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Find out all details about Hantex Markets Commission or Brokerage Charges here. Hantec Markets is a multi-regulated online trading platform.

The brokerage firm has been winning the eyes and hearts of people with its tailored services for a long time that are focused on providing flexible trading solutions to all.

Everything about Hantec Markets is well-described by the firm itself, except for Brokerage charges that often confuse traders. Brokerage charges have a direct relationship with the asset you trade.

Hence, this article covers the Hantec Markets Commission in brief so you can make the best decision about your trading journey in the time ahead.

Before you think about getting started with the HM trading platform, note down some important questions on paper because the answers are available in this article.

So without further ado, let’s discover the types of charges that Hantec Markets wants its users to understand carefully.

Hantec Markets Commission or Brokerage Charges

Hantec Markets trading platform went live in 2008 and is currently headquartered in London, UK.

Hantec Markets Commission or Brokerage ChargesCurrently, thousands of traders around the world are experiencing and enjoying Hantec Markets services.

You can access all those benefits offered by Hantec Markets to its users on both mobile and desktop regardless of which operating system it supports.

Hantec Markets Commission is also the same for both mobile and desktop users.

But sometimes, the brokerage charges can vary from one country to another.

Hence, this article will provide you a thick idea of the charges, how and where the trader requires to pay them, etc.

Hantec Markets income is built in both spreads and direct trading commission. Spreads are variable but have much more to reveal.

Though, the broker doesn’t ask its user to submit the minimum deposit amount because it isn’t mandatory here. But there’s a twist that will be discussed here.

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    Types of Hantec Markets Commission Plans

    Types of Commission Plans
    Account Type Standard account Pro Account Platinum Account
    Initial Deposit $50 NA $30,000
    Spread From 0.2 pips Starts from 0.2 pips From 0 pips
    Commission Zero Commission No Commission Zero Commission
    Leverage 1:200 its 1:200 1:200

    The Hantec Markets Commission primarily comes from the difference between the bid and ask price. To simply put, broker’s commission is built in spreads that are quite competitive.

    It’s worth noting that Hantec Markets offer variable spreads on its trading platform which means you won’t be having a clear insight into the actual trading price.

    Apart from that, Hantec Markets Charges are a matter of concern in CFDs trading. Direct charges on trading are also levied but luckily it is charged from a specific trading approach. In short, the broker charges negotiable commissions on CFD trading.

    Apart from this, we don’t see any additional Hantec Markets Fees. However, errors and mistakes by a trader are subjected to penalties here as well.

    Hantec Markets trading services are available for both retail and professional users. Users can access trading services on both smartphone and desktop devices.

    But you need to remember that trading charges will stay similar for all users regardless of what type of user you are, what device you are using at that time.

    You need to consider trading charges carefully before you proceed with your trading plan.

    In addition to these charges, loss from trading and loss from leverage support might obstruct you from winning your trading goals.

    Hantec Markets Account Opening Process

    Now let’s come to the account opening process which is the next most important thing after you get a complete understanding of the Hantec Markets Commission.

    Here are the basic steps you need to focus on to open your trading account successfully at Hantec Markets Online trading platform –

    1. First, give your log-in details to Hantec Markets
    2. Verify your log-in details and set a strong password at the same time
    3. Follow up the EKYC criteria and submit your details
    4. Once your account is approved, proceed with the further steps
    5. Choose Meta Trader 4 platform keeping in mind that MT4 is provided separately for all mobile, mac, and Windows devices.
    6. Create a link between your trading account at HM and the trading platform
    7. And start trading!

    In addition to Hantec Markets Brokerage charges, no additional fees are charged from traders during the account opening process. Moreover, there’s no need of submitting a minimum deposit amount to start your trading journey with HM.

    The broker primarily makes commission for itself from Spreads. But you need to care more about other Hantec Markets Fees such as penalties if you don’t want to end up losing your capital entirely.

    However, most traders might prefer undergoing a virtual trading account to catch a glimpse of trading charges in real-time. But it is worthless because the demo account by HM doesn’t provide you any information on Spreads and other charges.

    Hantec Markets Payment or Withdrawal Methods

    Transaction Options
    Deposit Options Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, Skrill, China UnionPay
    Withdrawal Options Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, Skrill, China UnionPay

    Coming above all queries, questions that you might have related to Hantec Markets Commission, let’s discuss the payment and withdrawal option that the broker provides at its checkout page.

    Here are the primary payment methods you can use at the Hantec Markets Trading platform –

    • Neteller
    • Skrill
    • Visa Cards
    • And E-wallets

    E-wallet and direct bank transfer facilities aren’t available for all users. It depends more on your country. Please note, methods for the transaction are available in USD, GBP, EUR, and NGN currency. As said above, there’s no minimum deposit amount needed to access HM trading facilities.

    If you haven’t started trading at HM, there’s no need to worry about Hantec Markets Brokerage charges. However, international clients must weigh up transaction charges that are possible to occur due to withdrawals in large amounts.

    However, these charges aren’t imposed by HM- it is your financial institution or bank that charges fees on foreign transactions.

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    Hantec Markets Investment Assets

    Investment Assets
    Currencies Trading No
    Commodities Trading Yes
    Indices Trading Yes
    Stocks Trading Yes
    Cryptocurrency Trading Yes
    ETF’s Trading No
    Bonds Trading No
    FUTURES Trading No
    OPTIONS Trading No
    Supported Cryptocoins Bitcoin
    Total Tradable Assets 50+
    Number Of Currency Pairs 5
    Number Of Cryptocurrencies 5
    Number Of Stocks 4
    Number Of Indices 7
    Number Of Commodities NA
    Number Of Futures NA
    Number Of Options NA
    Number Of Bonds NA
    Number Of ETFs NA

    No wonder, investment assets are the most discussed subject when it comes to finding the best broker online.

    The type of market and available tradable items are reviewed and analyzed by traders prior to anything else.

    So let’s put everything on your screen in a clear and descriptive way. Here are the major asset markets you can trade-in at the HM trading platform-

    • Forex
    • Stocks
    • Commodities
    • Crypto Currencies
    • Indices

    You can find major to minor currency pairs available for trading in Forex Markets.

    Again, Hantec Markets Commission is the most essential thing you need to consider first. Especially if you are trading CFDs, charges should be the biggest area you must give some time to.

    Once you know Hantec Markets Fees and other losses probabilities, feel free to go ahead and start off your trading journey with Hantec markets.

    Hantec Markets Commission – Conclusion

    Hantec Markets Charges can drop you into a puzzling state because the broker primarily makes a commission from trading.

    So, do check out all charges before you start trading with them.

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    Hantec Markets Charges or Fees – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Hantec Markets Commission:

    Does Hantec Markets Charge Commission?

    Yes, Hantec Markets charges a commission on trading but that is also negotiable. The broker charges commission from CFDs trading in the mainstream.

    In addition to CFDs trading, we don’t see direct brokerage charges on other assets. Broker’s commission is predominantly built-in spreads.

    How Much Does Hantec Markets Charge Brokerage?

    Hantec markets generate income from spreads and commissions.

    Though, commissions are charged only from CFDs trades.

    The broker makes a majority of its income from spreads. Spreads refer to the difference between the bid and ask price, which typically come in the range of O.7 pips and 0.2 pips.

    What Is The Minimum Deposit Required In Hantec Markets?

    The minimum deposit amount required to trade at Hantec Markets is kept at $0.

    The broker doesn’t want its users to submit a big amount in their trading account right from the beginning.

    But if you want to trade assets, submitting a minimum trading fund is mandatory.

    However, you can fund your account to the desired limit.

    How Much Leverage Does Hantec Markets Provide?

    HM, a trading platform offers leverage in 1:10, 1:20 and goes up to 1:500.

    The maximum leverage amount is offered in specific assets.

    More details on it you can find on the broker’s official website.

    Generally, Forex and Indices traders can reap the advantage of maximum leverage.

    But if you are trading in stocks and other minor assets, leverage is less.

    How Much Is Spread At Hantec Markets?

    Spreads at Hantec Markets typically come in the range of O.7 pips and 0.2 pips.

    However, it usually depends more on the type of market and assets you are trading in.

    What Type Of Commission Plans Are Available In Hantec Markets?

    HM trading platform normally makes income from spreads and commissions.

    The broker offers variable spreads, and it is possible that you may not get the exact idea of market prices owing to this.

    However, other assets are free of trading commission except for CFDs trading where charges are negotiable. Penalties are also available.

    Does Hantec Markets Provide Cryptocurrency For Investment?

    Yes, Hantec Markets provide cryptocurrency for investment. You are welcomed at the HM trading platform if you are also a crypto-trader.

    Simply log in to the HM trading platform, navigate through the available range of assets, tap into the crypto section and choose the desired assets you feel most confident about.

    Is Hantec Markets A Legit Forex Broker?

    Yes, Hantec Markets is a 100% legit forex broker.

    Top-tier regulators – FCA, ASIC, FSC, FSA, FMA, GCSE, and JSC authorize this trading platform to provide trading services officially to online traders.

    Hence, you can feel confident about your decision on starting trading with the HM trading platform.

    Can I Invest In Hantec Markets With $5?

    Yes, you can invest in Hantec Markets with a mere $5 trading amount. But make sure that you will be able to trade only minor assets or penny stock with this small amount.

    The trading account can be opened free of cost, but make sure you put a considerable amount into a trade because brokerage can bite a big chunk of profit in that.

    Are There Any Hidden Charges Available With Hantec Markets?

    No, there are no hidden charges to cause tension for traders at Hantec Markets. But try weighing up margins, prices, and fees with spreads because these aren’t fixed at the HM trading platform.

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