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Find out all details about the ValuTrades App here.

Mobile trading culture has already built the future of trading. It is expanding and growing exponentially. Hence, there’s nothing wrong if you also intend to become a mobile trader.

If you have embarked on your trading journey, perhaps ValuTrades mobile app can be a nice catch. ValuTrades is a well-regulated and one of the trusted online trading platforms.

In the interim, ValuTrades app entry is turning things easier for traders.

You can trade multiple assets on this trading platform. But there are some hidden things about this mobile application that you will discover in this article. So let’s have a look.

About ValuTrades App

Traders always look for a profitable edge in the online market.

ValuTrades AppBut mostly forget considering the significance of the trading platform, which contributes an equal value in the whole process.

If you are a smart trader, then definitely you would look for a trusted source.

On top of that, if you believe that ValuTrades mobile app can live up to your hopes, let’s help you know it better. ValuTrades doesn’t own any mobile applications.

Mobile users trade at ValuTrades using MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms alone.

The broker doesn’t offer a trading facility on any additional applications beyond and over Meta Traders that you download separately from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Still, we call it the ValuTrades app because you are offered trading services exclusively by ValuTrades in both Meta Trader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

But how you can use it, we’ll be discussing in this article. Before that, have a look at the features making both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms a great deal.

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    ValuTrades Mobile App – Top Features

    The overall excellence of a trading platform is rarely visible to traders. Owing to this, most traders leave the best trading platform unnoticed.

    Hence, whether it’s worth ignoring ValuTrades mobile trading app or not, these features define it all.

    Advanced Trading

    Since ValuTrades is a multi-asset trading platform, the server must be reliable and fast. For which, the broker provides trading services via MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

    This trading platform ensures fast switching between financial instruments.

    Not just that, you can also trail SL and TP to the smoothest, obtain free financial news, and tap into a full range of forex instruments.

    Technical Analysis Tools

    Lots of indicators and technical charts go into the process when it comes to conducting market analysis. Therefore, you are offered a ValuTrades mobile app facility that brings easiness and swiftness in the technical analysis of the market.

    You are offered 30+ indicators, 3 interactive charts, adjustable in total 9 timeframes. In addition, some special customizable features are also offered to the traders.

    Free Financial News

    Free financial news adds a significant benefit.

    ValuTrades trading platform makes the latest news, market reports, and precious financial data readily available to traders online.

    However, the news is shared on both email addresses and MT4/MT5 trading platforms too.

    Customizable Features

    ValuTrades trading app or MT4/MT5 trading platform comes with customizable trading features.

    From finding a trend line, ideal break-out point to color marking options, you are offered a complete suite of features to ensure you receive a fully personalized trading experience.

    Multiple Tradable Instruments

    At ValuTrades, you can trade multiple tradable instruments.

    To simply put, you can trade forex, equity, commodities, and CFDs at the ValuTrades trading platform.

    But before you reach a trading decision and execute an order, make sure you do not forget to carry out technical and fundamental analysis of the market.

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    How to Set up ValuTrades Trading App?

    Now that you know everything about ValuTrades mobile trading app, it’s time to cover the steps involved in the account opening process in detail.

    Since ValuTrades doesn’t own any trading app, it becomes a subject of confusion for many traders about how actually an asset is traded on mobile devices.

    So here we become your helpful guide on ValuTrades mobile app account opening.

    1. First, you are required to create a trading account at the ValuTrades website that allows you to trade assets on a web-based trading platform or via MT4 and MT5 software.
    2. Since ValuTrades doesn’t own any trading app, you are required to download both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms on your mobile devices.

    (Both MT4 and MT5 are available in the Application version, find them on app stores).

    1. Now, link your registered trading account with Meta Traders.

    (User-guide manual is shared by the broker at the beginning of registration process, so catch proper details from it)

    1. Once you successfully create a link between the trading platform and ValuTrades trading account, go ahead.
    2. You can perceive it as a ValuTrades trading app because the entire payment cycle is handled by the broker. Meta Traders are just software intended to provide you with a convenient trading experience.

    Now, the trading set-up is ready to use on your mobile screen. But how you will be buying assets on mobile, next we’ll be discussing it in brief.

    How to Use ValuTrades Mobile Trading App?

    We hope you have done setting up meta traders on your mobile devices.

    But now, you will know the whole process of order executions at the ValuTrades mobile app. So you could successfully launch your first trade at the steps onwards.

    But before you start, it is advisable not to use a live trading account but get help from the demo account.

    Although the ValuTrades trading app doesn’t provide you access to a demo account, you can get this facility from the broker’s official website.

    If you feel you are prepared for trading and practicing on a demo account isn’t required, choose your desired MT4 and MT5 ValuTrades app and click on the real trading account.

    • Go to the asset section and select currencies, commodities, indices, metals, whatever you wish to trade on the interface.
    • Pick one, two, three, or multiple assets and analyze the market of each.
    • Read the quote stating buy price, sell price, the amount you wish to trade for, and other things.
    • Buy or sell whatever you find ideal based on technical or fundamental market analysis.

    Before you start trading, make sure you have learned Pips and Lots, especially when you are planning to enter the Forex Market.

    Moreover, leverage and margins offered by the broker on a particular market and asset must be analyzed first.

    Advantages of ValuTrades Forex App

    Here are the key benefits attached with the usage of the ValuTrades mobile app.

    • You trade at ValuTrades via the most popular MT4 and MT5
    • Fast servers of Meta Traders deliver flexibility in trade executions
    • ValuTrades is a multi-asset trading platform
    • Trades CFDs, and Major, Minor, Exotic Currency pairs
    • Spreads start from 0.0 pips.
    • Truly customizable trading experience
    • A well-regulated broker ensures the safety of funds
    • Guaranteed negative balance protection
    • Multiple payment options
    • Free educational resources offered
    • Demo account with virtual balance offered

    ValuTrades App – Conclusion

    There’s no limit on the list of benefits you are exposed to at the ValuTrades mobile trading app. You can trade multiple assets on this multi-asset trading platform.

    Even though you are using your mobile device, you can buy and sell multiple assets through a single ValuTrades app.

    However, the broker doesn’t offer any trading app registered on its own name because it offers trading services mainly via MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

    Demo accounts and educational resources are easy to access on the broker’s official website but not the trading app. Free financial news is also offered by the broker to its clients.

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    FAQs on ValuTrades Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the ValuTrades mobile trading app:

    What Is ValuTrades Mobile App Called?

    ValuTrades mobile app is a convenient way for traders who want to trade financial instruments on mobile devices.

    But it is worth noting that ValuTrades doesn’t own any trading app; the broker only provides trading services via MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

    Therefore, you don’t find any app registered in the broker’s name.

    Does ValuTrades Provide An iOS App?

    Yes. ValuTrades provides an iOS app that you can download from the Apple App Store.

    Though, you may not find any app registered on ValuTrades name because the broker provides mobile trading services exclusively with the help of Meta Traders.

    Hence, you can download MT4 and MT5 trading applications on your device to start trading.

    Is ValuTrades App Free To Use?

    Yes. ValuTrades Meta Traders are free to use.

    But it is worth noting that withdrawals and trading at ValuTrades are subjected to charges. Luckily, submitting a minimum deposit amount isn’t a mandatory condition.

    The broker’s primary income source is built-in spreads, so make sure you are aware of that.

    How To Download ValuTrades Forex App?

    You can download the ValuTrades app on your devices simply from Google Playstore and Apple App Store, respectively.

    But it’s worth considering that the broker doesn’t own any trading app. Indeed, it provides services via fast and reliable meta traders.

    You are allowed to link your trading account with both meta trader 4 and meta trader 5.

    What Features Does ValuTrades App Have?

    ValuTrades app has multiple features, each focused on maximizing user experience.

    From advanced charting, popularly used indicators, multiple time frames options to customizable features, you can find dozens of great features in the app.

    However, demo accounts and educational facilities are available on the broker’s official website only.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via ValuTrades App?

    No. Unfortunately, you can’t trade in shares via ValuTrades. In the mainstream, the broker deals in forex, commodities, and indices.

    Moreover, you can trade CFDs on ValuTrades trading via MetaTraders 4 and MetaTrader 5 mobile applications.

    Is ValuTrades Android App Good?

    ValuTrades android app works smoothly and is quite popular among clients for its easy-to-use features.

    It is specifically because ValuTrades doesn’t own any trading app, but MetaTrader 4 and 5, with the help of the broker, provides trading services to customers online.

    MetaTrader mobile applications have already carved a special niche for themselves in the industry. Hence, you can mostly see positive reviews on the app store regarding these platforms.

    Does ValuTrades App Have Ekyc Feature?

    However, ValuTrades recommended the mobile applications MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, which have no EKYC features.

    But if you want to reap the benefits of the ValuTrades trading platform, then meeting EKYC criteria is indispensable.

    Without fulfilling the KYC requirements, the broker won’t accept it as its official user.

    Does ValuTrades App Provide Tips?

    No. ValuTrades recommended apps MetaTrader 4 and Meta Trader 5 don’t provide any trading tips to clients during the live market.

    Nevertheless, the app provides you with market updates, financial news, and trading reports from time to time.

    For any educational or learning support, you can visit the broker’s official website. ValuTrades shares educational material in an extensive list with its users.

    How To Buy Currencies Via ValuTrades App?

    You can buy currencies via the ValuTrades app in a few simple steps. First, choose any best-performing currency, but make sure it is legal to trade currencies in your country.

    Mostly countries allow forex trading on specific assets only.

    Once you find an ideal forex pair, conduct market analysis. Look at the price, and select the desired lot you want to trade.

    Now, the entire process will be the same as you are trading an asset in a stock market. Though, leverage and margin value may vary.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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