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Established in 2014 with headquarters in the United Kingdom, Tickmill facilitates low-cost Forex and CFD trading.

Trading platforms are powered by MetaTrader 4 that is universally known. Tickmill App is naturally one of them to cater to millions of smartphones nowadays.

Trading is possible through mobiles at any time and any place like during journeys and vacations.

Desktop trading may be fine in a settled office with a large screen but what happens when you step out?

Keep in touch with live markets with the Tickmill Mobile Trading App and an internet connection that has now reached most parts of the world.

About Tickmill App

Tickmill Trading App, built via MT4, services all kinds of devices.

Tickmill AppDesktops and mobiles use them. The Tickmill App has 2 versions for the android and iOS phone operating systems that cater to Android and Apple phones.

Free downloads are available at the Google Play Store and Apple store respectively. Downloads are brief according to the internet speed available.

Essentially, all or most of the features of MT4 available on desktop trading platforms are available on the mobile app.


Among the facilities in the mobile apps are 30 indicators/studies that help charting. Drawing trendlines is possible. Multiple time frames are a possibility too. Autosave drawings do happen.

Further features are the alerts in basic fields and a watch list along with a Forex calendar.

According to one authority, the user-friendliness aspect of the mobile app is better than average. The mobile app gets a rating of 3.8/5.

Yet, Tickmill does not follow the 2-factor authentication and does not have biometric identification.

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    Tickmill Mobile App – Top Features

    The robust MT4-based Tickmill Mobile App scores well on many counts in comparison with some other broking companies.

    Top score on several counts

    Having one tier-1 jurisdiction and 2 tier-2 jurisdictions, Tickmill is considered an average risk broker. They host Forex and CFDs.

    Viable charges brought Tickmill the first overall position in the fees and commissions category awards in 2021. In the Professional Trading category too, Tickmill was awarded Best in Class (top 7) in 2021.

    Dependent upon MT4 without its own made-to-order web or mobile p0latofrm, Tickmill seems to have a deficiency.

    The search function performs well on the better side and is convincingly good in the final analysis.

    Market, Limit, and Stop order types are available on the app. Good ’til canceled (GTC), Good ’til time (GTT) are certain order terms in the app.

    Supported languages

    It certainly is a great blessing and a big business boost that the app is available in numerous international languages!

    Along with English, French, Italian and German, you have Chinese and Spanish and many more.

    Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese are further languages.

    Add Arabic, Czech, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, and Korean to the list.

    Tickmill is a big business

    According to the company website, they service over 200 countries.

    Very fast services indicate an average execution time of 0.20 seconds.

    Having executed over 115 million trades, the average monthly trading volume exceeds 142 billion.

    Considering a variety of positive factors and a few shortcomings like fewer assets, the broker does seem an attractive proposition.

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    How to Set up Tickmill Trading App?

    First comes the research and understanding of the Tickmill Mobile Trading App.

    What makes you decide in favor of the Tickmill Mobile App in preference to several other broking companies that crowd the internet?

    Make sure of the trading plans and the preferred assets and what level of trading you have reached.

    Beginners could make a slow and steady beginning with the free demo account for a while.

    A few sessions would clearly illustrate the trading path to progress and open up a few frontiers.

    Making a choice of smartphone and the operating system is the next step.

    Both android and iOS shine equally bright and clients choose one according to preferences. Which company and which model?

    Perhaps advertising or the recommendations of colleagues and friends would help decision-making.

    Let it be one of the accomplished phone models with enough processing power and ample space, fast charging, and a big touchscreen.

    While it is obvious that a mobile phone enables trading during travel and vacations, desktops have their advantages too.

    A quiet and cozy workstation, customized to your style, would help.

    The best arrangement is a workstation in the office along with a mobile phone for the outings.

    How to own Tickmill Mobile Trading App?

    Registration for an account in the Tickmill Trading App is easy and fast, taking a few minutes. Verifications of documents could be completed in a single working day.

    Keep the scanned documents ready for upload. Gather all the required information before beginning.

    Enter information very carefully just as they appear in government-issued documents.

    What are the details to be entered in the Tickmill App form?

    Decide about which regulator to opt for. UK, Cyprus, or Seychelles? Which one applies to your country?

    Enter the full name and email address, country of residence, and phone number.

    Enter personal information accurately like the date of birth and residential address.

    What will be the account base currency from the 4 that Tickmill allows?

    The next detail to enter is financial information regarding yourself.

    Pro, Classic, or VIP? These are the 3 account types offering differences in opening deposits, spreads, and commissions. Choose one of them according to the situation.

    The verification process requires legible color scanned documents in support of identity and residence. They must be valid government-issued documents.

    Very often the passport and driving license are among the identity documents offered but other documents are also accepted.

    The image and the name should be reflected clearly.

    A bank statement or credit card statement supports the residence proof requirement. The name and address should be seen clearly in the image.

    Advantages of Tickmill Forex App

    Give Tickmill Mobile App a trial, never to regret.

    Due to the ever-increasing demand for smartphones that serve every purpose like social media and amusement, work, business, and training, mobile apps are the answer.

    The app needs to be easy to use, yet present almost every feature found in the desktop version.

    Tickmill Mobile App deserves appreciation for being low-cost forex and CFDs trading with low commissions and affordable fees.

    Credited with a Trust Score of 81/99, the security of funds and personal data is assured.

    Tickmill has one tier-1 regulator, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which means high trust. The company has 2 tier-2 regulators that reflect average trust.

    The company does not have any tier-3 regulator that implies low trust. Tickmill is neither publicly traded nor operates a bank.

    What are investment assets like?

    The assets are not too many but just the right dimensions for successful trading. Most of the 85 assets are currency pairs. CFDs, indices, metals, and bonds are few indeed.

    A total of 62 currency pairs are traded.

    Cryptocurrency CFD trading is done but not Cryptocurrency (Physical). Traders can opt for Social Trading / Copy-Trading too.

    Tickmill App – Conclusion

    Among the several factors in favor of this app, they do well with ongoing market research. Each year, they have been working hard on acquiring the most pertinent market data to hand over to traders.

    Beginning traders would do well to start their career with the demo account learning sessions, free of charge.

    Though Tickmill lacks a proprietary trading platform, they maintain a web platform and a desktop platform for Windows.

    MetaTrader 4 is a big business indeed on a global scale and brings lots of technical excellence.

    Trading from Chart is available. Regarding Charting, 51 indicators/studies and 31 drawing tools are powerful indeed. Watchlists have 7 fields and the order type is Trailing Stop.

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    FAQs on Tickmill Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Tickmill mobile trading app:

    What is the Tickmill mobile app called?

    Tickmill Mobile App runs on MT4 like all the trading platforms of the company which include the web platform, desktop platform, and mobile apps.

    Android and iOS versions are the 2 types of mobile apps meant for Android phones and iOS Apple phones.

    The mobile apps provide almost the same features that the desktop platform contains.

    Does Tickmill provide an iOS App?

    Yes. Downloaded free from the Apple Store and meant for the iOS operating system found on Apple phones. Downloads do not take long.

    The iOS and Android versions are quite similar and present the same features via MT4.

    Smartphones have increased the trading reach during tours and vacations, keeping traders in constant touch with live markets via the internet.

    Is Tickmill App Free to use?

    Tickmill App may be downloaded free.

    The Demo account is free to use. A live trading account requires a choice of the 3 account types, Pro, Classic, and VIP. You need to deposit the initial amount, based on the choice.

    Pro and Classic require a $100 initial deposit and VIP requires a $50000 initial deposit.

    How to download the Tickmill App?

    Tickmill App has 2 versions, the android, and iOS versions. Tickmill Mobile Trading App can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store for the Android version.

    Go to the Apple Store for the iOS download. Downloading is easy.

    Find the icon and click download and then ‘install.’ The download commences immediately and takes a minute.

    What features does Tickmill App have?

    Trading platforms for desktop and mobile apps work via MetaTrader 4. Low-cost Forex and CFD trading on over 80 assets are available.

    Low fees and commissions make trading more profitable. The 5 regulatory bodies ensure the safety and security of funds.

    The company accepts 4 base currencies. The platforms work in several languages.

    Strong multilingual customer support is offered.

    Can I trade in Shares via Tickmill App?

    Yes. Over 80 assets are offered for investment in Tickmill and they represent several types of markets. Stocks and currencies, indices, and cryptos are some types.

    Trading offers attractive incentives like the 3-tier rebate system.

    There are no fixed spreads and commissions are low. Beginning with the demo learning account is the wise policy to minimize risks of financial loss.

    Is Tickmill Android App good?

    Yes. Tickmill Trading App has several versions and they are equally good, being based on MetaTrader 4.

    Tickmill Android App caters to mobile phones with the Android operating system and is used worldwide.

    The android app may be downloaded free from the Google Play Store. Click download and then ‘install’ and open.

    The download and installation happen very quickly.

    Does Tickmill App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes. EKYC Feature is applicable while opening a live trading account. The 3 types of trading accounts are Pro, Classic, and VIP.

    After filling up the personal details, verification of identity and residence requires EKYC.

    Upload clear color copies of the 2 documents in support of identity and residence.

    They should be valid government-issued documents like a passport and driving license.

    Does Tickmill App provide Tips?

    Tickmill provides ample educational research facilities like weekly webinars in several languages to support trader education.

    Their educational services are better than the industry average. MetaTrader 4 offers several technical analysis tools.

    Videos for training are also available. Learn from a collection of ebooks too.

    Find archived webinars on YouTube.

    How to Buy Currencies via Tickmill App?

    Tickmill Trading App includes currency buying and selling. Currency trading happens in pairs. The most important currency combinations are as follows:

    • EUR/USD
    • USD/JPY
    • AUD/USD
    • USD/CAD
    • USD/CNY

    The combination of the American dollar and Swiss Franc is supposed to be the safest currency pair.

    Research and market information enables an understanding of where and when to invest. Always remember the money risks of trading.

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