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Know everything about Fondex App here. Whether you trade in currencies, stocks, or indices, or any other instruments, missing opportunities, not being able to trade timely can cost a lot.

However, with this App, you do not have to worry about missing the chances to make a profit.

In this article, we will talk about the Fondex Mobile App, its features, downloading process, and many other aspects.

This article is going to be an all-in-one guide for using the Fondex mobile trading app.

About Fondex App

Fondex Mobile App is one of the most popular trading applications which offers multiple currencies, stocks, indices, commodities, and other assets to trade from your mobile-only.

Fondex AppThe app is a cTrader-based application that is reliable, transparent, and intuitive. This application provides the ultimate ground for trading easily.

You can trade any currency pairs, or stocks, or any other instruments using this application. You do not need to open your laptop for trading.

While traveling, or at other work, you can track your portfolio and if required you can make changes to it.

So, this Fondex Trading App gives you the power to access the market anytime and from anywhere.

The App is loaded with multiple features which will be discussed in the latter part of the article.

These features make it one of the most sought-after trading platforms in the world.

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    Fondex Mobile App – Top Features

    The features of the Fondex Mobile Trading App are as follows –

    Tradable instruments:

    There are more than thousands of tradable instruments.

    These include over 80 and above currency pairs of all sorts – major, minor and exotic currency pairs as well.

    You can trade or invest in more than nine hundred Bluechip companies.

    Moreover, there are multiple commodities including gold, silver, crude oil, and others, and a lot more. You can trade all these assets using the Fondex app only.

    Different types of orders:

    There are different order types that you can use to secure your trades. For instance, you use Stop loss, cover orders, and other order types.

    Market Watchlist:

    The market watchlist is one of the most important things of any mobile trading application.

    Here you add all the instruments that you want to track and trade. So, the market watchlist of the Trading App is fully customizable.

    You can add the instruments as per your requirement.

    One-click Trade:

    The one-click trade feature is one of the best things about mobile trading. This helps in capturing the price at which you want to trade.

    The primary purpose is to buy or sell any financial instruments with just one click so that it is easy for the trader.

    Risk management:

    The Mobile App has risk management tools. You can use these tools to analyze and then reduce the risk of your investment.

    Copy Trading:

    The Fondex Trading App is also having a copy trading option where you can copy the trading idea/ strategy of other eminent traders.

    Then apply the same strategy to your trade. This helps the newbies make a good profit.


    This is the age of automation and thus Fondex App is nowhere behind.

    It has automation features where your trades can be strategized from before.

    The app is quite intuitive and thus it can be helpful in trading.

    Technical and Fundamental research tools:

    This App is loaded with fundamental analysis reports of different companies.

    Then there are technical charts and indicators which are required to analyze the market trend. These tools are available with the application for free.

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    How to Set up Fondex Trading App?

    The process to set up the Fondex Mobile Trading App is simple. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps –

    • Firstly, you need to have a Fondex trading account. When you have the trading account, you have the login id and password of the account. These login credentials are required to use the Fondex Mobile Trading App.
    • You can download the Fondex App from the Google PlayStore provided you are having an Android phone. If you are an iOS user then you have to download from the App Store.
    • Once the application is on your phone, open the same
    • Login using the trading account id and password
    • You can see the dashboard, here you have to create the market watchlist. Add the remove the instruments that you want to keep on the list. You must add the instruments which you trade the most.
    • You can also create a portfolio using all your investments.
    • Then you can set up different notifications and alerts for being updated about the market.
    • You can customize the application as per your requirements.

    How to own Fondex Mobile Trading App?

    To own a Fondex mobile app you need to –

    • Click on this tab “ open account”
    • Fill in the form
    • Submit the form
    • Wait for KYC verification after uploading the softcopy of the documents
    • If approved, you will get the login credentials in your mail
    • Download the apps from App Store or Google Playstore.
    • Enter the login credentials
    • And start trading

    Advantages of Fondex Mobile App

    The advantages of using the Fondex mobile app are as follows –

    • It is a very reliable mobile trading app. There is no risk of losing funds on this app.
    • It is superfast and thus execution of orders takes place instantly.
    • You can do technical analysis using this application and then invest wisely
    • There are even fundamental research data that you can use for analyzing insights of the companies in which you want to invest
    • You get a detailed report of the trades you make
    • The app is highly intuitive and intelligent as it has automation or AI running in it. You can check the market sentiment live which is one of the most crucial criteria for choosing investments.
    • It is fully transparent as well as every detail of the transactions is available for you to check and recheck.
    • You have full control over your trades and orders.

    Fondex App – Conclusion

    So, to conclude, we can say that the Fondex cTrader application is a good platform for trading financial instruments. It has multiple analytical features and tools.

    Furthermore, there are fundamental resources as well.

    The app is free which is the best thing for traders. You can use this application for trading anytime, so time constraints are not there.

    Fondex mobile app can help you make optimum and wise use of all the opportunities you get in the market. With this hassle-free application, you can make the most out of it.

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    FAQs on Fondex Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Fondex mobile trading app:

    What is the Fondex mobile app called?

    The Fondex mobile app is known as Fondex cTrader – a mobile investing platform.

    The underlying software is cTrader thus it is included in the name. It is a highly intuitive and reliable platform for trading.

    Does Fondex provide an iOS App?

    Yes, there is the iOS version of the Fondex mobile app. You can download it from the App Store and use it. It is called Fondex cTrader – invest online.

    This is a superfast mobile trading application offering multiple features.

    Is Fondex App Free to use?

    Yes, there are no charges that Fondex or any other platform charges for this Fondex mobile app. You can download it for free from Playstore or App store.

    Then you can install it and set it up and then use it without paying any charges. However, you need to have a Fondex trading account.

    How to download the Fondex App?

    To download the Fondex mobile app you need to –

    • Click on the Account opening tab here
    • Then fill in the form with correct details and submit
    • Keep the documents ready
    • Upload them when asked
    • Then wait for KYC to be over
    • If KYC gets done and approved, then your trading account with Fondex will be live
    • Now you can go to Playstore or App store and download the respective app
    • Then log in using the login credential

    What features does Fondex App have?

    The features of the Fondex mobile app includes –

    • Copy-trading
    • Automated platform
    • Multiple tradable assets
    • Technical tools
    • Fundamental resources for analysis
    • others

    Can I trade in Shares via the Fondex App?

    Yes, there are 900 plus shares that you can trade.

    You can check the fundamentals of these companies as all the data are available in the Fondex mobile app.

    Is the Fondex Android App good?

    Yes, it has a rating of 5 on the App Store and 4.5 on Playstore which suggests that the app is liked by people. You can easily trade using this app.

    Does Fondex App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, with the Fondex mobile app you can complete your KYC online.

    You can upload the documents required and then KYC will be done.

    Does Fondex App provide Tips?

    The research and advisory team of Fondex provides different trading suggestions and tips which are available on the Fondex mobile app.

    You can take advantage of these tips for your trading.

    How to Buy Currencies via Fondex App?

    If you want to buy any currency from the Fondex mobile app then first select the currency pair.

    Then click on the BUY option and place the order with the number of units and other details as required.

    Once the order gets executed, you can see the currencies in your account.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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