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SimpleFX brokers facilitate forex trading and cryptocurrencies that speak the future language. The broker appeals to a variety of trading platforms that include the SimpleFX App.

SimpleFX Mobile Trading App helps traders keep in touch during journeys and vacations, meetings, and workshops.

Easy to use and based on MetaTrader 4, the mobile app has 2 versions for Android and iOS systems. In addition, is the WebTrader platform that is equally accomplished.

The trading platforms work like a dream, presenting all the globally recognized services of MT4.

Downloading the apps is possible from the company website link itself. Other ways to download are the App Store, Play Store, or App Gallery.

About SimpleFX App

Before working with the SimpleFX App, it is a good idea to get trained with the free Demo account.

SimpleFX AppThough trading may be essentially the same everywhere and especially for professionals, each company has a distinct style.

Get acquainted with the company culture and procedures before working on the SimpleFX Trading App.

SimpleFX Mobile App is based on the leading trading platform, MetaTrader 4. The interface presents no complexities.

A variety of charts and indicators along with the MQL language and expert advisors set you on the road to trading success.

After receiving the best crypto platform prize in 2017 from Cryptocurrency World Trading Expo, SimpleFX Mobile Trading App was launched.

The app meant for Android devices facilitates trade 24/7 in forex and crypto along with many more assets. Accounts may be funded with cryptocurrency.

The mobile apps are so cleverly and simply designed that both beginners and veterans can use them easily.

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    SimpleFX Mobile App – Top Features

    SimpleFX Trading App presents no complications. Everybody is worried about account creation and there is no such thing here.

    Along with the account opening, the software creates a demo account with $10,000 in virtual money. Get valuable practice in trading without fears of losses.

    What will your trade-in? Trading opportunities arise in plenty in forex and precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Why not try your luck with stock exchange indices and company shares?

    Regarding cryptos, you find the most well-known assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple along with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

    The app’s main screen allows access to the famous crypto symbols. Traders can modify and position them according to need. The platform shoutbox too contains many categories of assets.

    Know your trading charts

    Among the finest features, the platform charts contain the instruments. Clicking opens up a graph to check prices through the history. Choose from 4 chart types.

    Swipe trading attracts attention too. After entering the transaction size, moving the finger to the left facilitates buying while the right allows you to see the asset.

    Selecting the SELL and BUY buttons enables the precise setting of order limits. The next step is the choice of ‘market’ or ‘pending’ tables. Indicate the position size. Use the ‘take profit’ or ‘stop-loss orders.

    Deposits in several currencies

    Verifications of personal accounts would be mandatory in addition to specific detailed information to use fiat money.

    SimpleFX Mobile App makes it very convenient for deposits by accepting a range of currencies. Along with USD, traders can deposit AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, CZK, and DKK. Traders can also deposit EUR, GBP, IDR, JPY, LIT, PLN, RUB, and SEK.

    SimpleFX App is extremely flexible. Traders are allowed to set up several accounts. It could be an account for Euro and one for GBP. They can alternate between accounts and transfer money across accounts.

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    How to Set up SimpleFX Trading App?

    The first step will be the acquisition of a capable smartphone with a large screen that can accommodate the charts used in trading.

    SimpleFX maintains several trading platforms meant for desktop and mobile apps. Choose a mobile app between Android and iOS but there is a third option.

    Those who do not wish to download an app can use WebTrader that does not require a download. Trading is done directly from the browser.

    Now the decision has to be made whether to download the mobile app for Android or the one for iOS, according to the phone software.

    For the purpose of app download, visit the Google Play Store for Android or Apple Play Store for iOS.

    For iOS, use the Safari browser. Don’t forget to choose ‘trust’ in SimpleFX in the settings.

    After locating the app, click on the free download.

    The app quickly downloads and installs on the phone.

    Opening an account is very simple too with a confirmed valid email address. Other methods may be used for account opening like via social media through Facebook, etc.

    When an account is opened, a Demo account automatically appears with $10000 virtual currency. This is the introduction to trading and no money risks are involved in virtual trading.

    It is better to spend some time studying the infrastructure and trading processes and acquire confidence.

    How to own SimpleFX Mobile Trading App?

    Once the app download is completed, whether for Android or iOS, starting an account is easy and quick. Start with the free Demo account and sharpen trading and investing skills.

    Regarding EKYC, it does not apply for deposits made in cryptocurrencies that have anonymous transactions. Many traders deposit in cryptocurrencies and all that is needed is confirmation of email and an official account is created.

    Otherwise, the verification online has 3 phases. First is the identity documentary proof. The second is the residential documentary proof.

    Finally, a selfie photo has to be uploaded.

    The company has a list of documents and one of them has to be submitted for identity proof and another for residential proof.

    The government documents should be recent and extending well beyond the submission date.

    A passport or driving license copy with an image and date of birth is a commonly uploaded document for identity verification.

    Start with the type of account, individual or enterprise, where the location would apply. Citizenship and date of birth follow.

    Identity document in color with the image and signature page is to be uploaded.

    Residential proof could be a copy of a bank statement or utility bill like electricity, not more than 3 months old.

    A real-time color high-resolution photo of the applicant should show the full face and holding a sheet of paper with SIMPLEX and day-month-year wrote. Avoid headgear or glasses.

    Advantages of SimpleFX Mobile App

    First came the Android SimpleFX Mobile App and then the iOS version.

    They contain all the rich MT4 trading features. Traders gain access to cryptocurrency and non-crypto currency assets.

    Traders who travel find the app most significant to constantly keep in touch. Besides, upgrades are constantly undertaken based on client feedback.

    Another positive note is that the simple but powerful app does not stress the phone battery or memory.

    SimpleFX Mobile Web Browser Platform Advantages

    Some clients would rather not download MetaTrader 4 or an app for mobile trading. SimpleFX WebTrader is meant for them and provides all the mobile trading facilities.

    Visit the SimpleFX mobile website. All that is required is an internet connection and SimpleFX WebTrader will do the rest.

    SimpleFX WebTrader duplicates the entire sensational mobile app list of functions.

    Simple account opening procedure

    Test the system without registration. Facebook, Twitter, email, and Google+ offer easy account opening.

    SimpleFX App – Conclusion

    Traders enjoy the superbly efficient infrastructure along with 24-hour live support in several languages. Traders belonging to 140 countries.

    Two-factor authentication ensures security. The lock screen facility helps too. Personalize accounts.

    The Unilink affiliate panel is a plus point for app and WebTrader users.

    Cryptocurrencies are big business these days and the future is very bright.

    SimpleFX Mobile Trading App enables uncomplicated trading in Bitcoin and Altcoin. Refer to charts in the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

    Trade with cryptos on the platform with several advantages. Along with easy access to open positions, traders receive news feeds.

    Deposit and withdrawal options are clear-cut.

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    FAQs on SimpleFX Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the SimpleFX mobile trading app:

    What is the SimpleFX mobile app called?

    SimpleFX Mobile Trading App Mobile App has 2 versions that cater to the Android and iOS systems. They work on the MetaTrader 4 software.

    Those who do not wish to download software or apps can trade directly on WebTrader without downloads. All the trading platforms are easy to use but also very robust.

    Does SimpleFX provide an iOS App?

    Yes. The Android mobile app came earlier. SimpleFX Mobile Trading App Mobile App for iOS came later and caters to Apple’s Mac users.

    Android and iOS cover a huge section of the global software systems.

    All the SimpleFX trading platforms that replicate each other have earned an awesome reputation for reliability and superb features.

    Is SimpleFX App Free to use?

    App downloads are free and account opening too with a demo account with $10000 virtual currency.

    Trading is free of commission. Deposits and withdrawals do not attract any fees, subject to certain conditions.

    The only payments are for spreads and swaps.

    The attractive terms along with a powerful trading infrastructure and trader research facilities are strong plus points.

    How to download the SimpleFX App?

    The company website online provides a link for downloading the mobile app.

    Alternatively, the apps for Android and iOS may be downloaded free from the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iOS.

    The download is fast and installed within moments. Starting a free account through a variety of methods like email is quickly done.

    What features does SimpleFX App have?

    • Avail multi-currency accounts with no minimum deposits and lucrative affiliate programs
    • Trade 24/7/365 on forex, crypto, and indices on 60 currency pairs
    • MetaTrader 4 facilitates fast executions
    • Trade on any device with no trade commission
    • Funds are protected in segregated accounts
    • Avail transparent third-party affiliate partnerships
    • Easy signing up with Facebook and Google+

    Can I trade in Shares via SimpleFX App?

    Yes. Shares of some leading companies are traded online in 140 countries.

    The company offers trading in over 200 assets that comprise of currencies and commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Stocks number 99.

    57 Currency pairs & 7 cryptocurrencies are available for trading. Indices number 12 and commodities number 3.

    Is SimpleFX Android App good?

    Yes. SimpleFX Mobile Trading App Mobile App of 2 kinds caters to Android and iOS systems. Both are equally good and contain the features of MetaTrader 4 that is a leading trading software of global renown.

    Windows, Android, and iOS cater to millions of users across the world. The SimpleFX trading system is known to be easy to use but also safe and reliable, powerful and efficient.

    Does SimpleFX App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes. Verification requires personal details along with proof of identity and residential address. Choose from the list of identity documents like passports.

    The identity document should show the face legibly. Residential proof could be a recent bank statement or utility bill. You also need to upload a real-time color selfie in good lighting conditions.

    Does SimpleFX App provide Tips?

    Yes. Trader education commences with the free Demo account with $10000 virtual currency. Research materials along with videos highlight important aspects of trading like the use of charts and indicators.

    Expert advisors and customer support are also available.

    A careful and dedicated trader should not take many risks and avoid getting emotional or greedy.

    How to Buy Currencies via SimpleFX App?

    SimpleFX App offers 60 currency pairs for trading.

    Currency trading deals with pairs of currencies like GBP and USD. Unlike stocks that deal with a single item, forex deals in pairs of currencies.

    Buy and sell happens together when you buy. You buy the base currency and sell the quote currency.

    The rise and fall of the relative value of the currencies are predicted. If the forecast is correct, the trader earns an income.

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