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Get to know everything about Hantec Markets Trading Platform here.

Don’t let your wrong choice get into the way of your trading career. A trading platform is the backbone of your future in trading.

So make sure you strengthen it first and begin with a reliable trading platform.

If you are keen on the idea of starting online trading, the Hantec Markets MT5 can be the best option.

But to better recognize the potential of this online brokerage firm, below we have compiled some information around Hantec Markets.

We will disclose the key features, benefits, and account set-up process at Hantec Markets on this walkthrough. If you also want to get a clear insight into this brokerage firm, read on.

About Hantec Markets Trading Platform

Hantec Markets Trading Platform is an online brokerage service provider founded by Hantec Group in 2008.

Hantec Markets Trading PlatformSince its inception, HM is winning the eyes and hearts of people through its advanced interface.

The broker provides you direct access to multi-market assets and technical tools that act as a building block for your trading game.

FSC, ASIC, and FSA give licenses to Hantec Markets, allowing it to provide brokerage services to clients worldwide.

Besides sophisticated features, HM offers negative balance protection, competitive spreads, and multi-device access.

To simply put, you can use HM on both desktop and Smartphone devices. From technical analysis to order executions, everything is possible on a small screen too.

This online brokerage firm has always been an award winner for its exclusive trading services that must be appreciated.

However, the remaining features and notable highlights of the Hantec Markets MetaTrader 5 are yet to be revealed.

So come along and explore more of Hantec Markets Web Trading Platform.

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    Hantec Markets Trading Platform – Top Features

    With features in infinity range and multi-market access to have fun with, the Hantec Markets Trading Platform continues to become a favorite choice for many traders out there.

    Read on to explore more features of the trading platform.

    MT 4 Trading Platform

    HM predominantly provides its trading services via the MT4 trading platform. Unlike other trading platforms, MT5 and web-trading facilities are absent in Hantec Markets.

    The broker offers an MT4 integrated trading facility to its traders. You can download MT4 mobile app and access HM facilities if you are a smartphone user.

    Advanced Trading Tools

    MT4 integrated solutions by Hantec Markets come along with advanced tools and features.

    From tackling complex market challenges to conducting an accurate price analysis, advanced tools at the HM trading platform make everything easier.

    You can also automate your trading activities with these tools.

    Educational Resources

    Hantec Markets Online Trading Platform is equipped with tons of educational resources.

    Besides benefits offered during real-time trading, HM, through its education resource, benefits your knowledge.

    You learn lots of unique and coolest things about trading online via HM. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional trader, you must explore HM educational resources.

    Attractive Leverage

    The actual leverage value is uncertain. It can be high or low, depending upon which asset you choose for trading.

    To simply put, leverage on gold is 1:20, and leverage on Forex trades is 1:200. However, some other parameters are also the deciding factors for it.

    Risk-Management Tools

    Risk-management tools add more advantages.

    Hantec Markets provides a stop loss and take profit feature that you can use to secure profits and a safe Exit position during the live market.

    Free Financial news

    Hantec Markets MT5 also shares financial news with its clients for free.

    Financial news can be anything from a particular market to a company-specific.

    Multi-Market Access

    You can invest in 44+ currency pairs regardless of major to minor. Moreover, you can also trade stocks, commodities, indices, and crypto-currencies only at Hantec Markets.

    How to set up a Hantec Markets Trading Terminal?

    If are also determined now to join the Hantec Markets Trading Platform. Then this account opening process is the beginning of this journey.

    You need to follow the standard criteria of the account as stated below, and within a day, you can launch your first trade at HM.

    • First, log in to Hantec Markets Online Trading Platform using a valid email address.
    • Login back to your email address and click on the link sent by Hantec Markets in your inbox for email verification.
    • Now, proceed with a demo account if you need some knowledge for free.
    • Alternatively, tap into the live trading account and provide EKYC details.
    • Submit your Identity proof, home address, passport size photograph and comply with the further electronic KYC process.
    • Wait for account approval
    • Once your account is approved, you become a registered user for Hantec Markets. Thereby you can reap all facilities that HM provides to its registered users.
    • But before you start, make sure you have installed the MT4 trading platform.

    Fund your account with the minimum deposit amount, as mentioned by the broker, and launch your first trade. Before going further, make sure you have noticed commissions and spreads.

    Mainly if you are trading CFDs, charges can exceed your expectations. Don’t just rely on a demo account because the actual costs are disclosed when you join a live trading account.

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    How to Use Hantec Markets Web Trading Platform?

    If you are facing some issues with the MT4 trading platform, follow the user-guide manual provided by Hantec Markets Trading Platform for ease of access.

    Now that the trading portal is ahead on your screen, it’s time to explore the key components that you must examine before proceeding.

    When it comes to the trading account, there’s nothing new offered by Hantec Markets Web Trading Platform that impresses experienced ones.

    Since the broker provides MT4 integrated solutions to its clients, getting started with HM shouldn’t be that complex for them.

    But if you are a beginner, a demo account can be the best source to grasp the basic knowledge on trading via Hantec Markets.

    You can learn how to use leverage and access trading facilities via HM inside the account.

    In addition, you can also enhance your knowledge of trading tools, indicators, and charts for market analysis with Hantec Markets demo trading account.

    Educational resources by Hantec Markets are the best answer to your budding requirements.

    Educational resources are beneficial if you want to raise your level from basic to advanced trading executions.

    In general, there’s nothing complex about trading at Hantec Markets.

    You simply log in to your HM trading account, go to the asset section, and end up placing your order with the help of technical tools.

    But to get more knowledge on market analysis and price prediction, it’s advised to approach educational resources.

    Advantages of Hantec Markets MetaTrader 5

    Hantec Markets Trading Platform’s capabilities are awe-inspiring that we wrap up in the list of benefits stated below.

    • HM provides you multi-market access.
    • MT4 Integrated trading facility
    • Advanced trading tools and indicators
    • Easy to use interface
    • Educational resources available
    • Promotion and partnership programs are also available
    • Trade with your desktop or mobile devices
    • Attractive leverage support
    • Demo account with pre-filled virtual currency
    • Free financial news

    Besides these benefits, Hantec Markets has lots of other benefits to offer.

    Though trading charges are a bit annoying, there are still lots of great things that draw trader’s attention to this trading platform.

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    Hantec Markets Trading Platform – Conclusion

    It must not be that difficult to find some best opinions on Hantec Markets Online Trading Platform even though the broker is providing best-in-class trading services to clients.

    At certain points, HM faces backlash for its trading fees which are high on CFDs trading.

    On the flip side, there is another downside of HM, which is, the broker doesn’t provide web-trading facilities.

    You trade via the MT4 trading platform only.

    However, if you are experienced, getting started with MT4 must not be an annoying job.

    But for beginners, this becomes a bit unfair. But thanks to Hantec Markets educational facilities that keep you fully sorted over any trading decision.

    Hantec Markets Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Hantec Markets trading platform:

    What Is Hantec Markets Trading Platform Called?

    This trading platform is one of the popular gateways to the trading world.

    You can trade hundreds of assets using this single trading platform that has been a favorite one for many traders around the globe.

    You can find Hantec Markets simply by the name Hantec Markets Trading platform on Google.

    Does Hantec Markets provide web Trading?

    No, Hantec Markets doesn’t provide a web-trading facility.

    In addition, the broker offers an MT4 integrated trading solution to traders. HM has no app nor any web-trading facility available on its own brand name.

    So make sure you aren’t puzzled by anybody’s comment because Hantec Markets offers trading services solely by its MT4 trading platform.

    However, demo accounts and educational resources are provided by Hantec Markets.

    Is Hantec Markets Trading Platform Free To Use?

    No, the Hantec Markets trading platform isn’t a free platform.

    Users are needed to submit a minimum deposit amount.

    Trading charges are also applied that are worth noticing if you are a newbie.

    However, educational facilities and demo accounts can be accessed for free. In addition, there’s nothing free at Hantec Markets.

    How To Download Hantec Markets Trading Terminal?

    You can download the Hantec markets MT4 trading platform simply from the play store in an application version.

    In addition, you can also download the MT4 trading platform directly on your desktop if you are using your laptop, window, or Mac for trading.

    What Features Does Hantec Markets MetaTrader 5 Have?

    Hantec Markets MetaTrader 5 has tons of features to offer to its clients.

    The broker provides advanced trading features, sophisticated tools, an interface with enhanced readability, educational facilities, and much more in the mainstream.

    A demo account with virtual currency support is also a great feature of the Hantec Markets trading platform.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via Hantec Markets Trading Platform?

    Yes, you can trade in shares via the Hantec Markets trading platform. Simply log in to the Hantec Markets Integrated MT4 trading platform.

    Explore an available list of tradable items in the asset section.

    There you may see shares/stocks, so click on it.

    Now the list of popular shares can be seen right on your device’s screen, select and start trading.

    Is Hantec Markets Trading Platform Good?

    Hantec Markets broker provides its trading services via the MT 4 trading platform, one of the most trusted tools for traders.

    Therefore, it won’t be wrong to call Hantec Markets trusted sources too. Besides the trading platform, HM assists its clients in multiple ways.

    Can Hantec Markets Web Trading Platform Be Used Without EKYC?

    No, you can’t access Hantec Markets facilities for trading if you don’t comply with EKYC requirements.

    Does Hantec Markets MT5 Provide Tips?

    Yes. Hantec Markets, in its educational service, shares trading tips with aspiring traders.

    Though these tips aren’t offered during live trading hours, nor does the broker assist you in any way.

    How To Buy Currencies Via Hantec Markets Web Trading Platform?

    You can buy currencies via the HM trading platform. Simply log in to your account>> find asset section and located currencies>> choose the desired currency pair>> start trading.

    Get Free Access to Platform – Open a Forex Account Now!

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