Know everything about Plus500 App here. Many reasons clearly define why mobile apps have grown so popular among traders in this era of mobile trading.

Mainly, when some reliable brokers – like Plus500 – have started giving their services via mobile apps, popularity is quite apparent.

Plus500 app is one of the best things built for mobile traders.

With the app, you can quickly access your active trades on one tap, which is a bit stress-giving when done on significant devices that take time.

Features and benefits you get along with Plus500 mobile app is also a notable factor.

Thus, to provide you with a quick glimpse of every aspect which makes a great mobile trading app, this article compiles some vital information.

If you think Plus500 is an excellent choice to start trading with, this article will help you come across a wise decision. So let’s get started.

About Plus500 App

Plus500 – one of the best CFDs online trading platforms continues to win digital fame by becoming the first choice of traders.

Plus500 AppThanks to the best-in-class brokerage services that help the broker earn a respected status, traders believe that Plus500 brokers support their trading plans.

And, now it seems that with the help of the mobile app, the broker is all set to dominate the trading sector by an extra notch.

The online broker app by Plus500 brings a revolution in your trading activity.

Such as, you trade your favourite assets on fingertips, utterly at your convenience. Every gain or loss from trading will be at your hands.

This mobile trading platform caters to the exact needs of mobile users.

One can easily manage their portfolio, execute a trade, generate profit and escape from losses at once using the app.

Beyond question, installing the Plus500 mobile trading app comes with certain great benefits to the users discussed briefly in this article.

(Note: It is an undying fact that nearly 72% of traders lose money in CFD trading, so make sure you start CFD trading solely at your own risk.)

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    Plus500 Mobile App – Top Features

    Smart traders prefer catching a quick glimpse of features before joining a trading platform. It provides them early signals of profits and loss.

    Luckily, Plus500 mobile trading app has every feature, and you can feel good if you have already signed up for a trading account at Plus500.

    The most notable features are-

    CFDs On Stocks And Shares

    Traders can buy and sell CFDs on shares in no time using the app. In addition to stocks, one can even trade indices, gold, silver, oil, and many other shares on the go.

    Crypto-Currency CFDs

    It is an era of crypto-trading. Due to the highest return expectancy, traders are heading to brokers where crypto-currencies can be traded.

    But only a few brokers offer crypto-currency CFDs, and luckily Plus500 trading platform is one of them.

    Using the Plus500 mobile app, you can trade significant cryptocurrencies, e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and IOTA.

    Risk Management

    So you could put a limit on risk and make your portfolio a money-making portfolio for all time – no matter if you are available or not – the broker app will do the work behind you.

    Since you get “put loss, and take profit” features with some added settings, you automate trading activities.

    Even though you are a bit busy, your portfolio will automatically sell out your assets. You can even set orders to purchase assets at the desired price.

    Demo Account

    Plus500 mobile apps come with a demo account to give a green signal to beginners.

    So, if it is your first time experience with an online trading platform, provide the demo account with a quick try.

    Without putting your capital at risk, the demo accounts give you robust training about trading in a virtual environment.

    Smooth Interface

    The smoothest interface of the mobile app ensures you take speedy actions, buy and sell assets whenever the market is favorable.

    You can instantly reach every feature with a few taps, but make sure your mobile doesn’t hang and comes with ample ram and storage.

    Live report

    Traders can even get live reports of the ongoing market activities.

    So as soon as the price reaches the desired peak, you detect the best entry and exit points and keep yourself in the safest or profitable zone.

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    How to Set-up Plus500 Trading App?

    Unlike other trading apps, Plus500 mobile trading app is instant to set up.

    A simple sign-up process provides you instant access to your trading account.

    Let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure of setting up a trading account using trading app.

    • Download Plus500 mobile app from Playstore and Apple App store respectively, based on your mobile devices
    • Every trading journey begins with a standard sign-up process for which you must submit your Gmail Id and password. So do the same and submit your sign-in details at this app.

    (Note: email id and password must be strong and secure. It’s always recommended to avoid sharing your sign-up details with anyone that you use for registration.)

    • If your login details are accurate, the broker will redirect you to the next step.
    • Before you access it, the broker may ask you to choose between the demo account and a real account.
    • Going with a real account means you’ll have to qualify for eligibility criteria.
    • Submit the needed documents including, your id, pan card details, etc.
    • Once the registration process is over, you can access your trading account

    In case you don’t want to enter the real account, you can continue with the demo account to practice trading activities on the go.

    How to Use Plus500 Mobile Trading App?

    There’s no need to cram big lines and concepts to get skilled hands-on Plus500 mobile trading app.

    All it takes is your time and patience to get fully acquainted with the features of a trading platform.

    Fortunately, the app doesn’t have any intricate features and options that confuse users. Instead, a simple sign-up process directs to the real trading account in one go.

    However, it’s worth entering a demo account and grasping the basics of trading at the Plus500 app.

    It gives a clear insight into the best features you can use for trade, including a thorough overview of how the market moves.

    If you are a beginner, the demo account helps you get skilled in core points of trading at Plus500.

    Similarly, when you think that now you are entirely familiar with the basics, enter real-account with one tap.

    The app includes indicators, charts, and tools for risk management that help a trader take a well-decisive move.

    With leverage support, the broker tries to maximize profits for you but try using it only when you’re aware of the pros and cons associated with it.

    Advantages of Plus500 Forex App

    Plus500 Forex app is one of the top-rate trading platforms built for mobile users.

    On the play store alone, the platform earns a 4+ star rating which is a good signal.

    Thousands of users are using the app, which showcases Plus500 as a reliable broker.

    If we talk about the significant benefits of using the Plus500 trading app, so these are as follows-

    • CFD stock and shares trading is available
    • Provides real-time insight into the market
    • Demo account assures easiness for beginners
    • Risk-management tools are available
    • A smooth interface makes everything more manageable.
    • Trade major crypto-currencies
    • Available for both android and iPhone users

    Plus500 App – Conclusion

    While going through the depth of the Plus500 Trading App in this article, we unveil some significant possibilities that come along with one of the best brokers.

    From a simple sign-up process to some handy features, the app wraps excellent benefits for mobile users.

    But it’s worth noticing that since Plus500 is a CFDs broker, the amount of risk associated with trading can’t be overlooked.

    Thus, only experienced traders must sign-up for Plus500 mobile app.

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    FAQs on Plus500 Mobile Trading App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Plus500 mobile trading app:

    What is Plus500 Mobile App called?

    Plus500 mobile trading apps are easy to find on google play store and apple app store.

    If you don’t find the same, Google about “Plus500 mobile trading app.”

    Then, visit your preferred app store website and download it.

    Users can even download the app from the Plus500 official website.

    Does Plus500 provide an iOS App?

    Go to the Apple app store, type the name “Plus500” in the search box.

    The app you see with the highest downloads and rating is your way to go.

    Download it and run it successfully on your iPhone or iPad.

    If you don’t find it there, go to Plus500’s official website and get the install button to get the app on your phone.

    Is Plus500 Forex App Free to use?

    This app is a free app that you can download from the play store and apple app store. So there’s no need to pay even a single penny.

    In case you don’t find the app, download it from the Plus500 official website instead of paying someone to get the app for you.

    How to download Plus500 Trading App?

    You can download Plus500 mobile app from the Google play store, apple AppStore, and broker’s site, respectively.

    There’s no need for any complex setup before, during, or after downloading the app. So feel free to download the app anytime on your device.

    What features does Plus500 App have?

    Plus500 mobile app comes with a wide array of benefits and features. Such as, real-time analysis, indicators, and risk-management tools are some key features.

    Apart from that, traders can trade CFDs stops, shares, and crypto-currency.

    This means you can make more if your strategy works or you are fortunate enough. The demo account is another brilliant feature of this app.

    Can I trade in Shares via Plus500 App?

    Yes, traders can trade shares via the Plus500 app.

    A simple sign-up process, and you’re ready to dive into the exhaustive list of shares.

    In addition to standard assets, traders can even invest in indices, oils, commodities, gold, silver, and crypto-currencies.

    Thus you can expect the most out of your expectation from trading at Plus500 mobile app.

    Is Plus500 Android App good?

    Plus500 is a CFDs online trading platform, widely known for its innovative features.

    The broker earns the no.1 spot in England for being the best broker in 2020.

    From free demo accounts to stocks CFDs trading, you can find everything in the app built for mobile users.

    Does Plus500 App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, the Plus500 app has an EKYC feature, making it a truly secure and utterly reliable mobile trading platform.

    EKYC depicts that a user will have to submit personal details. Only then can you get access to your trading account at Plus500.

    In case you fail to qualify for the EKYC policy, no services are offered.

    Does Plus500 Mobile Trading App provide Tips?

    Plus500 mobile app shares tips and a quick glimpse of its trading platform with its users through a demo account.

    Apart from that, the broker seems not to share any news and tips with its users.

    Though, in the future, the broker may think about adding these helpful things to get itself to stand out in this competing age as lots of brokers are available in the market.

    How to Buy Currencies via Plus500 App?

    If you want to buy currencies via the Plus500 app, simply log in to your trading account.

    Click on the menu and then assets. Similarly, the broker shows you a list of assets with separate categories.

    For example, find currencies or forex and click on them. Now you can find an extensive list of currency that you can trade via the app.

    The best thing is, you can trade currencies as much as you want and build a well-diversified portfolio that assures you safety.

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