade Mobile App – Top Features

    We could talk about the range of MiTrade’s features for as long as required.

    There isn’t a category that MiTrade does not cover in its mobile trading application.

    Features are always the most important aspect in trading and MiTrade leaves no stone unturned in this aspect.

    Along with being super easy to use due to its own trading platform, MiTrade has a multitude of features for its clients.

    Let us take a look at the most advantageous features of MiTrade:

    • Anyone can have access to financial news and an economic calendar for free.
    • Option to receive news through push notifications.
    • More than 100 tradable assets with real-time quotes for all.
    • Convenient platform for one to conduct technical analysis with the help of indicators such as MACD, RSI, TRIX, etc.
    • 11 time-frames available for every chart from 1 Minute to 1 Month.
    • The interactive chart displays three different types: Bar, Line, and candlesticks.
    • Option to create your own watchlist without even registering with the broker.
    • Can opt for exclusive analysis help from professionals to make trading easy.
    • An array of professional articles for analysis and finding the best trading opportunities.
    • Instant emails, SMS, and Push notifications for quick updates on your account.
    • A 25/5 live chat support in 7 different languages.
    • No extra commission on trades.
    • Maximum leverage of 1:200 on certain instruments.
    • Risk Management tools like Stop Loss are available.
    • Quick order executions through trading from charts.
    • Offers a wide variety of educational material for traders.
    • A free demo account with $50,000 virtual funds.

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    How to Set up MiTrade Trading App?

    The first step to setting up the MiTrade Mobile Trading app is downloading it into your phone.

    Whether you are an Android user or an Apple user, head to the respective store and type in “Mitrade-Forex Online Trading”.

    The MiTrade app should appear as the first one itself with a 4.3 rating on the Play Store and a 4.2 Rating on the App Store.

    Once you successfully download the application, log into your account if you are an existing MiTrade account holder (whether live or demo).

    If you are still unsure about the platform, you can either choose to explore it without registering or by registering through a demo account.

    If you do not choose to register, you might not have access to all the trading tools. But with a demo account, you will get $50,000 worth of virtual funds and access to 99% of the features of the platform. Setting up the MiTrade Mobile App is easy as there is no extra information that the broker asks for.

    Once you decide whether you wish to go live, demo, or not register, you can start exploring depending upon the option chosen.

    With all these options, you will have completely free access to the features and will not need to pay a single penny extra for any tool.

    How to own MiTrade Mobile Trading App?

    If you wish to start trading on your own, a MiTrade account would be the ideal platform for you to do so.

    The first step in owning a MiTrade app is downloading it from the Google Play or App Store.

    If you are an Android user, you will find the “Mitrade-Forex Online Trading” App on the Play Store and App Store for all Apple devices.

    Once you download the application, you have to “Register or Sign Up” for an account with them.

    While you can even enjoy access to certain features without registration, earning real money through trading is not one of them.

    During the registration process, you will be asked to fill in all the necessary information like your name, number, country, email, etc.

    For a live account, you will have to complete an EKYC procedure where required documents will have to be uploaded as well. Once the process is complete, you can make your initial deposit and start trading with the broker.

    Advantages of MiTrade Mobile App

    The advantages of MiTrade’s Mobile Trading App are not only limited to its trading features but extend to how they have portrayed the platform itself.

    Along with the wide range of asset classes that MiTrade has to offer to its clients, there are multiple other tools that can be advantageous for all individuals.

    A few of the most essential ones are:

    • Access to real-time pricing and quotes without registration.
    • Option to receive notifications through emails, SMS, and push notifications.
    • A variety of educational services are available on the platform.
    • Live chat service is available 24/5.
    • Comparatively low minimum deposits.
    • Exceptionally suitable for beginners and professionals.
    • Free demo account with virtual funds of $50,000.
    • Maximum leverage option of 1:200.
    • Ability to set reminder alerts on the platform.
    • Regulated by two authoritative bodies.
    • Risk management tools are available while making orders.
    • Trading from a chart is possible for quick executions.

    MiTrade App – Conclusion

    MiTrade is a complete package when it comes to offering the right trading tools along with the right platform.

    Its HTML 5 platform is easy to use and offers clients to trade in over 100 instruments. Since MiTrade’s platform is cloud-based, clients have access to their accounts at any time through any browser.

    All in all, there are no disadvantages that one has to beware of while using MiTrade’s mobile trading app.

    The wide array of advantages along with 24/5 customer support makes trading on this platform one of the easiest among others.

    One can seamlessly enjoy trading on MiTrade’s Forex Online Trader.

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    FAQs on MiTrade Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the MiTrade mobile trading app:

    What is the MiTrade mobile app called?

    The MiTrade mobile app is called “MiTrade-Forex Online Trading”.

    The display of the application is the MiTrade logo and the application is available on the App and Play Store.

    The app is completely free to use and does not require any client to buy the app for an extra cost.

    Does MiTrade provide an iOS App?

    Yes. MiTrade has an iOS app for all Apple users.

    The application is called “MiTrade-Forex Online Trading” and is available on the App Store.

    The iOS and Android devices are both equally good with no major hiccups in either version of the application. The iOS application is free as well.

    Is MiTrade App Free to use?

    Yes. Both the MiTrade versions on the Android and iOS platforms are free to use.

    Traders do not have to bear any additional cost just to download the application from the respective Play or App Store.

    The only money that MiTrade users have to invest in the application is for executing buy and sell trades.

    How to download MiTrade App?

    You can download the MiTrade application from either the Play Store or App Store on your phone. The application does not yet support any other software.

    Once you search for “MiTrade-Forex Online Trading” on the Store, you can download the application on your phone. You may then log in to your account and start trading.

    What features does MiTrade App have?

    The MiTrade app has a vast range of features for its clients.

    Right from financial data to a heap of features for quotes and charts, MiTrade covers it all.

    The best feature of MiTrade is the fact that individuals can explore the platform even without registering on it.

    MiTrade also offers superior services such as 24/5 live multilingual customer support on the application.

    Can I trade in Shares via MiTrade App?

    Yes. MiTrade allows its clients to trade in shares derivatives on their platform.

    The HTML 5 MiTrade platform allows clients to trade in over 100 instruments that range from Indices, Shares, Forex, and more.

    You can directly search for an instrument or add it to your watchlist to make trading in it simpler.

    Is MiTrade Android App good?

    Yes. The MiTrade application is a completely seamless platform for all Android devices. It is available on the Play Store for free.

    There is a wide range of features that MiTrade has incorporated in its mobile application which are extremely advantageous for traders.

    Does MiTrade App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes. For all individuals who wish to create a live account with MiTrade, EKYC norms have to be completed.

    Certain necessary documents have to be uploaded on the platform so that MiTrade can complete all the required formalities from their end.

    Does the MiTrade App provide Tips?

    MiTrade has a full-fledged section of education, news, and analysis on its platform.

    This section gets updated in real-time with all the important news related to Forex.

    There is also a section where clients can enjoy exclusive analysis from professional traders.

    How to Buy Currencies via MiTrade App?

    The first step to buying currencies on MiTrade is registering for an account with them.

    You can create your account and deposit funds, conduct a thorough analysis of the currency that you wish to invest in.

    Once you are certain about your investment, you can click on “Buy/Sell” on the homepage of the currency.

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